النظام العالمي: تأملات حول طلائع الأمم ومسار التاريخ

Henry Kissinger هنري كيسنجر فاضل جتكر

النظام العالمي: تأملات حول طلائع الأمم ومسار التاريخ

النظام العالمي: تأملات حول طلائع الأمم ومسار التاريخ

  • Title: النظام العالمي: تأملات حول طلائع الأمم ومسار التاريخ
  • Author: Henry Kissinger هنري كيسنجر فاضل جتكر
  • ISBN: 9789953279930
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Hardcover


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Love him or hate him, Kissinger is a giant in international relations. I thoroughly enjoyed this book in the audio format. Kissinger centers on Europe and later America, but he includes the Chinese, Iran, and Islam in general. There can be little doubt on where the father of American Realism stands on history and the issues. Westphalia was perhaps the greatest milestone in Western history. Unlike China, which viewed itself as the center of the world, or Islam, which fought for homogenized societ [...]

I approached this book with a little trepidation. My two previous experiences with Kissinger's earlier books were: Diplomacy, which I found pithy, insightful and very enlightening; and his three volume memoirs which I found to be overwhelming in their level of detail and which eventually defeated my best efforts to read them. Which Kissinger would be the author of World Order?I worried unnecessarily. World Order is a master class on Foreign Affairs given by a virtuoso on the subject. Kissinger's [...]

Throughout his extensive tenure as a politician and a public intellectual, Dr. Henry Kissinger has become something like the high priest of realism. In his decades of consulting and eight years of holding power, Kissinger has consistently advocated the use of the balance of power and the maintenance of an international order as the chief goals of a foreign policy, and that adherence to a moral vision alone as the foundation for a grand strategy leads to detrimental results. This latter point is [...]

I do not share many opinions with Kissinger - and he will not be very troubled to hear this - but given that he has played such an important part in world politics, and has been directly engaged in decisions as serious as war and peace, it is well worth while to see the myths by which he lives. The first two chapters set out his understanding of power politics."No truly global "world order" has ever existed. What passes for order in our time was devised in Western Europe nearly four centuries ag [...]

This book has a deep knowledge and eloquence about the history of foreign policy and diplomacy. But its analysis of recent events is rendered treacly by his almost embarrassing unwillingness to say a bad word about any modern president -- and particularly those who have asked him for advice and counsel. Of course, this is the man who was famous for his withering comments about almost everybody and everything, so this gently gently approach not only rings false but robs his comments of any real p [...]

As an Indian, I was taught to despise Henry Kissinger much before I knew anything about him. This is strongly rooted in his insults of Indira Gandhi, Indians and support of Pakistan during the Bangladesh Liberation War. The reason I picked up this book is because Hillary Clinton called Kissinger a friend at some point during the US presidential election campaigns. This lead to a bunch of paralysing analyses and opinion pieces on the statement. Surely, he couldn't have been entirely the monster h [...]

This is a book that begs to be studied, not just read. Kissinger has spent his career thinking about world order and in this book he looks both forward and back, eliminating much of the static in the view we have of historical events. The result is a clear outline of national interests, power, and its balance through recent history, centered especially on the U.S. perspective, its intents and its perceived responsibilities. The discussion is helpful, and useful. However, in eliminating the “no [...]

Энэ оны 9-н сарын 9-нд Америкийн нэрт дипломатч Хенри Киссенжер-н “World Order” буюу Монголоор “Дэлхийн Дэглэм” гээд ном гаргасныг миний бие авч уншлаа. Хэвлэлтээс гараад удаагүй байгаа ч гэсэн намайг Вашингтонд сая хоёр долоо хоноход тэнд ажиллаж байгаа хүмүүсийн дунд ихэд я [...]

كتاب يخرج زبدة نظر هنري كينسنجر للنظام العالمي عبر فصول عدة ابتدأ بأوروبا و مسارها المحدد لهذا النظام منذ سلام وستفاليا إلى أوروبا العالمية الأولى مرورا بتحولات القرن الثامن عشر و التاسع عشر ، انتقل إلى الحرب العالمية الثانية و هواجس السلام في الإتحاد الأوروبي و تماسكه .في [...]

