Elizabeth's War

D.L. Finn

Elizabeth's War

Elizabeth's War

  • Title: Elizabeth's War
  • Author: D.L. Finn
  • ISBN: 9780996258210
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback

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It s April of 1917, and World War I has reached Elizabeth s family on their wheat farm in North Dakota Although the battles are being fought overseas, the war has affected her in ways she couldn t have imagined Elizabeth is thrust into a new role after her brother and father leave the farm to do their part in the war And she s only eleven years old Having almost died asIt s April of 1917, and World War I has reached Elizabeth s family on their wheat farm in North Dakota Although the battles are being fought overseas, the war has affected her in ways she couldn t have imagined Elizabeth is thrust into a new role after her brother and father leave the farm to do their part in the war And she s only eleven years old Having almost died as a toddler, Elizabeth has been babied most of her life Now she must learn to help out around the farm cooking, cleaning, and tending to the garden and livestock No longer can she run from her responsibilities, as she did when her horse Rosie was giving birth There were complications during the delivery, and Elizabeth panicked and froze The foal didn t make it.Elizabeth faces her biggest challenge yet as a huge Christmas Eve snowstorm rages outside, cutting her family off from any help and her mother is about to have a baby Her brother and sister are laid up with chicken pox Does Elizabeth face her fears or run from them Can she help her family, who need her now than ever Or will she retreat like she did when Rosie needed her

Recent Comments "Elizabeth's War"

Elizabeth's War is set on a farm during World War I and tells of how the war affects Elizabeth at home when her father and brother are sent off to battle. Advanced elementary to early middle school readers will find it a short (but pointed) saga of home life during the war from an eleven-year-old's first-person impressions, which immediately presents a tragedy when the retiring Elizabeth doesn't respond to her brother's pleas for help.How can a girl not used to taking charge, and unable to handl [...]

It's a quick read, but it still manages to capture a sort of essence that doesn't leave you feeling like it was incomplete. It's easy to relate to the main character and the details about the home life during World War I give a sense of heartache just knowing that this is probably what life was for the women and children left at home while men went off to fight.

A heart-warming story that takes place during WWI. The main character, Elizabeth is a 11 year old who has to do a lot of growing up as she takes on more responsibilities to help the family. She learns cooking, cleaning, caring for farm animals, and helping her pregnant mother. Well written, an enjoyable and fast read.

I enjoyed reading this story about an eleven year old girl and her family in 1917. The book tells the story of how war affects their family, with the Dad and brother going off to war, and those at home on their farm having to take care of everything in their absence. It's a compelling story with Elizabeth having to take on many new responsibilities as she helps her mother who is expecting a new baby. She grows up quickly when her siblings come down with chicken pox and her brother is reported mi [...]

I won this book in a Giveaway.This is a wholesome story of a young girl during World War I. It would be very appropriate for young girls who would be the best audience for the story. The main character, Elizabeth, told by first person POV, has to grow up really quick when some of her family leaves for the war. She quickly learns how to help her family by taking care of cooking as well as some other special talents. She is your ordinary young girl/teenager set in 1917 with a little modernizing, [...]

Beautiful story, one of the very few I liked while they are set in another era! This short story has many meanings inside. During World War I, Elizabeth's father and brother were sent to war. The importance of the family and the love that should surround a child, siblings sometimes act in strange ways. I would recommend this book to my brother and sister. The author's motto about embracing our inner child is so true!

Beautiful storyLove this story of triumph & family, during a time when things were as hard as it possibly could get.

I won this book in a Giveaway competition, and I'm really glad I did. At first, when I won the book, I was a little sceptical about the style of writing, thinking that it was based mostly for children, although I am very interested in most types of books, and it was really interesting to read about the perspective of war and life in those days from a child's perspective, regardless of who the target audience is. I would recommend anyone read this book, adult and child alike.

*Received free through a giveaway*My daughter found it very interesting, and would recommend it.

I won your book in the giveaway and read it last night. You had left a little note on the inside to embrace my inner child. And that is exactly what I did while reading it. Let me just say, I loved the book! The coming of age change of Libby was great to witness. My grandmother was born around that same time and I know how hard things were from listening to her stories. Your story telling was so amazing it was like she was telling me a story about herself. This is one book I will be passing aro [...]

I liked the book very much, based on things that were revelvant to the Author goodread

This is a great short story with many messages. This is a great book to read to a young child until they are able to read it themselves. The bonus short story at the end of the book provides just as many life messages as the main story. The author has done a great job with the character building in these short stories.

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