Sweetest Venom

Mia Asher Jeremy York Lucy Rivers

Sweetest Venom

Sweetest Venom

  • Title: Sweetest Venom
  • Author: Mia Asher Jeremy York Lucy Rivers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 286
  • Format: ebook

Love is the sweetest venom LawrenceI told her I wanted her body and not her love I lied RonanI fell in love with a lie She was beauty and destruction Kissing her was a tender song Owning her body, a wild poem Loving her, my downfall But she was mine Or so I thought.BlaireOne man offers me his love The other, the world I m falling, falling, falling And theLove is the sweetest venom.LawrenceI told her I wanted her body and not her love I lied RonanI fell in love with a lie She was beauty and destruction Kissing her was a tender song Owning her body, a wild poem Loving her, my downfall But she was mine Or so I thought.BlaireOne man offers me his love The other, the world I m falling, falling, falling And there s no end in sight.

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★★★★ ½! Sweetest Venom, book 2 of 2. Gold digger Blaire has her pick of Lawrence who’d give her all she desires & Ronan who wants to be all she needs!“He’s danger inviting you to play with him as he taunts you with tempting smile. And you know you will be hurt for having done so, but you won’t be sorry – no, never sorry. He looks like a man who was born to rule and fuck.”Books in The Virtue duet should be read in order:Book 1: Easy VirtueBook 2: Sweetest VenomSweetest Ve [...]

IT'S LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S LIVE!!!!!!!Sweetest Venom: : amzn/1RGDCnGEasy Virtue: amzn/1RGDKnbRonanI fell in love with a lieShe was beauty and destruction.Kissing her was a tender song.Fucking her, a wild poem.Loving her, my downfall.But she was mine.Or so I thought.LawrenceI told her I wanted her bodyand not her love.I lied.BlaireOne man offered me his love.The other, the world.I'm falling, falling, fallingAnd there's no end in sight.

After the shocking finale of 'Easy Virtue', I could not wait to pick up 'Sweetest Venom' and see how things would play out for Blaire. Mia Asher did not disappoint! This book was emotional, moving and absolutely addictive.This time around, we get to see more of Blaire's softer side. She's forced to come to terms with the decisions that she's made and the consequences of her actions. It was brutally painful, but necessary. Accordingly, this book had a different feel to it than the first book.Even [...]

3.5 stars! Before I review this book, let me just take a minute and tell you about my love for Mia Asher. She is one of those authors that I completely adore and will read anything they write. When I read Arsen a few years ago, I was hooked. Her words are always beautifully and brilliantly written. I love that so many love this book. There were parts I did love, but overall it just didn’t work for me.

I loved Easy Virtue. It was one of my favorite books of 2015 and I rated it 5+ stars. It [...]

6 Epic Stars! US * UKThe S T U N N I N G conclusion to EASY VIRTUEThis story! Nothing can prepare you for the shape of SWEETEST VENOM, the follow up and conclusion to EASY VIRTUE. It's a two book series that showcases the most exquisite LOVE triangle with depth, development and heartache. I felt so many emotions, navigated through thoughts and feelings. It explores acceptance, hope and LOVE wrapped up in an eloquent prose with complex emotion and delectable eroticism, all of which, at certain p [...]

SPOILER FREE REVIEW!MIA ASHER, what’s your address? I’m sending you my tissue bills!!!Rating: 4.5 'Sweetest Hope' StarsMy Views:If you have read Mia Asher’s previous books, you know exactly what to expect. Sweetest Venom is a whirlwind of emotions – full of heartbreak and hope and ugly crying. "To love you is self-destruct, Blaire, but I seem unable to stop."[A piece of advice]Style of writing:I don’t remember a time when Mia’s writing disappointed me and with Sweetest Venom her word [...]

Update: Mia just shared a Christmas short story for the Virtue series. Link is in the below. :) WARNING: If you haven't read this series,please do not read this short story. It contains HUGE spoilers. And again, if you haven't read this series yet, pls read them asap! You're missing too much. TOO MUCH! :)beautyandthebeastlybooks.word-----------"Give me a thousand lives and a thousand eternities, and I would still find you and make you mine. Always.”My God. I don't even know where to start Firs [...]

***4 Stars***The story picks straight up from where book one endedRonanFell hopelessly in love with Blaire and was left devastated when she pushed him away.He's not one for material possessions or wealth but he finds himself caught up in a world that's alien to him in this book.BlaireThe ultimate Gold Digger,the last thing she wants is to get too close to someone.She uses her body and beauty to obtain what she thinks she wants but along the way comes to realize that deep down that's not really h [...]

