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  • Title: Haven
  • Author: Stevie Kopas
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  • Page: 158
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Having barely escaped the clutches of the undead, the survivors of The Breadwinner are headed into the unknown to continue their search for solace in the post apocalyptic landscape Once a paradise for the living, the city of Haven is now crawling with flesh hungry creatures yet it could be their only hope Veronica, Samson and the others take a chance on the promises of GHaving barely escaped the clutches of the undead, the survivors of The Breadwinner are headed into the unknown to continue their search for solace in the post apocalyptic landscape Once a paradise for the living, the city of Haven is now crawling with flesh hungry creatures yet it could be their only hope Veronica, Samson and the others take a chance on the promises of Gary, a solitary survivor Is the light hearted newcomer all that he seems or are there sinister motives hidden behind his hospitality Can Michelle and Lulu, two ordinary women faced with extraordinary horrors and obstacles, make it to safety Or will they each become just another undead face in the hordes roaming the streets of Haven When tragedy strikes, worlds collide, and the survivors must band together against their common enemy But remember, who you were does not determine what you will become in the face of a catastrophe The dead may no longer be their greatest threat Welcome home Haven is hell.

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The Breadwinner was good. But Haven, the second installment of The Breadwinner Trilogy, was excellent. Haven begins with the remaining survivors from the previous book blindly making their way by boat in hopes of finding a safe haven. Samson, Veronica, Ben, Juliet, and brothers, Andrew and Clyde wake in the morning to find they're much closer to land than they realized. As the Emerald City towers come into view, a single figure stands waving from the 24th floor balcony. Gary, a former resident o [...]

Review copyBook two in The Breadwinner Trilogy is an entertaining sequel to The Breadwinner released a month ago, by Permuted Press.In Haven, the rag-tag group of survivors get off the boat and take up residence in The Emerald City, a resort located in the fictional town of Haven, Florida.After clearing out the undead and making their new home defensible, they plan a supply run to a Haven shopping center to hopefully provide for their needs for the foreseeable future.Of course there are the usua [...]

While I loved book 1 of this, I found this one to be so much better because we have more character development, which I loved. This is told from 2 different groups, group one being the group we know and love from book 1 and group two being a new set of characters that have secured a shopping mall and are trying to survive any way they can. At the end of Breadwinner, we left Veronica, Samson, Ben, Andrew, Clyde and Juliet on a boat and this one starts where the gang wake up one morning to see the [...]

Downrated my rating to 2 stars. It was a good book, but Michelle and her *insert lots of bad words here* attitude just sickened me and pissed me off. The last part especially was just disgusting. :|Immediately after reading the first book in this series I went to read the next one. I just had, HAD, to know what happened to our group. I do have to say that I wasn't all too happy with how quick they ditched the ship/boat. Really, they did all that effort for it, all that pain to get it working, an [...]

This is book two in The Breadwinner Trilogy, a fast paced zombie apocalypse series. Haven is written in three parts. Part one pick up from where The Breadwinner left off and tells us how that group of people get to the town of Haven, where they meet up with another group of survivors. Part two tells the story of that second group of survivors, starting from the beginning of the outbreak to how they all came to be together in Haven. Part three continues the story after the two groups meet each ot [...]

I have been waiting for the follow up to The Breadwinner since I finished reading it! I bought Haven on the day it came out and finished it in one sitting. If you are one of those people that thinks a series declines in quality as each book comes out, then you will be proven wrong with Haven. I was never disappointed and now I will be tortured until book 3 comes out! This is a must read follow up and if you haven't read the first book, you need to go read that and then read this one back to back [...]

Ok so the first thing to know going into book two of this amazing series is that NO ONE is safe!! The characters you have come to love in book one may not survive to the end of Haven. EEEK!! I enjoyed the transformation of the characters. It follows what I could imagine in a real world scenario. There are no wholly good or bad people, your morality shifts as the world around you changes. You will find yourself loathing or loving characters only to see them evolve and change with the times as nee [...]

I received this book in return for an honest review.Ya know I thought book one review was hard to write I take that back now. THIS one is hard. I'm honestly trying to figure out a way to put how awesomely amazing this book is into words without giving spoilers!I devoured the heck out of this book. Everything fell together perfectly. At first it kinda threw me off because it started off right where book one left off then it back tracked to the start, adding more characters. I couldn't help but to [...]

