Deadly Sleep

Valerie Keogh

Deadly Sleep

Deadly Sleep

  • Title: Deadly Sleep
  • Author: Valerie Keogh
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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Nicola Connolly is a nurse She is also a serial killer She kills neatly, three victims every six months, moving around the UK, hiding in plain sight Everything goes according to plan until she moves to Bath Because in Bath the police are hunting a serial killer who kills and tortures his victims A psychic connection develops between the two killers, Nicola sees him anNicola Connolly is a nurse She is also a serial killer She kills neatly, three victims every six months, moving around the UK, hiding in plain sight Everything goes according to plan until she moves to Bath Because in Bath the police are hunting a serial killer who kills and tortures his victims A psychic connection develops between the two killers, Nicola sees him and what he does to his victims in her nightmares.She is starting to lose control and she really can t afford to do that In an attempt to break the link, to have the other killer caught, Nicola goes to the police with what she knows But can she help them without exposing herself A serial killer and a burnt out policeman can they really work together to stop him And at what cost

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This story keeps you gripped from the first pages. As soon as you read how 5-year-old Nicola treats the doll her mum gives her, you realise that this is no ordinary child. Nicola grows up and becomes a nurse, working in old people's homes, to feed a certain need inside her. But the story has a twist - girls are being murdered, and Nicola must help the police to find out who the culprit is.This is a gritty narrative which shows both sides of the story - the psychopath, her dark thoughts, what mak [...]

As I read almost everything that comes under my fingers Deadly Sleep was a book that hooked me from the start. What bothered me a little was, that the first part of the book is written in first person, but as Nicola grows older, the story is presented in third person, but I got used to that as the story is really good. Valerie Keohg wrote the main characther - the psychopath Nicola very well and altought you speculate much during the story basically what you find out is that your speculations we [...]

Very choppyThis story had an interesting plot but you don't really get to the plot for quite a while. The editing was not fabulous. The proofreading also a problem. I ended up really enjoying parts of the book but it was a strange one. I almost feel like she started with one book and switched to another. It was not smooth.

Serial killers who begin their careers at five years old are rare. It is probably an item best left off a resume. Even though it was only dogs, cats, and fish that Nicola killed, there was bound to be disapproval. Not from mom. Nicola’s single parent was creative in the ways she beat and punished Nicola, so she couldn’t say she hadn’t received any education from mom. At age of ten Nicola graduated to a higher class of subjects by poisoning one of her classmates. At twelve she killed a home [...]

too weird for my taste

This was a great read! I was interested to see how Keogh would use her skills in a different context. After first enjoying Exit 5 from Charing Cross, I was keen to get my teeth into this one.She did not disappoint.I loved the first person point of view at the very beginning of the book and almost regretted when it changed to third person, but I loved how she jumped from person to person to keep the narrative flowing.For me, I love scenes that make you squirm, that are violent and make you cringe [...]

From a young age Nicola Connolly loves nothing better than to kill. As an adult she becomes a nurse and works in nursing homes looking after the elderly where she stays for no longer than 6 mths at a time so she gets away with killing 3 people every 6 mths. She moves to Bath to take up a new post little knowing that there is already a serial killer in the area. She starts getting nightmares and seeing this other killers crimes, can see the woman being rapped and tortured in these nightmares and [...]

This dark tale begins with Nicola Connolly as a little girl on her birthday receiving a beautiful doll from her mother. But instead of loving her new doll, she rips off her head and throws it! Here's the first clue she's a deeply troubled kid. As an adult psychopath she is unable to show or feel empathy. Nicola has a physical need to kill or she becomes agitated. Killing gives her a release. She works as a nurse, but instead of caring for patients as one would expect, she kills them! The plot ta [...]

I picked this up a couple of days ago and flew through the pages. The first few chapters are hard going for animal lovers, but just get past that. These chapters, while gory set the scene and make the main character who she is. The story is original, something very difficult in this genre as mostly the stories have been done to death, (excuse the pun). I want to see more of this character and will watch this writer. I don't think her books will remain this price for long as I predict a major pub [...]

Not for the faint hearted. As I'm not, I was hooked from the first sentence, and remained so until the very end. Not many characters to like in this story - Nicola is definitely an anti-hero - but you want to know what's going to happen to them next. The pace gradually builds, then you find you can't put the book down. A very satisfying read.

Brilliant.Brilliant story telling. Kept me interested till the end. Left me wanting to read more. Excellent author. Thank you for sharing your work.

Couldn't readIf you don't like reading books where animals are tortured and killed don't download this book. I barely made it through a few pages before I had enough. Disgusted!

very good

Very thrilling book to read. I keep turning the pages and swallow! Valerie Keogh is one of my favourite authors.

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