Family Inheritance

Terri Ann Leidich

Family Inheritance

Family Inheritance

  • Title: Family Inheritance
  • Author: Terri Ann Leidich
  • ISBN: 9781939371393
  • Page: 306
  • Format: ebook

Called to the bedside of their dying mother, three sisters reluctantly return to their childhood home in northern Minnesota What should be a reunion of love and warmth is tainted by the ghosts of their childhood their parents farm is a place of painful memories With their mother in a coma, Helene leaves behind a shell of a marriage in Atlanta her country club lifestyCalled to the bedside of their dying mother, three sisters reluctantly return to their childhood home in northern Minnesota What should be a reunion of love and warmth is tainted by the ghosts of their childhood their parents farm is a place of painful memories With their mother in a coma, Helene leaves behind a shell of a marriage in Atlanta her country club lifestyle not at all what it seems Alice has finally fled an abusive husband but is afraid her failing courage will put her children in danger Waking up beside yet another stranger, Suzanne can no longer deny how an alcohol addiction may destroy everything she s worked for an addiction that barely masks the terrible wounds on her soul They may have escaped the farm, but Helene, Alice, and Suzanne find they are still perpetuating a cycle of pain, abuse, alcoholism, anger, fear, and bitterness Seeing themselves through each other s eyes, the sisters are forced to confront their demons Will they be able to tread through the wreckage of the past to create lives filled with hope, love, and triumph

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Estranged from each other and their parents from the time they were old enough to leave home, because of unexpressed and unresolved childhood abuses of varying degreesThree sisters, are brought together when their mother is admitted to hospital in a diabetic coma. After an absence of many years the women struggle to make peace, not just with each other, but also with their [comatose] mother, each one believing she was negligent in her duty of care to them as children.They blame each other for de [...]

This book was such a awkward read, everything about it made me uncomfortable. From the childlike dialogue and inner narratives, to the overuse of the same descriptive words over and over again. Example: Alice lugged her huge body to the room, Alice hugged her son with her huge body, Alice is huge huge huge. Ugh I get it, after a while it just started to sound offensive.This book also dealt with some very serious issues and I felt that the low quality of writing almost made these issues come acro [...]

I found this book very difficult to read. It dealt with so many issues stemming from an abusive loveless childhood. When the three sisters return home to make peace with their comatose mother they are all dealing with very dysfunctional lives. Infidelity, spousal abuse, alcoholism, and weight issues follow them back to Minnesota. When they gather together they discover that they all have their dark place to overcome. They need to deal with the past and try to move forward – can they forgive th [...]

Family Inheritance by Terri Ann Leidich is a story of abuse, infidelity and rape. But more importantly, it is a story of forgiveness, acceptance and personal growth. Three sisters are reunited at their dying mother’s bedside. They have lived through a very abusive loveless childhood. The three sisters have not seen each other in many, many years and they have all tried to bury their pasts. Because of this, they are all living highly dysfunctional lives. One sister is living with a husband who [...]

For me, this was a superbly written and well thought out developed book. Full of emotions.We have three sisters who have not been in touch for many years until their Mother got sick. We see how each of they're lives are now. Each one very different from their siblings.One sister is in a good job.Another sister is married with a family.The other sister is overweight and married with a family.The reason I have said she is 'overweight' is played out quite good in this story, I can see why she turns [...]

When they discover that their mum is dying, three sisters make the trek back to their childhood home. They are all carrying demons from their childhood and the farm is a painful place to return to. One has left an abusive husband, one has a drink problem and the other has issues with her weight. They are all dealing with someone in their life with alcohol problems.Their childhood included an abusive father and when they gather together they discover that they all have their dark place to overcom [...]

Family is such a loaded word. It can bring fond memories or memories that we would like to forget. Family Inheritance is not about the “stuff” but about the cycles that keep repeating themselves in a dysfunctional family. Terri Ann Leidich weaves the struggles of 3 sisters who just want to forget the past of their childhood and survive their present. The oldest sister Helene left her home of Minnesota to a life in Atlanta with the big house, a son who does well in school and husband that pro [...]

