Student Conductor: 6

Robert Ford

Student Conductor: 6

Student Conductor: 6

  • Title: Student Conductor: 6
  • Author: Robert Ford
  • ISBN: 9780425199756
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback

After eight years in professional exile, 30 year old Cooper Barrow is finally making his comeback in the orchestral world, bringing his untested talents to a Germany on the verge of reunification He is to study with master teacher Karlheinz Ziegler a conductor haunted by his days at a Nazi concentration camp In no time, Barrow finds himself caught up in the ruthless compAfter eight years in professional exile, 30 year old Cooper Barrow is finally making his comeback in the orchestral world, bringing his untested talents to a Germany on the verge of reunification He is to study with master teacher Karlheinz Ziegler a conductor haunted by his days at a Nazi concentration camp In no time, Barrow finds himself caught up in the ruthless competition that dictates who plays, who conducts, and whose interpretation of the score reigns supreme But it isn t until Barrow falls for the beautiful and seductive Petra Vogel an oboist in Ziegler s orchestra and a recent East German defector with a dark secret that he is drawn below the surface of his own obsessive discipline into regions of guilt and betrayal he d never imagined.

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It was the kind of day they polish steel for. This sentence, on the first page, makes me think I'm going to like this novel.If you're running like hell from something, it must still be very much alive inside you. p. 225" That is not why I offer.""Why do you offer?""To see if you will accept."Beautiful words, making the foreign (to me) world of orchestra and classical music accessible.Towards the end I sort of thought the story would tip over into some kind of thriller (maybe because I'd just fin [...]

Loved, loved, loved this book. I could not put it down. Don't think I ever considered how important a conductor is to an orchestra. This book made me want to go see a live performance just to watch the conductor. And the Nazi Germany backdrop and the tearing down of the wall interwoven throughout the story made it spellbinding. Possibly one of the better books I've read in a long time.

Literally one of my MOST FAVORITE books of all time. The kind that has a place of honor on the top shelf so the kids can't touch it, and I reread once a year. I've had it for 10 years and still haven't gotten tired of it.

The Student Conductor caught my eye because of its name. As a music-obsessed reader, I love finding anything based in music, especially of the literary genre because I expect to learn more about my second passion while reading. Robert Ford's debut novel didn't disappoint me. Cooper Barrow is an American music student with a personal issue that drives him away from music for several years. At the beginning of the story, he has moved to Germany just before the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall, [...]

I'm often very skeptical of novels with music as a centerpiece for their story line. I find the musical descriptions contrived and overwrought, as if the author is trying to convince the reader that he/she is an expert in all things musical. One of the benefits of this first novel by Robert Ford is that the author has the skills and experience to write convincingly about music without the pedantic, over-researched feel so present in other works. Ford successfully creates vivid characters who are [...]

The authenticity of the musical world in this novel is one of its great strengths. In my own reading life, it made for an interesting companion piece, of sorts, to Murakami's Absolutely on Music, which consists of conversations between the author and conductor Seiji Ozawa. Set in 1989 in Germany around the time that the border between East Germany and West Germany was reopened, history is a major theme. Our protagonist, a conductor from the U.S feels how historic this event is, but actually, the [...]

Almost five starsThe plot is brilliantly spun, keeping the reader constantly uncertain of what will happen next. You can read the book as an exciting political thriller but Robert Ford also serves the reader a very close look into the conservatory student's shaky time just before entering the professional musician’s life. With other words when business is getting serious. I absolutely loved to follow the young musician's fears, self-doubts and conflicts and their dealing with tricky lessons an [...]

So I actually loved this book. I can't say much about the plot without giving it away, but it headed places I didn't see coming. If you're into musician-related jokes, which conductors were actually Nazis, and/or finding out the time period of a book halfway into it (but like in a good way), this is for you! it would actually make a spectacular thriller if classical music got butts in seats.

