A Savage Hunger

Claire McGowan

A Savage Hunger

A Savage Hunger

  • Title: A Savage Hunger
  • Author: Claire McGowan
  • ISBN: 9781472228116
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Audio

The fourth in the crime series featuring forensic psychologist Paula Maguire by Claire McGowan acclaimed as Ireland s answer to Ruth Rendell by Ken Bruen.Victim Female Twenty two years of age Reason for investigation Missing person Alice Morgan Student Last seen at a remote religious shrine in Ballyterrin.Alice Morgan s disappearance raises immediate questionsThe fourth in the crime series featuring forensic psychologist Paula Maguire by Claire McGowan acclaimed as Ireland s answer to Ruth Rendell by Ken Bruen.Victim Female Twenty two years of age Reason for investigation Missing person Alice Morgan Student Last seen at a remote religious shrine in Ballyterrin.Alice Morgan s disappearance raises immediate questions for forensic psychologist Paula Maguire Alice, the daughter of a life peer in the Home Office, has vanished along with a holy relic the bones of a saint and the only trace is the bloodstains on the altar With no body to confirm death, the pressure in this high profile case is all consuming, and Paula knows that she will have to put her own life, including her imminent marriage, on hold, if they are to find the truth A connection to a decades old murder immediately indicates that all may not be as it seems as the summer heat rises and tempers fray, can Alice be found or will they learn that those that are hungry for vengeance may be the most savage of all

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So here we are at the 4th in the really very excellent "Paula Maguire" series and with A Savage Hunger Claire Mcgowan took it up a notch (and made me grumble madly at her on Twitter) with her usual mix of current mystery and ongoing trauma for her main protagonists. A real page turner this one, not that the others were any different in that sense, but for me I was hanging off every word this time, waiting to see what would happen.When Alice goes missing, her family background means that the poli [...]

‘The corpse on the bed was still breathing.’With this powerful opening line begins an intelligent and compelling story of love, loss and vengeance in a land where the past and its secrets lurk around every corner. A young student at a private university in Northern Ireland has vanished. No one seems bothered. Not her parents, not the university authorities, not her friends. Alice Morgan, is seems, was a bit odd. Never mind the blood stains in the church where she was last seen, the famous re [...]

It’s hard to believe, we have reached the fourth Paula Maguire! A Savage Hunger thrusts us back into the Northern Irish world of Paula, our complicated mixed up forensic psychologist. In the post Troubles era, the past comes back to haunt Paula in more ways than one.The main story features a young student, from a local college who goes missing. Alice’s blood has been found at a church and an religious artefact is no where to be seen. This thread of the story is fascinating because of the fla [...]

Really turned into soap opera in this one. But damn, the woman's good with a cliffhanger

I am hooked on following Paula McGuire, the forensic psychologist who returns home to Northern Ireland from England to work on a short-term assignment. She has now been there through four novels, but readers don't really know if she'll stay or if she'll go (to paraphrase The Clash). McGowan has created an interesting and compelling character that keeps me coming back to these books.The author ends each books with a cliff-hanger, as well as leaving readers wondering what will happen next in Paula [...]

This has been an interesting series so far and this recent addition really stands out for me. Dr Paula Maguire returns in this 4th book- a self contained mystery involving a missing person. It can be read as a standalone novel but to get the full appreciation of Paula's relationships and history, it's probably better to read the books in order of publication.22 year old Alice has gone missing. At the church where she was working as a caretaker and was last seen, there is a lot of blood, an old p [...]

I really enjoy this series which initially followed the cases Dr Paula McGuire investigated as part of the Missing Persons Unit on the border between Northern and Southern Ireland. The idea of the unit was to overcome the problems of cross-border information exchange but sadly that has fallen away and now Paula is working as a consultant with the police in Northern Ireland.Claire McGowan cleverly links the missing person in this book, Alice Morgan, an anorexia sufferer with the hunger strikes ca [...]

I would like to thank Netgalley and Headline for an advance copy of A Savage Hunger, the fourth novel in the Paula Maguire series. This is not a series I have read before so I was interested to see what it's all about. There are pros and cons to not starting at the beginning of a series but I don't see many in this case, apart from good reads, as the characters are well developed and the important parts of the back story are adequately explained.Dr Paula Maguire, a missing person specialist, is [...]

