Love Those Hula Hips

Jackie Marilla

Love Those Hula Hips

Love Those Hula Hips

  • Title: Love Those Hula Hips
  • Author: Jackie Marilla
  • ISBN: 9781499615272
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback

With the imminent threat of foreclosure of their beloved Kona Breezeway Inn, the Kawelu family is forced to take on an investor In exchange, mainlander James Westerman siezes control of the daily operations.James craves one thing a lucrative investment property that affords him the opportunity to earn his father s respect When he invests in the Kona Breezeway Inn, he isWith the imminent threat of foreclosure of their beloved Kona Breezeway Inn, the Kawelu family is forced to take on an investor In exchange, mainlander James Westerman siezes control of the daily operations.James craves one thing a lucrative investment property that affords him the opportunity to earn his father s respect When he invests in the Kona Breezeway Inn, he is confident that as the general manager he will turn a profit within three years His plans quickly start to unravel when he falls for Hokulani Kawelu, the hula dancing owner.Hokulani is committed to her family s legacy to preserve and share the Hawaiian culture She is determined to maintain the spirit of aloha at the Breezeway, despite James s mainland business approach and his emphasis on the bottom line.James is certain that his fascination with Hokulani will not distract him from his business goals He soon discovers that the bottom line is a choice between business, as he knows it, and love.

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Aloha!Looking for a quick beach read…look no further. Ms. Marilla delivers a true gem with Love Those Hula Hips. I truly enjoyed this wonderful escape to Hawaii. This author’s descriptive writing swept me away to the scenic views of Hawaii and enlightened me with traditional Hawaiian cultures. Not only was I whisked away to a place I learned about but I fell in love with well-developed characters. Definitely look forward to reading more about the characters of this series.Love Those Hula Hip [...]

No matter where you are this summer, pick up Love Those Hula Hips and quickly be immersed in a love story that pits traditional Hawaiian values and love of the islands against brash business interests. Jackie paints a vivid and realistic picture of a quaint hotel on the Kona Coast so well we can smell the plumeria blossoms and the coffee as well as hear the rolling surf. The characters are well drawn and motivations completely believable. If you live in Hawaii or want to whisk yourself away on a [...]

Absolutely loved Love Those Hula Hips. I started reading it on the plane ride from SFO to NY and couldn't put it down till I finished the last page. The storyline is fresh and the characters are very likeable. I found myself entranced in the Hawaiian setting and culture, fascinated by Hawaiian tradition as much as I was intrigued by the characters. I commend Jackie Marilla for capturing the essence of Hawaii while weaving through complicated relationships and every day obstacles. I highly recomm [...]

This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.Sweet story even though I felt it was a little hurried, the transition from point to point in the plot was jumpy, like a low budget film. Seems like the author was trying to stay within a word limit. There is potential for a substantial romance novel if the storyline was a little smoother

A nice little love story set in Hawaii. No love story is complete with a few misunderstandings and there were just enough of them to keep me wondering will she? will he? I enjoyed the sprinkling of Hawaiian culture. We could learn a lot from some of the traditions explained here.

Right from the beginning of “Love Those Hula Hips”, the author, Jackie Marilla, makes you feel as if you’re right next to James Westerman, as you both experience the sights and smells of Hawaii for the first time.But James is not there to take in the sun and relax; he’s there on a mission, a mission which could finally earn the respect from his father he desperately desires. He’s there to oversee the day to day operation of the Kona Breezeway Inn, the inn his father has invested a grea [...]

Hawaii, an island paradise and lovely to visit BUT what if you were in a competition with your brother to win $250,000 and the hotel you put money into will either produce that quarter of a million dollars for you or see you going without? Probably not a big deal if you are independently wealthy and a playboy and that seems to be exactly what James Westerman is when he arrives at the Kona Breezeway Inn with his company lawyer. Hoku and her family have built, owned and run the inn for years and a [...]

Hokulani Kawelu is a beautiful and very busy girl who co-owns a family owned and operated hotel in Hawai’i. They’ve resisted modernization in favor of an authentic and historical experience, but now they are forced to either seek a financial backer or close their doors. To add insult to injury, their potential backer, James Westerman, insists on a managing piece of the hotel, rather than being a silent partner.As Hokulani struggles against the unwelcome changes brought by James, she must als [...]

