The Last Execution

Jesper Wung-Sung Lindy Falk Van Rooyen

The Last Execution

The Last Execution

  • Title: The Last Execution
  • Author: Jesper Wung-Sung Lindy Falk Van Rooyen
  • ISBN: 9781481429658
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Hardcover

In twelve hours, a fifteen year old boy will be be executed on Gallows Hill.The master carpenter comes to measure Niels for his coffin.The master baker bakes bread for the spectators.The messenger posts the notice of execution in the town square.The poet prepares his best pen to record the events of the execution as they unfold.A fly, Niels s only companion in the cell, buIn twelve hours, a fifteen year old boy will be be executed on Gallows Hill.The master carpenter comes to measure Niels for his coffin.The master baker bakes bread for the spectators.The messenger posts the notice of execution in the town square.The poet prepares his best pen to record the events of the execution as they unfold.A fly, Niels s only companion in the cell, buzzes, buzzes.A dog hovers by his young master s window.A young girl hovers too, pitying the boy.The executioner sharpens, sharpens, sharpens his blade.Each townsperson holds a stake in the execution But as the hours tick by, each must answer the question Does this young boy have the right to live Or does he deserve to die

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“The world is the meeting place of the strange.”This is a really positive review with a small caveat - the price for this book needs to come down or they need to start getting it in libraries, because $12+ to read a novella, even in ebook format, is crazy (Apr 8, 2016).Anyway, now I've finished bitching, I'm going to talk about how great this story is. It's a short, powerful, emotive read about the twelve hours before a Danish boy is due to be executed. He sits in his jail cell with a fly as [...]

Good for a quick read .

It's nearing the end of o levels so I had the chance to read this book and I've got to say it's such a heartwarming book. It's about a 15 year old boy who's to be executed which sounds so heartbreaking. But, after reading the story, I guess, it didn't feel so sad. It's because we get a glimpse of his thoughts and feelings. Also, we get the perspectives of other people in the town about the execution. However, it wasn't as emotionally impactful as I hoped it would be so the 4 stars.

Fuck.I have no words. I'm emotionally drained. They say don't judge a book by its cover but the same goes for don't judge a book by its length. This little thing packs a mean punch. And I was hopelessly unguarded against its brutal attack on my emotions. I think what really hit home for me was the last page. With nothing but the simple synopsis and Emily's wonderful review, I was sold. But the message that failed to hit home before I picked this up was that this is a.bleak and depressing novel. [...]

The moment you let go of the stone, it's too late to change your mind. But if you don't say or do something, it is also too late.I purchased this book because I've found that for me, it's always those under two hundred page books that pack a punch that longer books usually aren't able to reach. This book didn't disappoint at all. It caused me to be transported to Denmark in the 1800s. I was in the cell with Niels. It's so atmospheric. Because the setting is for the most part in a cell with a fly [...]

Despite being such a slim story of roughly 132 pages, this book definitely packs a meaningful punch that really gets to the thoughts and emotions of the reader. Author Jasper Wung-Sung chronicles the last twelve hours before the execution of a fifteen-year-old, Danish boy, Niel. Wung-Sung truly plays with the feelings of the reader, describing the setting of Niel in the jail cell and his one and only companion, a buzzing fly. And in the most concise manner possible, Wung-Sung flashes back and fo [...]

This was a ready good read! It's really short but packed with such emotion and food for thought!

I saw people reviewing this one and was intrigued by the summary. An execution? Sign me up.Unfortunately, the effort I out into getting my local library to buy this wasn't actually really worth it. This book jumps around. A lot. There's time jumps, perspective jumps, jumps to poetry and different fonts. It's confusing and honestly, half the time I didn't actually know what was going on. It's 132 pages long. I should't be confused by a book with only 132 pages. The dialogue was particularly bad. [...]

Jesper Wung-Sung beviser endnu engang, at han kan skrive enkel litteratur uden at forsimple. "Den sidste henrettelse" er fortællingen om den 15-årige Niels, der bliver henrettet på galgebakken i Svendborg. I løbet af fortællingen hører vi om forskellige aktørers forhold til denne henrettelse, og stille og roligt udfoldes bagrunden for begivenheden. Det hele væves sammen i en nervepirrende slutning, der løfter bogen op på meget højt niveau.

A short, stark and grim story based upon the tragic fate of fifteen-year-old Niels Nielson, who was executed for arson and murdering a child in Svendborg, Denmark in 1853. Translated from Danish.

I read this one in less than an hour. The plot is breathtaking. A really thought provoking book.

One town's many mouths, a chorus fair,Whilst a head that still doth stareRolls to the groundWithout a sound.It is the mid 1800’s in Denmark and, Niels Nielsen, a fifteen-year-old boy is to be executed on display of the entire town. The hours are counted down chapter by chapter. It is an event that the town comes together for. Even rejoices. For some, it’s to witness the hand justice swinging its ax on the condemned. For some, it’s the prospect of commerce. For some, there is sadness and pi [...]

This book got my attention solely for the eye-catching cover and title. Once I read the description, I was intrigued. I had no idea what I should expect out of it, but what I got was a sad tale of a boy who really did live and faced the fate told about in the book. I thought I would read a purely fictional account of an execution, but instead, I read into the life of a poor boy who worked with his father on whatever farms would have them and would pay them in food. All he dreamed about was havin [...]

