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  • Title: Okay
  • Author: Danielle Pearl
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After the horrors she s survived over the past year, Rory never expected to find the one thing she certainly wasn t looking for love But after the painful realization that her past has left her a dangerous liability to the person she cares for the most, she finally understands that for her and Sam, love means letting go Can two people hopelessly in love with one anotheAfter the horrors she s survived over the past year, Rory never expected to find the one thing she certainly wasn t looking for love But after the painful realization that her past has left her a dangerous liability to the person she cares for the most, she finally understands that for her and Sam, love means letting go Can two people hopelessly in love with one another ever revert back into just friends Neither Rory nor Sam know for sure But the one thing they do know it s the only choice they have.As Rory recovers from a devastating assault, Sam will do anything to make sure it never happens again But how far will he go to keep her safe Their choices will change everything, and they will either bring them back together, or destroy them irrevocably OKAY is the follow up to NORMAL and Book 2 of the Something More series It is not meant to be read as a standalone novel.

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I'm totally not going to lie, I loved every long drawn-out angst filled moment of this book! Note this is not a standaloneis book picks up after the crazy events that rocked Rory and Same ultimately broke them apart."It's not the frequency of good times versus bad times that matters. It's the magnitude of the bad times, the damage done"No truer statement when it comes this tale. Keeping it simpleRory and Sam connected at first run in. She was zoned out just passing time to get thru days. She was [...]

Abso-fuckin-lutely amazing readIf I could pick one song to present the essence of this story it would be cause of these lyricsIf I had to live my lifeWithout you near meThe days would all be emptyThe nights would seem so longWith you I see forever oh so clearlyI might have been in love beforeBut it never felt this strongOur dreams are young and we both knowThey'll take us where we want to goHold me nowTouch me nowI don't want to live without you[Chorus:]Nothing's gonna change my love for youYou [...]

The writing was on point as it has been throughout this series. The feels hit right from the damn start and didn't stop until the very end. Gahhhhhh!! I loved it!!Short and sweetI obviously loved Sam and Rory. She wasn't so annoying in this one. Okay, she was in the beginning, but she earned back my love pretty quickly lol. Sam. Sam. Sam. He made this freaking story. The fact that this book is told from both of their perspectives absolutely made this incredible for me. I don't want to reveal the [...]

This was an amazing finale to Rory and Sam's beautiful, heart touching love story. Even though I love Sam, my heart still breaks for Cam. I'm very glad to see Danielle Pearl allow Cam to have a place in Rory's heart, although Sam is the love of Rory's life. That a part of Cam would always be a part of Rory. This second book is definitely all about watching the process of what Rory and Sam struggle through to bring healing to their lives as well as their hearts. With their family's as well each o [...]

Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst.2.5 Stars!The Review:I’m totally giving all my stars to the story itself, which I loved, but this book had a lot of what I disliked about the first book. It was filled full of rehashed internal monologuing. So much so, I actually skipped over a lot of the repetitiveness. One conversation would take up three or four pages with only four lines of actual dialogue because of all the internal monologuing! It was just TOO MUCH!The first book totally [...]

The writing was pretty redundant. I looked it up, Sam called Robin "that motherfucking bastard" 40 times

3.5-4 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️As with Normal, the writing was just lovely. I got pulled in by the story and the character. This time however the story was told in dual POV and I enjoyed it immensely. It made it so much better! This book was a bit frustrating though. The back and forth between Rory and Sam was too much at times. And some scenes were just unbearably long. Overall though I really like Danielle's writing style and very much look forward to her next book.

*sighs happily*

Just when Rory and Sam's relationship has progressed from friends to lovers, Rory's demons come back to haunt her. This time it scares her so badly that she immediately decides to put a stop to their relationship. She pushes him away but Sam doesn't know that her decision is fueled by her desire to keep him save. Sam is left hurt and confused, he understands what Rory is going through and he tries his best to be patient and keep hope. But his hope is waning. They're both facing demons of the pas [...]

This was NOT Okay. It could have been 1/3 of the size and tagged on to the end of Normal. It did not need to be a whole book. The majority of the book is spent backing and forthing between being in love; being friends; being unsure if they are in love; unsure if they are friends; feeling guilty; feeling angry; back to being friends; friends who have sex? Hang on, are we in love again? Nope, back to friends; wait a second, I DO love you after all FFS. There's angst and then there's writing to get [...]

I Absolutely love this series! Great book! Perfect conclusion to Normal. I can't express enough how much I loved these characters (especially Sam)☺ Rory was amazing too. She finally realizes how strong she really is! A very emotional read, but so well written. I only hope we can get more about them maybe later in their future☺ fingers crossed!

3.5 - I like the characters - I just didn't like this book as much as the first one it was okay (pun intended)

3.75- 4 StarsAfter reading Normal a few days ago, I had a feeling that the road to Sam & Rory's "Normal" and their HEA was going to be a bumpy one. Man was I right. There was such push/pull in this book (which I'm usually okay with) was crazy. There were times I just got frustrated with Rory's character. I got that she wanted to protect Sam so she pushed him away but then she went batcrap crazy over him talking with another girl. Yes, this is set during the high school years, so the maturity [...]

