The Long Ride Home

Kari Lynn Dell

The Long Ride Home

The Long Ride Home

  • Title: The Long Ride Home
  • Author: Kari Lynn Dell
  • ISBN: 9781619228146
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback

He came in search of his missing horse and wound up losing his heart David Parsons is on the verge of making his pro rodeo dreams come true when his one in a million rope horse, Muddy, goes missing In the aftermath, David loses everything His career, his fianc e, his pride.Four years later, David is clawing his way out of the ruins and back up the rankings when he getsHe came in search of his missing horse and wound up losing his heart.David Parsons is on the verge of making his pro rodeo dreams come true when his one in a million rope horse, Muddy, goes missing In the aftermath, David loses everything His career, his fianc e, his pride.Four years later, David is clawing his way out of the ruins and back up the rankings when he gets the miracle he s prayed for Muddy has been found on Montana s Blackfeet Indian Reservation.But repossessing Muddy is unexpectedly complicated Kylan, the teenager on Muddy s back, has had a lifetime of hard knocks His custodial aunt, Mary Steele, will fight like a mama bear to make sure losing this horse isn t the blow that levels the boy Even if it s at David s expense.David is faced with a soul wrenching dilemma Taking back his own future could destroy Kylan s And ruin any chance he might have with the fierce, fascinating Mary.It s a long, hard ride to the top of the rodeo world And for David, an even longer ride home Unless he can find a trail that leads to both.Warning This book is blush proof Should come with a prim and proper warning label There is no nudity, no violence to speak of, but there is some sensual kissing and mildly R rated language.

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I'll say up front I am not a reader of romance books; The Long Ride Home is a romance book of sorts but it is so much more. Kari Lynn Dell knows of what she writes and immediately draws the reader in with a vivid description of a rodeo cowboy and his horse during a calf roping event. You'll feel as though you are sharing the ride. As the story progresses the author takes the reader to the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in north central Montana and captures with a sure knowledge the land,the people [...]

Have you ever had that one horse or special pet, that was so amazing, beyond comprehension? That one companion you never dreamed would no longer be by your side? You were a team, destined for greatness. Until all was lost. David Parson has it all, the best roping horse, drawing checks with every run, and a shot at the NFR. Muddy, a small brown gelding and nothing special to look at, but man can he start, stop, and get back, a ropers dream. The Long Road Home, I can't put into words how moving, c [...]

I really loved this book about a cowboy's struggle to get his roping horse back. Even after he finds who has it, getting it from the boy rips his heart out. Things aren't always black and white and love isn't always easy to hold onto. An excellent story that will tug at your heart.

Autograph Copy WinFour years ago, David Parsons seemed to have it all. A promising rodeo career, a pretty fiancée until his horse goes missing one evening. Everything changed quickly as his luck turned as he still searches for his horse Muddy.When a sighting of Muddy appears in a Montana’s Blackfeet Indian Reservation, he goes an investigate the scene. Finding it to be his beloved Muddy, his reunion turns to be complicated as he cannot just swoop in and take back his beloved horse.Muddy now i [...]

4.5 stars This was such a pleasure to read and enjoy. You follow the low point in David Parsons life, as he loses his horse and has to struggle back up as a tie-down roper working the rodeo circuit. 4 years later he finds his horse again but things are complicated by the owner and his guardian aunt. He's upfront that he wants the horse back but it isn't easy to tear it away from a young man who needs the horse more so than David.we see him struggle with what to do, what's right for everyone and [...]

I devoured romances when I was a teenager. Over the years, I drifted away to thrillers. Kari Lynn Dell has brought me back with The Long Ride Home. This story is like that pretty pony in the stable that you give your apple core to instead of your own horse. It's endearing and smart. It gets your attention and holds it. Much like that pony with its earnest expression and tufted pricked ears staring down that apple. But behind those soulful brown eyes is a cunning mind. Kari had me wondering what [...]

This book is a romance with a difference. Written entirely from the hero's point of view, we follow David the cowboy and rodeo champion through a low phase of his life as he fights to get his horse back. Set in the grassy plains of Montana with the spectacular Rocky Mountains in the background, this book is sweet and the romance a slow build. Kari Lynn Dell's writing is smooth and evocative. If you love a cowboy romance and fabulous rodeo descriptions you'll enjoy this novel.Disclaimer: the auth [...]