هنری کیسینجر وزیرخارجه سابق ایالات متحده و از افراد مشهورِ دورانِ حاضر در زمینه سیاست خارجی است؛ چه از وی بدمان بیاید چه خوشمان، او دیپلماتی کارکشته و فردی با دانش و هوش سرشار در علم سیاست است.کیسینجر در آخرین اثر مکتوب خود به مفهوم "نظم جهانی" پرداخته است. کیسینجر معتقد است تا [...]

Henry Kissinger requires no introduction…but here it is anyway. Kissinger is among the most astute participants in the foreign policy debates of the 20th and early 21st centuries. He has been at the table throughout the post-WWII Russian acquisition of eastern Europe, the Cuban Missile crisis, the Cold War, the collapse (and potential re-emergence) of Russian strength, and the new Islamist disruptions in the Middle East. As Nixon’s Secretary of State he played a central role in the early1970 [...]

كنت مع الصديق الأستاذ عبدالله الوهيبي في معرض الكتاب، وأشرت إلى هذا الكتاب وما قيل عنه، فنصحني بطريقة غير مباشرة وقال: لا أقرأ للساسة الأمريكان.نصيحة ثمينة والله!

كتاب تنفع قراءته لفهم ما اريد للعالم رؤيته على انه فلسفة الولايات المتحدة تجاه السياسة الخارجية وتنفع ايضا قراءته لفهم تاريخ الاسرة الاوروبية، الا ان الترجمة ابطات قراءتي وساهمت في جعلها مملة

A certain fellow reader was recently so right in a recommendation that I rushed to this.Prematurely.Now, it's not Dr. Kissinger's fault that I've studied Europe and India and China, and learned about Westphalia and the Arthashastra and George Macartney's embassy to China, and didn't need to hear about it again. But, frankly, anyone reading Kissinger shouldn't be new to these ideas and so there's not a lot of original material or even analysis here. Balance of power, American exceptionalism, cont [...]

In general, the book was below my expectations and what it's title suggests. The first chapters on Europe, its history is thoroughly explained and I learned a lot of interesting facts. The same goes for last chapters on American Presidents, their doctrines and visions which I liked a lot.However, the middle of the book is of the poor value. The author goes briefly on Middle East and Asia there is a lot of "take and leave" of subjects without really giving a sense of it. Given the actuality, I wo [...]

A book I bought upon release only to be deeply disappointed. While a veteran diplomat cannot but have interesting observations to make about the post-Soviet world, there is more free speculation here than in the meticulous Diplomacy

A wonderful book that I do not feel qualified to give a rating to! Very informative.

درباره‌ی ترجمه‌ی این کتاب توی وبلاگم بدوبیراه نوشته‌ام (آره، زرنگم. می‌خوام بازدید وبلاگم بره بالا :چشمک). بیایید اونجا بخونید. کلی مطلب عالی دیگه هم توی وبلاگم دارم (الکی). book-n-mags/1396/04/02

Kissinger can write a book. His wisdom and depth of understanding are phenomenal. He discusses the concept of world order. Or what we perceive as world order based off of the Westphalian system of states from 1648. Now we progress through that of empires and their disintegration after World War I. What next reality not much except a hiatus of hostilities which broke out fully in World War II. The next great phase is that of the Cold War, NATO, the rise of the oil states, and the post-colonial er [...]

As oppose to many mainstream media - many regards Kissinger as a war criminal. The architect of many US-backed coup and war around the world especially during his tenure as national security advisor during Nixon's presidency. The most memorable and shameful of all was the US war in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, which minimum estimate put the death toll at at least 4 million people.Having this fact in mind, it is a hypocrite at a maximum level when in the book, Kissinger mark US role in the global [...]

