Finding Paris

Joy Preble

Finding Paris

Finding Paris

  • Title: Finding Paris
  • Author: Joy Preble
  • ISBN: 9780062321305
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Hardcover

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An evocative and compelling story of two sisters who would do anything for each other perfect for fans of Thirteen Reasons Why and Speak Joy Preble s stirring new novel explores the lengths to which sisters go to protect each other, and the winding road that brings two strangers into each other s lives.Sisters Leo and Paris Hollings have only ever had each other to rely oAn evocative and compelling story of two sisters who would do anything for each other perfect for fans of Thirteen Reasons Why and Speak Joy Preble s stirring new novel explores the lengths to which sisters go to protect each other, and the winding road that brings two strangers into each other s lives.Sisters Leo and Paris Hollings have only ever had each other to rely on They can t trust their mother, who hops from city to city and from guy to guy, or their gambler stepfather, who s moved them all to Las Vegas It s just the two of them Paris, who s always been the dreamer, and Leo, who has a real future in mind going to Stanford, becoming a doctor, falling in love But Leo isn t going anywhere right now, except driving around Vegas all night with her sister.Until Paris ditches Leo at the Heartbreak Hotel Diner, where moments before they had been talking with physics student Max Sullivan Outside, Leo finds a cryptic note from Paris a clue Is it some kind of game Where is Paris, and why has she disappeared When Leo reluctantly accepts Max s offer of help, the two find themselves following a string of clues through Vegas and beyond But the search for the truth is not a straight line And neither is the path to secrets Leo and Max hold inside.

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(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thank to HarperCollins and Edelweiss.)“Stay calm, Leo. This is the only way. He’s making me. You have to find me. xParis 0 00 1 36This book. It drove me nuts.‘My sister slams the brakes, and we both jolt forward, seat belts tightening. “You know I’d do anything for you,” she says. “Well, maybe not work at that yogurt place. Because it’s yogurt, you know?”'Thanks sis.The characters in this drove [...]

THAT PLOT TWIST IN THE ENDIS BOOK HELLA TOOK MY BREATH AWAY. ABSOLUTE BRILLIANCE!At first thought, Finding Paris is very much alike to Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska. After reading this book, my head was filled with thoughts on what it is about disappearing and getting lost. I don’t know why but I like these kind of books. There’s something more than just getting lost you know? Like they may get lost in different kind of ways but I think I’ve figured out why people would like to get lo [...]

I'm guessing we're going to be looking for finding Alaska Paris in this book, readers.

SPOILER FREELeo is woken up by her sister, Paris, in the middle of the night because Tobias broke up with her and she needs pie ASAP. When they walk into the diner and get her pie, there's a guy. He name is Max, Leo has quite an awkward conversation with Max. Once the chat is over Leo realizes she forgot her wallet so Paris goes to the car and gets it. Little does Leo know that she's going to get ditched, by her sister.Once Leo walks outside to try and find Paris, her car isn't there and neither [...]

This review was originally posted on About to Read. For Fairytale fashions, reads, and more visit abouttoread***Finding Paris took me by surprise with it’s fast-paced, unputdownable nature. Sure, I was expecting a quick contemporary, but I wasn’t expecting to devour the story the way I did.Part of the reason I was a little hesitant with this one is that I had read The Sweet Dead Life and it just wasn’t for me. There were qualities I liked about it though, and Finding Paris sounded like it [...]

Talk about mind effed. Review to come! Edit: 01/16/15You can find more of my reviews here on my blog: Take Me Away The beginning of this story was very sweet and though I was intrigued, I wasn't fully immersed in the story. But as it went on, things started happening and let me tell you it wasn't anything like I expected. This book turned out to be a total mind eff and I am so glad I decided to read it.I'm not normally a fan of road trips and lately I've been reading them non-stop. I read this o [...]

I received a free copy via Edelweiss for review purposes. I admit that the cover for Finding Paris was what initially drew me into requesting this on Edelweiss. Yet I find myself bordering on hating this book.The story focuses on sisters Leo and Paris and their close bond; they only have each other to rely on as their mother flits from city to city, guy to guy. They can't trust their gambling stepfather, so it's just the two of them - Leo and Paris against the world. Then Paris ditches her siste [...]

