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  • Title: Stay
  • Author: Jennifer Sucevic
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  • Page: 290
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Last year, Cassidy Jameson tanked her freshman year at college It was nothing short of a Huge Epic Fail Instead of focusing on classes and her sport, she ended up cracking under the pressure and losing everything that was important to her After spending nine long months trying to piece herself back together again, Cassidy is now starting over at a new university It Last year, Cassidy Jameson tanked her freshman year at college It was nothing short of a Huge Epic Fail Instead of focusing on classes and her sport, she ended up cracking under the pressure and losing everything that was important to her After spending nine long months trying to piece herself back together again, Cassidy is now starting over at a new university It s a place where no one knows about the anxiety she suffers from or the mistakes that sent her careening out of control It s a fresh start where she can finally get her life back on track and prove to her family, not to mention herself, that she s not a total screw up So this year, there s no room for anything but academics And yeah, she ll humor her childhood friend and roommate, Brooklyn, by going to a party or two, but she has zero interest in getting caught up in that lifestyle again She s not about to make the same mistake twice by becoming unfocused It s unfortunate that someone didn t mention that to a certain hockey playing hottie because he just won t take the hint and leave her alone As much as Cassidy hates to admit it, if she has a type, Cole Mathews definitely fits the bill perfectly With his dark shaggy hair, golden brown eyes, muscular arms, and those damnable dimples of his he s absolutely gorgeous Oh, and did she just so happen to mention his hard wide chest Yeah totally dreamy Er if she were the dreamy sort, that is Thank goodness she s not To make matters worse, he s ridiculously easy going And yeah, she ll come right out and say it nice Definitely kryptonite material Which makes him much too dangerous for the likes of her and this year, she s smart enough to know it Even though resisting him seems futile, that doesn t mean she isn t going to try her damnedest to do it This Novel is intended for readers 18 Language Sexual Situations

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3.5 starsNot too bad, if a little predictable. I liked the fact that both the h/H were talented hockey players. It was cute seeing him discover she's basically his dream woman. She knows classic cars, she's quick witted, AND she kicks ass at hockey? He was salivating. Lol.Here's what I really want to know. WHY the freakity freak is the guy on the cover wearing that shirt? The hero is a college hockey player. Uh I missing something? Is he a CEO in his secret life?

Okay NA romance. Sweet, hot Jock H who almost stalks the h, but didn't like the h much. HFN ending.3 stars just for the H, wish he had another h though!!Note: there is a sequel planned apparently, potential for drama there from h's jerkish dad, from H's cheating ex and a new OM sniffing around h. Not sure how this author is going to handle it

Fans of new adult will certainly enjoy this book and I did too, despite being a little cheesy and predicatable, it was nice. Both main characters are pretty easy going, just a bit too dramatic and nothing special so no high rating from me.

What I liked:1) We get Cole's, the H's, pov sporadically throughout this book. It was necessary for me to finish reading it as I found Cassidy's narrative a little grating.2) Cole. Need I say more? He's beautiful, smart, sweet, steadfast, and not a manwhore. How refreshing.3) There isn't any outside drama. No love triangles, no cheating, no using others to make someone jealous. Again, refreshing.What I didn't like:1) Cassidy. Yes, she had her issues, but I didn't really understand why she made s [...]

Great characters, great drama I only wished it was longer. Didn't take me very long to read and although it's not a cliff hanger there were some unresolved issues at the end that I am now annoyed to have to wait to find out about.

Dnf @ 55% Just not feeling it. Maybe it's because I just read King of Campus and this one feels like an exact repeat sans the man-whore trope.

I would have enjoyed this book a lot more if it actually made sense. I didn't understand why Cassidy was making the choices she did. I didn't understand her family's reaction to what happened to her the previous year at all. I actually felt outraged at how they acted and that the author made it seem like it was Cassidy's fault and it was her job to try and patch things up with them. Once she did, she never confronted or questioned them, just was thankful they were back together. I also didn't un [...]

Jennifer does a great job of making you feel like you are on a journey with Cassidy. Everyone makes mistakes. At the time, you may never realize exactly what those mistakes could cost you, or how much time it could take to get back to who you really are.

It was ok. Took way too long to learn "the secret" & when it came out it wasn't that bad. It wasn't great, but not that bad.

