The Beck Brothers Series

Andria Large

The Beck Brothers Series

The Beck Brothers Series

  • Title: The Beck Brothers Series
  • Author: Andria Large
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Kindle Edition

You will find in this book the complete collection of the Beck Brothers Series This compilation includes all four books Henry, Sebastian, Quinn, and Christian Also, at the end, you will find a sneak peek of the new book by M.D Saperstein and Andria Large called Hey There, Delilah a Taboo Love Series 1.

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I absolutely loved this series! I read 'Henry' and was hooked! These books aren't my usual choice for what to read, but I purchased 'Henry' while looking for a new genre, hoping to find something that would draw me back into reading. I read all 4 books in 3 days, did absolutely no housework and loved every minute of it!Andria writes about her characters in a way that draws you in, making you want to know more about each of them, not just the storyline. Just enough information about each characte [...]

I loved this series! All of the brothers were wonderful and I loved their connection. I especially enjoy the relationship between Henry and Sebastian. Their significant others really completed the brothers and the family as a whole made for a wonderful read. My favorite was Sebastian. I got such a kick out of him and couldn't get enough of him. If you haven't read the series, you are missing out. Check it out today!

This compilation has a full length novel for each of the Beck brothers, Henry, Sebastian, Quinn and Christian. It's a refreshing change to have male leads who are not macho just for the sake of it, hard and are not all 'I'm a bachelor and never going to change'. All of the respective partners are strong characters, not push overs to these alpha male brothers. Henry, Sebastian and Quinn's stories are M/F but Christian's is M/M.A enjoyable collection of happy ever after romances.

I loved all the books! But I really liked Henry the first book the most. I just love Claire, she's just so sweet. I also loved Sebastian's attitude, and his jokes; you could never go wrong with him. I especially loved the ending of Christian's book. When the epilogue was 7 years later and we see from Anne's (the brothers mother) side of the story. I love how they gave her such a wonderful gift.

I loved these books! The Beck brothers are a force tonne reckoned with and the loves that tame them are all phenomenal. I think my favorite one is Sebastian, the heart broken bad boy. I could just eat them all up, but he is by far the tastiest to me! All four of these books are a great love story and a hell of a rollercoaster ride!

I borrowed the books 1-4 through Prime and really enjoyed it. Its great you can get all four together and read them strait through. I liked how they had all the characters throughout all the books. The brothers are hot, but Sebastian is my favorite.

It's been a while since I read it. (before GR)1. Henry - 4 stars2. Sebastian 3 stars3. Quinn 4 stars4. Christian 3.5 starsI would like to read them again. Then I'll make a more detailed Review. Promise!

I loved that the whole series was in one!!!!

Great SeriesI am officially a huge fan of Andria Large. I actually read her books in the wrong order: I read the Taboo Love series first, then the Renegade series, then the 1st book in the War trilogy, and then the Beck brother series, which I became curious about while reading the Renegade series bc Sebastian is in that book too. With each series, I have found that each book within the series gets better. I think the author's strength is character development and The emotional intensity between [...]

I only read the first story, Henry. It was ok, but not great. Not impressed enough to continue with the other three stories. Lots of grammatical errors (typos and misused words such as "be" instead of "me") and somewhat stilted writing. The story also jumped forward in time too many times for me, i.e. three weeks later, three months later, etc. I like longer books that give you details instead of skipping time, but that's just my personal preference. It may not bother everyone. I also felt the s [...]

This was an excellent series! The Brothers were written so smoothly. You felt their individual struggles and heartbreak and then loved watching them adapt and grow. They have a very special bond between them all and it was terrific the way they all supported each other no matter what. Each Brother was tastefully written and made you want your very own Beck Brother.Loved every minute of reading this series! Highly recommended.

I loved this series!!!These four books are to die for. The Beck brothers were hot!!! You must read the adventures that Henry, Sebastian, Quinn, and Christian get into. Great fun. The sex scenes were smoking hot. Will definitely be reading more from this author.

I can not express how much I loved these books them men are hot and you fall in love with all of the brothers you cry you yell at them I can not express how good this series is if you have not read any thing by this awesome author you don't know what you are missing

Blew me away!These stories absolutely blew me away! They had everything I love in a story all in one boxset. This is a new author for me and I cannot wait to see what else she has available. I definitely found a new author to follow in this one!!

4.5 stars. This was a really really great series. There is definitely a little bit of everything. They just kept getting better as I read. I enjoyed Sebastian's story, but really really enjoyed Christian's story. I highly recommend this entire series.

The Beck BrothersAre awesome. They are uniquely different that make each stand out. I love how the books were written and how the series were bundled. Love this author :)

these books were just touching and funny at times. Sebastian's story was just so sweet.

Ooooooo loved these books!

Seriously an awesome series of books that will leave you wanting more!!! Which if you catch the V-day special there was a short in that one about Christian and Shea!!!

Loved, loved, loved this series.

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