King of the Bastards

Brian Keene Steven Shrewsbury

King of the Bastards

King of the Bastards

  • Title: King of the Bastards
  • Author: Brian Keene Steven Shrewsbury
  • ISBN: 9781937009328
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback

Rogan has been many things in his life as an adventurer a barbarian, a thief, a buccaneer, a rogue, a lover, a reaver, and most recently, a king Now, this prehistoric bane of wizards and tyrants finds himself without a kingdom, lost in a terrifying new world, and fighting for his life against pirates, zombies, and the demonic entity known as Meeble And even if he defeaRogan has been many things in his life as an adventurer a barbarian, a thief, a buccaneer, a rogue, a lover, a reaver, and most recently, a king Now, this prehistoric bane of wizards and tyrants finds himself without a kingdom, lost in a terrifying new world, and fighting for his life against pirates, zombies, and the demonic entity known as Meeble And even if he defeats his foes, Rogan must still find a way to return home, regain his throne, save his loved ones, and remind everyone why he s the KING OF THE BASTARDS.

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With Albion in chaos, Rogan and his nephew wash up on a foreign shore. The primitive tribesman of the foreign land are being terrorized by a shaman with an alien god on his side. Can Rogan set things right and find his way back to his former kingdom?I've made it no secret that I'm not fond of the typical Tolkien via Dungeons and Dragons style of fantasy that dominates the genre these days. When I want fantasy, I'm more into the Leiber/Howard/Moorcock style. Thankfully, King of the Bastards is ju [...]

4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/2015/09/15/nKing of the Bastards is everything you would expect from…well, a book titled King of the Bastards! Authors Brian Keene and Steven Shrewsbury bring us a rowdy sword and sorcery tale in this novella that harkens back to the traditions of Robert E. Howard’s Conan, decking out its pages with larger-than-life heroes, monstrous villains, evil magics, exotic places, and bloody battles galore. We’re talking pure unadulterated pulpy fun. [...]

Rip snorting and swash buckling rousing adventure in the vane of Conan, Kane, or John Carter of Mars. There are sword fights, Pirates, sea monsters and unlimited bad guys to keep our hero and his nephew busy through out this book.To off set the thrilling action, there are lovely one breasted amazon women, demons, and shaman sprinkled into the mix, along with the really evil 13 who would rule the universe.If you like sword and sorcery then this is just made for you,if you like knitting while sipp [...]

Although not quite as much fun as last year's The Lost Level, there's no doubt that King of the Bastards is firmly rooted in the same fondness for the pulp era of the early 20th century. Brian Keene & Steven L. Shrewsbury have crafted a tale that almost feels like an posthumous collaboration between Robert E. Howard, Fritz Leiber, and Michael Moorcock.This is, for better and for worse, a complete throwback novella. It's pure pulp, full of clichés, and heavily dependent upon genre tropes. Th [...]

Review copyBrian Keene, a name synonymous with horror, and Steven Shrewsbury, best know for his work in the sword and sorcery genre, have combined their considerable talents and given us King of the Bastards.Told as a story to a small group of children, it was to be about their grandfather, the king"'Was grandfather king of the entire old world?''No, he ruled but a small part of it. But he was known, feared, and lusted after throughout the entire old world. Kings, women, brigands, and bards---al [...]

Perfect sword and sorcery. Balls to the wall action, enthralling characters, and blood curdling horror. I loved it!

5 Stars“When he walked up to the water, he heard Zenata say to Javan, “What does Rogan really mean?”“What?”“Power does come in naming, Javan, and we name our children well. I wonder after his meaning.”“Rogan can mean different things, but I’ve always heard it postulated that it means what is most fitting.”“And that is?’“King of the bastards.””I loved this book. King of the Bastards is an incredibly fun, stylized, humorous, and down right cool ass novel by the horror [...]

Some close friends of mine have been trying to get me to read some of Brian Keene's work for a while. So when I saw he had a sword&sorcery book out, I had to give it a shot. Besides, I couldn't have resisted it with that title.I will admit when I first started reading King of the Bastards, I thought it might be just a little too cheesy for me, but the third chapter I was digging it. If you can't appreciate some chest-beating, hairy knuckle-dragging, macho male badassery; this book is not for [...]