A special thank you to BQB Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.FAMILY INHERITANCE, by Terri Ann Leidich is a riveting novel, of a family’s hopes and dreams and the tragedies and secrets which haunt them, as they journey to forgiveness and acceptance. Three sisters are reunited at their dying mother’s bedside, Anna Teresa Miller –in the old farmhouse in northern Minnesota. Anna is dying and she does not care, as how could death be worse than her life? As the [...]

Family InheritanceBy Terri Ann LeidichRead 15th September 2014 This is a powerful book which will evoke many emotions in the reader. It is full of surprises which are not comfortable to accept. It is a story of poverty, anger, sadness, rape, abuse, alcoholism and violence in family life. However, saying that, it is also a story of hope, coming together, working together, forgiving each other and oneself, acceptance and personal growth. Three sisters come together at their dying mother’s bedsid [...]

3.5 starsThank you to NetGalley and BQB Publishing for this advanced copy. In exchange for a pre-publish copy I am giving an honest review. Three sisters, bound by blood and a tragic childhood, who haven't spoken to each other in years come together again as their Mother is in a coma. Helene, Alice, and Suzanne have all done their best to separate themselves from the life they lived growing up. That includes keeping distance from one another. But now they have to come together to decide what can [...]

I received this book for free from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review. This does not affect my opinions and review of this book.Family Inheritance by Terri Ann Leidich is a very dramatic contemporary read. I enjoyed reading it and was very invested in the character’s lives. Family inheritance has a fast moving plot that keeps the reader turning the pages. I have never read this author before but I would definitely pick up another book by her. Family Inheritance is about three estrange [...]

Addictiveness ❤❤❤❤Originality ✯✯✯Detail ♢♢♢♢Story/Plot ✪✪✪Characters ♡♡♡♡Memorable✿✿✿Likeness to recommend to others ✤✤✤✤I recommend this for those who enjoy women's fiction and feel good happy endings, and those who are hoping to make changes in their lives. "Maybe her childhood and her past were like any other family inheritance. It all depended on what she did with it." This novel is well written and easy to read through with a certain addicti [...]

I received Family Inheritance as an ARC from NetGalleyin .I had high hopes for this book. Three adult sisters, long estranged from each other and their mother, are called to the bedside of their dying mother. All three were victims of various forms of abuse by their late father, and, as adults, are suffering the almost PTSD-like symptoms of abuse survivors, and are plagued by demons of their own, which they cannot understand - perfectionism, compulsive eating, and alcoholism - and which are star [...]

I was provided with a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Family Inheritance by Terri Ann Leidich is a tale that deals with a lot of heart-wrenching emotions - revolving around emotional betrayal, abuse, adultery and rape. The book talks about how one grows beyond the scars that life leaves on them. On learning that their mom is about to meet her end, three sisters journey back to their childhood to be by their mother's side. The three have grown away from each other and [...]

I really enjoyed this book and was reading it every chance I had. In my opinion, that’s how I know it’s a good book.Coming from a childhood that was less than ideal, I know that you can be affected by it, but you either learn from it or end up hiding from it. The three sisters were all hiding from their past and they kept that part of them a secret from everyone. They kept things from each other and pushed each other away over the years.Helene, Alice, and Suzanne had obstacles that seemed to [...]

An ARC was received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis book is extremely well written and you won’t want to put it down until you’ve read the very last page. Even then, the characters will continue to stick with you. I liked this book very much and would definitely recommend it. Family Inheritance is a heartbreaking tale of three sisters struggling in their adult lives as a direct result of the abusive childhood that they suffered. (view spoiler)[Helene, the oldest sister, le [...]

Anne is dying - and on her deathbed her spirit meets with her abusive husband´s spirit. He tells her not to go yet, that they have wronged their daughters and she is to wait and to help them. And somehow - the lives of the three women starts to turn. The oldest, perfectionist Helene is not able to confront the cheating husband, drinking son and the circle of rich, superficial "friends". Alice, overweighted and suffering the abuse from the hands of her drunkard husband, is to learn that her daug [...]

I struggled through this one. Three sisters whose lives have been terribly affected by their childhood, a world of alcoholism, physical and sexual abuse, and benign neglect. The sisters do learn and grow throughout the book, and get themselves into better places along the way.I had a hard time with some of the author's choices for these characters. (I'm trying not to give specifics so I don't give away the storyline.) There was a lot of blanket forgiveness, after talking with a therapist, and no [...]