DNF. Too much inner monologue, not enough action. Also getting really fed up with the predictably of these books, one or both of the main characters always has some big secret that they can't share, if this book ends like all the others then the secret will eventually come out, there will be drama and tension for a little while whilst the reader panics that they won't get back together then it will finish with them having their happily ever after. There is a chance this book ends differently tha [...]

For Full Review bookplusheart/2015/07/22/sWhen I started this book I thought it would be a stand-alone, but when I got to the end there were some unanswered questions. Then the author tells us that this will be a series. AAAGGGGG! I was in the mood for just reading and moving on. Now I have to wait for the stupid questions to be answered. Why!!!!! Okay, enough venting, but seriously. Please author's note from your readers. We beg you to put an indication somewhere in the summary before we purcha [...]

This is a really good book. Cassidy Jameson has just transferred to a new school and is doing everything she can to do better than she first did. She went to Dartmouth her freshman year with a Hockey Scholarship and she failed completely. But she's hoping to just blend into the background, do well in school, and show that she's capable of so much more. Cassidy feels like a huge failure and she's doing everything she can to do better. She's seeing a therapist, she's working really hard in school, [...]

Cassidy and ColeCassidy enters her second year of college as a freshman. Her first year didn't go so well. Because of the previous fall she has sworn off men completely. Then she meets Cole. She tries to discourage him but he is incredibly persistent. One thing that gets me What is Coles tattoo?This is the second book I've read by the author. I kind of had a feeling about what had happened to Cassidy. But not totally so that was good. The editing was not so hot. There were a lot of small words m [...]

This was a good book to read but hate the cliffhanger at the end so now have to wait for book 2 to get more answers. Cassidy went through some tough shit in her previous school and wants a fresh start and here comes Cole sexy ass sweet as hell hockey player Cole with the greatest sense of humor and awesome personality and does not give up on Cassidy. The connection between the 2 of them is hot but her past keeps her from getting closer to him but in the end she just wants it and goes for it. Lov [...]

DNF @ 56%. I didn't realize this was by the same author who wrote King Of Campus, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it. I mean, I though KOC was borderline "meh". This goes the same way KOC goes. Good start with interesting male lead, and it weakens as the story goes and you start to grow less and less fond of everyone and the plotline in question. Instead of being bored, I just DNF'd it because this year I started doing that instead of sitting through books I don't enjoy.

Cassidy is trying to overcome a traumatic experience and had decided that that also means that men can't be apart of her life. Cole Matthews has decided that he likes Cassidy and doesn't take no for an answer. Cassidy's personality begins strong but seems to wane as the story progresses. Nice feel good story.

Reviewed by Between The Pages Book Blog Fantastic hockey romance with an incredibly broken girl and a sweet hot caring hockey player who breaks down every wall she has built around herself can he get to the real her or will she put back up her walls and run read this amazing sports romance and see for yourself

Beyond expectationsI love this author all of her books are great for painting an amazing story whether it be sad or angry or happy she never fails to surprise. Amazing story can't wait to see how the story ends

Lots of build up for the second book, basically. But not terrible either. I'm interested enough to want to read the second. Maybe this book should been reduced more, but I won't know for sure until I read the next.

There appears to be a theme in all theses books. Repeat yourself constantly (author seriously needs a new editor), don't really resolve deep underlying issues worried about, talked about and shown, and just end the story when things could still fall apart. Hmmm. Nope, this doesn't work for me.

This book was a page tuner. I just could not put it down. I can't wait to read the next book.How long will I have to wait. How many more books did you write. So until the next book. Thanks

Really enjoyableCassidy's past keeps her from moving forward until she meets Cole. Such a sweet story, that will undoubtedly become hectic in the next book with both of their pasts coming to light.

I enjoyed this book, thought it was a cute sweet college romance, the only thing that became frustrating was finding out her "big" secret! It was about 75% in that I was getting annoyed of her putting the story off, maybe I'm just impatient.

Great story, wonderful characters and beautiful love story will definitely read the next one.

It was an awesome bookI loved how the book was written It was thrilling and intenseI loved it allCan't wait to read the second book!!

2.5 starsokay writing, okay characters, but predictable and cliche. I feel like I've already read this book three times working through the NA genre, and this one didn't stand out.

DNF at 56% Meeh.That's all I have to say.

I enjoyed the story, but the end left u wanting answers another chapter to end every thing.

I really liked this bookI loved the storyline and characters in this book. It was well written and faced some issues all young adults deal with.

3.5 for me as it started to drag before the end. I got to the point where I didn't care what her secret was.

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