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  • Title: Forsaken
  • Author: Kelley Armstrong
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  • Page: 191
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Three years after being named Alpha of the North American pack, Elena Michaels is in London battling for respect from the British pack When it becomes apparent she won t get it, she heads home, expecting a much needed rest on her family vacation, only to discover a battle brewing of a very different kind One of her eight year old twins has disappeared, and all evidence pThree years after being named Alpha of the North American pack, Elena Michaels is in London battling for respect from the British pack When it becomes apparent she won t get it, she heads home, expecting a much needed rest on her family vacation, only to discover a battle brewing of a very different kind One of her eight year old twins has disappeared, and all evidence points to Malcolm Danvers It seems as if the psychotic former Pack member they ve been tracking for the past year has brought the fight to them, setting the bait he knows Elena can t afford to ignore Number one New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong returns to her much loved Otherworld with this powerful novella detailing the latest trials and travails of a fan favorite character, a working mother who happens to lead the werewolves of North America.

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Spoilers-Wasn't all that bothered about the main story, didn't find Kate going missing or her search all that entertaining. Did enjoy Elena's struggles as alpha, the pack's interactions, the world, and most of the side characters. -The whole American pack versus the British pack was predictable, dull and kind of insulting. It played on ridiculous, untrue stereotypes. I rolled my eyes at how the Brits were portrayed as backward, sexist, narrow minded, superior/snobby, and generally awful and weak [...]

We haven't gotten to see much of Alpha Elena, so it was great witnessing her knee deep in her newish role dealing with Pack politics, and the challenges that come with being not only the sole female werewolf, but also one in a leadership position. Kate frustrated me at times with her rebellious attitude, and independent streak; I had to keep reminding myself that she's only eight, and that her behaviour was age appropriate, and entirely understandable given present circumstances. All of my favou [...]

I kind of don't think of these novellas as canon. Subterranean Press geo-blocks Australia from the eBooks and the print editions are so expensive that I've only been able to read a few of them via the library. Thus I've skipped some novellas, and obviously missed important events (such as involving the Australian Pack). And a continuing plotline is still not over by the end of Forsaken.Elena and Clay have twins that are growing up, and I'm happy for them, but why do kids in fiction always have t [...]

It's no secret that I love Kelley's Otherworld books and universe. Her take on supernaturals is original, her characters strong and vivid, and she mixes mysteries into her stories, which is always a plus for me. I purchased this in both Kindle and print as Kelley is an author whose books I like to have in every possible format.If you don't like children in your stories, you might want to skip this one as Elena and Clay's twins are an important part of the story. They're precocious and yet believ [...]

Quite a bit gets packed into this short story, including big things for the twins and the story itself ends on a pretty major TO BE CONTINUED. Not sure if that means we have to wait a full year for another 100-ish pages to pick this back up, or if Kelley has something else planned.

Need to be reviewed.

Elena is missing the start of her annual family holiday because she's in London trying to make a misogynistic Pack leader see sense. When she gets home, it's to a missing daughter and the possibility of a major Pack threat being back.Now, a review of a Kelley Armstrong book is always going to be glowing from me because I love the woman and all the words that come from her fingertips. Forsaken is no different.It's set after all the other Otherworld books (latest in series), I think has it listed [...]

I really like the series that this book is a part of and the werewolves are a favorite of mine. As the twins grow older it's interesting to see Clay and Elena as parents, to see how that affects how they deal with the pack and how the pack protects the kids. I loved seeing the interaction between parents and children and how they dealt with the special problems that come with being werewolf.I love seeing how other werewolves deal with Elena. It's funny to see them think less of her, to think she [...]

Latest in the series of Elena and Clay, and their twins. Elena is the Alpha of the American Pack but some of the other Packs don't accord her respect because she is female. I liked seeing how they worked with this issue of dominance when she and her husband Clay have these issues as well, and seeing their relationship and how she approaches him when she needs advice. The things men would do don't always work for women, so she has to adjust things, and deal with misogynistic werewolves as well. H [...]

Reread Thoughts:I'm still not over this one. I loved seeing the new pack work together like this and wish there was more!Quick Thoughts - First Read1. It was really cool seeing Elena as alpha. That's something we never got to see in the books. 2. I've seen a lot of people complain about the stereotypes in this book but I think they made the story more realistic. Of course the tradition male werewolves are going to have an issue with a female alpha. 3. Loved getting to know the twins. I hope we g [...]

It was a pleasure to be able to read the twins' story again. I'd be really upset if I missed this novella. I didn't expect the twist and was glad that the author didn't mention it in Logan's Puppy plan. I burst out into laugh when the twins discussed while was Elena dealing with enemy. As I said before I really want to read when the twins reached their teen hood. It would be entertaining.With the way the book end, I guess and hope there would be more of them in the future.

