As Primeiras Quinze Vidas de Harry August

Claire North Inês Botelho Casimiro da Piedade

As Primeiras Quinze Vidas de Harry August

As Primeiras Quinze Vidas de Harry August

  • Title: As Primeiras Quinze Vidas de Harry August
  • Author: Claire North Inês Botelho Casimiro da Piedade
  • ISBN: 9789896376673
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback

Harry August n o um homem normal Porque os homens normais, quando a morte chega, n o regressam novamente ao dia em que nasceram, para voltarem a viver a mesma vida mas mantendo todo o conhecimento das vidas anteriores N o interessa que feitos alcan a, decis es toma ou erros comete, Harry j sabe que quando morrer ir tudo voltar ao in cio Mas se este acumular de experHarry August n o um homem normal Porque os homens normais, quando a morte chega, n o regressam novamente ao dia em que nasceram, para voltarem a viver a mesma vida mas mantendo todo o conhecimento das vidas anteriores N o interessa que feitos alcan a, decis es toma ou erros comete, Harry j sabe que quando morrer ir tudo voltar ao in cio Mas se este acumular de experi ncias e conhecimento podem fazer dele um quase semideus, algo continua a atormentar Harry qual a origem do seu dom e ser que h mais pessoas como ele A resposta para ambas as perguntas parece chegar aquando da sua d cima primeira morte, com a visita de uma menina que lhe traz uma mensagem o fim do mundo aproxima se.Esta a hist ria do que Harry faz a seguir, do que fez anteriormente, e ainda de como tenta salvar um passado que n o consegue mudar e um futuro que n o pode deixar que aconte a.

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Very very Clever! The first half was pretty solid but after that halfway point it took a turn to AWESOME.

I'm clearly missing something here (look at all the rave reviews!), but man, it was such a chore to get through this. At one point, the author used the term "glacial sluggishness" to describe something-or-other, and that strikes me as the perfect description for the pace and action in this book. I actually was loving it at the start, but it kept dragging on and on and on and growing more and more tedious as it continued. I felt like I was always a step behind on the science and logic (not sure i [...]

“This thing you carry inside you, I don’t know what it is. I don’t know where you got it. But Harry, the past is the past. You are alive today. That is all that matters. You must remember, because it is who you are, but as it is who you are, you must never, ever regret. To regret your past is to regret your soul.” This book is incredible. And I have Mike to blamethank.Of course, it doesn't hurt that I keep picturing the main character as Eddie Redmayne.Anyone who knows me will know that [...]

Harry August is a kalachakra, a man who is reborn at the same point in time over and over with his memories intact. When a little girl warns Harry on his eleventh death bed that the end of the world is coming sooner with each cycle, Harry goes on the offensive. Can he stop the end of the world, even with the help of the Cronus Club?I got this from Netgalley.I love a bit of timey-wimey and this book has it in spades. Remember the movie Groundhog Day where Bill Murray experiences the same day over [...]

I'm a little torn as to how to review this book. Obviously, I liked it since I gave it 4 stars. I even think this would be a great movie!I love the premise and I really wasn't expecting this. This Sci-Fi/Thriller really intrigued me but at the same time, some parts were a bit slow. It makes sense if you think that we're literally talking about 15 lives though. A lot will happen but the back and forth was a bit much sometimes.Overall I totally recommend it if the summary interests you!**SMALL SPO [...]

Wow, whatever I was expecting, it definitely wasn't this. It's historical, it's science fictional, it's a spy novel, it's a long episode of DW sans the time & space travel, it's a spiteful letter of twisted friendships and vengeance. WHAT DOESN'T HAPPEN IN THIS BOOK?!

This is a book that draws inspiration from both Groundhog Day and an episode of X-Files whose name escapes me for now. Harry August is a tough negociator. Whenever Harry relives a section of his life he tries hard to do his best to improve his lot. Yes, the main character relives his childhood and does his best to make amends to change his past experiences.I thought the premise was something slightly stale that needed to be addressed to make more of an impact. But I forget that this book is very [...]

1.5 stars. Never have I ever been so happy to finish a book. Reading this one was an absolute chore, but I just couldn't quit because I hate quitting books. And I wanted to see how it ended, so I guess I did care to an extent. It dragged on and on and on and so much history stuff and rambling. I thought it was this terrible book, a cure for insomnia, until I got on here and saw all the 5 star reviews. Maybe it was just not my cup of tea. I will say it picked up in the last 30% or so and the firs [...]

