Doctor Fate, Vol. 1: The Blood Price

Paul Levitz

Doctor Fate, Vol. 1: The Blood Price

Doctor Fate, Vol. 1: The Blood Price

  • Title: Doctor Fate, Vol. 1: The Blood Price
  • Author: Paul Levitz
  • ISBN: 9781401261214
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback

Legendary scribe PAUL LEVITZ LEGION OF SUPER HEROES, JSA and acclaimed illustrator SONNY LIEW MY FAITH IN FRANKIE introduce the DC Universe to an entirely new incarnation of Doctor Fate In modern day Brooklyn, Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, has called up a great flood in order to cleanse the world If left unchecked, his magic has the power to wash all of humanLegendary scribe PAUL LEVITZ LEGION OF SUPER HEROES, JSA and acclaimed illustrator SONNY LIEW MY FAITH IN FRANKIE introduce the DC Universe to an entirely new incarnation of Doctor Fate In modern day Brooklyn, Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, has called up a great flood in order to cleanse the world If left unchecked, his magic has the power to wash all of humanity away.To turn the rising tide and save mankind, Nabu the Wise, the mystical helmet of Fate, must choose a new champion from among Earth s greatest heroes instead, he settles on Khalid Kent Nassour, Egyptian American first year med student.Unfortunately for the inexperienced and overwhelmed Khalid, instructions for his new abilities can t be found in any of his textbooks Unless he can learn to harness the ancient power of Nabu, Anubis will claim everything the new Doctor Fate holds dear, including his family, his girlfriend and the world as he knows it.Yes, the Doctor is in way over his head.Collects issues 1 7 and DC SNEAK PEEK DOCTOR FATE 1.

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I didn't write a full review of this book, because I had nothing good to say about it. I suppose it is okay. Others might like the art and the story direction, but none of it really worked for me personally. Which is a shame, because the idea of a new Fate with Egyptian lineage was cool.

I have to admit I approached this latest incarnation of Dr Fate with some trepidation. The character has been rebooted a number of times in the last decade and none have seemed to survive for more than two or three years at a time. Much like Marvel's Dr Strange, no one seems to know how to handle the character anymore. Having said that, Paul Levitz and Sonny Liew deliver what promises to be an engaging new series and an almost entirely new take on our hero. Gone (and possibly never were) are arc [...]

Can't believe it took 7 individual issues to tell that fluffy, empty story. It was barely enough story to fill a single comic book, let alone the 7 collected here. I'm a huge fan of Doctor Fate. He's been one of my favorite DC super-heroes since I first began reading comics. I've lost count how many times DC has attempted to reboot Fate. Seems like every few years they try to shove a new face under the mask. Never seems to stick though. Always liked Kent Nelson and girlfriend/wife Inza so I'm di [...]

Fun and interesting, but I was expecting a little bit more.

Khalid Nassour could be an outstanding successor to the mantle of Doctor Fate, but Levitz's take on the helm's origins---and his mishandling of Egyptian mythology---make for a disappointing read. The helm is no longer Nabu's, but Thoth's: the hallmark incantations are gone. Anubis is miscast as the villain, and his plot to flood the world is as nonsensical as it is ineffective: we are often told that a crisis is happening, but somehow the appropriate feeling of dread cannot be conjured. The prot [...]

The first six issues are more or less saved by Sonny Liew's art and Lee Loughridge's colors. There are at least a couple of moments in the story where Khalid seems posed to jump into action, but page-jumps to an entirely different scene acting like the world wasn't resting on his shoulders two seconds ago - no thought bubble exposition, no nothing. Which is a shame, because a fresh start for the Helmet of Fate and charms of Khalid's family (including Egyptian parents) should add up to DC's equiv [...]

I'm a long time fan of DC's Sorcerer-in-chief, but don't think he's quite gotten the story that he deserved. This reboot/reincarnation of the good Doctor was really good! It bodes well for the character down the line.

The art was really eye-catching and interesting. And I also really liked the modern take on the character. Nice to see they've done away with the horrible spousal abuse from the old series

I bought issue #1 of this comic during a time when I was buying a lot of #1s to check out. I liked it enough to put the trade on my to-read list. I liked the Earth-2 JSA version of Dr. Fate more than other reboots. This one's a bit better than some. Saying it's "okay" is probably the best I can do. Khalid Nassour is a Brooklyn med student, the son of an Egyptian immigrant, which of course all ties back to Dr. Fate's origins with Nabu, the ancient Egyptian sorcerer. The story here, the first seve [...]

Let me preface this review by saying that I have little to no experience with Doctor Fate as a character, other than knowing that he wears that helmet and uses magic in some way. I gather from other reviews that this is a reboot, with a new person wearing the helmet, and that might upset people, but coming into it without prior knowledge, this is pretty good. I did find the art a bit off-putting at times, though I gather that the superdeformed nature was supposed to reflect magical things happen [...]

It's hard to pull off a 'Chosen One' story, and this new Doctor Fate didn't do well enough a job of it to enter the must-read category, but I'm a huge fan of this character and various of his evolutions so I was along for the ride anyway, and the whimsical art style here was pretty fun. I especially liked how Anubis was portrayed through this arc.

A story that couldn't stand the test of time though Sonny Liew's art and Lee Loughridge's colors blessed it with a timeless feel. Check out Ms Marvel for a much better tale.

