Prodigal Son

Danielle Steel

Prodigal Son

Prodigal Son

  • Title: Prodigal Son
  • Author: Danielle Steel
  • ISBN: 9780385343152
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Hardcover

Twin boys grow up in the same family, in the same town Dramatically different, they become bitter enemies, even as children one good, one bad One leaves his peaceful hometown, but when all else fails, the prodigal son returns, twenty years later, moving into his parents lakeside cottage But the reunion of the brothers, sweet and healing at first, exposes shattering reTwin boys grow up in the same family, in the same town Dramatically different, they become bitter enemies, even as children one good, one bad One leaves his peaceful hometown, but when all else fails, the prodigal son returns, twenty years later, moving into his parents lakeside cottage But the reunion of the brothers, sweet and healing at first, exposes shattering revelations

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You know when you read a book, and you anxiously turn pages with excitement ? This was missing at every step of the way, and in every imaginable way. So generic was this story and just in general, very, very disappointing. I don’t at all aim to put authors down in my reviewing process, but this was just plain bad I'm afraid to say Unrealistic is ok in fiction, as often that’s what it’s all about most of the time, but not when delivered with zero attempt of ‘anything’ - it’s just simp [...]

Typical Danielle Steel, I always read her newest book, and every time, I say it's the last. Ultra rich couple, loses everything, wife leaves, hubby devastated. Family issues, but everything is always devastatingly difficult, Peter is destitute but seems to have money to fly to London, LA, Spain, etc. Falls in love with his exSister in law, who is tiny and beautiful and so delicately fragile, yet strong. Shall I go on? Every page is filled with such adjectives and she repeats previously stated fa [...]

Please, someone at Delacorte Press - edit Ms Steel's next book. Her style of writing is ridiculously repetitive, and I've taken to skipping over the endless restatements of the same darn thing. Once again, Ms. Steel has created characters who live in a make-believe world. Yes, the story had the potential to be interesting when the protagonist, Peter, loses his Wall Street job as a result of the financial market collapse. Suddenly, he's paying alimony and child support, but he's still spending mo [...]

I have not read a Danielle Steel book in a long time, but I remember clearly always loving her writing. I don't know what happened! Either I grew up, or she has lost her touch.This obvious tale of twin brothers who are diametrically opposed in every way was predictable and so very slow. But worse than that, it was so repetitive, I felt like pulling my hair out. Doesn't she realize that she keeps saying the same things over and over? ANDher favorite word seems to be and. She starts a sentence wit [...]

I had never read anything by Danielle Steel before and I was a little apprehensive about reading this one as a lot of the time when an author has a large number of books published there is generally a lower quality to the stories. However, I found Prodigal Son to be a very enjoyable read.Danielle Steel has this really nice style of writing. It just flows on really nicely and I found myself flicking happily through the pages and really enjoying the story that Danielle Steel was weaving.The story [...]

I feel that this book could have been fifty pages. All the other pages in the book are just Danielle Steel repeating what she had previously stated. It just blows my mind that so many people actually praised this book. I feel that maybe if you have memory problems and you need things constantly repeated that you might find the book enjoyable or pleasurable to read. I did not find this pleasurable, only highly annoying. I also found it painful that the first 50 pages of the book was about poor Pe [...]

Good short story that if edited would have been about 50 pages long. I felt insulted by the author every time she repeated over and over facts peviously stated in the story. Is this a book for slow mentally challenged people that needs to be reinforced with repetition to igest the info?The publisher did not edit this book. Or is it the fame and the need of an author and its publisher to fulfill the year's quota as per contract? Now I can understand how an author publishes 3 or more books. They j [...]

Even though I did finish this novel (somehow) I am adding it to my "tried to read/didn't like" bookshelf. It has been quite a while since I left a one star rating. And it's not so much that this is a terrible novel -- its just not for me. I'm sure there is an audience of readers who are just fine with being watered down, with constant repetitiveness and reminders of nuggets that have no later revelation. Not to mention a level of detail and background on granular items such as recipes and menus [...]

Good comforting read, it's been a long time since reading her and glad I picked this one up.

welcome back Danielle steel!!!!!! this book is the reason I kept being a loyal fan. one of the reasons I am a book lover is because of Danielle steel! her early work left me content and wanting more. as the years progressed. I felt as though she had fallen into a mainstream outline in each book, but I kept reading everything she put out, and it has paid off Prodigal Son was a wonderful book. with story telling of one the best authors out there. The story had a good pace and intrigue, kept u want [...]

DISCLAIMER: I did not finish this book. I am giving 2 stars for the storyline - it sounded really interesting. I couldn't make it past Chapter 3, however, because of Steele's repetitive style. I listened to Steele's 'Granny Dan' on a roadtrip years ago and enjoyed it. I can only assume that if was this repetitive, it wasn't noticeable because I was driving and not listening as thoroughly as I would have read it.

I got this book from my local library. havent read any of hers in awhile and knew this was one of her new ones. it was another great book by her. really recommend it for fans of hers, and anyone that likes a little romance, humor and some mystery. its about this doctor slowly poisoning his wife, dealing with elderly patients , drugging them to get their money and homes. really good read.

Fiul risipitor nu este o carte romantica, asa cum am crezut initial. Am citit-o foarte greu pentru ca nu am putut empatiza cu personajele, iar povestea nu a reusit sa ma impresioneze deloc. Nu cred ca am sa mai cumpar pe viitor carti de Danielle Steel. Imi este dor de povestile ei de altadata. Ultimele aparitii sunt slabute. Din pacate.

