The Devil's Game

Sean Chercover

The Devil's Game

The Devil's Game

  • Title: The Devil's Game
  • Author: Sean Chercover
  • ISBN: 9781477828663
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback

The universe is trying to tell us something.Daniel Byrne spent ten years as a Vatican investigator, scrutinizing and debunking miracle claims until he burned that life to the ground when one investigation shook his faith and revealed disturbing earthly conspiracies Determined to find the truth, he steps into a new life of secrets and lies, joining a powerful group that wiThe universe is trying to tell us something.Daniel Byrne spent ten years as a Vatican investigator, scrutinizing and debunking miracle claims until he burned that life to the ground when one investigation shook his faith and revealed disturbing earthly conspiracies Determined to find the truth, he steps into a new life of secrets and lies, joining a powerful group that wields hidden influence over world events.Daniel infiltrates a covert government facility and uncovers a bizarre new strain of the Plague that seems to flood the minds of its victims with visions of the future Teaming up with disgraced physician Kara Singh, a woman beset with inexplicable visions of her own, Daniel traces the root of this deadly pathogen around the globe, and discovers a terrifying truth.In this fast paced sequel to the bestselling The Trinity Game, can Daniel navigate a shadow world of secrets and conspiracy to stop a pandemic with devastating global consequences

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Occasionally, you pick up a thriller that grabs you by the throat on the first page and refuses to let go until the last. This is not one of those books. Rather, The Devil's Game grabs you at the outset and doesn't let go, period. Sean Chercover has written here a book that is so in tune with the dangerous and confusing world that we live in today that once you finish the book, you're still scared to death.The protagonist is Daniel Byrne, a former priest, who cut his teeth as an investigator for [...]

Wow! This second book in the series is just as exciting as the first. Actually better. We are following Daniel, the ex priest, now spy on his journey to save lives and face evil. He has joined a group that is better than the worst, but bad also Am excited about this author as he turns and twists with the best bof them The action is continual and scary. The adventure is carrying he reader to new heights in spydom and the fight of good and evil. One book to go and am thankful to Mr. Chercover for [...]

Action PackedDaniel's uncle has been shot. He had the special ability to predict the future. He was also a religious leader, and a scammer who had many followers. Daniel is recruited and trained into a secret organization with great power. This Kindle book is a free giveaway that is action packed with lots of twists and turns-very exciting! It was well written with very realistic characters. The story line made you frightened. Could this really happen? The ending left me hanging. The other book [...]

I won this book through a give away. I think it’s part of a series, but I was able to follow the story even without reading previous titles. This story had just the right amount of suspense and action. I’m going to look for other books in this series.

The Devil’s Game (2015) is the second in Sean Chercover’s Daniel Byrne series. The first novel, The Trinity Game (2012) was a wild ride involving Vatican politics, competing religious ideologies, speaking in tongues, foreseeing the future, and other strange stuff. The main character is Father Daniel Byrne, a Catholic priest whose responsibility is to validate reports of miracles. Danny’s uncle is the Reverend Tim Trinity, who speaks in tongues and, when doing so, makes perfectly accurate p [...]

4.5 starsDaniel Byrne, excommunicated priest and ex Vatican investigator, who exposed fraudulent miracle claims, is now working for the Fleur-de-Lis Foundation, a rival of the corrupt Council for World Peace, a very misnamed organisation.In the first book of the trilogy, The Trinity Game, Daniel’s uncle, televangelist Tim Trinity had the ability to foretell the future through Anomalous Information Transfer or AIT, and speak ‘in tongues’. After he was assassinated by the Council, Daniel was [...]

Daniel Byrne: ex-priest, ex-Vatican investigator, currently a super-spy. He doesn't sound like someone I would want to read about but I really like this guy. We first meet him in The Trinity Game. Daniel is an orphan who was raised by his traveling evangelical/con-man uncle. In The Trinity Game, his uncle starts speaking in tongues, correctly predicting events and soon gathers a huge following (and a lot of cash). In the end he gets killed.The Devil's Game is a continuation of that story. We beg [...]

I cannot recall if I read the first book in the trilogy, The Trinity Game, as I thought I had read all of Sean Chercover's novel to date. Both Trigger City and Big City, Bad Blood are far more interesting and entertaining books than The Devil's Game as neither deals with mind games that frankly I found somewhat hokey. As a former priest who served as chief investigator for the Vatican confirming or debunking miracle claims, Daniel Byrne now works for a super secret privately funded organization [...]

I'll have more thoughts on this good read after I have a few days to digest it. Already have the next one lined up to read! This is quite an enjoyable thrill ride of a story which I liked a lot but it does require a large suspension of disbelief to allow one to accept the existence of the Foundation and the Council and all their play toys, power, immense wealth and influence over, it appears, all world governments. Of course with the way things are happening in the world today perhaps that isn't [...]