Read the blurb and you are going to think like I did. Hasn't 'Groundhog Day' and Ken Grimwood's Replay finished this genre? It's a great premise, but more of a novelty. But then I thought that going into the recent film 'About Time' which charmed my pants off (nothing to do with a goofy red-headed protagonist with the ability to travel through time, no siree).Surely this novelty situation has been done by now.Well maybe now it has, because after reading this novel I sure as hell know it certainl [...]

4.5 stars. Harry August lives his life, over and over and over. His memory gradually returns to him when he's a toddler in each life. The first time his prior memories reawaken, in his second life, he thinks he's insane and ends up committing suicide when he's only about seven, only to find himself starting all over again in a third life. Since clearly the suicide route doesn't solve his problem, he gets down to the business of trying to figure out how to best live his life lives.One of the beau [...]

WARNING: There are 'spoilers' in this review.This is possibly the dullest book I've ever read. I suppose that deserves credit of some sort. Like ‘The House of the Seven Gables’, the author excelled at making me feel so claustrophobic and trapped in a realm of endless tedium that I related to the narrator’s disgust with life after suffering through just fifty pages. That’s not the mark of a good story, though.The 'plot', if you will (and if I sound like I'm speaking in a pretentious poncy [...]

As much as it pains me to say, The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August and me have to part ways at 51% for now. Look, I like this book enough to give it another chance someday (understand : during long, loooong vacations) but as it is, there's only so much tediousness I can take. And oh gosh, I can't believe how dull this story is, given the amazing concept and interesting premise. That seemed so cool, okay? And sometimes it is, and I cannot turn the pages fast enough. Other times, though, I jus [...]

There's at least one book each year that strives to be the next big mainstream/genre crossover . . . one book that tries to achieve a sort of mainstream literary respectability, while still managing to resonate with genre fans. More often than not, those crossovers don't work, and just end up disappointing one group, while alienating the other. As such, I'm always a bit reluctant to give those books a read, but read them I do, hoping that, this time, there really is a crossover success in the ma [...]

…fifteen reasons to read The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August1. The Book (or, the short review). It is a fun, fast paced, endlessly readable novel.2. The Premise. You live, you die, and that’s the end of the road. Except, that’s not quite it for the Ouroborans, who live, die, and are reborn to relive their lives. Think of the Ouroborans as those whose lives end at their beginning. 3. The Lead Character. Harry August is compelling, relatable, and a guy I loved to root for throughout the [...]

WOW WOW WOW! Absolutely LOVED this! My mind is spinning right now.

Hot damn.Good God.This book was fan-tas-tic. I read it through NetGalley before it was published. I finished it in one and a half days and as I type this, my husband is reading it. What began as me-forcing-him to sit down and read it turned into voluntary enslavement within the first few pages. The main character of this book is clearly--Harry August. He is one of a few people on our Earth who live their lives over and over again. They call themselves kalachakras or ouraboras. (I can't check my [...]

I'm almost speechless. This is one hell of a nonlinear exploration of a repeated life, as can be deduced from the title, but it's also a lot more. It's also a lot better, too. I loved the premise from the get go. All Groundhog Day but stretched for a whole lifetime, and Harry isn't alone. There are others with effective immortality sharing info through repeated but changeable timelines, allowing for a linear continuation of a setting that can be changed with every single revision.Claire North di [...]

4,5 / 5Harry August se ve obligado a vivir una y otra vez su vida tras la muerte, pero conservando todos los recuerdos de sus anteriores existencias cada vez que vuelve a nacer. Todo cambia al final de la decimoprimera vida, cuando una niña acude a su lecho de muerte alertándolo de que el mundo se acaba cada vez más rápido de lo que debería hacerlo. Así, Harry dedicará sus próximas vidas a intentar investigar y detener el proceso que amenaza con el apocalipsis de la Tierra apresuradament [...]

Esse livro é absolutamente fantástico. A narrativa que o Harry nos leva para descrever a sequencia de eventos que culminam no final do livro é super inteligente e divertida. A primeira metade do livro é usada principalmente para nos situar em como funciona o esquema das vidas do Harry e mostrar quem ele é. A outra metade é para resolver o conflito principal do livro que é proposto logo no início: o mundo está acabando e o Harry precisa ajudar a salva-lo.Eu adorei seguir o Harry por toda [...]