Family inheritance was a sad, yet very interesting read that I am glad I got an opportunity to receive for review. It is imperfectly, heart wrenching, and make you have all different kinds of feels that you don’t even know what emotion you are feeling by the end of it.With the strong subject of incest and abuse, this is probably one of my toughest reads. The story around the abuse is real, and is not danced around in the slightest. The author took the topic and didn’t elude to anything, whic [...]

Note: I received a copy of this arc through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed reading this and had a hard time putting it down. It is the story of 3 sisters, all leading broken lives. They haven't spoken to each other, or their mother, since each one left their Minnesota farm many years ago. Physically abused by their father and neglected by their mother, each sister has carried over these abuses into their adult lives, affecting their own families. Now their dying mot [...]

Which imprint does a dysfunctional family leave on you and can you ever escape the feelings and memories of your childhood? When their mother die, the three sisters Helene, Alice and Suzanne meet again after years without contact. Convinced that the others had managed to flee from their past, they avoided each other not assuming that each of them also as an adult continues to live within small boundaries of fear, inferiority complex and the dream of a better life.Terri Ann Leidich’s novel is a [...]

A great cover. An interesting premise. A long estranged family has been called to the bedside of their comatose mother. Because of the family’s dysfunction, they have not communicated for many years. This could have been a great novel…. but alas it was not.The dialogue was stilted – as if written by a child. The characters of the three sisters were like cardboard cutouts. Every kind of dysfunction imaginable was theirs during their childhood years. Alcoholism, physical abuse, emotional abu [...]

This book had me hooked from the very beginning- the deep feelings that the sisters felt and the stressful events they were going through really moved me. I just wanted to keep reading to understand their lives and to learn their secrets. I loved how each sister had something going on in their lives that was hard, but very different from each other. It touched on so many different things that happen to people and it gave a nice in depth perspective of each of these scenarios. There was a lot of [...]

Family Inheritance by Terri Ann Leidich is a heartbreaking story of three sisters struggling through their adult life as a result of the childhood abuse they suffered. Their Mother is dying, they all return home and are reunited. With the help of each other they decide they deserve so much better and set about to make changes in their lives. This is an emotional book which I had to stop several times to wipe the tears before I could read more. I enjoyed reading this and found it to be a real pag [...]

This story is about a very dysfunctional family and how what we experience as children influences who we become as adults. Three sisters left the stifled, abusive home they grew up in as soon as they were able to after graduating high school. Each one pursued their separate dreams and eventually lost contact with each other. They are all summoned back home when their mother falls ill. Throughout the story, each of the sisters begins to find her strengths, brought to light by the presence of her [...]

This is a very dark novel with adversity and strength. Abuse and family discourse are major players in this story. The title Family Inheritance does not mean money or land. It is more about the cycle of abuse that travels through a family and everyone it touches. The abuse is very stout in places and I had to set the book aside to catch my breath and take a break. I love how the sisters find their way back into each other's lives. The courage each sister portrays as they each handle their own ad [...]

Thank you to NetGalley and BQB Publishing for providing me with an Advanced Readers Copy of Family Inheritance by Terri Ann Leidich.Make sure you have a fresh box of tissues by your side, because Family Inheritance will leave you reaching for many a tissue. Terri Ann Leidich has written a gripping, moving heart filled tale of three sisters each battling their own demons. I was hooked early on and completely absorbed in the sisters’ story. Family Inheritance is well written, raw and honest. A c [...]

Family Inheritance was a wonderfully written book and a true pleasure to read. I found myself identifying with each of the three sisters and some of the problems/situations in their life. There were times the book had me in tears. I had to set it down and dry my tears before I could pick it up and begin to read again. It was a book that had no dry/boring parts. It kept me wanting to read until I finished. Bravo Terri Ann Leidich! Well written book!

Not even sure where to start with this book. I guess the best way is to start by saying that this book does have painful topics in it that may be sensitive to some readers.This book is heartfelt and emotional. The way things were for these girls will tear you up. This book is hard to put down as well so I suggest that you have a box of tissue while reading. *Received for an honest review*

Love it!I read it in short time. I wanted to finish it at once!The story of abuse suffered by these three sisters made me cry. They tried to overcome their trauma of being abused by their father.Finally, when their mother was almost dying, they decided to reunite and heal their hearts and souls. They made it!

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