Meeting His Match

Katee Robert

Meeting His Match

Meeting His Match

  • Title: Meeting His Match
  • Author: Katee Robert
  • ISBN: 9781633750302
  • Page: 449
  • Format: ebook

A satisfying category romance from Entangled s brand new Lovestruck imprint When New York matchmaker Addison St Claire is tasked with matching her best friend s new brother in law, she almost refuses But the sexy southern CEO turns out to be a challenge she can t resist, because if anyone needs to meet his soul mate, it s this man And if matching him with someone else rA satisfying category romance from Entangled s brand new Lovestruck imprint When New York matchmaker Addison St Claire is tasked with matching her best friend s new brother in law, she almost refuses But the sexy southern CEO turns out to be a challenge she can t resist, because if anyone needs to meet his soul mate, it s this man And if matching him with someone else removes the temptation of being near him Even better.The last thing Caine McNeill needs is a matchmaker especially a gorgeous redhead who spouts nonsense about soul mates, critiques what he drives and how he dresses, buys him a dog, and pesters him about a million little things he couldn t care less about It s a crying shame he has to keep his hands off because chemistry like what s flaring between them ought to be explored Thoroughly.And so the battle begins Addison is determined to stick to her plan of setting him up on dates with other women, and Caine is equally determined to ignore these women and seduce her.

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THREE MATCH ME STARS."Each person only got one soul mate - it was the glorious and tragic truth of life."Katee Robert is an author who I'll always gravitate towards, her books are filled with romance, great characters and witty conversation. As an 'entangled' enthusiast I almost certainly have my favourites amongst the authors and this author is definitely in that group. Now that this publishing house has decided to branch out and create books under the Lovestruck title I can only be more excite [...]

3 CEO meets Match-maker StarsShe'd gone and thrown away every single one of her rules for himRemember Brock from Seducing the Bridesmaid? Well this time it's Brock's sexy older brother's turn at a HEA. And who better to match him with than a matchmaker that also happens to be Regan's friend?Addison St. Claire is a successful New York matchmaker. What she may lack in her own love life, she makes up for with her clients. So when Addison's friend Regan asks for a favor in matching her workaholic br [...]

 3,5 Matched Stars Addison is a match-maker and love what she does, but lately what used to make her happy, now only make her see what she's losing. Especially since she believes that she already lost her chance in love. Until the day her best friend asks her to match her brother in law, the lonely and broody CEO, Caine. And a spark that she wasn't expecting appears.But how does she match someone she believes that belongs to someone else?Especially when he also don't want to be matched with any [...]

4 - She was a complication he didn't need. Stars!I really enjoyed reading Meeting His Match; if this is the quality of writing we can expect from the new Lovestruck line from Entangled, then I will be front and centre for each new release going forward.Addison and Caine were both likeable and easy to get along with, and the story was one of romance, seduction and happily ever after, with a few laughs thrown in along the way. Katee Robert really knows how to give the reader exactly what they want [...]

If you love Katee Robert, I doubt you won’t love this. Although slightly tamer than her usual offerings, she delivers every element we have become accustomed to in her books. With a man to fall in love with and a strong-willed lady who captures his heart, Meeting His Match left me a very happy girl.Caine McNeill lives to work. And the man is miserable. With an overbearing father, a brother miles away with his own family and a huge house he’s rattling around, it’s no surprise he’s lonely. [...]

Another great ESR (easy, sexy, romantic) New plot to me. Fresh characters. Loved the setting.

ARC generously provided by entangled publishing in exchange for an honest review3.5 stars, darlin'I loved the Come Undone, Out of Uniform and Wedding Dare series from Katee Robert, so was very excited to be reading her latest Match Me series, being published under Entangled newest imprint; Lovestruck.NY matchmaker, Addison St. Claire, has a stellar reputation in getting people successfully matched & on the road to Love town. Her best friend (Regan from the Wedding Dare series) has put forwar [...]

I am officially sold on the new Entangled Lovestruck imprint.  This book was kind of a no brainer for me though because Katee Robert is one of my favorite authors.  I fell in love with Brock McNeil in the Wedding Dare series novella, Seducing the Bridesmaid and shortly after its' release Ms. Robert informed us that Brock's big bro, Caine, was getting his own book! I have absolutely complaints about this book.  I really liked Addison and I loved Caine and I absolutely loved them together.  T [...]

