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John & Jackie

John & Jackie

  • Title: John & Jackie
  • Author: T.J. Klune
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Kindle Edition

2nd Edition John and Jackie first laid eyes on each other when they were twelve years old Now, seventy one years later, Jack prepares to give his beloved husband the ultimate gift Before he does, they ll relive five key moments from their younger lives together over the course of a single afternoon From their first meeting and first kiss to the violence of an abusive fa2nd Edition John and Jackie first laid eyes on each other when they were twelve years old Now, seventy one years later, Jack prepares to give his beloved husband the ultimate gift Before he does, they ll relive five key moments from their younger lives together over the course of a single afternoon From their first meeting and first kiss to the violence of an abusive father and the heartache of growing up, these moments have defined who they have become As sunset approaches, John will show the depths of his love for the one man who has made him whole his Jackie They ll soon learn there is no force powerful than their devotion to one another 1st Edition published by TJ Klune with The Crack Crew, May 2013

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You know the comedian Louis CK? He has this great stand-up bit about new relationships. How it’s hard to start them because chances are it’s all going to go to shit. In the best case scenario you meet someone you love, your best friend, and you grow and laugh and live together for 50 years until death. Then you’re alone. Again. And that’s the best that can possibly happen to you. Yet as a bonafide romantic I think that doesn’t sound too bad. Sounds pretty nice actually. That’s basica [...]

Crying Crying into my pillow - such a beautiful story. So much I want to say but the words won't form. I want to hold onto John & Jackie and feel their love. Beautiful, heart wrenching and tragically joyful

I'm kinda scared to read this

Well, I knew it. I'm sitting here crying my eyes out. I was pretty sure that was going to happen after about the first few pages. I love T.J. Klune and I love his characters. I love that John and Jackie are together forever just as it was meant to be. Loved it!

4 Forever Stars.A Cabin & SunsetJohn & JackieA Romance of a LifetimeThis book is for the angst loving reader. Or the truly hopeless romantic reader.I am the hopeless romantic reader. And, I will admit that I do not mind my books sprinkled in some angst, but, when a bucket of angst is dumped over me, I feel like I want to crawl under a rock and suck my thumb. I found a rock, kept reading, and Sweet , sweet, Jesus this book so was good. Disclosure in the spoiler.(view spoiler)[So, can this [...]

Something tells me this is bittersweet. Not sure I can handle that right now.

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If you want your heart strings pulled, you've come to the right place with John & Jackie. Once again, TJ Klune doesn't disappoint.This is a story about meeting the love of your life early on, then becoming one another's entire world. But as lives go, they always end at some point -- even if that's after someone owning your heart for 71 very happy years.At 83, due to the constant, intense pain caused by John's terminal, inoperable cancer, he asks Jackie to once again be there for him when he [...]

OMG OMG OMG!! Someone get me some tissues and I could really use a hug!This was an amazing story, and again I am reminded that when it comes to writing TJ is a genius! Want to read a story that gets you right in the heart and makes you cry like a Wookie (TJ said we would when we read it, he was so right of course). Then this is the story for you!Highly recommended! Read the book!

Wow.What a wonderfully written, heartbreaking book.Covering over 70 years of John and Jackie's lives together told in flashbacks.Read it but make sure you have tissues. You'll need them.

Beautiful love story. I cried like a little baby through the last 30%.

I don't think I've read anything so romantic, sad, wonderful, emotional in a long time. Tissues needed for sure. This is so beautiful. I have no other words.

I knew, from the first paragraph, that this book would wreck me, and I was right. This story is full of hope and heartbreak as we learn about 5 key points in John and Jackie's 71 years together. Wow. Just wow. It isn't often I can be brought to tears so effectively in such a short space of time. Well done, TJ Klune, well done. And the ending was exactly what I hoped for. Exactly.

John and Jackie – TJ Klune. This review was taken from my review of this story in Crack the Darkest Sky Wide Open “Jackie,” he says, and I have to fight against trembling. My name on his lips has always been my faith. He’s always spoken it like it was the Word of God, with reverence, like I was something holy, like I was something divine.My blog partner loves TJ Klune's writing and I have never read him before this story. So here goes, Cindi John and Jackie have been together since th [...]

There aren't enough words for me to be able to articulate on how I felt reading this book. I made two huge mistakes in reading this. The first one was starting at 3 o'clock this morning. When I first purchased it I didn't remove it from my carousel, I let it sit there and fister. I let it tempt me, I kept putting it off because I knew 2 expect a few things when reading TJ's work, 1 is the freaking tears; 2 was the anguish. I don't care about HEA, I know with his work It's going to be worth my do [...]

