It's a Hummingbird's Life

Irene Kelly

It's a Hummingbird's Life

It's a Hummingbird's Life

  • Title: It's a Hummingbird's Life
  • Author: Irene Kelly
  • ISBN: 9780823416585
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Hardcover

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From morning to night, spring to winter, these tiny birds work nonstop This book offers an intimate view of the fascinating world of the hummingbird.

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This was a nice little book which looked at one year in the life of a Ruby Throated Hummingbird. We see what this "busy" bird is doing during each season. We follow them as they migrate (by using a map you could throw in some geography too).My boys were really surprised at all the things the hummers do. There is a brief section on mating but it mainly deals with the swooping in the air and facing the sun so their feathers glisten and then "mating lasts 3-5 seconds and then the male goes back to [...]

It's a Hummingbird's Life provides readers with all the information they need in order to better understand the life of a hummingbird. Throughout this text you will learn about where they live, how they build their nests, and the process of their lifecycle. The author does a wonderful job presenting the information in a very unique and child friendly manner. Irene Kelly uses a variety of print features and colorful illustrations that truly capture the life of a hummingbird. This text would be a [...]

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