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  • Title: Twice
  • Author: Lisa Miscione Lisa Unger
  • ISBN: 9780843957310
  • Page: 202
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Lydia and her partner, P.I Jeff Mark, must confront not only a brutal murderer but the demons from their own past.Julian Ross, a brilliant and acclaimed New York City artist, has been charged with brutally killing her second husband She was found at the scene, hysterical, over his bloody, lifeless corpse She maintains her innocence, but the cops are having trouble belieLydia and her partner, P.I Jeff Mark, must confront not only a brutal murderer but the demons from their own past.Julian Ross, a brilliant and acclaimed New York City artist, has been charged with brutally killing her second husband She was found at the scene, hysterical, over his bloody, lifeless corpse She maintains her innocence, but the cops are having trouble believing her Ten years ago Julian was indicted and acquitted of murdering her first husband in exactly the same way Julian s mother, Eleanor, is convinced of her daughter s innocence and hires Lydia and Jeff to clear her name A cold woman, Eleanor nonetheless seems dedicated to her family, even looking after Julian s five year old twins But Lydia and Jeff, who are still dealing with the aftermath of a confrontation with Lydia s mother s murderer, dive into the case only to discover that little about the family is what it seems to be In a gripping, tense and surprising thriller, once again the talented Lisa Miscione delivers a complicated novel about the nature of evil, and the redemption of survival.

Recent Comments "Twice"

"Twice" is the third book in the Lydia Strong series. Of the three, I have to say that this novel is the best one so far. I give it four-and-a-half stars. There are actually two stories taking place. Jeffrey and Lydia have been hired by Eleanor Strong to find out who murdered her son-in-law. Her daughter Julian has been accused of his death, just like she was accused of the death of her first husband ten years prior, which she was acquitted of. On top of all this, Jed McIntyre, is still at large [...]

Book 1 was great; books 2 and 3 were mediocre times the author jumped around, and I still wonder about the editor! Still, decent books, but glad I've read her more recent books first as she does have talent. Don't give up on her yete gets better!

I listened to the audiobook version of this novel, which I borrowed from our local library. As is common (frustratingly so) at our small town library, they only had in their collection book three of the trilogy, and I gather from other reviewers that the first two books were stronger than this last. Overall, I enjoyed listening to the book, but it took awhile to get into - perhaps because I hadn't read the earlier books. I don't think that any of the characters are very well developed, but I did [...]

I read book 4 in this series, which drove me to read the prequels. Lydia is driven to follow psychologically disturbed villains, because her mother was killed by one. Of course, she has the ability to notice minute details that lead to the capture of psychopaths, and her male partner is the perfect, logical companion. I've read four books in this series in the last month. My major complaint right now is that there are pages that are EXACT repeats of previous novels in the series. Really? How man [...]

So far this is my favorite in the Lydia Strong series and I didn't think it could get much better than the second installment. Twice is very suspenseful - both storylines keep you turning the pages long after you should have gone to sleep. These characters are complex, relatable, and just so well-written. If I hadn't been a Lisa Unger fan for decades already, I would reading all her works from here on. I can't wait to read the fourth novel but so sad to have to say goodbye to these characters.

A book i couldn't put down ! A awesome read , suspenseful , fast paced bring on the rest !

Another great one!The older books seem to start a little slow. Once they pick up speed they get as good as her newer books

Lydia is being cautious now that she knows Jed McIntyre is in New York. Jeffrey Mark, her fiancé and business partner isn't taking any chances, especially since they just learned she's pregnant, and has hired a bodyguard, Dax Chicago, to shadow her at all times. Lydia is slowly getting used to idea of impending motherhood, and has doubts about her abilities to be a good mother. She has a serial killer after her, a wedding to consider, a baby on the way and now a high-profile murder case to inve [...]

In her third outing Lydia Strong, private investigator, reveals a centuries old family curse as the husbands of famous artist Julian Ross family are all shown to have been murdered, including both of Ross’ husbands and her father too. Ross is under suspicion in the death of her husbands even though she had been exonerated in the first murder, ten years previously. Strong’s own mother was a victim of a serial killer, Jed McIntyre, who has recently been released and is stalking her as well. Li [...]

Strange story about a woman whose two husbands have been brutally murdered. Arrested the first time, Julian Ross managed to get a not-guilty verdict. In spite of the similarities the lead detective has doubts the second time, and even welcomes the entry of a private detective team, Lydia Strong and partner Jeffrey Mark.Strong is a crime writer who works with Mark, a private investigator. Of course Strong has instincts for detective work and is relentless in her pursuit of leads.However, she is t [...]