ACTUAL RATING: 4.75 Holy Fuck! “The most it ever seems we know how to do with time, is to waste it.”Predestination (Without the Incest) meets Time traveler’s wife (without the romance) add the thrill of Shutter IslandI have been dying to read this ever since I had the premise from Peruse Project’s Youtube Channel (Here), I wasn’t sure if I would have ever come across the physical book but when it magically appeared on a thrift shop I had to pick it up.“There is no loss, if you cannot [...]

The theme of a character reliving the same life over and over will no doubt have you thinking of Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life*, but this book is so much better. Perhaps simply because of the first-person narration, I developed much more of a fondness for Harry August and his multiple life stories than I ever did for Ursula Todd.“I am not one Harry August but many, a mind flicking from parallel life to parallel lifewhen I die, the world carries on without me, altered by my deeds, marked by [...]

Le prime quindici vite di Harry August è uno dei libri migliori che abbia letto negli ultimi anni. Parla di un uomo che nasce, vive, muore e rinasce esattamente nello stesso punto e alle stesse condizioni della volta precedente; si presume per l’eternità. Un Ricomincio da capo dilatato? Sì e no, ma più no che sì; per quanto la commedia con Bill Murray sia simpatica, questo libro è meglio. Non fa ridere, è vero, ma è perché tiene col fiato sospeso mentre scava dentro a un mondo piuttos [...]

For most of my time reading this, I didn't think it was necessarily the book's fault that I wasn't enjoying it. I was convinced that it wasn't a bad book, it just wasn't my cup of tea. But now that I've finished it, I'm like "You know what? This is actually a pretty bad book after all." And here's why:- Harry August has literally zero personality and for the entire book, he felt more like a walking concept than an actual person. Like I said in one of my status updates, it's actually astounding t [...]

Great book. Really loved the scope and scale of it. Harry is a great character and protagonist. I like that he is flawed and makes mistakes. Really liked the complexity and dynamic of the relationship he had with the antagonist as well. Also really loved all the flashbacks of past lives and stories that others like Harry had passed down through the ages.Can't say too much else without spoiling anything, but I do look forward to others reading it so we can discuss the ending which I have a few qu [...]

I'm not normally one to DNF (did-not-finish) books. I like to finish them if I can or at least put them aside for another time. Harry August is a tricky one because I was really excited to read it. I assumed that I'd love it because of the amazing reviews and the great concept, but that wasn't the case. It was a struggle for me from the very beginning and I just couldn't get into it. I'm reading it with my best friend and she feels the same way, which helped me come to the decision to DNF it. I [...]

I don't know why I doubted this book.Loved everything about it!

No man ever steps in the same river twiceMove over Plato, Pythagoras and Parmenides. Make way for Claire North.Plato gave us his theory of forms, Pythagoras brought us transmigration of the soul beginning a new life in a fresh body (although of course he wasn't the first), and Parmenides explained how reality is one, change is impossible and existence timeless and unchanging. Claire North, in contrast, philosophises about re-birth in the same body at the same time in an ever so slightly shifting [...]

I decided not to hold back. I am going to be honest, wasn't sure if I was really going to enjoy this. I had to read this for a Bossy Book challenge. I am glad I did. About 1/4 of the way in I was gone. Gone into Harry's story. Sucked in. I loved how we jumped around. (It was well done I promise). I really can't say more without spoiling the story. I can't say if this was science fiction, historical fiction, time travel was all of those at the same time. And yet not. I felt like I was very much i [...]

"The world is ending. The message has come down from child to adult, child to adult, passed back down generations from a thousand years forward in time. The world is ending and we cannot prevent it. So now it's up to you."Typically this would be the moment when our hero-protagonist would leap into action and save the day. However, in this case, our hero-protagonist, Harry August, is 78 and in the late stages of cancer. Like most people who are 78 and in the late stages of cancer he died and the [...]

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August is a novel by British author Clair North (a pseudonym used by Catherine Webb). Harry August is a kalachakra, one of a collection of extraordinary individuals who die, only to be reborn at exactly the same moment in history, to live parallel lives that loop perpetually through the same course of historical events, although experiencing changes within their own lives. Harry is even more unusual in that he has a perfect memory, accurately recalling the detail [...]

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