It is also so much pleasure to read of Paula Maguire and be transpotted to Northern Ireland by this talented writing of Claire McGowan. She writes with the maturity of someone who has lived throughout the recent darker history of Ulster from the troubles, through the peace process to the present day. Yet she is much too young and therefore her talent is natural and based on an ear for a story and the imagination research alone can not inspire.In this series the missing are central to every inves [...]

This is much better than the last book in the series but I still haven't quite warmed to Paula. There's a technical awkwardness is her being a forensic psychologist who offers no psychological insights and effectively functions as a hanger-on to the police.Where this series scores, though, is the portrayal of post-Troubles Northern Ireland. Here the text draws provocative parallels between the 1981 IRA hunger strikers, religious fasting and anorexia.Paula's personal life continues to be complica [...]

This goes down easily and smoothly, like Irish whiskey! The intricacies of daily life in Northern Ireland and the echoes of the recent past are enthralling to someone as unfamiliar with them as I am. There was a lot of backstory which I didn't quite get, although the author did her best to catch a new reader up with it, so I'll have to go back to the start of the series.

I definitely like this series because the mysteries are good, but I don't care for Puala maguire - she doesn't strike me as being a good at her job or at managing her life - but despite her, the books are good.

La frustración que me da la vida personal de Paula me da ganas de bajarle en una estrella, pero me voy a contener.

Listened to in audio format. A Savage Hunger is the fourth book in the Paula Maguire series. I am glad to say that Claire Mcgowan is back on firm ground after the disappointing The Silent Dead.The story has moved on two years after The Silent Dead. Baby Maggie is two years old and Paula and Aidan are due to get married soon.Paula and the team are investigating the disappearance of Alice Morgan. Alice is a caretaker in a local church, when the police examine the church they find a substantial amo [...]

A Savage Hunger is the fourth book in the Paula Maguire series set in Northern Ireland’s borderlands. Maguire is a forensic psychologist who specializes in finding missing people. In this outing Maguire helps the PSNI try to find a young university student, Alice Morgan, who is anorexic and is studying at a small third level college dedicated to educating other troubled students. Competing for Maguire’s attention is her upcoming wedding, which she’s been dreading. To add to unease, her ex- [...]

Book 4 of the series begins with a repeat of a missing person's murder case similar to one that happened decades earlier. Paula is getting married but she is so focused on the case she doesn't even take time to pick out her wedding dress for her upcoming wedding. This tightly plotted mystery has many twists which keep the pages turner. These books get better and better with each book. The series should be read in order so that you can get the back history of the characters. The very surprising c [...]

So, having read book 3 first last year, I have now gone back and played catchup and read the first two so I am now totally up to speed with the backstory. Although the main story within this book is self-contained, I am glad I did this but I also believe that there is enough "fill-in" within the book to make this not as vital as for some series.Police Procedurals are my bread and butter genre but, they can get a bit samey as they all tend to follow the same formula so I do love it when I get a d [...]

Another brilliant episode in Claire McGowan's brilliant Paula Maguire series. A series where the police procedurals - Paula is a forensic psychologist - is only a framework, and in that framework the author explores some of the more taboo aspects of modern life with unique insight.This time, the anorexia and sexual abuse of a young woman in 2013 plays out in a surprising way against the Hunger Strikes of 1981. Perhaps novels about unhappy rich girls into ana are not so uncommon, but I appreciate [...]

Well here we are book 4, and I have to say my favourite one yet. This series has just got better and better with each book. ​It's been great having all 4 books to read and I've been able to jump to the next one as soon as I wanted to. So it's safe to say I'm a little bit gutted that I have to wait for the next one to be written. But as I say the way this series is going, I'm sure I wont be disappointed when it does come out. ​We pick up this story two years on from the last book, which I mus [...]

