Tulpen en terpentijn

Nina Siegal Rob van Moppes

Tulpen en terpentijn

Tulpen en terpentijn

  • Title: Tulpen en terpentijn
  • Author: Nina Siegal Rob van Moppes
  • ISBN: 9789044345933
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Paperback

Amsterdam, 1632 De dief Aris heeft een afspraak met de galg Zijn zwangere geliefde Flora probeert hem te redden van de beul Maar er blijkt al een bestemming voor het lijk te zijn het zal worden ontleed door Dr Nicolaes Tulp tijdens een wetenschappelijke anatomische les De jonge schilder Rembrandt van Rijn zal die les vastleggen op doek Pia, de hedendaagse conservatoAmsterdam, 1632 De dief Aris heeft een afspraak met de galg Zijn zwangere geliefde Flora probeert hem te redden van de beul Maar er blijkt al een bestemming voor het lijk te zijn het zal worden ontleed door Dr Nicolaes Tulp tijdens een wetenschappelijke anatomische les De jonge schilder Rembrandt van Rijn zal die les vastleggen op doek Pia, de hedendaagse conservator van het Mauritshuis, werkt aan de restauratie van het schilderij Ze doet een fascinerende ontdekking die nieuw licht werpt op de geschiedenis, het schilderij en zijn maker.

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Fascinating Fictional Backstory of a Famous Rembrandt PaintingThe setting of this novel is similar to that of The MiniaturistSee my review of The Miniaturist here That is, they are both set in seventeenth century Amsterdam (although parts of The Anatomy Lesson are also set in Leiden and other parts of Holland).This is a period I find endlessly fascinating.Both of these novels are written by women and highlight the brutality of the Dutch justice and penal systems of the time, as well as the cruel [...]

Nina Siegel's The Anatomy Lesson is one of those wonderful novels that's as solid in its realization as it is in its conception. The novel tells the back back story of Rembrandt's The Anatomy Lesson, that wonderful work commissioned by the Amsterdam Guild of Surgeons in 1632. The surgeons and city functionaries are pictured gathered round a corpse, as one of their group explains the anatomy of the forearm. The light in the picture falls downward, illuminating the corpse, while placing the other [...]

Did you ever want to know the real story behind an old painting? So did Nina Siegal, which resulted in The Anatomy Lesson: a beautiful, semi-fictionalized story behind one of Rembrandt's most famous paintings.It’s the 31th of January 1632: on this day criminal Aris Kindt - alias Aris the Kid - is going to be hanged in Amsterdam. Unknown to him however, is that afterwards his body shall be used for the yearly public dissection of the Surgeon’s Guild, during which all kinds of people can atten [...]

Nina Siegal's novel transports us to 17th Century Amsterdam where Rembrandt has received a commission to paint members of the Surgeon's Guild observing the anatomist Dr Nicholaes Tulp. There are six important characters who each have chapters named after the part of the body that they represent. "The Body" is Adriaen, a thief who has been condemned to die by hanging. "The Mouth" is Jan Fetchet, a collector of curiosities who also acquires bodies for medical dissection. "The Hands" refers to Dr T [...]

This novel was heavily researched, and unfotunately the research shows in the diction, over-description, pace--a case of too much scholarship and not enough imagination. The use of a present-day conservator's notes juxtaposed with the 17th-century story is skillfully done, but the notes' foreshadowing of story elements becomes a little too pat. However, the Anatomy Lesson will appeal to those who enjoy historical novels featuring famous artists and thinkers, like those of Tracy Chevalier and Sus [...]

They say that a “picture is worth a thousand words”. So, how many is a painting worth? What is the story behind a painting? What secrets do the models hold? Nina Siegal explores this theme in, “The Anatomy Lesson” based on “The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp”; a painting by none other than Rembrandt.Siegal’s premise follows the perspective of several character involved in the end produce of Rembrandt’s painting: the thief whose body is dissected and is the basis of the paint [...]

Psyched to read this novel by a grad school friend immediately after reading her former housemate's essay collection (The Empathy Exams). I don't remember them having stuff up on the same day during Ethan Canin's workshop, Fall 2005, but it's good to see their writing again now fully formed in print. In April 2006, somehow eight years ago, there was a party at my place after a Deborah Eisenberg reading, which wound up interrupted as soon as it started by tornado sirens and hail on the auditorium [...]