When I first read this story, I didn’t know what to expect. I had no idea. I didn’t even write down any predictions. I got swept up in the story I was reading. I had to know the ending and once I finished the book it was like I was ripped apart in so many ways. Betrayed. Yet by the actual end of the book, I was okay. Finding Paris ripped me apart and put me back together again.The relationship that these two sisters have with each other is nothing but amazing because if I were any of the two [...]

3.5/5Finding Paris is a book I went in with much trepidation. Friends of mine had not enjoyed and I was obviously a little wary. However, I think lowering my expectations certainly helped me like the book. The book tells the story of Leo, whose sister abandons her at a diner and leaves her a trail of clues that will help find her. I have to say, I was a little put off by Leo's sister, Paris' behavior in the book especially because she also steals Leo's savings. How could she do this to her young [...]

Destruction isn't permanent."This is an interesting book with a powerful statement. But it was a little off for me. normally I would LOVE this kind of book. But the jumbled beginning - I didn't feel like I got to know Paris or Leo well enough to have an emotional tie to them. I didn't feel either way about Max either, after all was said and done.but I think it's a good book, with a good message and one that will connect and resonate with others.

This review originally appeared on Such a Novel Idea.I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.I have to say that I was drawn to this book before I even knew what it was by two things: 1) the fact that it was written by Joy Preble and 2) the cover. However, after reading what the book was about, I knew it was something I was just going to have to pick up. I got to meet Preble in 2014 [...]

Mediocrity mediocrity everywhere. For a story that is supposed to compare to Thirteen Reasons Why, Finding Paris was deeply underwhelming, and this might only be me, but I didn't feel like I connected to any character, despite the fact that they were quite well-written. The book opened beautifully, and personally, I loved the way Leo and Paris stuck to each other no matter what. The two sisters seemed willing to do anything for each other, and older sister Paris takes advantage of this fact, lea [...]

I've been stucked here for 10 minutes lost on how to start writing my thoughts after finishing this book. Finding Paris was an okay read however its a bit tad slow and just you know really okay. The thing that kept me on reading this was the mystery of where Paris is. Plus what really happened to start this chase and looking. The concept of the story was actually good however theexcution of it came a bit slow and boring. I'm looking for more action and adrenaline rushing scenes or even more road [...]

This was some serious fuckery. I'm still a bit floored by the reveal. Love love loved the idea of this. It's a mystery slash scavenger hunt and I was on board within one chapter. I liked being in Leo's head and of course Max was adorable and that endingere aren't words. This absolutely was not what I was expecting and I really enjoyed every page of it. **Huge thanks to Balzer+Bray and Edelweiss for providing the arc in exchange for an honest review**

Leo and Paris were sisters, only one year apart in age. They were opposites, yet did almost everything together. Leo was the smart one, the one who loved math and science and wanted to be a doctor. Paris was the artsy, wistful optimist, always having a smile on her face and dreaming about something fun. One night, they went to the restaurant where Paris worked, and ordered a coconut cream pie. That was the first time that Leo met Max, and it was also the last time that she saw Paris. Leo quickly [...]

Paris and her sister Leo are very close, so close that there isn't anything they wouldn't do for each other. I guess there is little that is better than the bonds between two sisters. Paris is what I would call a dreamer; Leo is more the planner. Paris wants to create beautiful things; Leo wants to become a doctor. Very different goals in life don't distance these sisters.One night Paris wakes her sister Leo in the middle of the night to just take off a diner where Leo sees a cute boy and approa [...]

At A GlanceGenre: Young Adult; Contemporary Love Triangle/Insta Love?: nope.Cliff Hanger: nope.Rating: 4 StarsScore SheetAll out of tenCover: 8Plot: 8Characters: 7World Building: 7Flow: 8Series Congruity: n/aWriting: 7Ending: 8Total: 8In DepthBest Part: Vegas references :DWorst Part: The "twist" :(Overall Feels Felt: Oh a mystery; Vegas!; Oh no :(ConclusionContinuing the Series: n/aRecommending: yesMisc.: Trigger Warning; Rape.Short Review: Well, this book is a emotional roller coaster. First, i [...]

If you stop reading this without knowing what happened to Paris I think you should really start seeing a psychologist. SRSLY HAHAHA I enjoyed this so much!! It’s fast-paced, witty (really) and entertaining! No boring parts and kept me on the hook till 5am in the morning. It makes me want to go on a road trip! I just went to LAS VEGAS AND L.A. THANK U BOOK. Finding Paris is a story with great depth touching on family, friendships, and romance. It hit me so bad. I fell in love with the character [...]

