The Forever Man

Eoin Colfer

The Forever Man

The Forever Man

  • Title: The Forever Man
  • Author: Eoin Colfer
  • ISBN: 9781484726037
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Hardcover

Riley, an orphan boy living in Victorian London, has achieved his dream of becoming a renowned magician, the Great Savano He owes much of his success to Chevie, a seventeen year old FBI agent who traveled from the future in a time pod and helped him defeat his murderous master, Albert Garrick But it is difficult for Riley to enjoy his new life, for he has always believedRiley, an orphan boy living in Victorian London, has achieved his dream of becoming a renowned magician, the Great Savano He owes much of his success to Chevie, a seventeen year old FBI agent who traveled from the future in a time pod and helped him defeat his murderous master, Albert Garrick But it is difficult for Riley to enjoy his new life, for he has always believed in his heart of hearts that Garrick will someday, somehow, return.Chevie has assured Riley that Garrick was sucked into a temporal wormhole, never to emerge The full nature of the wormhole has never been understood, however, and just as a human body will reject an unsuitable transplant, the wormhole eventually spits Garrick out By the time Garrick makes it back to Victorian London, he has been planning his revenge on Riley for centuries But even the best laid plans can go awry, as the three discover when they are tossed once into the wormhole and spill out in a Puritan village.Featuring remarkable heroes, an epic villain, and monstrous mutations, The Forever Man is another high octane adventure from the impressive imagination behind the internationally best selling Artemis Fowl series.

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The Forever Man was a great ending to a fantastic series. As always Colfer managed to grab my attention from the first page and more than exceeded my expectations. This book was an action-packed as well as an emotional read. I loved it.It seems like I've waited forever on this book but oh was it worth the wait! I don't want to say too much of the story otherwise there will be too much spoilers but as is stated in the synopsis Riley and Chevie get pulled back two centuries in the past. That was j [...]

BuchgestaltungWie auch bei den Vorgängern gefällt mir der Illustrations-Stil des Covers sehr gut. Es zeigt Einzelheiten passend zum Buch und das finde ich toll! Außerdem ist der Titel super auf den Inhalt abgestimmt und ich finde die Aufmachung sowieso klasse – auch der Buchrücken und die Rückseite haben mit den „Symbolen“ Zeitreise-Feeling. Das Originalcover sieht mir persönlich leider wieder etwas zu sehr nach Photoshop-Bearbeitung aus mit den grellen Farben. Dafür passt das Motiv [...]

The series is over A few surprises but the story, to me, just ambles along. No sure I enjoyed the ending, but it is what it is

The final novel in the W.A.R.P. set has a reasonably exciting finale extending over several chapters. It really is a sequel to Book 1 "The Reluctant Assassin" rather than a completion of plot elements stretching over the two preceding books. "The Hangman's Revolution" really has very little input in the final volume.There are some interesting new characters, notably Fairbrother Isles and Pointer. Further the Wormhole becomes a character as well adding a major interest to the plot. Chevie is rath [...]

Ή στραβός είναι ο γιαλός ή στραβά αρμενίζουμε, λέει ο σοφός μας ο λαός και άδικο δεν έχει. Εξού και η συγκεκριμένη σειρά, σε αντίθεση με εκείνη των περιπετειών του Αρτέμη, ολοκλήρωσε τον κύκλο της πολύ γρήγορα και ίσως κάπως άδοξα. Βέβαια δεν απορώ ιδιαίτερα που συνέβη αυτό, α [...]

This book is so good. I have yet to read a book by Eoin Colfer that I did not love. I'm just sad to see this series end. It has time travel, humor, fun characters, everything. An excellent read. Full review coming soon.

I was just really not into this at all lol

The Forever Man (W.A.R.P. book 3) takes place in both the 19th century and the 17th century. Riley, a boy from the 19th century, and Chevie, an FBI agent from the 21st century. Neither of them have parents- Chevie's mom died form cancer, and her dad from a freak oil leak. Riley's mom and dad were both murdered by Albert Garrick, who spared 3-year-old Riley from death. Garrick then put Riley through a series of dreadful tasks, all to train him to be his magician's apprentice. Riley managed to esc [...]

Inhalt:Chevie und Riley landen gemeinsam mit dem „Ewigwährenden“ Garrick mitten im Jahr 1647, in einer Zeit, in der Hexen noch gefürchtet und verbrannt wurden.Gut für Garrick, dass ihn das Wurmloch bereits einmal in dieser Zeit an diesem Ort ausgespuckt hat und er sich dort als Hexenfinder einen Namen gemacht hat. Schlecht für Chevie, die durch eine Mutation Katzenaugen hat und nun für ein Ungeheuer, eine Hexe gehalten wird.Doch auch in dieser Zeit gibt es Licht am Ende des Tunnels – [...]

Titel: Zeitreisen für FortgeschritteneNachdem mich der zweite Band "Der Klunkerfischer' enttäuscht hatte, wollte ich aber dennoch wissen wie die Trilogie endet, da der erste Teil "Der Quantenzauberer' sich so hervorragend las.In meinen Augen sollte man auf jeden Fall die beiden Vorgänger kennen, sonst wird man Verständnisprobleme bekommen. Zudem sollte man auch eine gehörige Portion Fantasie mitbringen, um die erdachten Wurmlöcher und Co des Autors sich auch vorstellen zu können.In diesem [...]