Horror grandmaster and bestselling author Brian Keene, with coauthor Steven Shrewsbury, craft a highly entertaining novel set in a world eerily similar to our own, but during ancient times. Brutal, visceral and unrelenting, this lean sword & sorcery tale introduces us to Rogan, King of Albion, but recently handed the throne to his son to seek adventures, with his nephew, Javan. During a sea voyage to a foreign land, they are attacked and barely survive, only to be stranded on strange shores. [...]

When people complain about "Game of Thrones" being too violent or too eager to kill off characters, I often roll my eyes. Life's pretty fucking short and miserable for the vast majority of the world's population these days, and I can only imagine what it was like in the Middle Ages when most people were just the property of a few rich assholes whose only real sport was killing other rich assholes. (Actually, maybe not so much has changed after all.)But I digress. KING OF THE BASTARDS is set in a [...]

Though it is not something I normally do, but I've left reviewing King of the Bastards for a few days. Sure, that's partly because I've been a little busy, but it's mostly because I did not know how to frame my reaction to this one. So after considerable thought, I've decided to distill my review of this Conan/John Carter/Soloman Kane pastiche into an Essential Review and then a Slightly Longer Review.Essential Review:Disappointing.Slightly Longer Review:For a hardcover novel that is one part of [...]

Wodan be praised.Grab your sword and battle armour as we ride into battle with Brian Keene, Rogan and his nephew Javan. If you like Conan style fantasy fiction with a fair bit of blood and guts, then this is the read for you. An epic, peddle to the metal journey through a foreign land filled with mythical creatures and zombies! It is heaps of fun and contains some great one liners too. Fans of Joe Abercrombie will find plenty to enjoy here also. 5 star, Pulp-tastic. Praise Wodan.

Swords, sorcery, swashbuckling, and plenty of violence - KING OF BASTARDS by Brian Keene reads like a golden era fantasy pulp pumped up on pulse pounding intoxicants. Brutality articulated battle scenes punctuate a provocative narrative that truly enhances the bastardy aspects of lead character Rogan as he traverses the wild seas and dangerous wilderness on his way to forging a legend built on bloody lore. Adopting a storytelling approach, insomuch that the events of KING OF THE BASTARDS have al [...]

Plagued with fantasy clichés and lacking in any sort of Subtlety, King of the Bastards came across as some bad fan fiction to me. I am a huge fan of Brian Keene's work but finishing this took as much effort as would it take to wade through a generic quicksand.

Keene and Shrewsbury wrote King of the Bastards with one eye fixed on Conan the Cimmerian. And not just Conan but old-school weird fiction and sword and sorcery. (The raw edges of Keene’s The Rising show too.) It’s something that should appeal to me after spending a year reading Jeffro’s Appendix N Retrospective. Unfortunately it doesn’t live up to that promise.The setting of the King of Bastards is as much the main character as Rogan, the titular King of Bastards and Conan-expy. It’s [...]

This is good ol' fashioned sword-&-sorcery with blood, guts and adventure.Rogan, the 'retired' restless king of Albion is on an exploration & fishing voyage when he is beset by enemies and shipwrecked. The local natives trade his services as a warrior for their help returning him to his homeland. Recruited to dispatch a sorcerer and the sorcerer's dark god, Rogan fights far from home even as troubling news and visions show the former king that his son has been disposed from the throne ba [...]

I am normally a big fan of Brian Keene, but this book was a miss. There was not enough backstory nor world-building to ground the reader and for the first quarter of the novel you are lost. While you are trying to figure out what's going on and who the characters are, you then discover that the protagonist is completely unlikable and is fueled purely by violent sex, violent food and violent violence. This plot / character combo may have worked as a graphic novel, but as a standalone story it did [...]

I picked this up on a whim, liking the idea that someone wrote an unabashed old school pulp fantasy. I wasn't disappointed! This reads like an old RE Howard Conan book, only one where Conan had his kingdom, tired of the throne and passed his kingdom on to his heir to rule while he want back out and had more adventures. All this takes place in a pre Hyperborea Eath, so some of the countries and places will sound similar. If that sounds intriguing, this is the book for you. While on a fishing trip [...]

A total blast with a hilarious, aggressively un-PC lead character.Hopefully we'll get more tales of Rogan at some point.