The Devil's GameThis is the first book I've read by Chercover and I'll be reading more. The characters make sense to me. The plot captured my attention from the start. What if a biblical miracle was also a secular phenomenon that has repeated multiple times in human history and is re-occurring now?The synopsis of the first book in the second book was intriguing enough to make me want to read the premiere volume next. I suggest other readers start with the first book, "The Trinity" something. "De [...]

I won this book at in exchange for fair review.Daniel Byrne is back' He no longer works for the Vatican. he quit in the wake of his uncle's, Rev. Tim Trinity, death. He is now with the Fleur-De-Lis Foundation. They're rivals are the Council for World Peace (anything but!). Both are huge organizations with unlimited resources political, financial, military and events across the world. Each with their own agenda. There's bad and less-bad guys.Daniel is looking into Anomalous Information Transfer [...]

Loved this book. Received this along with the other 2 books in the series as a winner in the Giveaways.It was interesting to watch the evolution of the main character, Daniel, from a priest in the previous book to a member of the Foundation. His prior association with Annomalous Information Transfer (AIT) dealing with his uncle helps him in his current job. He is trying to help find others who have AIT before the Council does. While investigating one case he stumbles upon something much bigger. [...]

Not since "The Killing Floor" by Lee Child have I experienced such book love of a character. Daniel Byrne is a kinda tortured priest whose job is to investigate and debunk miracles. He was raised by an televangelist uncle that was quite the con man and even after leaving the priesthood and fake miracles behind, he is still searching formething. I want more than 3 books with Daniel- seriously if you love a hunky-sounding spiritual man written by an author so talented he'll keep you up at night re [...]

I had read Sean Chercover's first book in the series, 'The Trinity Game' and having enjoyed it looked forward to the next one. I wasn't disappointed, as again Sean Chercover has written a engrossing thriller. Daniel Byrne, a former Roman Catholic priest now working for the mysterious Fleur-de-Lys Foundation is investigating the phenomenon which afflicted his uncle before he was assassinated. He learns that the phenomenon now known as Anomalous Information Transfer (AIT), wasn't exclusive to Tim [...]

Hmmmm!Another great page turned that is not only an enjoyable read but makes you really think about what is going on in the world and who is pulling the strings making everyday citizens puppets on a string for their own amusement and objectives. Fiction and reality are sometimes one in the same.

Thought provoking, hard to put down.Loved it, and the previous one leading up to it. This book is especially intriguing considering the state of the world today. Will be starting the next one in the serious, can't wait to read what happens next.Expertly written, keeps you the edge of your seat.

I found this outing to be fun, but not as much as the first one (The Trinity Game). Plotting was more complicated this time, and I definitely didn't like the partial cliffhanger at the end. Even so, it moved the original storyline along, and I stilll might read #3. Hopefully Byrne hasn't mucked up what started out as a good thing!

Good readingDaniel Byrne is finding more than he planed not in a good way. This trilogy would make a great movie. Good and evil and shades in between. A defrocked priest, a doctor going insane and a madman trying to take over the world. How will it all play out? Time will tell.or not???

This author's tendency to lapse into theo-philosophy is annoying and misplaced. This is a thriller, not a social science textbook. And the characters' spiritual beliefs have absolutely nothing to do with plot.That being said, it's still worth reading. It's a little Illuminati-esque, but thoughtful and suspenseful.

This series is interesting and flows well, is intriguing, and keeps you reading with just enough on the edge for the mystery to be moving. The characters continue to develop while new twist are introduced I also have a great narration on the audiobook. I need to read the next book now to see how the story continues.

Good but could be betterThe writing is good , the plot is good but there is something missing. What is the point of pat for instance, the ex navy seal who has done nothing so far. I know it is a trilogy but but each book so far has just sort of petered out. And where did Julia disappear to for half the book. I will read book 3 but the ending better be good.

Second in a series that lives up to the first!Another great read, stirring, imaginative and powerful. Daniel 's evolution is thought provoking! I highly recommend this book and series.

Wow. Just wow. This second book was better than the first. Two books down in 2 days. Just bought the third. What a character, or characters. Daniel is as real and likeable a character as Jack Reacher. I hope this character makes it to 22 books, like Jack has.

What can I sayThis has been an amazing series so far. It only got better with the second book. Love the characters and their evolution. I am sad to know that this is a trilogy and there's an end in sight. Can't wait to start #3!

A strong follow up to the first book in this series.I really enjoyed reading this book. It never gives the ending away. Daniel Bryne is a great new hero and I look forward to reading the next book in this series. Some how I believe Kara will show up again.

Really good bookCan't wait to begin the final book in this trilogy. I love the characters and look forward to having some loose ends tied up!

Fantastic book!I couldn’t put this book down. Can’t wait to read the last book in the trilogy. It will be sad to say goodbye to Daniel Byrne.

Excellent ride.Another exceptional installment of The Daniel Byrne Series. This book was getting off the roller coaster and running back around to try the front car.

Book 2 in the series, fun and uncomplicated. ✌

Adventure and mysteryI am very fond of the character Daniel Byrne and his approach to life. The author does a nice job with pacing too

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