The Author's Note:I knew Rembrandt's masterpiece The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp as a child, for it hung in my father's study, but I never knew its title or its origins. During an art history seminar in grad school, I was assigned to "read" a painting — i.e unravel the narrative within it. We were allowed to pick any painting; and as my professor clicked through slides of potential examples, it showed upon the screen and I thought: That one! I'll finally find out the real story behind [...]

I really wanted to like this book. I teach college English, and I frequently team-teach with a history teacher. We are always on the lookout for appropriate, engaging books to use in book clubs, and this seemed perfect. After reading the glowing reviews here, I was excited to receive a galley to review. I was, however, disappointed in the book and won't be recommending it to my students.While the choice to present each chapter from the point of view of one of several characters was intriguing, t [...]

Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley. Rembrandt van Rijn. There is something about his work, and when everyone thinks of Rembrandt, they think of Amsterdam and the Night Watch. Famous and special. But Rembrandt’s other paintings are great and his house is worth a visit too. For me, Rembrandt’s paintings work because of the quiet and mystery that exists in each one. In some ways that is like Amsterdam, where a twist or turn can lead to someplace unexpected – such as the hidden Catholic church almo [...]

As a Dutch artist, living in Amsterdam, I often have sighed: "what I'd give to see my city during its golden age, to experience the sights, sounds, and smells - move among its inhabitants, if only for a day!" Well, I guess I will never shed my wish for timetravel to become a possibility, but reading this book comes very very close to making that epic journey. It has changed the way I walk my home town's streets. The other day, passing one of Amsterdam's oldest buildings, I caught myself thinking [...]

How many times have you strolled the corridors of art museums, casually viewing paintings without fully appreciating the stories behind them? Author Nina Siegal breathes fresh life into one of Rembrant’s early paintings, “The Anatomy Lesson,” in her forthcoming novel of the same name.Set in 1632 in Amsterdam, the story opens on the day Adriaen Adriaenszoon (alias Aris the Kid) is to be hanged. A recidivist thief, Adriaen’s body bears the scars of a life of abuse and punishment. He has no [...]

This slender novel -- just 288 pages -- is a rich, emotional look at love, ambition, the human soul, the creative impulse, the last immortality of art. And yet, despite the lofty themes, it's a wholly accessible, can't-put-it-down read-able novel with a handful of unforgettable characters and one devastating day.Inspired by Rembrandt's massive painting, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, the novel takes place during the day of Dr. Tulp's anatomy lesson.  The narrative shifts between seven [...]

More like 3.5/5. Fascinating look at Rembrandt's first masterwork, "Anatomy lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp" 0.tqn/d/arthistory/1/S/z/W. We see the work through subjects of the painting and others connected with it. Each is called by a body part in each chapter about them. We have Rembrandt [The Eyes], Dr. Tulp, president of the Amsterdam Surgeon's Guild [The Hands], Adriaen {the Body], Flora, his pregnant sweetheart [The Heart] Fletchet, who got the corpse for Rembrandt {The Mouth], Descartes, the [...]

Character driven and intricate, this is a fictionalized background story of the Rembrandt painting ‘The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicholas Tulip’ and adds layers of complexity that bring the impetus for the painting alive. Dated to 1632, it is important to note that this painting depicts what was, in the day, a sort of social event for the scientific community. Unlike the closed and often illegal studies done some two centuries earlier by Michelangelo, medicine was in an upsurge, and such scient [...]

This is a novel that has been MFA'd and Workshopped and granted and researched IAW all the sophisticated, cutting edge methods/programs/seminars that currently decide whether a novel is Worthy of Publication. And the author is a photogenic young woman, another part of the checklist. So, it must be good. Unfortunately, it's been MFA'd and workshopped and grants-provided right straight into the ground, the photogenic young woman part being the upside…heck, photogenic anyone! Have you seen my bio [...]

January 31, 1632. A common thief is to be hung in Amsterdam. A crafty merchant has procured the body for a public anatomy by an esteemed doctor. A philosopher ponders the existence of the soul. A young woman travels to see the condemned man. And a young artist has been commissioned to record the event. Each character plays a part in bringing this pivotal day in the Dutch Golden Age (as well as one of its most famous paintings) to vivid life. This is a meticulously researched, richly detailed his [...]

This story focused on one day’s events in 1632 in Holland. It depicts a chain of events leading to the creation of the famous painting The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp, by Rembrandt in 1632.Six characters, a convicted thief, his common law wife, Nicolaes Tulp (a teaching surgeon and aspiring politician), Descartes, Rembrandt, a ‘curio’ procurer and a modern day art historian, each tell part of the tale from their own point of experience. Their perspectives on art, science, philosophy [...]