I am a fan of Katee Robert and when I saw this title I knew I had to grab it! If you’ve read Katee’s contribution to the Wedding Dare Series, then you might recognize the names of our main characters in Meeting His Match. First we have Addison St. Clair. She’s Regan’s friend, and she’s a matchmaker. She’s grown up believing in sole mates and that everyone only gets one perfect match in their life… and she had hers. So she gets that thrill of relationship firsts vicariously through [...]

This was an enjoyable read. At first, you think that the characters were incompatible, but as the book continues, they begin to open up and be themselves. Their chemistry was good. I thought both main characters learned something about themselves. Addison learned that she can love again, and Caine learn that he deserves love. I loved the epilogue when (view spoiler)[ she finds out they are having a baby boy, it was cute. (hide spoiler)]

**You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs: bookbriefs**Meeting his Match is a standalone title, as well as the first book in the Match Me series. It is from Entangled's Lovestruck line and I think I have found one of my new favorite imprints from Entangled. These books are perfect for when I am in a romantic kind of mood. Ok, let me set the stage for you. Reagan sends her successful professional Matchmaker of a best friend down to help out her brother in law find his soul mate. Cain [...]

This fantastic story in the new Lovestruck imprint line from Entangled Publishing is the story of Caine and Addison. Caine is a workaholic with no time for a relationship. Addison runs a matchmaking company and is sent by Caine's sister-in-law to help him find a partner. The only problem is that the match he wants is the one Addison won't give him - herself.I loved this book! The characters were wonderfully portrayed. Caine is a commanding handsome man, not giving any thought to trying to fit a [...]

First of all, this cover is true to its main characters. I love those covers.Addison loved her late husband who was killed in Afghanistan and she has this notion that he was the only man for her. For Addison, soul-mates are once in a life time. On the other hand, Caine lives a shell of a life with work and his father's company taking all of his time. The last on his mind is a soul-mate until Addison comes into his life.Meeting His Match is definitely an enjoyable book with good writing I was not [...]

ARC Courtesy of Entangled Publishingmmmm so rather difficult for me to review this one, because Katee Robert is one of my all time fave authorsever this one was just maybe a tad disappointing.I loved Caine, thought he was great but I just could not like Addison. Her whole "soul mate" thing was way to over the top for me and in the end it just grated my nerves.Caine is the brother of Brock whom we met in the Wedding Dare series. He is married to Regan who is Addison's best friend. She runs a matc [...]

Meeting His Match by Katee Robert was a read that cannot be missed! Chemistry, charisma, attraction and drama abound in a read where the characters will captivate you and charm you from the start of the book right through to the last page! There isn't a part of this book that could be faulted. It was just a scintillating, beautiful read that pulls at the heartstrings and sucks the reader into its vortex.Cain and Addison's characters were a perfect mix of confident and passionate, with a definite [...]

Ownnn I just like those sweet romantic stories!

Story was great, but I didn't love the writing style and it really bothered me

Once again Katee Robert gives us an entertaining, swoonworthy read. I liked sassy Addison when we met her briefly in Seducing the Bridesmaid and I was intrigued by Brock’s older brother. I’m so glad that Katee decided to give us their story. I knew there had to be more to Caine McNeill than the older brother who got their father’s approval. The McNeill patriarch always sounded like such a jerk (actually this word is inadequate, but the right word would get my review banned), but that didn [...]

έλεος! αυτό το darlin μου σπασε τα νεύρα! θα έδινα παραπάνω αλλά να διαβάζεις chicklit με ματσό άντρα και να λέει ντάρλιν ε όχι, δε δένει

::3-1/2, actually - I'm rounding up because I liked this better than its prequel, SEDUCING THE BRIDESMAID!::In The Wedding Dare series we were briefly introduced to Addison St. Clair, Super-Matchmaker. A professional friend of Regan Wakefield, the Main Female inSEDUCING THE BRIDESMAID, Addison's presented as a combination Private Eye and Empath, immediately picking up on how Brock McNeil is her Soul Mate (though based on that book, I was pretty sure it just meant Addison had read ahead to the Ep [...]