I enjoyed Colfer’s Artemis Fowl stories (Yes, I know they’re fairy stories, they’re written for kids, and you know perfectly well that I don’t care, because they’re that good), so I thought I might try this. Unfortunately it’s the third book of a trilogy – which rather threw me in the deep end of the wormhole, but Colfer was clever enough to include a brief “Need to Know” introduction, which explains the background. And a bizarre background it is. WARP stands for Witness Anonym [...]

This is the beautifully crafted final book of the W.A.R.P. series, and it trumps all other writing by Colfer. I was a huge fan of Artemis Fowl and I still enjoy the books but towards the 5th book of the installment the adventures get more and more impossibly extreme while the main characters become more and more beaten and wearied. There is some character development but there are some unfinished moments, dropped characters and two-dimensional relationships.W.A.R.P. is the correction of all the [...]

Warp #3 The Forever ManThis book tells a story about a boy called Riley and an FBI agent called Chevron Savano(Chevie) who travel through time to defeat Albert Garrick (Riley's old master) whose plan is to kill Riley because he was disobedient to him. Riley, Chevie and Garrick end up in the 16th century in a town called Mandrake,where Garrick used to be the Witchfinder. Chevie ends up in the town, in a different place and with a bit of mutations, she now has cat's eyes. Garrick asks the native p [...]

Colfer has this wonderful quality to his writing that really gets your blood pumping. When on his high game, his stories are thrilling and unbelievably enjoyable adventures that leave you breathless. The Forever Man was one of these books. To be honest, the first two instalments of the WARP series left me feeling a little lukewarm -- the characters seemed too much like pale caricatures of the ones in the Artemis Fowl series -- so I had very low expectations for The Forever Man. But after pushing [...]

I would read pretty much anything written by Eoin Colfer, but his books are not all created equal. This series is better than The Supernaturalist or Half-Moon Investigations, but not as good as the Benny books, and nowhere near Artemis Fowl or Airman. I suspect that part of the awkward pacing of this series has to do with the audiobook narrator. This volume, in particular, would be better in print, I think.Time-travel books have plot holes -- that's a basic property of time travel. That said, th [...]

This was craziness. It went a lot darker than the Colfer I'm used to, but then, this series as a whole was much darker than Artemis Fowl. As it's in the description of the book, it's not a spoiler that Garrick is back, which is a good thing, horrible man that he is, because he's an incredible villain. "The Hangman's Revolution" suffered a little without Garrick in it, but he's back in fine (terrible?) form in this one.Riley and Chevie are stuck in the middle of witch-finding hysteria in the 17th [...]

There's nothing quite like this writing style. This was pretty strange but I'm glad I finished this trilogy.

A bit of a slow start (as much as the foreword might disagree, this probably was related to the fact I hadn't read #1 or 2 in the series) ended well, if providing a bit of a headspin as to how all these alternative realities could have worked. The witchcraft angle was fun, to a point. Spoilers?: Should I know the name Geronimo Wolf? Did Chevy not realize she was seeing herself when she dropped in on Riley? Or was it someone else, which changed later as she was in the Wormhole? And how is this ev [...]

While it didn’t have as much historical stuff as others in the series, I did think it was an excellent conclusion, despite leaving me with more questions. It makes me sad that the series is finished, which is good, in a way. Like most good books, there are other characters I’d be interested in learning more about, but no deep unresolved issues. Love Eoin Colfer, as always.

Third, and possibly last, in the W.A.R.P. science fiction thriller series for middle-grade readers that is revolving around the very-young Special Agent Chevie Savano and her unexpected Victorian partner, Riley.My TakeJailed prisoners of today have no idea how good they have it!The Forever Man threw me backwards and forwards in so many ways. It was horrifying and hilarious, and ended with simply sad. So much loss in so many ways. The witchfinding mentality of Mandrake was appalling. Talk about a [...]

This is not a tale of time-travelers on some grand adventure. This is a story of monsters, miracles and magicians. This is a story of ghosts, a love-promise, and most probably the end of the world. Not everyone who goes in comes out. And none who come out will leave unchanged.

I enjoyed this book but the plot never really seemed to take off. There was more talking in it than I'd prefer. That happens a lot with time travel books- it's hard to avoid.

Funny and fact-paced science fiction, time travel story. Did not need to read the previous books to enjoy this one.

Landed with a thud.

What a wonderful ending to this series! Fun twists and turns to tie up all the lose ends.

I couldn't remember anything from the first two. I was mostly ok after a bit in figureing out who everyone was. The story was a nice play out and felt like a wrap up on the series.

Well I liked how it ended.*****"What would happen? she wondered. If I just let go. If I let the sparks take me." [p.328]"For I have tasted future coffee, and it is wonderful." [p.149]

I liked this story, but my overall opinion on the series is that the subject is too dark and the violence too much for the apparent target audience of middle school students. The second book even introduces a villain that kills his own friend for sport around that tender age. The first book is fun if a little dark, but it just feels too much. Unfortunately so, because the characters have a lot of potential and it is nice to see both a male and female hero work together.

It's been a while since I read the first two books in this series, but I found this one quite grown up in comparison and rather enjoyed it. Of course, as is Colfer's trademark style, it is full of action, excitement and convoluted time-travel theories. Fun to read at any age.

This was a difficult book to pin down with a number of stars, because this book both succeeds spectacularly on one level and fails miserably on another. When considered on its own, the Forever Man is an exhilarating tale of time travel, darkest revenge, and the dangers of allowing fear to have a hold on our actions. But the Forever Man is, in fact, the finale of a great series, and as a finale, it’s pretty unimpressive. I enjoyed reading this book, but it makes for a fairly abysmal end to this [...]

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