Excellent beginning; astute historical analysis, especially regarding the evolutionary nature of the balancing of power, legitimacy, and order in Europe from the seventeenth century Peace of Westphalia, through the Congress of Vienna in the wake of Napoleon's wars, up to collapse of order with the First World War. Kissinger is at his weakest in presenting a shockingly whitewashed and rhetorically idealistic foundation of United States' concept of order as "Acting for All Mankind". . . a cherry-p [...]

My expectations of Kissinger as a writer were shaped by an interaction in Woodward and Bernstein's Final Days where he commends the analysis of one of his underlings but supposedly says that it is too complicated for Pres. Nixon to understand, that the document in question needed to be at "Reader's Digest" level for Nixon to be able to process it.Therefore, I expected Kissinger to be both difficult to read and condescending. Perhaps the quote was inaccurate, perhaps it represented a moment of sn [...]

Jako první knihu Henryho Kissingera jsem četl Umění diplomacie. Trochu jsem se bál, aby se to nepřekrývalo. Něco zopakoval (což není na škody), ale jinými slovy. Zatímco v knize Umění diplomacie se věnuje i starší historii (kardinál Richelieu, napoleonské války), tak v této knize se zaměřuje víc na dobu od vestfálského urovnání až po konflikty 21. století.Určitě mi kniha rozšířila obzory. Věci, které jsem znal, brilantně popsal a ukázal mi je v dalších s [...]

Although not quite a magnum opus from Dr Kissinger, World Order is perhaps a well timed update of his previous reflections on the interaction of states, notably Diplomacy and Does America Need a Foreign Policy?For seasoned scholars of International Relations, World Order offers little new, however, it does synergise all the contemporary issues of today's world into one very readable volume.Dr Kissinger begins with an explanation of the Peace of Westphalia, which forms the backbone of the book. A [...]

Skewed!The book promotes an American propaganda view of world-history in pursuit of World order for instance, For Mr Henry, Iran was in love with US politics, until their revolution. Then they changed the course, but now we (Iran and US) have to get back together. As if the revolution, was not in fact to get rid of this "love-affair", or that the current Iran is still in revolution against the whole world-order. Even though, in many sections of the book Mr Henry showed a great deal of insight, b [...]

إحنا طيبين أوي يا خال :( This book should've been named "The American order"!

Henry Kissinger, former US foreign minister and diplomat, puts down to words how he thinks the current world order came about. This may not be the most balanced account on international politics, it doesn't claim to be, however, it offers a superb sweep across recent political history. Kissinger introduces the reader to how (for example) the Napoleonic Wars or the American Civil War changed the views of the great powers about how to establish a permanent, and peaceful, world order. The read is g [...]

في عامه الثاني بعد التسعين يأتينا وزير الخارجية للولايات المتحدة الامريكية سابقاً و مستشار الأمن القومي " هنري كسينجر " بكتابه الأخير في سلسلة تسمى " النظام العالمي " ، يعبر عن رؤيته الخاصة و رؤية الادارة الامريكية للعالم الخارجي و رؤيتها لنفسها. ما يميز " كسينجر" عن آخرين احتل [...]

On repose le dernier livre de Henry Kissinger avec deux sentiments contradictoires : l’admiration respectueuse et la gêne persistante. D’un côté, cette brillante fresque de trois siècles et demi d’histoire diplomatique et les analyses visionnaires de l’actualité internationale qui la prolongent ne peuvent que susciter l’admiration. A quatre-vingt dix ans passés, Henry Kissinger est un monstre sacré des relations internationales : il en fut l’un des acteurs les plus influents a [...]

I am not sure what I expected when I purchased this book. I mean, I know exactly who Kissinger is, what he stood for and how, so when it comes to his perspective on international relations his voice deserves respect no matter what. Now, the book is extremely valuable in providing an overview of what people like him understand as the "world order", in providing a summary of important historical moments and forces that *shaped* the world order - focusing especially on the Treaty of Westphalia and [...]

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