Izakaya: The Japanese Pub Cookbook

Mark Robinson Masashi Kuma

Izakaya: The Japanese Pub Cookbook

Izakaya: The Japanese Pub Cookbook

  • Title: Izakaya: The Japanese Pub Cookbook
  • Author: Mark Robinson Masashi Kuma
  • ISBN: 9784770030658
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Hardcover

Wann Japanese Izakaya Seattle WA An Izakaya is a common Japanese bar restaurant that is often found in cosmopolitan areas for after work relaxation and an opportunity to unwind after a busy day. Izakaya An izakaya Japanese is a type of informal Japanese pub They are casual places for after work drinking They have been compared to Irish pubs, tapas bars and Izakaya, the Japanese Pub Cookbook Izakaya The Japanese Pub Cookbook Mark Robinson, Masashi Kuma on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Japanese pubs, called izakaya, are attracting New Japanese Restaurant in Greenville, SC Otto Izakaya In the mood for something delicious Come to Otto Izakaya, Greenville, SC s newest Japanese restaurant Try one of our appealing lunch or dinner plates Izakaya Japanese bar food Hardcover Izakaya Japanese bar food Izakaya on FREE shipping on qualifying offers This edition is in American measurements Create your own delicious OOKI Japanese Izakaya Ramen Udon Sake ZURICH OOKI Japanese Izakaya Ramen, Udon, Sake Zurich Ramen Udon Sake Zentralstrasse , Zrich Tel Mo Fr h h Kintaro Izakaya Japanese Cuisine Tapas Bar Kintaro Izakaya, located near Church and Wellesley brings the authentic Japanese tapas experience to the door steps of downtown Toronto Our specialties include a Izakaya Gon s Denman Japanese restaurant IZAKAYA Gon s Japanese Restaurant IZAKAYA Gon s Denman opened on May , in Denaman street,Vancouver BC. Japanese restaurant MABUI Sushi Izakaya serves authentic Japanese restaurant MABUI Sushi Izakaya serves authentic Japanese dishes in Kelowna Sushi, Sashimi, Seafood, Teriyaki, Beef, Chicken, Pork and many . Home Syun Izakaya SYUN IZAKAYA, the family owned, award winning place in Oregon for Japanese pub style dishes, top notch sushi and sashimi, and superb sake SYUN is an authentic

Japanese pubs, called izakaya, are attracting growing attention in Japan and overseas As a matter of fact, a recent article in The New York Times claimed that the izakaya is starting to shove the sushi bar off its pedestal While Japan has many guidebooks and cookbooks, this is the first publication in English to delve into every aspect of a unique and vital cornerstone oJapanese pubs, called izakaya, are attracting growing attention in Japan and overseas As a matter of fact, a recent article in The New York Times claimed that the izakaya is starting to shove the sushi bar off its pedestal While Japan has many guidebooks and cookbooks, this is the first publication in English to delve into every aspect of a unique and vital cornerstone of Japanese food culture A venue for socializing and an increasingly innovative culinary influence, the izakaya serves mouth watering and inexpensive small plate cooking, along with free flowing drinks Readers of this essential book will be guided through the different styles of establishments and recipes that make izakaya such relaxing and appealing destinations At the same time, they will learn to cook many delicious standards and specialties, and discover how to design a meal as the evening progresses Eight Tokyo pubs are introduced, ranging from those that serve the traditional Japanese comfort foods such as yakitori barbequed chicken , to those offering highly innovative creations Some of them have long histories some are recent players on the scene All are quite familiar to the author, who has chosen them for the variety they represent from the most venerated downtown pub to the new style standing bar with French influenced menu Mark Robinson includes knowledgeable text on the social and cultural etiquette of visiting izakaya, so the book can used as a guide to entering the potentially daunting world of the pub Besides the 60 detailed recipes, he also offers descriptions of Japanese ingredients and spices, a guide to the wide varieties of sake and other alcoholic drinks that are served, how to advice on menu ordering, and much For the home chef, the hungry gourmet, the food professional, this is than a cookbook It is a unique peek at an important and exciting dining and cultural phenomenon.