DNF @ 21%. I felt like I was reading the same things over and over. There were a lot of repetitive words and phrases and I just couldn't get the flow of the story. Might re visit at a later time

Another bestseller for Danielle SteeleReading a book written by Danielle Steele is akin to eating a light, pleasing dessert after consuming a heavy meal. Prodigal Son is no exception. The story of twins who grew up hating each other is formulaic, yet entertaining. Peter, a Wall Street whiz, loses his job, his money and his wife in the financial crash that took down Lehman Brothers and other investment banks.When his wife leaves him and he sells all their possessions, Peter moves to his childhood [...]

This was my first Danielle Steele book and most likely my last. The author's style of writing was repetitive. How many different times can she say the same thing? Instead of reading the story with details, I felt like I was being told everything with no detailsbut over and over again. Felt very amateur. And thend then. .d then. eesh how annoying! Due to the redundant and bland writing style it should have received one star.ever I gave it two because I felt the storyline was somewhat promising de [...]

This is not the typical formula romance writing Ms. Steel is known for. There was a plot twist, an obvious one but still a twist. The repetitive phrases are still present in her writing. This is an improvement from the last dozen or so books I've read by this author.

Prodigal Son was an excellent study on human behavior. Prodigal Son was well written, well paced, and on point. Prodigal Son was one of author Steel’s better stories. Mel Foster’s storytelling kept me mesmerized.

"Fiul risipitor" este o carte interesantă și captivantă, pe care nu poţi să o laşi din mână odată ce ai început-o. Avem în carte două povești în care descoperim că o viață întreagă nu e suficientă uneori să cunoști omul de lângă tine. Chiar dacă întâmplările din carte sunt de un dramatism extrem, unele teme abordate sunt de actualitate: incertitudinea legată de ziua de mâine, pierderea locului de munca şi impactul acestui lucru, fragilitatea căsătoriei, relațiil [...]

Really struggled to get past the awful writing and get through this. So, so bad.

give me Jackie Collins any day

Will go with more books of Danielle Steel's. Really ends so well . i am fully satisfied with the Prodigal Son.

Prodigal Son is by Danielle Steel. This is a novel about families, especially siblings, who find themselves separated by their own actions. Peter McDowell was a victim of the financial fall of Wall Street on October 10, 2008. The financial business he worked for had folded and all the stock he held in the company was now worthless. He had already told his wife and sons that they would have to sell their apartment in New York, their house in the Hamptons, and their cars. He was without a job for [...]

Awalnya kupikir ini kisah tentang reuni dua bersaudara, ternyata makin ke tengah makin luluh lantak bayanganku. Siapa kira ada sesuatu yang sangat gelap tersembunyi di lembar-lembar halaman buku ini, kejutannya benar-benar memutarbalikkan seluruh kisah, kalau diceritakan nanti malah jadi spoiler, jadi biarlah sepenggal saja kesannya. Selain dari kejutan itu ceritanya masih khas Danielle Steele, panjang narasinya dan cukup repetitive, tapi sangat bermakna. Entahlah apa orang lain akan bisa menikm [...]

One of Steel's better books. Less Paris and San Francisco and New York, more of Massachusetts, and a very sick family. A sociopathic twin son who kills elderly people and slowly attempts to kill his wife, Maggie, who he controls by giving her tons of medications and not letting anyone ever see her. He keeps her inside the house, and mostly in bed through the tons of drugs that he gives her. And his twin brother, who he always picked on over their childhood, who ended up being dyslexic, but who w [...]

Audio book. I haven't read anything by Danielle Steel for a long time. It was different than a lot of hers. Not an out-and-out romance novel. Simple and I could foresee the ending, but it was an enjoyable "listen". Michael & Peter are estranged twins. Michael stayed in the small town and followed his father's footsteps and becomes the beloved country doc who sacrifices his life to take care of his patients and his invalid wife. Peter goes to New York and earns tons of money until he loses hi [...]

Estranged brothers reunite after 15 years apart and Secrets are Revealed. ***SPOILER ALERT***: But is everything as it seems? Is the "bad" brother from childhood still the black sheep of the family, or have the roles been reversed?Another typical Danielle Steel. Her run on sentences, repetitive information, disjointed sentences and reminders of the main facts of the story drive me absolutely bonkers. This has been my mom's favorite author for 25+ years as well as my tradition to buy them for her [...]

The first few chapters of the book, made it seem like an ordinary tale about the usual sibling rivalry and the brothers eventually making peace with each other. But that is not what it is. Danielle Steele converts what sounds like a ordinary tale to something extraordinary. What one sees does not have to be real no matter how real it looks. That is what this book is about. Read it and you will know! A brilliant read. It took me a while to finish it as the first few chapters dragged a little but [...]

You always know what you're getting with a DS novel: Rich, stunningly beautiful perfect American family, some sort of tragedy happens which everyone eventually overcomes despite the odds, and they all live happily ever after. The end. I don't know why I keep reading them. The only reason I can think is that they are such easy reads they are good to slot in between more difficult books (like a palate cleanser, as another reviewer put it). I expect she'll write another one soon, she normally does. [...]

I really enjoyed this Danielle book.It was about twins who didn't get along growing up. When one loses everything he goes back to his hometown and bonds with his brother and his wife, who is ill. Then a terrible thing is discovered and this is the story of how that unravels in a small town where the 'good' brother is well liked. This was not a romance novel as much as a novel about family, forgiveness, and trust.

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