By Book 4 in a series I can usually tell if I'm going to stick with it. In this case, the fact that I'm considering stalking the author until I get my hands on Book 5 might give you a clue."Alice Morgan's disappearance raises immediate questions for forensic psychologist Paula MaguireWith no body to confirm death, the pressure in this high-profile case is all-consuming, and Paula knows that she will have to put her own life, including her imminent marriage, on hold, if they are to find the truth [...]

The forensic psychologist Paula Maguire has a new case, a young girl has disappeared and there's a lot of blood at the scene, but this is not the first time a girl disappears in this church are the two cases connected? Would the police and Paula be able to find Alice before is too late?Claire McGowan has won a new fan. I liked very much the previous book and with this one she won me completely! I like how Claire mixes a mystery case with some tricky themes (in this case eating disorders) and som [...]

'A Savage Hunger' is the first book that I've read in Claire McGowan's series about forensic psychologist Paula Maguire, but it certainly won't be the last.Paula is a great lead character - very good at her job but uncertain about almost everything else in her life. She's brought in to help with a missing person case after a 22 year old student called Alice Morgan disappears from a remote church, along with the religious artefact kept there. But the case defies logic, and the more Paula finds ou [...]

This is a powerful story within the Paula Maguire series – possibly pivotal for a number of reasons. I don’t want to give away spoilers and so won’t but I’ll throw in the ingredients so you can get a flavour of it. Paula is about to marry Aidan, her childhood sweetheart, two years after the end of the previous story. Then the man who murdered Aidan’s father and was allegedly involved in Paula’s mother’s disappearance is released from jail. Throw in a college for the disturbed and a [...]

Student Alice Morgan disappears from a chapel leaving blood stains behind her and apparently taking a religious relic with her. Did she go of her own free will or is there something much more sinister in her disappearance? Why did it happen on the anniversary of another girl's disappearance? Forensic psychologist Paula McGuire must put everything else on hold, including her own wedding, while a search is mounted for the missing girl.With a background of the darker parts of Northern Ireland's rec [...]

This is the fourth instalment in the Paula Maguire series, a series which continues to impress. We've jumped forward two years and Paula is now a mother to toddler Maggie while also preparing to get married to Aidan. There's always another case around the corner, however, and Paula is assigned to find missing Alice Morgan who has disappeared along with a holy relic. This is another skilfully written crime story from Claire McGowan. She ably juggles the past and the present and I always look forw [...]

Another solid, vividly atmospheric book from McGowan. Dr Paula Maguire, expert in missing persons working with the PSNI, mother of a lively toddler and about to get married, gets caught up in the case of Alice, a young student with a history of anorexia who has disappeared in suspicious circumstances. As has become a theme throughout the Maguire series the contemporary story, in keeping with life in Northern Ireland, is melded with incidents and events from the times of The Troubles - in this bo [...]

Oh Claire you gave us something and then took it right away again having said this I do like your thinking.d WOW what a cliff hanger of an ending, Ms Queen of the tease! However I was sad to read that this book was one you struggled to write, I do hope it isn't because you feel these particular characters are coming to the end of their ability to keep us engagedt me, we are completely hooked on their storiesl of them have evolved in such a believable way, which is sometimes not the caseI get tha [...]

This is my first book that I have read by Claire McCowan. Claire certainly puts a lot of description in that makes readers feel that they are at the scene. The story is set in Ballyterrin. Two girls go missing in the same spot, with the same look of blonde hair, but thirty-two years apart. Victim Female. Twenty-two years of age. Cause of death missing person. ID Alice Morgan. Student. last seen at a remote religious shrine in Ballyterrin. And Yvonne O'Neill twenty-six went missing in 1981. Is th [...]

I have read the other books in this series and this one was another good read. The book is set in Northern Ireland in the present day but there is also a connection to the times of the troubles. A young woman goes missing and although there is blood at the scene where she was last seen none of her friends or family seem to be worried. This is no ordinary disappearance and the police struggle to find out her fate. Thank you for the ARC of this book

A good book but more than a bit melodramatic. This series should be read in order. Much of the primary character's life is very soap operaish so readers who don't like that kind of thing should avoid. While this book doesn't tie up all the loose ends, it could be a natural stopping place if the author wished to take a break or change directions in her writing.

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