The second installment of The Breadwinner Trilogy, Haven, succinctly picks up where the first book leaves off. Subsequently, it doesn’t take author Stevie Kopas much time to do what she does best—allow bad things to happen to good people. The story begins as the survivors from book one exit their rescue boat, The Dockside, for the Emerald City Resort in Haven. Additionally, it doesn’t take long for book one’s protagonist, Samson Eckhart, and his merry band (brothers Andrew and Clyde Hans [...]

The zombie apocalypse is still burning bright but Samson, Veronica, Ben, Clyde, Andrew and Juliette are burning out. Stuck in a boat with limited supplies and no prospects for the future, this gang of survivors has to find a safe place to hide from the hungry hordes of the undead. Following the reflection from a mirror to another survivor, British expatriate Gary, they find themselves in The Emerald City, luxury condos right on the beautiful beaches of Florida. Of course, not all of the characte [...]

If you weren't already feeling emotionally attached by the end of Book 1, The Breadwinner, no worries. Haven completely seals the deal as it draws you in and denies you any possibility you have of not bonding with each and every character. You can relate to them. You love them. You hate them. But after you read this book you will not be able to let them go. I read it in three sittings telling myself I'd make it last this time, but I inevitably killed half the book in one sitting and I couldn't r [...]

I received a copy of this book for honest review. 'Haven' is the second book in Kopas' trilogy following the survivors of a zombie apocalypse. As the story continues some new characters are introduced and there is a new threat to the group's survival.The story keeps up the same fast pace and high levels of action and horror as there was in the first book. The characters are well written and believable and they are all different. I enjoyed and was surprised by the introduction of the new group of [...]

This is the second book I have read by this author. The first one I loved, but if I could rate this book with even more than 5 stars, I would do that. Fortunately for me I purchase both books and read them back to back. I could barely get anything else done while reading The Breadwinner and Haven. Once you start reading, you cannot stop it. You wonder what's next for these characters and some of them you love and the other ones you find yourself screaming "When are you going to die already???" P [...]

One would think a story about the zombie apocalypse would be so streamlined there wouldn't be any room for innovation. Although the apocalypse is laid out in broad stokes, you would be mistaken to think that any of this story is laid out simply. I hardly had any idea of the breadth of detail and character development that lay in this book. But then you start reading it, and just wow.

I am not a science fiction or horror fan but I enjoyed the Breadwinner so I bought the Haven. First mistake is I downloaded it at work. Second one was to start reading it. I never put it down, don't tell the boss. This was so fantastic although I am mad about some of the people that get killed. I hope Ms. Kopas is almost done with the third book because I cannot wait to read it.

OMG!!! I was on the edge of my seat most of this book and I was just like wowjust wow. Michelle has serious issues and I was having goose bumps as well major fear every time she does anything! I did not care for Juliette at first, but she became more dynamic as the story progressed. I like Gary, but still think something is off about him or he has a secret of some sort. Love Veronica, Clyde, Catherine and Ben and am very much looking forward to learning what happens in the next book with them sp [...]

Book 2 was even better than the first! (and I lived book 1) I couldn't stop listening! Now I'm gonna go nuts waiting for book 3 lol. I really like how brutal and horrible the author portrays the zombie apocalypse instead of making it into a fun zombie shooting spree.

ABR's original Haven audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.“Haven” starts with our survivors on a boat floating down the river.Waking up from a hangover Sampson sees that they are near a fabulous resort. The Emerald City. From the top of one of the buildings there is a flash of light and a figure is waving to them. Minutes later a man runs across the beach and starts a jet ski. He heads toward them and when close enough he calls out.Gary, a business man from Eng [...]

"They continued to talk in the humid darkness on the gravel covered roof, inadvertently bonding over shared tragedies."Haven, the second book in Stevie Kopas' post-apocalyptic trilogy, proves to be just as captivating as the first. After finally making it to the coast, Samson, Veronica, Ben, Juliette, Andrew, and Clyde find themselves out on the ocean in a boat to see what's left of humanity. Their journey leads them to Emerald City, an upper class resort in a land full of condominiums, shopping [...]