Auf dieses Buch war ich mehr als gespannt, das Cover fiel mir sofort auf und auch der Klappentext sagte mir sofort zu.Vorab möchte ich erwähnen das dies mein erstes Buch der Autorin war, ich kannte auch die Vorgängerbände nicht.Doch das machte nichts, ich kam gut in die Story rein von daher denke ich man kann die Bücher auch unabhängig voneinander lesen.Zum Inhalt werde ich nichts weiter sagen da der Klappentext alles sagt was man wissen muss.Der Schreibstil der Autorin ist locker und flü [...]

This the third in a series with this main character Lydia Strong, but it was a first for me. I have never read Lisa Unger before, but now look forward to reading more of her books.Lydia Strong works as a private investigator with beau Jeffrey Mark and her body guard Dax Chicago, a tough Aussie who won't let a serial killer bent on possessing Lydia anywhere near her. Serial killer Jed McIntyre has escaped from the psych facility for the criminally insane. A pro at blending in and disguising himse [...]

This book had such high hopes in the beginning but it went downhill, after the second part of the story. Julian Ross a New York artist has been charged with murdering second husband. Although that she tries to convince the police that she is innocent, they have a difficult time believing her because ten years ago, her first husband was murdered the same way. Julian's mother Eleanor a cold woman who will do anything to prove her daughter innocence, even hiring Lydie and Jeffrey to prove her case. [...]

Two times a woman's husband is killed in the same bed the woman is also sleeping in, and she claims she did not do it! This is another winner by Lisa Unger! There are lots of twists and turns to keep the reader interested. It took me two days to read and well worth your while!(Gerard's review)Twice by Lisa Unger a/k/a Lisa Miscione is a complex murder mystery and a thriller all in one. It takes place in New York City, both above and below ground, and in a little town called “Haunted.” There [...]

Third in the Lydia Strong/Jeffrey Marks series, I continue to love Lydia and Jeffrey (although I could do without the tired trope of superwoman who refuses medical care, ignores doctors orders cause she is so tuff etc). In this installment, Lydia is hired by a woman named Eleanore Ross, whose son-in-law has been brutally murdered and Eleanore's daughter Julian is accused of the crime.This book deals with a lot of issues; the underground mole people of NY, Haitian voodoo, gothic victorian houses [...]

As a crime thriller, I found Twice disappointing. The characters are two-dimensional and the many different plot threads mean that none of the plots actually feels solid. Miscione's writing is ok but for me there really were a few laugh-out-loud moments ("Fear had lodged itself in her throat like a chicken bone"). In addition, the copy that I read, published by Snow Books, contained several typos ("Their helping us find out who hurt your father") and formatting errors where a sentence would brea [...]

I liked this entry into the series and really appreciated that this author has not dragged out the serial killer plot beyond the point it becomes completely unbelievable. Lydia is growing on me (I wasn't so sure at first) and the relationships she has with others continue to be interesting.

Lydia is now a partner in the investigative firm with Jeffery. Their client is the mother of an artist who is being held in a mental hospital when she was found with her 2nd husbands body. She'd been acquitted for the murder of her first husband.

I would give this one 3 1/2 if half stars were allowed. This is the first time I've read anything by this author. It was a pretty good read, though some aspects were a bit far-fetched. I do plan on giving Miscione another shot though.

I would give this book 3.5 stars if I could. I liked it, it was suspenseful. I will definitely read the 3rd "Lydia Strong" novel.

I liked the main characters on the book, but parts of this book were too predictable or too over-the-top. Would read more books by the Lydia/Jeffrey team.

well written. I found myself pacing myself so I could sleep at night. LOL

a great ending to the Jedd storyline, sad at parts though. i liked the mystery behind the ross family too-so dark and twisted!! i love lisa's writing and stories.

A competent effort, marred by an unweildy and often hard-to-swallow plotline. I have liked the other Lydia Strong books I've read better than this one.

All stuff written by Lisa Unger is fairly entertaining though these earlier books are slightly more on the trashy end. Would give 2.5 stars if that were an option.

Easy suspense read, but could have done without two killer stories in one novel. Plus character interactions were often trite.

puts the thrill in thriller!! Looking forward to the next one!

Good but complex series

Great book. Love Lisa Unger. she writes with authority and tells a story that keeps the reader wanting more!!

a great read!

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