Religion in Wood: A Book of Shaker Furniture

Edward Deming Andrews Faith Andrews

Religion in Wood: A Book of Shaker Furniture

Religion in Wood: A Book of Shaker Furniture

  • Title: Religion in Wood: A Book of Shaker Furniture
  • Author: Edward Deming Andrews Faith Andrews
  • ISBN: 9780253202864
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback

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This is a short, simple, beautifully written book, with an introduction by Thomas Merton who was a friend of Edward & Faith Andrews. It has an introduction & forward, then three short, but interesting articles, explaining the spiritual rationale behind the phenomenon of Shaker furniture, thus the title "Religion In Wood". It also includes many photos of beautiful & simple Shaker furniture which was retrieved from the Society's houses after the communities, sadly, died out. There's mu [...]

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