I was excited to read this oneI really was. Music, history, the line, "It was the kind of day they polish steel for" on the very first page, it seemed promising. But something went wrong for me in the middle somewhere. I'm starting to get a little bored with existential crises in books that never lead to any character development. These characters do the typical boy-meets-girl, someone-gets-upset-and-leaves, and then no one grows from the experience. The characters keeps doing what they've done [...]

This is among the books I never thought of reading. When I saw this literary piece on a pile of literature in a local bookstore, I was captivated by its intriguing title. My intuition was right when it persuaded me to rope it in to my collection and probably find it interesting. Cascading powerful themes, The Student Conductor significantly fueled my interest in the world of music. The revelation of its spectacular cast of characters, however, enthralled me unexpectedly. Each character plays a v [...]

I'm not into classical music, but feel like I must listen to fully appreciate the entire story. It was deep, moving, and enlightened! I enjoyed learning about the life and efforts of conductors and musicians. I will go hear/see orchestra and try and see what I learned. Music is an amazing piece of our lives and touches us on all levels. The characters each had their own baggage and struggles - it was remarkable to see how all pieces came together. We could all only hope to have a teacher in our [...]

This is a serious exploration of musical passion and its overflow into the lives of its disciples -- a story of a young American student conductor, Cooper, who comes to West Germany in November 1989 to study with a famous Maestro. A love story and undertones from Germany's Nazi past flood the pages; glimpses into the activities of the last generation's great conductors add depth to writing which is intensely musical in its delicate 'phrasing' and layered presentation of its theme of psychologica [...]

This book is so immersed in the arcana of classical music performance that it's not going to appeal to a broad audience, but I was thoroughly engaged in the story of a young man who returns to studying conducting after a 10-year layoff due to an early failure. He works with an unpredictable, autocratic German maestro & falls in love with a talented oboist who defected from East Germany under broodingly mysterious circumstances not long before the fall of the Berlin Wall, which occurs at the [...]

the student conductor in question lives in Germany as the Wall is about to come down. Through his trials with his teacher and colleagues from the orchestra, various musings occur about WWII, the holocaust and German collective guilt. The novel deals in depth with Brahms' compositions.References to Brahms,

Having been a student conductor for the past year, I was surprised and impressed by the descriptions of the skill that were given in this book. The interpretation of East & West Germany during the fall of the Berlin Wall was rich and nuanced, at least for someone who has read so little about it, like me.

An interesting insight into the 'industry' of music and the talented, quirky, obsessed people involved. Set in Germany but the main character is American. Also about redemption, rebirth and romance against a background of the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. Ultimately I found there was no one whom I particularly cared about.

Beautifully written, including many poetic swells as our narrator (young, hot, and an up-and-coming conductor) coaxes beautiful music out of his orchestra. Also an interesting view of Germany just after the fall of the Berlin Wall. But ultimately the plot, which is supposed to be full of mystery and tension, disappoints. Ignore the supposed drama and read it for the linguistic vignettes.

wow--what a fantastic book. especially for his first! if classical music is your passion, you will love this book.

gave me insight on what music does.

This is an amazing book. As a music lover, I understood so much more of the plot. Set in Germany after WWII, it is a moving book with an amazing plot.

Okay, an easy read, has some surprises, not my favorite

Very good. An American student conductor enrolls at the Basische Hochschule fur Musik in Karlsruhe, Germany in 1989 just before the fall of the Berlin wall.

For me, a little hard to follow. I never really attached to the characters.

Gripping short novel

When I reached the end of this remarkable novel, I realized I'd been reading a mystery.

A book for musicians and historians. Lots of music metaphors. Challenging read but excellent.

The most gripping love story I've ever read. Each word pulls you further and further into the story until you're gasping for air.

1. just really good2. written by someone i actually know/knew3. motivated me to get into classical music

Interesting characters for sure. And any ensemble musician (especially those who have waved a baton on the podium) can relate to the struggles a conductor faces.

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