Excellent follow up!I really enjoyed The Breadwinner, and I absolutely loved Haven. I can't wait to see how this trilogy will end. Stevie Kopas is amazing when it comes to the development of her characters, and she always keeps you guessing until the end, and even after. Haven picks up right where The Breadwinner leaves off, with the surviving characters of Veronica, Samson, Ben, Andrew, Clyde and Juliet escaping and making the best of the situation on a boat. But with nowhere to go and supplies [...]

The Breadwinner Trilogy is a self-published trilogy of novels which is getting reprinted up by Permuted Press. It's an interesting phenomenon of the indie scene that, increasingly, publishers are picking up proven successes on the self-published market than take a chance on a new series. Here, I'll be reviewing the original version of the second novel sans edits. The second book starts with Samson, Veronica, and Ben sailing away from their doomed hometown in order to find a new location. Decidin [...]

Sometimes with a trilogy the storyline can lose its pace and way when the second instalment comes out, but I’m glad to say this book did not fall victim to that issue. As with its predecessor this is not a long read by any means, coming in at 169 pages, but what this Author manages to pack into those pages just has to be read to be believed.Not only are the characters from the first book included in this one, the Author introduces a new and interesting second set of characters. When writing th [...]

I had a really hard time with this one. While I enjoyed the first book in this series, the second left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. Something about the increasing degeneracy of the characters is just gnawing at me (ha).For starters, some of the deaths seemed unnecessary and really difficult to swallow. I feel like they removed some depth from the characters and story rather than increasing it that first one especially. You all know which one I mean. So I removed a star for that, because w [...]

*We received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*We start off with the surviving group finding Haven. A rich resort that promises a place to recoop and revaluate their situation. They also find shelter with newcomer, Gary, who's a bit of a twitchy fellow.We're eventually led to a new group of survivors. This book didn't necessarily mirror book one, but the new groups introduction did to a point. Though it was less drawn out and I thought there were scenes crucial to the developm [...]

I started “Haven” last night around 7pm and promptly finished this morning at 6am. This book was fantastic, I want to say even better than the first one, “Breadwinner“.Haven opens right up to the group that fled in Breadwinner. They’re still on the boat, and running out of gas and supplies. They’ve found themselves close to the shores of a multimillion dollar community called “Haven”. There’s one survivor in Haven, Gary. He helps bring them ashore and introduces them to the for [...]

Second book in the trilogy and still going strong. Though I did like the first book better as a sequel I thought this was still a very good book and a good addition to the series. I felt like the first book focused so much more on the undead and running from them. While there was a good portion of that in this one it was slightly less which tends to happen in most zombie books and shows. Again there were some deaths that I was kind of shocked happened in this book too and a new character to hate [...]

I received a free copy of the audiobook for an honest review. I listened to The Breadwinner, the first book in this series, and was looking forward to listening to the next book, Haven. I wasn't disappointed.The same characters are in the beginning of Haven. They had survived the apocalypse in The Breadwinner and are now on a boat not sure where they're headed until they reach Haven. They meet Gary and he seems to have the perfect set up so they decide to stay.All of a sudden, Part 2 came along [...]

The end of the world as we know it has come. A sickness has swept over and claimed nearly everyone, turning them into eaters. Samson, Veronica, Ben, and the rest of their group seems to have escaped the madness.or did they? When they awake the next morning drifting on the boat they escaped on, a chance encounter with a lone survivor in a resort off the shore gives them a new safe haven. When they all form a plan to scout a nearby strip mall for supplies and survivors, new encounters change every [...]

A higher-quality read than book 1This series has me hooked by the story and I will now move on to book 3. Book 2 was a vast improvement over the first in that it was better edited; book 1 had so many typos and incorrect wordings that I would be pulled out of the story with a bang, over and over again. (I only stayed with it as a distraction in dealing with a family death.) Still, I wish the author knew the difference between "ruckus" and "raucous." T'aint the same, yo.Enough about editing! I rea [...]

** I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **This book picks up where book 1 leaves off, Our group finds themselves at Emerald Islea resort island where they meet Gary. Gary had been alone for awhile and welcomes our groupey go out on a supply missiond run into another group of survivorswhere they Meet Michelle who unbeknownst to anyone is a Psychod I hope they figure it out soonuse I hate her!! LOL In a zompocalypse its really the living you need to fear! Cant wait [...]

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