Review from horrorundergroundKing of the BastardsApex PublishingAuthors: Brian Keene, Steven ShrewsburyIn this novella, Brian Keene uses his horror chops combined with the sword and sworcery talents of Steven Shrewsbury that harkens to the days of pulp fiction. King of the Bastards is a quick read that never sets out to be anything more than what it is, a pulpy good time.Rogan, accompanied by the assistance of his nephew, Javan, set out on a conquest of adventure after Rogan abdicates himself fr [...]

Fantasy is a fiction genre loaded with memorable titles and series that have influenced big name authors for decades, and yet it is also full of some of the most copied tropes in literature. While this is not necessarily a bad thing in many cases, it can get rather dull after a while. Thankfully, there are tales here and there that break this mould and offer readers something they haven’t seen (or only seen very little of). Such is the case with KING OF THE BASTARDS, a recent release from Apex [...]

It's obvious from the onset that Keene and Shrewsbury have a rich, full world in mind for Rogan and his companions to inhabit. There are some very rich details about the people we run across. Sadly, for me, all the work was in the details, leaving the big picture incomplete, almost as an afterthought. In a lot of ways, this read like a tabletop role playing game campaign, complete with random encounters and glossing over of the parts the players didn't want to play. The overall plot seemed to ge [...]

King of the Bastards is a bloody romp through a horrific fantasy realm. Co-writers Brian Keene, who brings his mastery of horror, and Steven Shrewsbury, who has experience creating fantasy worlds, cut the protagonist Rogan from the belly of his mother and place him in a world that shows no mercy. The plot picks up with Rogan as an aged warrior briefly describing his previous adventures and his ascent to the throne of Albion. I definitely think there is a novel waiting to be written of Rogan's ad [...]

Brian Keene and Steven L. Shrewsbury bring you an epic tale which at once evokes all the imagery and savagery of Robert E. Howard's Conan stories and combines it with Brian Keene's Labyrinth Mythos.King Of The Bastards is a full-on throwback to the early 20th century pulp tales, replete with Barbarians, zombies, sea monsters, and gods(?) Telling the story of Rogan, King of the Bastards himself, who has left his throne and seeks adventure in his golden years. His nephew by his side he fights and [...]

Fast, fun Sword and SorceryThis book reads a bit like Conan crossed with something like Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven, with plenty of strange, Sci-Fi Easter eggs thrown in with it. This is not a bad thing. You get plenty of bloody, intense battles, interesting back story and world building to go along with smooth one liners and soliloquy. If you want to read a good, modern S&S book, this one will do right by you. My few criticisms are as follows: Some of the descriptions of battle are confusi [...]

This is a fun, old-fashioned swords & sorcery novel in the tradition of Conan. (There used to be a separate and distinctive branch of the fantasy genre labeled by the publishers as "Swords & Sorcery." I believe it got drowned and washed away by the misogynistic Gor novels and the endless game-based Dungeons & Dragons tie-ins, so they went back to lumping the S&S books in as "heroic fantasy.") Anyway, it's quite different than Keene's horror titles, much more like a graphic Gardne [...]

A tougher-than-titanium hero, near-undefeatable foes, and an epic adventure guaranteed to keep you turning the pages. The writing is superb, and the story is pure Sword & Sorcery. KING OF THE BASTARDS is the result of Keen imagination and Shrewsbury magic, a team of writers unlike anything else out there. Don't let the unresolved storyline trouble you because this tale continues in THRONE OF THE BASTARDS, coming soon. King of The Bastards

Given this book.Not my cup of tea. I'm not sure if this is part of a series or not. It starts with a rundown of a barbarian raised to king only to give up his kingdom because he's bored. It then goes into a story being told to children about their grandfather, the former barbarian king. Rogan, the king, is disrespectful of the people he meets in his travels and doesn't come across as anyone people would "worship" let alone follow. Graphic violence, women seem an afterthought only to be used.

I knew this was gonna be a fun book both Brian Keene & Steven Shrewsbury rarely let me down. This book doesn't let up at all. Petal to the metal action with great characters. I can't wait for the next book!

This book was better than I iniatially expected. It's filled with action and gross scenes and you can't get bored. The writing style is very descriptive, so that you can imagine the situations in the story easily

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