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One of my favorite Japanese restaurants is the izakaya, the Japanese pub where you enjoy light foods with a variety of drinks, all in a relaxed and easygoing atmosphere. Izakaya food has gotten a bad reputation due to the prevalence of cheap chain stores around stations. For the real izakaya experience you have to hunt for the individualistic places where the cook still cooks with fresh ingredients, standing behind the counter, and where usually the choice of sakes is excellent as well. Izakaya, [...]

I picked this book up by chance when I was looking for Thanksgiving cookbooks (a bit off I know, but I love to browse the cookbook section at the library). Fantastic and fascinating primer for those wanting to learn to cook Japanese pub food for dinner parties and such, and those wanting the history and culture behind Izakayas. The recipes for the most part I personally wouldn't have eaten, based on availability of ingredients or the fact they liked to eat offal, eel or wakame (definitely all re [...]

Everything that was wrong with the last Izukaya cookbook I just read, is RIGHT with this one. So very, very right. A small, but deliberate variety, of real life pubs in Japan explained, explored, and consumed: from origin to ambience.Utterly authentic and yet written with a foreigner's point of view (who clearly has a deep appreciation of the culture). The opening paragraphs have to pull you in or you have no business reading this book. I say that as a shameless visual reader who often skips tex [...]

My favorite kind of food is izakaya, which is something like Japanese tapas. I love going out to eat and sampling a little bit of this and a little bit of that. As they say, "variety is the spice of life"! When you attempt to order a range of dishes in most restaurants, the portions end up being too much and your bill ends up astronomical. Not too mention, the raised eyebrows from the food servers as they size me up and look at my eight-dish order, exclaiming "This is too much food!" Hey, I'm pa [...]

Pros:Great recipes, idea wise. Shows the various types of Japanese pub food options from classic to fancy.Cons:Recipes need a lot of interpretation e.g. the potato salad calls for 3 Tb ginger pickles w/ liquid. Does that mean 3 Tb veg and liquid together? 3 Tb veg, then add the pickling liquid. Further confused by the ginger pickle recipe which only has 1 Tb of veg in it. Or the fry chicken in 350 C (175 C) temp oil?? Kinda a major typoAdd to that my standard dings for cookbooks (vague amounts l [...]

This is a really cool book. Part cookbook, part cultural journey into the heart of 8 traditional Japanese Pubs (Izakaya), their chefs, staff, customers and food. Fascinating stuff, makes me want to go back to Japan just to eat. According to the author, Izakaya food will (or should) be the "next Tapas bars" in American cities. I recently learned that the first two have opened in Seattle, so he may be right.

Izakaya is a Japanese bar with tapas. Grabbed a few recipes from here as the author describes a few relevant restaurants and what makes them so unique. Reminded me that I wanted to review Sauce on Danforth's food menu. Also, thinking about do a speak easy themed party this year. Anyways, the recipes look easy enough to do but some of them will require scouring the city for the ingredients or just a quick trip to Markham. Anyways. Good but no room on my shelves for this one.

Since I'm a vegetarian most of these recipes I passed by, however I did find an interesting recipe for miso-cured tofu that I think could be a good cheese substitute, however it takes two years (yes years) to fully cure so I have yet to see how it will turn out.I also appreciated a couple other recipes but I think this book is mostly for you meat lovers out there.

Fantastic cook book - haven't had a chance to try out the recipes, but they look interesting, unique and well thought out. I really like the chapter structure. The author separates each chapter into a food or drink theme and attaches that to a particular Izakaya. I don't buy books often, but I'd love to have this one on my shelf.

Yum! This book has some beautiful pictures and descriptions, and I can't wait to try the recipes. I just wish Izakaya (like all food in Japan) was more vegetarian friendly. Still, definitely an enjoyable read!

I am a big fan of Izakaya (Japanese Pub) love sitting at the bar watching the food being cooked & drinking my face off. This book was very well done some beautiful recipes & the writing paint a pic of how the atmosphere in a izakaya.

3.5 stars. I found the info about Japanese pub culture more fascinating than the recipes. I know its pub food, but for some reason I was anticipating less deep fried foods.

More izakaya primer than cookbook, it made me hungry and miss Tokyo

Great recipes, and a real feel for how these establishments work and feel.

Very informative and challenging. I'm always looking for ideas to steal, and this book had plenty.

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