Give me a thousand lives and a thousand eternities, and I would still find you and make you mine. Always.This book made my heart explode Blaire is consumed with trying to make a decision that will affect the rest of her life. She has two men who want her, desire her, love her. With one guy, she feels the magical connection that most of us want to feel and that a few of us have felt in a very real way. The other guy is completely different. He’s tight, bossy, he can give her a wealthy life and [...]

LIVE amzn/221aigp4-4.5 STARS Sweetest Venom is the conclusion to the Virtue series. It's a captivating and addictive story that keep my interest until the end! It's fast paced, emotional, angsty and intense. I'm not saying this often about authors, but I need to say that I admire Mia Asher for the amazing job she is doing as an author! I’ve admired her from the first moment and I’ve enjoyed following her work. Her books are unique and her words beautiful!When I started this book I was anxio [...]

3.5 - 4 StarsI have seriously been waiting what seems like ever for this book and I have spent so much time speculating. I mean am I, Team Law or Team Ronan or just Team Blaire? Well ladies, the wait is over, it doesn’t matter what Team you are because Mia has delivered the verdict. The story picks up where Easy Virtue left off, I think, to the best of my recollection. I was seriously concerned I wouldn’t remember all the important facts, but it all came back to me. Within minutes I was imme [...]

3.5 Respectful Stars * * * 1/2When I read Easy Virtue in 2014(/review/show), I was taken by the writing of Mia Asher. She took an idea; wrapped it with emotions, details and passion me to lose my mind with its endingI wanted more and right away.I was not alone in this mindset. Reader after reader sang the praises and cursed the cliffy. I left a love note in the space where the next book was supposed to beling Ms. Asher of my desire and need for her to write quickly. I watched and pined for the b [...]

***WARNING:do NOT buy this book if a. you don't like to read about love trianglesb. you can't keep an open mindHonestly, I think no review I'll ever write will do this duet justice so I'll just give you a quick summary of my thoughts 1. To say I love Blaire's character development/growth in this story would be an understatement! Girl did really good!2. Kudos to Mia for writing a heroine who is comfortable with her sexuality and isn't afraid to use it. Not very often you get authors who dare to ' [...]

6 beautifully stunning, delicious & exquisite stars!!I'm going to make this as SPOILER FREE as possible here I'm not going to tell you too much about the plot and the story but I am going to explain some of my thoughts and emotions Guys I stayed up till 5.15am reading this into the wee hours of the night Now you see with me I get sucked into social media at times and I'm a slow reader. I like to read words and understand it all bit by bit So to stay up and read page after page, chapter after [...]

Unfortunately, the author completely ruined the series for me. There were just too many (view spoiler)[explicit sex scenes between Ronin and some other woman it made me sick. I don't care if it makes me a hypocrite since Blaire was with Lawrence for pet of the book.(hide spoiler)]If you write a story about a heroine who has never been shown any kind of love I expect the hero to be the one to show it to her. I need all of her reservations and stereotypes of what happens when people fall in love t [...]

4 STARS!!!To love you is to self-destruct, Blair.Ronan or LawrenceAmazing book with only one objection. I wish that epilogue was longer.


Sweetest Venom5+++ Be Still My Heart StarsWhat a journey.a grueling, emotional, exhausting, gripping, sexy and loving journey. One that took me hostage and wouldn't let me rest till I finished the journey. Three characters that infiltrated my heart and tore me to shreds. I'm emotionally drainThe relationships written by Mia Asher are not for the faint of heart. They are emotionally angsty. There are times when you think the tides are turning only to be swept out by the undertow. The storyline ke [...]

5 STARS "There's no room for logic when the heart is involved."For over a year and a half i have been waiting for this book to come out it was the anticipated book of the year for me. Like other authors who i love that puts a book out a every single 6 months for some strange reason their characters never stay in my head as long as mia asher characters do, they literally have a small place in my heart and i honestly feel i will never forget them. And that is what sets mia asher apart from a good [...]

3.75 - 4 - This Book will F%ck with your Emotions Stars!!!Edit on 4/18/16Ok, I never, EVER go back and change a rating, but I think just this one time, I need to. This book stayed with me for a solid two weeks after I read it. I discovered the epic soundtrack Mia created for it and then I fell into it all over again, the story, the emotions. And THAT is not possible unless it's a good book! I have worried about the umy that did not get the girl and hoped that he is okah, I've lost it! So, I am r [...]