This review can also be found on Key to Book City, check it out for more!Road trip novels with beautiful covers that just make me want to scream the characters' destination? Joy Preble truly gave us that. And by the way, in case you haven't noticed already, I do enjoy beginning my reviews off with rhetorical questions that not everyone can answer since not everyone read the book. Hah. But seriously, back to matter that we're currently facing, Finding Paris is my pleasure. I'm not feeling guilt i [...]

So, I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting from this book but either way it blew those expectations out of the water. This was just such a good book and I don't know how to review it because I don't want to give away anything because I feel like going in not expecting much out of it is part of why I loved it so much; it wowed me.So, the book starts off with Leo and her sister Paris going to the Heartbreak Hotel Diner after Paris breaks up with her boyfriend. Paris dares Leo to go over and tal [...]

Title: Finding ParisAuthor: Joy PrebleAge Group: Teen/Young AdultGenre: Contemporary FictionSeries: N/AStar Rating: 4 out of 5 StarsThis book was given to me by the publisher, Balzer and Bray, through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review--thank you so much!Lately, I've been getting into contemporary fiction--it's a genre I've grown to enjoy (dare I say, love?) as much as any high fantasy novel. And I'm happy to report to you guys that 2015 seems to be a great year for contemporary young ad [...]

I received Finding Paris by Joy Preble from the program, Around The World ARC Tours where you can get ARCS to read and review, and then pass on to the next person. Finding Paris was amazing the whole way through. The characters were great, the plot was intense with all its plot twists I found myself never wanting to put the book down. In the very beginning we meet sisters Leo and Paris. First off I love the way they are introduced, with Paris waking Leo up in the middle of the night for pie beca [...]

I love the road trip genre, I love YA romance, and I love sister/family stories. FINDING PARIS, has all of these things (Yay!), and so much more. When Leo's beloved and free-spirited sister Paris runs away (or is kidnapped - did I mention there is mystery here too?) she drops everything to find her. Paris seems a fragile soul, and Leo will do anything to protect her. When Leo finds a clue taped to the leg of an Elvis statue (did I mention that the book is also very funny?), so begins both a lite [...]

Original review can be found at kristineandterri/22.5 starsI received an advanced readers copy from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!I'll start with the positives of this book. It was an extremely easy book to get through and providing you have the time it can be done in one sitting. The writing was good which also made finishing the book quickly an easy thing to do.ButI wasn't a big fan of the story. It took on too much of the artificial feel just like the [...]

Leo's sister, Paris, ditches her one night and sends her on a finders mission across Las Vegas. On this mission, Leo is accompanied by a stranger she's just met, Max. Along the way, Leo wonders what Paris is running from and thinks that it might be that their step-father has been sexually abusing Paris. This sexual abuse sub-strain is far too important a topic to be relegated to a side-burner in a novel.

I will say that the more I read this book the more I hated Paris. I understand that what happened to Leo was terrible but there was no need for her to do that to her sister. I mean how exactly does leaving your sister stranded with no money because you stole it help her. Especially when you are like hey I'm sending you on hunt to find me and with a stranger nonetheless. As you can see this book clearly irritated me and really it should have been called Finding A Flaky B**ch.

Finding Paris is a story about finding yourself. I loved the backdrop of Vegas and the way when you read the words it feels like you're actually there. Paris and Leo's relationship felt so real. Their bond inseparable and so loving I loved it!! That ending though!! I expected it but then again I totally didn't which was fantastic!! Great story I would recommend to anyone!!

Wow. I never thought that it would be ending like it did!

I knew it. But didn't expect that last turn of events tho. I mean, when the truth finally came out. :o I wasn't expecting that. Finished in just a couple of hours! :)

Interesting story. Paris is the older sister who strands the heroine Leo at a diner where she has to accept a ride from a young man she just met. Paris challenges Leo to find her in a strange sort of scavenger hunt, so they go running all over Las Vegas and then back to LA , where they moved from after Mom married their skeezy stepdaughter. Max (the guy) and Leo both have secrets, and the story is about those secrets and about getting through the bad stuff. At the end, the two of them go on a ne [...]

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