Finally finished Okay. And for me it was just ok.Rory and Sam's story is one I think that will stay with me a little while. It was long, hard at times and drawn out. I think its sad to know that their are 'Robin's' in this world. Some of us have been through what Rory did to some degree and as I said in my 'Normal' review I felt that Danielle (Author) covered Rory's feelings and the acts themselves well. I don't think Rory really grew in Normal, but in Okay there was a lot of growth and it was g [...]

i had a little difficulty to finish this one it was confusing as hell but i wanted to know how it would end between her and sam and she s gonna get here happy ending

Great ending to Rory and Sam's story!

Picking up where Normal left off, Okay is the continuation of Rory and Sam’s story. Dealing with her attack in Miami has set Rory’s recovery and relationship with Sam back considerably. Rory feels Sam is better off without her in his life, at least safer and Sam feels exactly the opposite but respects her wishes. The conclusion to Rory and Sam's story is riveting and the guilty get what the guilty deserve. Justice.And maybe even Rory's piece of shit father gets his head out of his friend's a [...]

It should go without saying that it is of the utmost importance that you first read Normal before jumping onto the intense ride that is Okay, but just in case you're not sure, now you are. Read Normal first.I already knew going into this book that I was going to have to somewhat psyche myself up, emotionally that is. This book was everything I hoped, desired, somewhat feared, and wanted it to be. Okay will pick right up where Normal left off and will be told through the POV's of Sam and Rory.We [...]

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.Words cannot express my love for the first book in this series, Normal. So I literally counted down the days until the release of Okay. Not kidding. I really did. Sam and Rory’s story was so moving. And I knew I needed to continue their story. While worried, I had faith in their love and all it was capable of. Their love truly attests to not only the power in love, but in the resiliency of the human heart and spirit.“I know, de [...]

I cannot believe this story is over. No. I just won't believe it.Sam and Rory's story? Over? Impossible.They're staying with me forever.What a book; what a series; what an author!Non Spoiler Section:The conclusion to the Something More series was everything I had anticipated -but even more! I got to witness pain and love and character development.It was a truly breathtaking finale. I thought couldn't possibly love this series any more -I was wrong! The day I decided to trust my instincts and rea [...]

I loved this emotional roller coaster! One of my all time favorite book couples! I can truly see myself reading Normal and Okay over and over again! I think I may have found a new favorite author in Mrs. Pearl!

Omg please continue this storyI loved this book. It gripped me from page one. I absouletely love Rory and Sam's story. I hope to continue to hear about them as Rory continues to over come her brutal past. Sam has been such an amazing help I'm curious to see how he resopnds to space. I want to see Rory get better and be more comfortable and as she does I wonder how their dynamic will change. Please give this book a chance. Its a wonderful read.

I loved this book so much. The story had a few unexpected turns and enough angst to keep me nervous throughout it and then so many tender moments and sexy parts. I loved the character development of both Sam and Rory as well as the secondary characters. It was very interesting watching each of them grow and develop and get over their insecurities and find themselves. I like how the book does not fix everything but gives enough information that the reader can then draw their own conclusions on th [...]

First line: "Sam, My mom got on a plane as soon as I finally called her and told her what happened, so I'm flying back home with her now."I can't really remember reading this book, but I remember enjoying it. It was well-written and exhilarating to read. The characters were well-developed and the plot was good. I hope to read more books from this author in the future!

Loved the conclusion to Sam and Rory's story. The story continues where Normal leaves off and you are thrown right back into all the emotional turmoil that both Rory and Sam are dealing with. OKAY gave you closure and a great ending that had my crying happy tears.

The continuation of Sam and Rory's story was everything I hoped it would be. This emotional story of love and healing will forever hold a top spot in my all time favorite books.

These books were hot messes, and so, so problematic at times. I couldn't stop reading though. *shrug*

Liked that this was dual pov! Unfortunately I just didn't like all the misunderstandings and angst that kept them apart for most of the book. Spoilers/SummeryRory broke up with him because she is afraid that if he is in her life as a boyfriend he could end up in trouble or killed. Of course she doesn't tell him this so he assumes that its because his violence is a reminder of the evil in her life. Most of this is them dealing poorly with just being friends. Rory's mom wants her to talk about Cam [...]

The conclusion to the Something More series was filled with heartbreak, drama, and ultimately hope. Okay picks up right where Normal left off, and we watch as Rory and Sam navigate their new relationship (or lack of) status. It was definitely the most angsty of the books and the misunderstandings and lack of communication were frustrating. The story is told from both Rory and Sam's points of views and as before, I enjoyed being in both their heads. It did also make me want to scream at both of t [...]

So I don't usually leave reviews, but this one Well, I just feel like I have to. I gave the first one 3 stars; overall, I wanted to give this one a 4, but there were some things that bugged me so much that I just couldn't seem to ignore them. So, sadly, Okay gets a 3 from me, as well.Have you ever wondered how many times the F-bomb can be dropped in a single novel? The answer would be at least 469. Think about that almost FIVE HUNDRED times! The main character of the book's name is only used 435 [...]

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