5+ Panty-melting Stars!Wow. I pretty much devoured this two-part series in 48 hours. I'm so thankful I put off reading Easy Virtue till Sweetest Venom was out. I think my heart is permanently damaged though. It was pounding into overdrive for most of this book!Sweetest Venom picks up right on the heels of Easy Virtue. Let's face it, Blaire has probably more psychological baggage than any heroine I've read in a very very long time. I'm going to stick my neck out there and say I was never on #Team [...]

Genre: Erotic RomanceType:Book 2 of 2 from Virtue seriesPOV: First Person - MultipleRating: Blaire White made her bed but she couldn't lie in it without hurting herself or the people around her. She had to make a choice between what she wanted and what she needed. It didn't come easy when both Lawrence Rothschild and Ronan Geraghty were no longer the same men she used to know. I love books that put me through an emotional wringer. The angst in this one hurt so good, and it certainly felt like th [...]

2,5 - 3 ??This is the second book in the "Virtue" seriesCharacters:This is the story of two lovable heroes (Ronan & Lawrence) and one annoying heroine (Blaire)I loved both Ronan and Lawrence, no special preference, really. But I hugely disliked the heroine, Blaire. We read how she self-sabotages her life, ruining the lives of both men who love her.It is only towards the second half of the second book that she starts to come to her senses, seeing that sabotaging her own life and refusing to l [...]

5 Venomous Stars!This book broke my heart😩! I need a minute to calm down my emotions. Once again Mia Asher has ruined me!! Full review soon when I can talk about this book without getting so emotional.

3 venomous STARS?! **minor opinion alert**I'm very aware of this book will contains triangle love between Ronan-Blaire-Lawrence. I have mixed feeling about this and turns out to be true. Sweetest Venom told from multiple POV; Blaire, Ronan and Lawrence. Unfortunately, some things just didn't work out FOR ME. Don't hate me, eh. Rated S for Spoilers!1. I wanna slap Blaire so hard. She lose her shit. She didn't like the strong and fierce Blaire used to anymore. After she lose Ronan, Blaire couldn't [...]

I CAN'T EVEN RIGHT NOW! I'm at a loss for words. All I can say with complete confidence is that Mia Asher is a goddamn genius. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to find some way to nurse this MASSIVE book hangover!"Her kisses were deceit that tasted like the sweetest venom, her laugh a lure to my demise, and her body the damn devil's playground."Okay, I'm back! I'm going to try with my best ability to do this book justice with this review, but I will warn you that I've been sitting and thinking [...]

3.75 StarsIn Sweetest Venom, we are reunited with Blaire, Ronan and Lawrence. As Blaire chose Lawrence at the end of Easy Virtue, the consequences of her decisions deeply impact each one of them in this final conclusion.Blaire is convinced that she can protect her heart by only seeking superficial and sexual relationships with wealthy men and Lawrence isn’t any different to her. However, as Blaire begins to get closer to Lawrence, her feelings deepen and she starts to realize she can no longer [...]

Psst SWEETEST VENOM is out in 2DAYS!!!!! I'm speechless. I finished yesterday and I can't even begin to explain my feelings My emotions were so up and down I felt bipolar Mia Asher played my heart like a damn drum It didn't stop beating out of my chest, from when I read the preface I knew this book would be the death of me I'm in awe All I'm saying you won't have no idea where this book is going. It's brilliant, it's a master piece. I am #TEAMRONAN for life!He OWNS ME!!! Ladies get ready because [...]

This review is hard because I am so afraid of spoilers. This book owned me from beginning to end. Sweetest Venom is a book that you need to go in not knowing absolutely anything about the conclusion. You need to go in and experience every single emotion put in there by the amazing Mia Asher. I have no words to describe her magic in this book. The angst, the feelings, the ups and downs, everything was just perfectly crafted in my opinion. A book with all the feels, characters that you won't ever [...]

We all remember what happened in EASY VIRTUE. Blaire kinda fell in love with Ronan, but he's not what she thinks she needs and wants. She needs a rich man to take care of her. And that's Lawrence.But she can't forget Ronan.And he can't forget her - especially because he's working for Lawrence!!! He sees her with him all the time. He tries to forget her with lots of sexbut she's always in his head - just like he's in hers.But she's also developing feelings for Lawrence, and Ronan is having a thin [...]

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