The Lotus Eater

W. Somerset Maugham

The Lotus Eater

The Lotus Eater

  • Title: The Lotus Eater
  • Author: W. Somerset Maugham
  • ISBN: 9789998589889
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Audio Cassette


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I think you have all read the wrong book, it has nothing to do with Vietnam!It is set in 1913 and the story begins when the narrator visits a friend on the Island of Capri in Italy. There, he is introduced to the character of Thomas Wilson, who came to the island for a holiday 16 years ago. Since then, Wilson had given up his job in London as a bank manager to live a life of simplicity and enjoyment in a small cottage in Capri. As he had saved just enough money to purchase an annuity that would [...]

"The will needs obstacles in order to exercise its power; when it is never thwarted, when no effort is needed to achieve one’s desires, because one has placed one’s desires only in the things that can be obtained by stretching out one’s hand, the will grows impotent."Set in 1913, Italy, The Lotus Eater pans the non-conformed life of a man, Thomas Wilson, from the eyes of the narrator.Thomas Wilson left a well-settled life in London to live on an Island of Capri, Italy. The story begins wit [...]

"The will needs obstacles in order to exercise its power; when it is never thwarted, when no effort is needed to achieve one's desires, because one has placed one's desires only in the things that can be obtained by stretching out one's hand, the will grows impotent. If you walk on a level all the time the muscles you need to climb a mountain will atrophy. These observations are trite, but there they are."

What seems at first like a simple expat fantasy (jacking it all in and moving to Capri before the wars) is gradually revealed as more like a Faust riff. When Faust is begging for one more day, week, month, yearwhat if he'd been granted that? Not stopping the spheres, not freezing time, just embezzling himself a little more past what his original bargain allowed. What would that do to a person?

I remember reading this in high-school. It left such an impression on me, I was afraid to read it again, thinking I wouldn't feel the same way about it. I was wrong. Once again, the story chilled me to the bone. The Lotus Eaterby Somerset Maugham is a story about the pursuit of happiness. It tells of a man who quits his job, sells all of his possessions, and with a bit of savings decides to move to the island of Capri, Italy, to spend the rest of his life there, living a life of leisure. The sto [...]

Perhaps it was the island of Capri, which I have visited, that ensured the story had a hold on me. A superb read albeit heavy with Maugham's life-long search for meaning.

Devastating look at American journalists in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The book portrays a certain kind of addiction that overtakes people living in a war zone and telling the story of the people of the war - American photographers, G.I.'s and the Vietnamese people. Love and obsession become entangled in the middle of this brutal, endless and pointless war. It forced me to look at my own obsessive behaviors and how I engage in them even though they don't serve me. I appreciated how the auth [...]

Thanks to Gino for properly identifying the actual subject of this short story. The story captures beautifully the struggle of man to act rationally and do "the right thing " vs man's choosing instead too seize the day and not live a life of a dream deferred. Of course, the dream pursued, as always, comes often at a heavy cost.

Good book, the ending didn't feel true to the character, and thought the author could of done a much better job. I liked the story of journalist covering the Viet Nam war with the different perspective of villagers, ex pats, and soldiers.

A sad story about the unfortunate unraveling of the life of an immigrant to Italy, who doesn't really plan his stay in the country and runs into financial and other problems, eventually leading to his death.Sorry for ridding the story of all the romance, with this review :P

Tragic; never quite sure what Maugham means until the very end(that is what makes him so special),to 'die of beauty.'

Great story written during the Viet Nam War. Everyone needs to know this story.

kenangan ketika SPM

I loved this story about a photjournalism during the Vietnam War-plus much more!

A woman journalist during the Vietnam war.

Such a beautiful short story.

Excellent book. Gives you a real idea what life was like for Photo Journalistin Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Very descriptive,I imagined Vietnam, and beileve that I was actually there. Enjoyed reading the book.

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