Reasonably interesting, but really disjointed, in plot, character, and worldbuilding. Hard to get connected to the stakes when the rules of the world are impossible to grasp.

Very enjoyable. The artist was new to me - really nice style and work. I hope to read the rest of this series.

The! art was the best thing about this. just couldn't get into this. Felt nothing for main character. not for me.

Decent rebrand of a established golden age DC character. Egyptian background was poorly used to make character feel unique unlike Khamila Khan Ms Marvel.Worth of read but not super recommended.

An interesting new takeon one of DC's oldest characters.This time Fate wearsthe helmet of ThothEgyptian God.A young man is chosen byBast to wear the Helm and savethe world from the wrath of Anubis.Will the Blood of Pharaoh's inhis veins be enough?

I liked the book but I did not love it. Doctor Fate Vol. 1 begins the new solo series for not widely known superhero Doctor Fate. It is important to note that there have been many men to carry the mantle of Doctor Fate in the past. The most known Dr. Fate was Kent Nelson. The character made a brief television appearance on Superman the Animated series and in the Justice League animated series of the early 2000s. There is also a version of the character in my personal favorite DC Comics New 52 bo [...]

I picked this graphic novel up at a local bookstore (paperback edition, not Kindle) on a whim. I'd always liked Doctor Fate in Justice League International/America in the 90s, and in the animated series, Justice League Unlimited and Young Justice but I never followed the monthly series if there was one or read any Doctor Fate collected graphic novels. But I saw it and it looked interesting so I picked it up.The Blood Price tells the story of the Helmet of Fate finding a new person to be Doctor F [...]

For the DC You initiative, DC allowed former President and long time writer Paul Levitz to come up with a new take on the popular mystic. Egyptian-American Kahlid Nassour, a pre-med student, gets caught up in the attempt by Anubis to wreak havoc on the world. Drawn to the helmet of Fate by an inexplicable force, Kahlid does his best to figure out what he needs to do stop Anubis, as well as how to control his new powers.Levtiz does a pretty good job of setting up this story. We meet Kahlid's pare [...]

So I guess this is DC's answer to Ms. Marvel - middle eastern protagonist who must balance his family and love life with powers he never asked for and doesn't really want. It's okay, and there are reasons to hope it might get better. It certainly doesn't measure up to Ms. Marvel, but that's a pretty high bar. Not much measures up to Ms. Marvel. Strengths: the Egyptian mythology is fun, and the way Sonny Lieu draws the Egyptian gods is a highlight of the book. They are scary and cool. And I like [...]

I placed this title on my pull-list because I've always been interested in the supernatural and sorcerous doctors of comics, and this new title seemed like the best jumping on point for DC's Doctor Fate. I was expecting more mysticism and sorcery in this title but there's not much in it. This isn't the reason for the two stars though, the two stars are for the overall bland writing and slightly above average artwork. I'm glad that DC is making more diverse characters (it's great to see more Midd [...]

I feel like DC said, hey, that Ms. Marvel book is getting a lot of buzz. What character do we have that we cam make Middle Eastern? Dr. Fate, He's based on Egyptian mythology, perfect. Oh, but then take all the fun out of the book and make it super uninteresting. For most of the book Anubis is trying to flood New York while Khalid stumbles around not really knowing what's going on. I felt the same way as a reader. "Why is it taking so long for the plot to move forward or to get any answers AT AL [...]

I love the concept of this fresh new Dr. Fate who fights in helmet and hoody, and I hope he sticks around after the DC universe is reorganized again. I also like Sonny Liew's art a lot, having previously enjoyed My Faith In Frankie. Lots of good ideas here - Bast the cat goddess is cool, and I like the protestor wannabe girlfriend. Lots of good ideas here. Unfortunately the writing needs to be tightened up. The story doesn't go anywhere fast - for example, the first half of this collection is mo [...]

i loved it, I am a person who gets a moment with carachters and when I read it I was into doctor fate, so it was a great news when I figurred there was his own solo series, and i bought it at midtown comics, and read it in a few hours. I simply loved it, the art was AWESOME!, so as the story. Khalid was a normal teenager until he walked into the section of the ancient egypt at his museum, where a statue tells him that he must follow the fate and so he becomes doctor fate, and it is funny because [...]

I got this because I was intrigued by the premise. Egyptian mythology with the superhero genre?? Definitely on board.As an added bonus, Sonny Liew is an amazing illustrator.Now to the story itself was just okay. A bit draggy here and there, and I got a little annoyed with the lead character sometimes. It got more exciting towards the end, but this isn't something that I would want to continue chasing, unfortunately.

Paul Levitz jogando todo o peso da sua experiência para contar uma história atual. Impossível não gostar de cara do Khalid e de sua jornada. Adorei a representação dos deuses egípcios, tão únicos e icônicos quanto os deuses gregos do run e Azzarello e Chiang na Mulher Maravilha. Enfim, um excelente run do Mago Supremo!

Sonny Liew's art is the major draw in this comic which introduces (another) new iteration of Dr Fate. Some nice ideas here but the story itself doesn't feel fresh at the end of the day.Still, really love the Liew art.

High 3.5 for me.It really feels like a new direction for "Doctor Fate" with young Peter Parker feels.

2.5 Gets an extra half star due to Liew's art. Not sure why Anubis was made a villain, when they could have just have easily used the already villainous Set.

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