Earth 2: Society Vol. 1: Planetfall

Daniel H. Wilson

Earth 2: Society Vol. 1: Planetfall

Earth 2: Society Vol. 1: Planetfall

  • Title: Earth 2: Society Vol. 1: Planetfall
  • Author: Daniel H. Wilson
  • ISBN: 9781401261238
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback

Continuing the saga that began in EARTH 2, writer Daniel H Wilson EARTH 2 WORLD S END and artists Jorge Jimenez SUPERBOY and Alisson Borges LOBO start civilization from scratch in EARTH 2 SOCIETY VOL 1 PLANETFALL A year has passed since Earth 2 was destroyed by the armies of Apokolips The survivors of the catastrophic tragedy have now made planetfall on a newContinuing the saga that began in EARTH 2, writer Daniel H Wilson EARTH 2 WORLD S END and artists Jorge Jimenez SUPERBOY and Alisson Borges LOBO start civilization from scratch in EARTH 2 SOCIETY VOL 1 PLANETFALL A year has passed since Earth 2 was destroyed by the armies of Apokolips The survivors of the catastrophic tragedy have now made planetfall on a new world, and, with the help of heroes old and new, built a home But some threats can survive even Apokolips New super villains have arisen to capitalize on the confusion, even as heroes like Batman, Power Girl, Superman, Green Lantern and The Flash struggle to find their place on an unfamiliar world And unknown to all, Terry Sloan has developed technology with the power to change everything Some will want to use his Genesis Machine to re make this planet into an exact copy of the Earth they left behind others, to build a brand new society, free from the mistakes of the past Who wins this debate will determine the course of a civilization, but one thing is certain in the wrong hands, this device has the power to destroy the last hope of a people who thought they d already lost everything Collects issues 1 7 and DC SNEAK PEEK EARTH 2 SOCIETY 1.

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There's a lot of interesting ideas in this follow up as superheroes and the remaining mortals try to build a new life on an alien planet. For instance, the idea of Superman and Power Girl having their powers only for half of a cycle was potentially interesting but part of the overall issue as to why this doesn't get a better grade is that they simply do not mine the ideas. OVERALL GRADE: B minus to B.

I was loving this title. And then they went and destroyed the Earth. The whole planet. Only 22 spaceships survived with 2 million passengers. What a horrible idea. And what a great way to limit your story-telling options. With the opening of this book, the survivors of Earth have been on a new world for a year, after their ships crashed down. From the wreckage of the space arks, cities were built spread out across the planet. Wherever a ship crash-landed, it was right there from the smoking ruin [...]

Boy oh boy this was rough. There are some high points. I (mostly) like the art by Jorge Jimenez. I especially like his character designs for this world. There’s a cohesiveness to his style that isn’t overbearing (none of the characters got their costumes from the same place), but it makes them recognizable as part of this book. Their faces are expressive, the action has impact, it really worked for me. I also think Daniel Wilson does well balancing such a large cast. There is a LOT crammed i [...]

This just isnt compelling at all to me.

The setup is perfect. A new world and new heroes. Superman is black, Green Lantern is gay, Batman is paralyzed from the waist down, and Lois Lane's brain is in a android body. When I heard about this from my friend Kevin I was sold. Then I read it. They take the opportunity to have one of the coolest and progressive mainstream superheroes and blow it with writing that is cringe worthy. The story structure shifts through three different times in Earth 2's history senselessly. The main conflict is [...]

Estuvo bien, le puse 3 estrellas porque por momentos lo sentí muy lento.Me gustó el final, ver a todos los heroes luchando juntos una vez más me relaja (Como si yo viviera en la nueva Tierra 2 jajaja)

I liked it, but I expected an ending with more of a punch after all of the flashing back and forward.

2.5 stars.

A neat conclusion but a lot of twists and turns on the way to it.

Okay. I had a pretty hard time following the narrative for this series. I just did not enjoy how the story bounces back and forth between time. There were just to many flashbacks for me. However Earth 2 continues to be intriguing to me. I always like any thing that gives readers a new look at superheroes many have been reading for decades. I really liken this series to those who enjoyed Marvel's ultimate comic universe. Basically it was been a while since what's left of humanity has settled on a [...]

Collects DC Sneak Peek: Earth 2: Society issue #1 and Earth 2: Society issues #1-7This collection should be read after "Convergence" and "Worlds End." I've read everything leading up to this volume, and I still feel a little lost as to what exactly is happening (and why). The story is told non-chronologically, jumping all over the place, showing the reader events that have happened over the last year. Some characters end up being surprise villains, and some are not as bad as they first appear. E [...]

I'm not much of a comics guy anymore, and this was probably not an ideal title for me, since it is a) DC and b) a sequel to some other series. But it is presented as something that can stand on its own merits -- it is a volume 1, after all -- and the truth is it is a mess. The story is pretty hard to follow, since it does very little to explain who the characters are, and the art is stylized to the point that I had keep flipping back to figure out who was who based on the colors of their costume [...]

DC has had a pretty terrible time doing anything compelling with Earth 2. Which is really sad because the Justice Society is great (the "real one" before the New 52 crap). This just feels like they grabbed a bunch of the JSA characters and threw them in a pot and took them out randomly while they added whatever characteristics they feel like. Repeat after me DC, Alan Scott is not Dr. Manhattan, Hourman is not a villain, Sandman is not just some government agent-type, and Jimmy Olsen is not Dr. I [...]

An interesting take on alternate universesEarth 2 had ended with a disappointing failure to defeat Apocalypse but in that ending came the opportunity to do something cool. The result is a world building story where hero is pitted against hero, each believing they are doing the right thing. I love a dual sun world where Superman and Power Girl are all powerful and then not depending on the moment. Green Lantern is awesome in this, but I need him to be more incorporated in the story and less aloof [...]

The art is beautiful. Other than that, I really didn't like it. The story is convoluted and confusing; the "heroes" are all self-centered crappy people who wouldn't really lift a finger to help anyone else if there wasn't someone there to ogle and praise them. In that respect, the only believable character is the detestable Jimmy Olsen. This whole series is populated by the complete opposites of their better known versions, as if that was how the author went about creating it. "Let's see, Jimmy [...]

The good: A complete story arc with most of the Earth 2 characters we are familiar with plus a couple of new ones (Power Girl and The Huntress are now full time Earth 2 characters and Dick Grayson is the new Batman). The Bad: It constantly is jumping back and forth in time. Every issue goes back a year and returns to the present. I enjoyed this volume but I don't think it will be accessible to people who haven't read all of Earth 2, Earth 2 Worlds End and Convergence.

I won a copy from a Giveaway.There are so many graphic novels with alternative Marvel and DC worlds that its hard to keep track of them all. I do love how these new worlds take the standard hero and heroine and turn it upside down especially in Planetfall where good guys are pitted against their super friends and allies in an ever shifting and chaotic landscape.

Too rushed.

A bit hard to follow.

I read this after Convergence but before I finished World's End (which surprised me) so I am very interested on how we got from A to B.

Nice alternate earth version of the modern DC heroes. The story does a good job of not just retelling the same settings as you would expect. Very interesting plot. Recommended

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