Wisdom of Wolves

Twyman L. Towery

Wisdom of Wolves

Wisdom of Wolves

  • Title: Wisdom of Wolves
  • Author: Twyman L. Towery
  • ISBN: 9781570712067
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Hardcover

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Through examples of the wolf pack and true tales from the wild, author Twyman Towery explains how the strength of an individual and the strength of the organization are intertwined.

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In "The Wisdom of Wolves", Towery writes about the ways wolves work in packs to accomplish tasks, and describes how these lupine techniques can be applied to modern human life to help us do better both individually and as a whole. My copy has a different cover than this site shows, but it's still the same book, and it's still great. "The Wisdom of Wolves" also tells a bit about Towery's personal experiences with wolves and the nature of wolves in general. It's amazing how much we can learn from [...]

This is a simple book explaining what we can learn from wolves. Broken up into chapters by themes, this is an easy book to read a chapter a night or so. Nothing really mind-blowing.

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