The Long Ride Home was a pure pleasure to read. I grew up in Texas, which means I absorbed an appreciation for rodeos by osmosis. I never participated in one myself (my riding was of a much more subdued sort), but the excitement of reading about them takes me back anyway. I've known (and been thrown off of) a few horses like Muddy in my day, so that struck a chord with me, too. Add to that the touching romance that develops between David and Mary, and I was sucked right in. (And, okay, one of th [...]

I like my romances 'real' - real emotion, real people, in real situations. This book dealt that in spades. You can tell the author knows about rodeo, and the beautiful country that is the book's setting. Really enjoyed it being told from a man's point of view - that was refreshing. It wasn't just a sappy romance - there were real problems, from drought, to Down's and Childhood alcohol syndrome, to the problems of being raised on 'the rez'. A book that will stick with me. I highly recommend it.

A Page Turner read! Kari Lynn Dell has put together a story of romance, of thriller, and of fist throwing mystery that keeps the reader dying to turn to the last chapter to see how it ends. luckily I read it on a kindle and don't know how to perform the task. Does the cowboy get the girl? the author doesn't let you have any idea until she's made you read every sentence in every chapter. Keep writing Kari. can hardly wait for the next one. Recommended to any reader who enjoys personalizing the ch [...]

Another great read from Kari Lynn Dell. Kari Lynn has such an awesome writing skill at describing everything her characters are doing and seeing as well as the surrounding landscape so that you can picture everything in your head like your watching a movie. One of my favorite things about this book is that it involves a special needs young man and his daily struggles and frustration of his situation. This is the first book I've read that has a character that suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome [...]

4.5 stars! This book was lovely, emotional and sweet. David is adorable – a fine, upstanding young cowboy, who’s been through a lot in the last four years and still feels so much guilt over his failure to take proper care of Muddy. I just loved him and the way he was, not to mention his belief in the rodeo gods looking down on him from above – even if they were mostly laughing at him.Another thing I really liked about this book was that it really was about rodeo riding. Too often I read bo [...]

Kari Lynn Dell captures the heart and soul of the rez in this debut novel. I taught in Browning for three years, so I'm quite familiar with the problems and beauty of the area. More than a love story between two people, this book shows the true meaning of what family is and how it can grow more inclusive. I loved the realistic interaction between the characters, the details about calf-roping, and the ability to completely immerse myself in that world.

Absolutely lovely book. The characters are wonderfully fleshed out, and there's a lot of humor. The relationships are easy to connect to, even to people who have no experience with the horse world. I really loved the backstory of each person, which is slowly revealed. Truly an excellently written book. Looking forward to reading more for Dell.

More! I want more.

Probably best writer rider to steer around the page corner of historical fiction in a long timeDell was accurate in all her facts, including about Meriwether Lewis and Clark and The Blackfeet Horse Thieves and about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and about many things to lengthy to go into here about Rodeo and The Blackfeet Most important I was at the edge of my seat the whole time and stayed up way too late. Book really grabs you and shakes its head like Muddy in person. Or should I say like Dirt Eater [...]

5 stars for a wonderful book.I fell in love with Kari Lynn Dell,s writing when I read her Montana Rodeo series and this book delivers the same great qualities. Great characters and strong storylines. I would recommend this to anyone who loves romance,friends and family.

A thoroughly enjoyable read! Loved the characters, the story and the setting. I love stories that make me feel what the characters feel and this one did that for me. Loved it! Highly Recommended!

What an absorbing read! If you love horse stories and well-written background, this is a must for you. A champion rodeo horse goes missing and with Muddy goes the rider's good fortune. A few years later the horse surfaces at a school rodeo ridden by a lad from a Reservation. While they are a good team, it turns out that the student has behavioural disabilities and his very protective relative doesn't want the horse removed. She's a former soldier and works on the Rez now. The cowboy can't easily [...]

What A Debut!I loved the insights of reservation life, the great people who were the characters making a difference, and why we are each different and that is a good thing, even in horses. What I didn't like was that the story ended.The characters were well drawn and people my imagination couldn't conger in a million years. It is a delight to read and love people I'd never think of. Loved it!

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