The Worlds Traveler

M.L. Roble

The Worlds Traveler

The Worlds Traveler

  • Title: The Worlds Traveler
  • Author: M.L. Roble
  • ISBN: 9780988421332
  • Page: 147
  • Format: ebook

Life on the run from madman Martin Reimer gets in the way of everything.For fourteen year old Phillip, it has meant having to stay hidden, unable to use his gift of moving through maps to search for his missing father But the arrival of a stranger named Delroy brings unexpected opportunity, for Delroy is a man with the ability to travel worlds hidden within our own and heLife on the run from madman Martin Reimer gets in the way of everything.For fourteen year old Phillip, it has meant having to stay hidden, unable to use his gift of moving through maps to search for his missing father But the arrival of a stranger named Delroy brings unexpected opportunity, for Delroy is a man with the ability to travel worlds hidden within our own and he was sent by Phillip s father Now Phillip will do everything he can to find his dad, even if it means tricking Delroy into helping him or a quest through those hidden worlds.Even if leaving home means Martin can now find himFollow in the adventures of Phillip Stone and Natalie Bristol in this sequel to the award winning book The Magician s Doll

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The Worlds Traveler is definitely one of the more interesting and unique books that I've read this year and I really enjoyed it for the most part. I was kind of confused and I felt like something was missing. I didn't know until I'd finished the book and was reading other reviews that this is actually the second book in the series. Not only is this book not marketed as a sequel, I didn't see anywhere that this is the second book. I think I would have liked this book so much more if I had read th [...]

This is actually the second in what I'm calling the "Phillip and Natalie" fantasy series for middle-grade readers, and in this one, The Worlds Traveler focuses on Delroy Mendu, a mercenary. I do wish Roble had indicated on the cover that this is part of a series.This ARC was sent to me by NetGalley and the author for an honest review.My TakeMmm, The Worlds Traveler starts out poorly with too much vagueness and too much of the author trying to impress her readers, but then I either got sucked int [...]

I received a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.It took me a while to get into this book. Whether it was the book's fault or my own fault, I can't say with complete certainty. I did receive a NetGalley copy of this before I realized that it was a sequel. Perhaps I would have been interested in the plot earlier if I had read Book 1 and known the concept and characters beforehand. It did take me a little while to catch on to who everybody was, the concept, and the main problem [...]

The Worlds Traveler is the second book in the Hidden Gifted series by an author I'm starting to think is seriously gifted herself. In the first novel, The Magician's Doll, we met Natalie and Phillip, two teenagers with extraordinary magical abilities. Phillip has the ability to travel through maps to any destination of his choice and Natalie is able to perform tricks with her mind and enhance Phillip's own powers. After a nail-biting finale in the first story, we meet the children again as they [...]

Phillip misses his father. He wants to use his talent to travel through his map to find his father but his mother doesn't want him to. It is too dangerous as they are hiding from Martin who is a madman due to his desires and wants. What are they? Natalie, his best friend is also talented as she can strengthen someone else's talent. When a man, Delroy comes to Phillip's home, he discovers that his and Natalie's mother and grandmother are having a discussion that he can't hear. Why has Delroy appe [...]

I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.I really enjoyed The Magician's Doll, the first book in this series so I was excited to read The Worlds Traveler. It's the story of Natalie and Phillip who have gifts, as do the members of their families. There is a madman who is trying to take all of the gifts of their kind and he especially wants Natalie's gift. Their parents have used their gifts to shield and protect the neighborhood that they live in so that no one can find them. Phi [...]

Yet another book I had to give up on. Not because it was particularly bad, but it was just not likable. I found it rather boring, especially for a book made for children. The whole idea was quite curious and it even started off well, but I didn't really know where it was going and it felt like the author wasn't quite sure either, or maybe we just weren't shown the path?And about the showing I might sometimes complain about prolonged descriptions (I have an issue with these after some shool-reads [...]

There are many series that deal with groups of people who have special abilities that the rest of us lack. This series approaches it in a way I haven’t encountered before. The abilities vary from person to person, and they extend from the standard clairvoyance/telepathy/telekinesis/precognition vein. Some of the abilities Robles gives his characters are fascinating, such as the ability to have whatever you need by simply drawing it and pulling it out of your picture. (Too bad I can’t draw.)T [...]

3.5 stars. When I first picked this book up I didn’t realise it was the second in this series (I don’t think it even had a series title when I first picked this up), as there was nothing to clue me in in the review copy I had, so I was a little surprised at first to be thrown into the story without any idea who Phillip or Natalie were or just what their abilities meant. However, I quickly caught on and made it through just fine. Even if I do feel like the entire first chapter is weirdly out [...]

When the title said "Worlds Traveler" I immediately concluded that this would be about someone traveling the this world, the one we call earth. Boy, was I wrong! In the context of this book, a world traveler is someone traveling to different worlds! And what an adventure it is to travel with someone who can take you to different worlds!The book begins with good friends, Philip and Natalie, exploring a dark mysterious cemetery. Seriously?! What are young teens doing at a cemetery in the middle of [...]

The second book in an unnamed series by the awesome author M.L. Roble, I really enjoyed this book. While the first one was much more geared towards the younger part of the middle grade group, this book was slightly older and I think that helped me a little. Like I said in the last review, I don't read a lot of middle grade books because I don't remember a lot about being that age, but this one really reminded me of how emotional and confusing it can be to be fourteen years old. Both Philip and N [...]

The Worlds Traveler is a continuation of the adventures of Phillip Stone and Natalie Bristol, teenagers who possess some pretty amazing talents. Phillip can travel by simply picturing or naming a location while Natalie can disappear at will and take others along with her. In this, book two of the series, the teens must hide from an evil foe who wishes to take their powers (as well as those of all the other gifted individuals). In trying to find Phillip’s missing father the teenagers discover m [...]

I will admit I was a bit confused when I first started reading, that is until I realized that this was book #2 in a series. Wow, I wish that had been made clear before I started reading.I think my middle-grade daughter would enjoy the world created by M.L. Roble. It is definitely an extraordinary place and kept my interest, even if it was a bit slow at the start. A quick run-down of the first book would have been helpful.The characters are fun and engaging, each with their own unique gifts. Ther [...]

M.L Roble has created an interesting and unique world with The Worlds Traveler. It was an exciting and engrossing read and I will definitely recommend the series to my own kids. I did find it hard to follow for quite a while and felt like something was missing but that is only because I started with book two and really should have read book one first (which I will remedy asap). I would have loved a very short synopsis of the previous book so I knew what was going on a bit more. I really want to [...]

Book Review originally published here: iheartreading/reviews/I didn’t know the book was a sequel, until I started reading. I didn’t really need the first book to grasp what was going on though. I enjoyed the story, but there was a lack of consistency, and the author used telling instead of showing. The pacing went from slow to fast in milliseconds too. So while it’s enjoyable, the writing could use some work, and the story wasn’t alwways consistent either.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

A Reasonably Fresh Approach to Some Well Traveled RoadsMiddle grade books that revolve around the characters' gifts can be all over the place. You can play it for adventure/laughs, like Brandon Sanderson's very amusing "Alcatraz" series. You can go for charm and low-key adventure, like Ingrid Law's southern-fried "Savvy" books. You can make the gifts simple or complicated, mild or world-changing. Here, we have a wide array of particularly fantastic gifts and a plot that spans alternate worlds. B [...]

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