Deadly Jewels

Jeannette de Beauvoir

Deadly Jewels

Deadly Jewels

  • Title: Deadly Jewels
  • Author: Jeannette de Beauvoir
  • ISBN: 9781250045409
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Hardcover

When Martine LeDuc, publicity director for the city of Montr al, is summoned into the mayor s office, she s pleasantly surprised to find the city is due for a PR coup a doctoral researcher at McGill University claims to have found proof that the British crown jewels were stored in Montr al during WWII.Martine is thrilled to be part of the excavation project, until it turnWhen Martine LeDuc, publicity director for the city of Montr al, is summoned into the mayor s office, she s pleasantly surprised to find the city is due for a PR coup a doctoral researcher at McGill University claims to have found proof that the British crown jewels were stored in Montr al during WWII.Martine is thrilled to be part of the excavation project, until it turns out that the dig s discoveries include the skeleton of a man with diamonds in his ribcage and a hole in his skull Is this decades old murder leading her too far into the dangerous world of Canada s neo Nazi networks, or is there something going on that makes the jewels themselves deadly Is history ever really completely buried With pressing personal issues crowding into her professional life, Martine needs to solve not only the puzzle of the jewels, but some recent crimes including another murder, a kidnapping, and the operation of an ancient cult in Montr al and do it before the past reaches out to silence her for good.

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Wow! When I got to read an advance copy of Jeanette de Beauvoir's first mystery in the Martine Leduc series last year -- Asylum -- I said it was an unexpected treat. And Deadly Jewels -- the second book in the series -- is an even better treat -- although maybe not so unexpected this time. The setting and characters alone predispose me favourably toward this series. The series is set in Montreal, in parts of the city very familiar to me. De Beauvoir really brings out the bilingual multicultural [...]

Positives:-historical aspect was interesting and new to me-Canadian setting -unique take on Nazi powerNegatives:-maybe too much going on/too many elements-characters felt a little stiff, not human enough-took awhile for me to get into the storyline Overall, I liked this book but didn't fall head over heels for it. I was sick while reading the majority of it, so maybe that partly influenced my feelings. I just couldn't seem to get below the surface so to speak. It's a second in a series (and i kn [...]

If you are not familiar with the series by this Montreal author, I recommend you read "Asylum" first, although " Deadly Jewels" can stand alone. I scanned parts of "Asylum" again, just to refresh my memory. Both books are based within the historical context of Montreal, with a close link to Boston, where Martine LeDuc's husband is from, and her two stepchildren live most of the time with their mother, although spending alternate weekends and a summer month in Montreal.More interesting history co [...]

Deadly Jewels is the second book in the Martine LeDuc series by author Jeannette de Beauvoir. I discovered this series last year with the first book, Asylum, which is an incredible book that was very close to my heart. Deadly Jewels is a fabulous follow up.Jeannette de Beauvoir has created a fascinating character in Martine LeDuc. The reader is very involved in her personal life as well as her business life. Martine is the PR director for the City of Montreal in the Province of Quebec. It is a l [...]

In Jeannette de Beauvoir's Asylum, I learned about the horrific real life events of the Duplessis orphans while reading a murder mystery set in current day Montreal. In Deadly Jewels she again skillfully uses the technique of blending little-known history into fiction to tell the story. This time it’s the British crown jewels, which were secretly shipped to Montreal for safekeeping during WWII. Deadly Jewels involves the murder of a doctoral student, the tunnels under the city of Montreal, neo [...]

The historical context was fascinating & so informative. From the flyleaf you have no idea what the story involves like focus magic, ley lines in North America to the underground city that Montreal is built over. Many interesting facts how the Crown Jewels were dismantled by Queen Elizabeth & her sister as children & smuggled out of England to studies done on 2nd & 3rd generation children of survivors of concentration camps.

Jeannette de Beauvoir is a master at keeping the ball in the air. I love this series!It's awesome to feel so much affection for a character, and Martine LeDuc jumps off the page. I love the way the flashbacks are seamlessly wound into the story. It's going to torture waiting for the next book.

A fun read. Even learned about Montreal, city undergrounds, Canadian politics. A case where a young woman finds jewels that may be part of he Crown Jewels sent to Canada during WWII, (urban legend?). As PR director Martine Le Duc sets about trying to find out who killed her, along with a city detective. Interesting study of Nazi groups and Jewish isolationists. The plot involves questions about the maternal role and the work relationship where Martine's Assistant Richard is the second in command [...]

2.5 stars. It took awhile for me to get into the book. Once I did, I found it to be a quick read. However, there were a number of errors & discrepancies which detracted from the book. As a native Montrealer, I found these to be annoying. I found the author ended the book a little too quickly & a little far-fetched. Don't think I will read another one by her.

Martine LeDuc is a publicity director for the city of Montreal. When Patricia Mason, a doctoral student at McGill University, tells her that the British crown jewels were stored in the Sun Life building in Montreal during World War II, and that some of the gems might have been stolen, Martine has no choice but to investigate to avoid a PR disaster. Soon they find a skeleton and 3 jewels in the underground tunnels beneath the city. Martine decides to ask her friend Julian Fletcher, a police detec [...]

Deadly Jewels is a gem.Jeannette de Beauvoir’s second novel in the Martine LeDuc series combines mystery, politics, history, and step-children in a finely woven tale. There are a number of unexpected twists that enhance what would be an intriguing story in its own right: the transport and storage of Great Britain’s assets during the Second World War. Among these displaced treasures are the Crown Jewels, whose presence in Canada is the subject of speculation.A grisly discovery decades later s [...]

In the darkest hours of WWII when invasion of Britain by the Nazis was expected, Winston Churchill decided to send the wealth of the nation from harm's way. This included the Crown Jewels which the Royal family hand removed from their settings and placed in hat boxes. Fast forward to present time and a graduate student has discovered not all of the jewels were returned to England at the end of the war. A body is also discovered with the jewels and the remainder of the book goes back and forth be [...]

During WW2, it is rumored that the English royal family stored the crown jewels in Montreal.or a cave in Wales, with great secrecy from the Germans and the English people. Based in part on a true story as well as true rumors. This novel plays on the idea that it was Montreal where the jewels were stored, dismantled and sent in hatboxes. Martine LeDuc, directoire of publicite for the City of Montreal is summoned to a meeting with various officials and a PhD student who believes she has found the [...]

Martine LeDuc is knee deep in a murder mystery, and once again the pieces of this puzzle will have you guessing until the final moments of the book. De Beauvoir uses the past and present flashbacks to keep the reader, as well as Martine and her sidekick Julian on their proverbial toes as the search for the true story behind the crown jewels emerges. While traversing up and (mostly) down Montreal, for the clues to this decades-long mystery, secrets emerge that--perhaps--were best kept hidden. Bra [...]

It began with wit and charm and a fascinating premise, not to mention locale, for a mystery. But for this reader, it got bogged down by a 'mystical' red herring that I could have done without. Didn't live up to its promise but was still a likeable read.

It was ok but got drawn out in the last fifty pages.

Story was ok liked the historical facts

This was a great book whose plot moved really well and the author transitioned perfectly between 1940's and present day Montreal. I look forward to reading another one of this author's books!

i want no read this book

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