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  • Title: Complications
  • Author: Vanessa Wester
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  • Page: 488
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Librarian note alternate cover edition of B00ADAXWDY.Steven Thorn has had a nightmare yearHe finds out he is not normal His life gets erased He starts a new life in the , and then he ends up with a debilitating injury Life could not get any worse he thinks.Yet luck is on his side as his injury leads to freedom and his eventual return to Southampton His newLibrarian note alternate cover edition of B00ADAXWDY.Steven Thorn has had a nightmare yearHe finds out he is not normal His life gets erased He starts a new life in the , and then he ends up with a debilitating injury Life could not get any worse he thinks.Yet luck is on his side as his injury leads to freedom and his eventual return to Southampton His new home is a Victorian house on the outskirts of Southampton, a place close to his first love, Caitlin Now that he is back, he intends to find a way into her life, but he has no idea if she will even remember him.Caitlin is about to discover the reason for her unexplained sadness over the past year, and will find it hard to resist Steven s magnetic pull She has never been good at avoiding things that are bad for her, and the return of Steven is about to challenge her willpower in an unimaginable way.As begun in Hybrid, Vanessa Wester takes you back to the University of Southampton to reveal twists and turns in The Evolution Trilogy Life is full of complications, and sometimes it is hard to know if you made the right choice.

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Complications (The Evolution Trilogy, #2) by Vanessa Wester is a highly original vampire novel that blends human emotions with paranormal fantasy seamlessly. We are the sum of our parents choices and if not for them we would not exist. Darwin used superior choices to create evolved species but love was never ever in that cold equation. The author floods her wonderful novel with strong emotions that will pull the reader into the characters' lives and struggles. And there can be no poignant a stru [...]

Really enjoyed the first book in the series so I was looking forward to this. For me personally, slightly slow on the start, but well written and an excellent read as the book went on. Especially good are the twists to the story, which the author is adept at throwing in when you least expect them! Roll on Book 3!

This is the second book from The Evolution Trilogy by Vanessa Wester. I was already in love with the main characters of the story from Hybrid, but this story took us through the changes experienced in the new evolution of humankind by Steven. How far would you go for the woman (or man) you love? The characters are real and you spend the better part of the time wondering about the changes Steven is going through, the choices he makes and contemplating alongside him if the choices he's made are ri [...]

An effortless read, with enough to please. At times, the story stagnated, to shortly thereafter take a leap in an unexpected direction, thankfully. I appreciated the unforeseen u-turn for the Steven/Caitlin relationship after the change, and gave the story a breath of surprise. Further editing would make this book, a novel worthy of praise, along with a five star rating.The plot is fantastic, imaginative, and would love to see this on screen. Looking forward to the final installment and have no [...]

A fascinating sequel to Hybrid. I read Hybrid, book one of The Evolution Trilogy, last year when on holiday and although it was not the type of book I usually read I loved it. The style of writing suited me and I found the story and the characters gripping. I knew I had to read the other books in the series. Complications, book two, continues on nicely with the tale and the plot develops satisfactorily. Both of these books are a recommended read and I can’t wait to read Return, the third part [...]

The story of a hybrid vampire, this tale mixes traditional views of the blood-sucking creatures with more human qualities too.Steven cannot help who his mother is or what it makes him but he does know it is not a life choice he wishes to follow. Instead his heart is lost to a girl who he is determined to be reunited with.Through the pages of this novel the reader follows Steven's journey as he learns to deal with who he is and whether or not he can survive in the world of humans.

This is book 2 in the trilogy. Book 1 "Hybrid" started slow for me but built up the characters and scenario very well. This volume continues at a pace and develops the story very well. By the end of the book I was urging Vanessa to complete the trilogy and thinking that with the subject matter this could continue as a seriesvery much worth a read.

In the second of the trilogy, Steven returns home to recover the life his new family has erased. The author's style can be a bit choppy, but the underlying story is interesting and the plot points are well drawn.

Brilliant! Full review will be posted under Orchard Book Club in the next week.

3.5 starsGood story, it's just dragged a bit for me, I really enjoyed the first book so I felt I needed to finish this. The story line was good just a bit to slow for me.

My latest reviews from 5.0 out of 5 stars Could not put this book down!, 17 Nov 2012 I must admit I was not totally convinced by book one finding the initial chapters a little slow but by the middle of it I became interested by the very original storyline and the idea of the amazonian community as a whole. However, I thought Caitlin as a character was very interesting and was disapointed that she seemed to have been left out in the cold for the second half of the book.Book number two is a totall [...]

ANOTHER GREAT READ WITH A TRUE CLIFFHANGER ENDING!Many times the first book in a series is the best. Not true with "The Evolution Trilogy", it is every bit as good as book #1 "Hybrid". This story is about discovery. What happens in a newer species of human? How do you figure it out.where do you fit? Author, Vanessa Wester has done an excellent job of balancing subplots that can head in so many different directions.You will sympathize with some characters,/ love some and really dislike some. To m [...]

Steven is the first hybrid vampire and Complications tells how he deals with going back to his "old" life. The story has some interesting parts but most of the book feels like filler. Not impressed and not buying the third and final book.

This was a decent follow on to book 1. The story takes us out of the and back to Southampton. Steven wants to return to see if Caitlin can remember him and fall in love with him again.I enjoyed this story. It was a bit more adult than book 1. It grows as Steven grows.

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