This is one I'll have to mull over and eventually read again. It's a short story that makes you think about a lot of things that plague society (past and present) - the physical and mental effects of poverty on individuals, the often unfair judgment placed upon those in lower classes, and the ongoing debate on the morality surrounding capital punishment. Niels, the boy at the center of "The Last Execution," is by no means innocent, but as you follow his journey from childhood to prison to Gallow [...]

The book jacket says that Jesper Wung-Sung is "Denmark's most read young adult author, but if that is the case it would seem that Danish youth read a lot more Beckett and Kafka than their American counterparts. For this is a book that seems to endlessly unravel--from the baker to the fly to the carpenter to the dog to the priest to the poet--without ever quite revealing its final moment. Kafkaesque in its twists and detours the story wanders curiously and casually from one point to another but n [...]

Told hour by hour from several viewpoints, with a fly and a dog in minor supporting roles, this is the story of the execution of a 15 year old in 19th century Denmark, the last execution in this particular town. I liked that he is never saved, that the people are pitiless and cruel. A good book to discuss the death penalty with middle school or high school. The prose is simple, a quick and easy read.

Wow.So many emotions leading up to one final moment in this book that it stole my breath away a few times.This story is about a boy's execution, the events leading up to it, and the people who take part in it whether they know it or not. This book was just really haunting, that's all I can really say.

My main complaint is that I wish the book were longer to further develop the protagonist's interpersonal relationships. The author alludes to a quite heartbreaking social commentary on class divisions and its consequences on capital punishment. It still rings true to societies in this day and age, making it even more heartbreaking. Overall, a beautiful and quick read.

Interesting book. Contains a lot of metaphors and interesting motifs. Certainly is a comment on how the underprivileged and poor and treated in society. Also is a comment on dreams, freedom, and love. It seems as though live is seemingly unattainable when one considers the boy and the poet. Would fit into a social issues unit possibly

I loved the many points of view upon every character that takes part of the execution, it ties together and Wung-Sung's writing creates a unique turn within the book that makes The Last Execution a remarkable read!

Historical fiction that holds a mirror up to class and society as well as Niel Nielson in the hourly countdown to his execution. A crime is committed but is the judgement justified for this 15 year-old man-child?Bleak, tragic and poetically devastating.

This book was a bit odd, but I still liked it for some reason. The whole thing was rather sad and depressing, but the story was compelling enough to want to know more, even though you know how it ends when you start it. I'm not really sure what I think of this, but I'm not upset that I read it.

I don't think I really understood what was going on. Still, it was a good idea, just fairly thinking intense.

One star seems harsh, but frankly there's nothing worth while here.

Originally published in Danish, this novel looks at the last 12 hours before a teen boy will be executed on Gallows Hill. The novel shows the approach the execution from the point of view of different members of the community and from the boy, Niels, himself. It opens the night before with Niels swinging out and trying to hit the devil but instead smashing his hand badly. He then has a fly he speaks with, who buzzes around him and Niels imagines himself having long conversations with it. There i [...]

3.5 starsIt’s remarkable how much some authors can make of a hundred pages and how little other authors can. One example in the first category is Gabriel García Márquez. Another is Jasper Wung-Sung.This book tells the story of a boy waiting for his execution for two crimes: one he was provoked into committing and one he committed unintentionally. His backstory is interspersed into his narrative intermittently, as is the perspective of other townspeople.The boy thinks about his father’s lar [...]

I finished this at a loss for words, not really sure what to say or think of this dark, yet oddly poetic read. The way it's written is almost as an old rhyme, which makes this story about a boy's execution all the more creepy. But I was reeled in.What really got to me was the nonchalance of it all. There is something deeply disturbing about watching the desensitization and the disconnect of all the characters to the reality of the situation. This story deals with poverty and misery and despair, [...]

Powerful, chilling fictionalized account of the last person executed in Svendborg, Denmark. In sparse, even stark, evocative language, the narrator gives an account of Niels Nielson's last 12 hours alive. Each chapter's first few sentences tighten the noose of tension with an ominous countdown to the boy's approaching end, such as, "There are two hours till the boy is to be executed on Gallows Hill . . . ". Within each chapter, the boy reflects on his path to the gallows. His father's illness an [...]

After reading the summary for this one I was hoping that it would be like Burial Rites, which is one of my favorites. It is in the same vein as Burial Rites but it was lacking in the atmospheric quality I loved. Overall, I found Burial Rites to be much more powerful and lingering than this one.This one may have been stronger for me if I had more information on the MC, especially as we were obviously meant to feel sorry for him. I did not feel a connection to him and ultimately that was required [...]

Fictionalized account of 15 year old Niels Nielsen, who was beheaded in 1853 for arson and murder in Svendborg, Denmark. He was the last person executed in Svendborg and Gallows Hill still exists. Today we'd consider his "murder" to be "manslaughter." He was a migrant worker who was trying to keep warm and accidentally burned down the barn he was sleeping in. He was arrested and put to work breaking rocks. The sheriff's son kept taunting him, so he got mad and threw a rock at him. Unfortunately, [...]

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