Flora's voice is unique!!!!

The Anatomy Lesson is a fictional story behind Rembrandt’s first large commissioned, and signed masterpiece. The narrative is recited by several characters and their points of view:"The Body," Adriaen Adrianenzoon, also known as Aris Kindt. The executed criminal whose corpse will be dissected."The Hands," Dr. Nicholas Tulp, a prominent Amsterdam physician conducting autopsy."The Heart," Flora, who carries Aris' unborn child and tries to save him, or at least claim his body for burial."The Mout [...]

I loved this book. It's not just an intelligent imagining of what went on before an artist created a masterpiece, it's a moving account of what drove a poor man to thievery and eventual execution, and what happens to his body afterwards. In 1632, the date of this story, it was legal to use the bodies of dead criminals for dissection in Holland. The thief is both used and abused in his life, and after he dies, as he becomes the object of a dissection by a doctor, an event which is immortalized by [...]

Sometimes you read a novel that reminds you of what good writing is. This is such a book. The narration is fascinating, traveling through one day in 1632. The book truly takes you to Amsterdam at that time period. A fascinating read.

I received this book in the mail through the first reads program. I took it to my Grandmothers with me. I really tried with this book but it seemed to be painfully slow for me. I just think I wasn't interested enough in the story to want to slog through it. I tried I really did but the book was such a painfully slow read I just coudln't finish it. I gave it to my Mother to go to the Linden Libtary, I told her I thought it was a book for someone who liked reading about painters, Rembrandt or hist [...]

I am going to just come out and say this: I'm not an art connoisseur. I can't stand for hours staring at a painting, inspecting the textures and colors and brush technique. Give me a concert hall and a beautiful concerto to listen to or even just a plain piano recital and I will be happy. My art is printed sheet music and I use my ears (and my fingers) to coax it out once the rough learning with the pages has been done. Still, there are times every now and then that I pass by a painting or am in [...]

I really enjoyed this book, and not being an art aficionado, learned quite a bit about Rembrandt himself, as well as his Anatomy painting with Dr. Tulp. It even spurred me on to google the painting (the one in the book is small and blurry) to have a better look. Each chapter is the voice of a character recanting his/her tale, and the reader is able to see how their lives touched each others leading up to the finale of the anatomy lesson itself. I didn't realize when I started reading it, that it [...]

The Anatomy Lesson by Nina Siegal, a brilliant novel about Rembrandt’s first major commission, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, tells the story of the painting and the events behind it in the first person, but not just one first person. Ms. Siegal recounts the story through the eyes of Rembrandt himself; Dr. Tulp, who performs the autopsy on a hanged criminal that is the subject of the painting; the hanged man himself; his pregnant lover who tries to save him from his execution; the ma [...]

"The Anatomy Lesson" is a must-read for any historical fiction fan! It's a well-researched portrayal of 17th century Amsterdam that takes the reader into the story behind one of Rembrandt's works of art "The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp". The author uses seven points-of-view to weave the tale, including Rembrandt himself, allowing the reader to see the story from varying perspectives. This keeps the novel moving quickly; a complex subject feels quite accessible to the average reader. As a [...]

This book is not just about the anatomy lesson by dr. Tulp or the painting Rembrandt made of it. It is a story with 5 perspectives constructed around it. Questions like: where is the soul to be found (in the body) and how to depict a human form in its proper way are dealt with in this book. Interesting comparisons are made. The story goes a spade deeper than you would expect given the material of the book. At the same time it is a very lively story which gives a good picture of the time. Just on [...]

I wish the ratings went higher than "5."Oh, my goodnessis book. I finished the story, closed the cover and sat for a few minutes, thinking and feeling.This is the story of Rembrandt's "The Anatomy Lesson." It's told from multiple points of view: the surgeon, the painter, the man who collects and buries dissected bodies, the deceased man, the woman who loved him, and the modern-day art historian carefully removing minuscule flecks of precious color from this artwork, trying to dissect the secrets [...]

win Will read and review once received.I will admit I wasn't very excited to read this book as I am no a big historical fiction fan. I am so happy that me not being very excited to read the book was very short lived. Within the first ten pages I started to fall for this book. This book is a well-researched portrayal of 17th century Amsterdam. I loved how seven points of view were used to tell the tale. The book seemed fast moving, and easy to read. A good book that I plan to recommend to friends [...]

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