International pack politics and child issues leads to another great story by Armstrong.Clay and Elena are one of my favorite book couples. They balance each other well and have stayed interesting throughout marriage and kids. Most of the pack also shows up which is always great to see. It does end on sort of a cliff-hanger, which I could have done without.

A good Elena and Clay story. Some interesting developments with their twins. I felt like it had a very open ended ending. I wouldn't call it a cliffhanger but it's definitely leaving you hungry for the next story.

Idk but this just rubbed me the wrong way. I felt like all of the characters weren't themselves and it was just this super open ending that I believe implied more books, which Id usually be happy of but idk. I think it would just be nice to end on a high note and this was not it.

Okay, I know I've said this before, but I'M JUST SO HAPPY Armstrong is still telling stories in this world!And stuff is happening in them! If you're a fan of the series, these novellas are definitely worth checking out.

I'm so happy that Kelley Armstrong is still revisiting the werewolf world. The twins have become my new favourite characters. That conversation they had while Elena was fighting a mutt in front of them? GIMME a series with them now!!! Looking forward to the next novella.

I always love coming back to Elena & Clay and their worldI would really like another full length novel but I'm very grateful for these short stories!

Yeah baby wolves :-)

what can I say? it's Kelley Armstrong, the wolves, the kids what's not to love?

Elena’s position as Alpha is tenuous and difficult. Although her Pack may understand and appreciate that she is fully capable, the male-dominated world of werewolves doesn’t see it in the same way. Sound familiar anyone? So, an entire novella about how she handles her new role and the derogatory ways in which her Alpha-ness is approached was really beautiful. Plus, visiting a more stable, well-balanced version of Elena was incredibly enjoyable.Honestly, I got frustrated just reading some of [...]

A novelette added to the end of the Otherworld series that takes place about three years after the final novel: ‘Thirteen’. Elena is now the pack Alpha and trying to settle in when one of her and Clay’s eight-year-old twins disappears. And a dangerous enemy returns.This was a very interesting story and definitely needed to fill in and complete some situations that were left open in the final novel. It shows us a power shift in the pack and involves a major change in Kate’s life. There ar [...]

Love anything about the twins! At 8 going on 9 are they going to change ? ??? Malcolm is still on the loose and will he be a danger to them? How is Elena doing as Alpha? Is Clay really her beta and not co-Alpha?

Fast paced crazy rideThis is part of a first series for Kelley Armstrong. It was hot then, and it's hot now. Werewolves Elena & Clayton are one of the most refreshing, interesting, and complex couples around. Their twins are unique in the supernatural world, and I love their Change in this novella.As always, KA doesn't fail to immerse you in a world where being completely human just seems,well, odd. She's got mad skills and is one of my top go-to authors.e name, buy book. KA is witty and fun [...]

Another great readI need more of the twins and the pack. The twins are so cute and I love then. We need more of them in our lives.

This is a good one. (view spoiler)[ The twins experience their first Change! I know this is series is over. I would love Kelley Armstrong did a new series with the twins going on adventures. (hide spoiler)]

I wasn't sure that I was going to like this book in the beginning. Elena is dealing with the steriotype snotty British wolves who are patronising and sexist. Her daughter, instead of talking to her about her issues, behaves like a spoiled whiny brat and I was ready to strangle Kate. I have never liked her much because she obviously takes behaviour lessons from Savannah. However, as the book goes on I have a bit more sympathy for her. I guessed what was going on with Kate but was frustrated that [...]

After watching that horrible excuse of a show based on this series I needed to go back to the books,and luckily I had checked on this series and realized there was this short story in the series that I missed! So immediately I got this eBook and sent it straight to my kindle! This was such a great addition to the series; that had me reading non stop until the end. I love Elena and the pack! The wolves have always been my favorite in this series. Their fun and their stories are always interesting [...]

I love Kelly Armstrong's Otherworld Series, and I am late to actually picking this one up and reading it.I also read it out of order which may have spoilt previous books in this spin-off series, but I don't really care ;)Forsaken starts with Elena, who is attending pack meetings in the UK regarding a wolf coming to America to study, and the Alpha wanting him protected. Elena isn't really regarded as Alpha, just a stand in, a puppet for Clay or Jeremy, after unsuccessfully resolving the matter sh [...]

There were a couple of great scenes with the twins, but I had a lot of issues with the rest of it. The pacing was awkward for such a thin volume, and things got especially draggy during a long woods search. Elena felt one step behind for the entire book, which I also didn't love. The pack's enemies were obvious and cartoonishly inept. Elena gave a vague explanation of their motive, but it made no sense at all. (view spoiler)[They were supposedly trying to shame their own Alpha in order to destab [...]

Review first published on My Blog. Check out all my reviews there!A new side novel in the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong which takes place after the series end. Elena has been alpha for a few years now but it is still hard getting other Packs to acknowledge her as the true alpha but she is in London trying to work with their pack leader when she starts getting odd phone calls asking where her puppy is. She shrugs it off and decides that the situation is no longer worth continuing to miss [...]

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