South of Heaven

Jim Thompson

South of Heaven

South of Heaven

  • Title: South of Heaven
  • Author: Jim Thompson
  • ISBN: 9780679740179
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback

In the 1920 s, the worst place you could be was in that part of Texas that some people call South of Heaven , and the worst you could be doing there was lying a gas pipeline, along with 600 other hoboes, juice heads, and jailbirds.

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West-Texas in den zwanziger Jahren des 20. Jahrhunderts. Der gerade einmal 21jährige Tommy Burwell berichtet dem Leser vom harten Leben auf den Baustellen für die Ölpipelines. Er und sein Kumpel Four Trey gehören zum Sprengkommando - eine besonders gefährliche Arbeit. Doch hat Tommy sich schon in allerhand verschiedenen Jobs auf den Baustellen betätigt. Er kennt also die Bedingungen, unter denen Gräben ausgehoben, Rohre verlegt, die Pipelines mit Schutzfilm beschichtet und die Gräben sch [...]

fair-to middling Jim Thompson. I tend to be a completist, need to read everything favourite authors have written. This is by far not his worst, in fact it's pretty good but still eons away from his best titles.

The first half of this novel stands with Thompson's best - but toward the end it loses focus (and includes at least one serious error), almost as if the author lost interest and was in a hurry to get it over with. Worth reading, but don't judge Thompson by it until you've read some of his best.

"Do any writing in jail, Tommy? You know…" He went on before I could answer him. "I think you ought to try a novel some time. Maybe a crime story. Take this pipeline, for example. Wouldn't it make a hell of a background for a payroll robbery?"The pipeline part felt autobiographical, and the robbery plot felt cinematic. So pretty good, even though it's not top tier Thompson. It's also very much about the New Deal, in a roundabout way. Thompson was a hobo and a roughneckduring the great depressi [...]

Probably one for the completists.

I've read many a Thompson novel and although this is one of his lesser-known novels, it's one of my favorites. Seems to have drawn on his many of his own experiences for this one.

I know Jim Thompson has been a big influence on a lot of crime writers. Several of his books have been adapted to film. So I've always wanted to read some. This was my first. The story is about a down-on-his-luck young man who stops riding the rails long enough to work on an oil pipeline in Depression-era West Texas.The writing style is very noir. As I was reading it, I could picture an old Hollywood movie. Something from the 1940s. For some reason I picture Joel McRea and Veronica Lake. You can [...]

In 1920s Texas, a smart kid named Tommy Burwell is living the hobo life, looking for work. He gets a job laying a gas pipeline with his friend Four Trey and hundreds of other rough characters, when he falls for Carol, a girl who hangs around the camp. When suspicious things happen, Tommy begins to realize a crime is about to go down and tries to get Carol out of it.The novel sets up a gritty, suspenseful atmosphere; the reader never knows who to trust. Thompson’s language is great, mixing slan [...]

"South Of Heaven"…."Another name for Hell!" I've read every Jim Thompson book, pretty much liked them all very much but South of Heaven is by far my most favorite and a book I've read years ago and and have now reread. Just as good the second time around. Highly recommended!"In the 1920s the worst place you could be was in that part of Texas that some people call "South of Heaven," and the worst thing you could be doing there was laying a gas pipeline, along with six-hundred other hoboes, juic [...]

Autobiographical fiction about his time in the '20's working on putting in an oil line starting in the Odessa-Midland area (Bush Country). Texas worker safety regulations don't seem to have improved any in the nearly 100 years since. Throws in a "mystery" and romance and calls it a novel. Written late in his career. Worth a read, since it is Thompson. And worth a read if you want to know about working oil lines back in the '20's in West Texas - which I did find interesting.

For Jim Thompson completists and those interested in learning more about what it was like to be a hobo in the 20's . Otherwise, there are better Thompson books to check out, in fact most of them are better. This one seems a bit rushed and most likely seemed dated even when it was first published. Certainly not a bad book but it may have been a better screenplay for a B movie film noir rather than as a novel.

Not one of Thompson's best, but definitely worth a read. It starts well and, like most Thompson novels, there are a few surprises along the way. Great characterization in parts, and, as you'd expect from the dime-store Dostoyevsky, brilliant writing throughout. However, sadly, the plot begins to lag, and borders on the infeasible, until we're left as undecided and as disillusioned as its main protagonist.

Extraordinarily evocative story of the hellish life times and crimes of the 'Bos" (hoboes) and other lowlifes swept up as the eminently disposable labour force on an oil pipeline building project in west texas in the 1920s. replete with unforgettable characters and the usual Thompson descent into utmost brutality and depravity, tho theres an unusual, for Thompson, hint of possible redemption at the end.

SOUTH OF HEAVEN shows a different side of Jim Thompson, we get a nostalgic story about a hobo camp doing dangerous work along the gas-line. Not sure that this is for every Thompson fan, but I really enjoyed it. Also, this is not the Thompson novel to start with, if you're new to Thompson begin with A HELL OF A WOMAN or SAVAGE NIGHT or AFTER DARK, MY SWEET.

Not my favourite book. The topic of the pipeline building was a little above my head in places and made me lose interest quickly. I also found that halfway through the book I wondered what the point was. Maybe it would have made a better short story.

Taking place in the 1920s, South of Heaven is a part of Texas, another term for hell. It's where the homeless, the drunks, and the ex-cons get work laying gas pipeline. Stephen King called Jim Thompson "A genuine maniac of the human underside." How true it is.

It feels like a rough draft and isn't the the equal of The Grifters or The Getaway, but I can evidently get behind a novel about down-and-outers jungling up in work camps to dig pipelines in West Texas, especially when you tack on a little revenge violence.

OK, next to "Bad Boy" truth maybe stranger than fiction, but fiction reads better.

never thought i'd say this about a jim thompson book, but this book was boring.

The story of a young man working on the Texas oil pipeline in the 1920s, South of Heaven is filled with vivid and intense details from Jim Thompson's past as a pipeliner. Great read!

Gee Whiz the dialogue is dated.


Behaviour of Pipeline labourers in primitive West Texas.

Just couldn't get into this book. Had a very Of Mice and Men vibe to it. Ended up scanning it to get the gist of the story, but decided life is too short to force myself to finish a boring book.

A very disappointing read that has put me off reading his other work.It was recommended to me so obviously it does appeal to some people but not me.

has been recommending Jim Thompson books for months. I'm glad I finally listened. If you like crime fiction, this is worth a try.

A weird little book, part heist story & part social novel (as if Thompson were channeling Steinbeck).

This story of vengeance and hard-living building pipelines in West Texas, is yet another great Jim Thompson story But one with a comparatively happy ending.

Great story about West Texas oilmen in the 1920s. The third act pretty much falls apart, but it's still a worthy read.

Unlike most of his other novels, this one doesn't really tie together at all. It feels more like a ramble made up as he went along rather than a well plotted story.

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