Overall, Meeting His Match by Katee Robert was a great, fast read and everything I look for in a category contemporary romance. The story was well paced and fun, the hero was HOT and alpha enough to set my panties aflame, and the heroine was smart, funny, and believable (with one notable exception, which I’ll get to in a moment).***Spoiler alert warning: I will try to avoid spilling too much of the storyline here, but a bit is unavoidable. You have been warned. :) ***The story involves a class [...]

Meeting His Match by Katee Robert was so much fun to read! Addison and Caine are both such strong personalities, and watching them verbally spar with one another was fantastic. There were a lot of really funny scenes like this one:“What the hell is that monstrosity?”“Shh.” She put her hands over the dog’s ears. “Don’t call her that. You’ll hurt her feelings.”God forbid. “Fine. What is that massive dog that I don’t remember owning doing here?” He hoped like hell he had mis [...]

3.5/5Entangled Publishing releases some of the funnest books I've ever read and it's no wonder that I immediately wanted to read Meeting His Match upon glancing at that eye-popping cover and reading the attention-grabbing blurb. Meeting His Match, I found, was a short read mostly because I wanted to read on and on about these two characters and didn't want the story to end.Addison is a New York City matchmaker who has grown up strongly believing that there exists only one soul mate for every ind [...]

The quality of romance books available and being released astounds and amuses me. Every time I pick up a new book I live in a state of hopeful anticipation that I will yet again be transported to a magical world of an alpha hero and a heroine capable of getting herself and the hero out of difficult situations and look amazing while doing it. True I am occasionally left wanting and disappointed but Ms. Katee Roberts has a true gift of words and her characters are some I’d love to take out to lu [...]

Review forthcoming on a-reader-lives-a-thousand-liveI received a copy of Meeting His Match in exchange for my review.Addison is a highly successful matchmaker, though her friend Regan thinks that she needs to take some time off, so much so that she insists that Addison goes to Tennessee and works her magic on her brother-in-law, Caine. What Addison doesn't expect is the instant attraction that she feels for Caine, or the conflicting emotions that that brings. Having been brought up believing tha [...]

Initial Reaction: A super sweet heart warming story of getting a second chance at love. Thanks so much to Entangled Publishing for giving me a chance to read and review it!Full Review:Addison St. Clair is one of the best matchmakers in New York City. When her friend calls and asks for help regarding her brother-in-law, Addison is not prepared for the man she was set up to match. Caine McNeill is the CEO of a huge company and getting a woman is the last thing on his mind. So imagine how shocked h [...]

Review from: mischievousreads/I've always wanted to read this novel ever since I saw the cover because the girl somehow looks like Nina Dobrev, one of my favorite celebrities and part of my top five celebrity girl crushes. (So now you know who I've imagined as the girl in this book.)Meeting His Match is a first of the Match Me series and it features Addison St. Claire, a young widower working as a matchmaker and a big believer of soul mates. Once you've met yours, there's no one else. But when s [...]

Let me take you back. Back to a time when I truly believed that all romance novels were too full of fluff and rainbows to be worth a read. A time when just staring at the cover of one of those novels would make me cringe. I don't miss that period of time. At all. Now that I've fallen in love with reading about love? I could never go back. Which is why Meeting His Match by Katee Robert promptly ended up in my reading list. A story featuring a stubborn CEO, complete with Southern drawl? Yes, pleas [...]

Take a successful matchmaker add an overworked CEO, a dash of best friend/sister-in-law mischief, a measure of cute dogs, shake and what do you get? Katee Robert's newest hit and my new book boyfriend in Meeting His Match.This is the first in a new series and if it’s anything to go by, we are in for a treat with the subsequent books. I inhaled this book, I didn’t want to put it down. For me this means it’s a trademark Katee Robert book. I haven’t read one from this author that it hasn’ [...]

I always enjoy matchmaking books and usually enjoy them but Meeting His Match (A Match Me Novel) Katee Robert, although also a matchmaking book, had a very sweet and different quality. Robert’s writing is engaging and the story picks up from page one. She grabbed my attention from the very beginning. Although not portent to the story, I loved the cover and the name of the characters. I thought that both complimented the story.Addison St. Claire owns a matchmaking company in New York City. She [...]

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