"John watches every move I make, his eyes slightly glassy, but aware. He watches me with such a knowing look. He's always done that. Our whole lives. Everything I've done, John has seen. No one has ever looked at me like he does. No one has ever seen me completely, like he does. No one else ever stood a chance."John and Jackie are eighty-three years old now and have known each other since they were twelve. Seventy-one years they've been together, been each other's best friend, been each other's [...]

Right. So you probably will start by crying just by looking at the cover and reading the blurb. Do. Not. Read. This. At. Work. Or in public. Or when you’re wearing make-up. Or if you need to have your photo taken…Get it? You’ll be crying. A lot.But, OMG, it’s so amazing and worth it.This is a super short story that moves us quickly through the lives of John and Jackie – from when they meet at 12 to the end. This is where the book starts – the end. So you know to prepare yourself righ [...]

What can I say?The story touched my soul. I mean, that kind of love is beautiful, worth dying for. & if it happens to anyone, they're the luckiest people on earth! & T.J showed it in his own special splendid way!

I cried, and cried, and cried.A story that can make me love the characters, while crying through the entire book gets 5 stars. Beautiful and bittersweet.

Writing: ★★★★★Story: ★★★★★Characters: ★★★★★Overall: ★★★★★ (5)~~~I took a few days to read this, mainly because of work, and I have to say that I am glad I did - in many ways this is a slow read and takes a good while to digest but it is so worth it. Stunning, absolutely stunning inside and out. Although it was very clear from the start how it would end, I still shed quite a few tears which are rare for me in books, it was just so beautiful, so sad, so atmo [...]

An absolutely beautiful love story. How right that they should be together at the end. I didn't need the tissues (DH worked as a great tear stopper!) but I couldn't see the words for awhile and needed some deep breathing.5 huge stars

fazzoletti indispensabili

When Ulysses emailed me his review for John & Jackie, the covering note said ‘Well that was messy.’ I know what he means. I sobbed when I read it the first time in the anthology Crack the Darkest Sky Wide Open, and I sobbed this time too. The dedication may explain why it makes both of us break down,This little story is for those who have ever loved with their whole hearts.With that dedication TJ Klune makes this story all inclusive. With that dedication TJ Klune underscores what the LGB [...]

What T.J. Klune has to say about John & Jackie: "You will have total wookie cry face while reading this book. I regret nothing."That's about right.John and Jackie have belonged to each other since they were twelve. Now, seventy years later, they relive some pivotal moments of their lives. As John lays in his bed, waiting for sunset, Jackie tells John stories of their past.If their love wasn't apparent through their present interactions, it became even more so during the flashbacks. I loved t [...]

Wow, this story was very powerful. Beautiful and heartfelt, this book tells the tale of a rare and singular love between John & Jackie.The two met when they were 12 years old and from that point on, they were everything to one another. The story of their love and life together spans 71 years and unfolds through a series of flashbacks and narration from Jackie's POV. There is a lot of heart and passion within the pages of this short book. This is a must read for anyone who enjoys M/M romance, [...]

"And I knew then, John. I knew like I’d never known before that it would be forever. It would be always for us. There’d never been anyone before you. And there would have never been anyone after you. I knew." I'm a mess. I guess. I cursed the day I read Kimmi's post about this book and made me read it.I'm a mess.Later.

Este libro es increíble, pues conectas con los personajes en tan pocas páginas que parece surrealista. Te enamoras de ellos, de su relación, de como te la van contando y como, finalmente, te rompe el corazón.Todo, desde el primer contacto que tienen John y Hackie, hasta como poco a poco se van desarrollando y acaban en la situación del principio, en el hospital, dando saltos del pasado al doloroso presente. ~4/5. (Oh, sí, ahora mismo soy una masa de lágrimas y sollozos).

This was a sweet and touching read. I loved how John and Jackie met and it was good to know ahead of time that they made it for the long haul. I was a bit shocked with what a young Jackie did but I'd have probably done the same thing. I recently read in the news about a real life "John and Jackie" so it's nice to know some people get their happy ending. This is probably my favorite work by this author to date.

I must be crazy for reading T.J. Klune so soon after T.A. Webb. God the crying! When I started this one, I thought I knew what was going to happen, but I was wrong, although I think it was the same outcome. I greatly enjoyed the journey back through the good and the bad in John and Jackie's relationship, and the ending couldn't have been more perfect.

This book had me from the first page! Beautifully written story of John and Jackie's life together. From their first meeting at 12 years old until the end. Highlighting the 5 most important moments of their lives together. Just beautiful!

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