Hokulani Kawelu’s family has received a foreclosure notice for the Breezeway. If they don’t find an investor soon, they would lose their inn and the sacred Hawaiian land it sits on. When the possible investor her brother finds comes to see the inn, he wants to make all kinds of changes. What will Hoku have to sacrifice to keep the inn in the family?James flies to Hawaii to check out the Kona Breezeway Inn, in hopes it’s the property he can use to win a fierce competition with his brother. [...]

Hoku wants love and a family of her own. After her last relationship ends in betrayal, she doesn't know if she can ever trust another man again. Until James comes to her native island of Kona and the chemistry between them heats up. She begins to think he's Mr. Right until she overhears a conversation that leads her to believe she's just a pawn in a game to win over a power struggle between him and his brother David.James has been sent there to invest in her family's hotel to keep them afloat an [...]

When James arrives at the Breezeway Inn he finds more than the business investment he was looking for. Huka and her family have owned and run the Breezeway and intend to keep it that way, but when James arrives Huka can't deny the attraction she has for him. That is until she finds out that he's the investor that her brother was expecting, then she tries hard to avoid him at all cost. Through the co- management of the Breezeway everyone learns something about family and culture of Hawaii.This is [...]

A little Hawaiian escape! Cool breezes, beautiful scenery and tropical fragrances, Hawaiian music and dance, everything from flower leis to sailing along the coast… if you have ever visited the Big Island of Hawaii, or if you just dream of going to Hawaii some day, this book is for you. A love story set in Kona and around the island, a strong beautiful woman, her large close-knit family, and a handsome stranger I am happy I discovered this little slice of romantic Hawaii. It says on the cover [...]

Wow! What an enjoyable contemporary romantic read! I have always wanted to go to Hawaii, and now even more so after reading such wonderful details with rich descriptions! I read this page turning novella in just 2 sittings today, coz I didn't want to put it down :) The characters are engaging and you can even relate to them! I was lucky enough to win this ebook and now I can't wait to read more from Ms. Marilla :) So if you love fiction and want a feel good story with a HEA, then add this m [...]

Aloha Hawaii! I have never been to Hawaii, however after reading this book I almost feel as though I have! The descriptions are truly amazingyou can almost imagine being in the Breezeway lobby, taste the Mai Tais and see Hoku perform as the author depicts all of these. I enjoyed the inclusion of the local culture and history. The story itself is a charming romance which keeps you entertained throughout. Ms. Marilla has a wonderful writing style and I look forward to reading the next book in this [...]

I could almost taste the pineapple and coconut as I became immersed in this tender love story between Hoku and James. I’m certain the story of corporate takeovers of small island hotels is nothing new, but the great respect Ms. Marilla shows to the local culture was a delightful addition to a tried and true story line. Only a person who lives and breathes the Hawaiian lifestyle could write such a tender story. Well done.

The book was fast paced with traditional characters and an exotic theme. There is something charming, but also not so charming about the main male character. Simultaneously, the female character is loving and all about self sacrifice. Definitely, a case of opposites attract. Honestly, reading it made me want to go to Hawaii. This work is a perfect combination of the author's love for Hawaii and romance. If you want a quick read to entertain you for a weekend look no further.

Love those hula hips Hoku family is having financial problems at the hotel they ran. James family is going to invest in it. The have disagreements about changes. I really loved this book, enjoyable characters. Also with being set in HI, I really enjoyed learning about the cultural there and the language. Made me want it visit HI.

What a sweet, romantic read. Characters of James and Hoku were believable. The setting in Hawaii was perfect. Just let me say that the birthday present that James gave to Hoku was perfect. Looking forward to more books by this author.

I won this book in the giveaway. This was a great book for me to read. I'm not an avid reader and I haven't had much time to read this summer due to the kids being out of school but this wasnt a long drawn out book so I figured I could read it pretty quickly. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Great story. I thought I actually visited Hawaii.

This is a sweet, clean love story. Great vacation read or a short escape from the cold reality of winter.

VERY quick read, the story moved far too fast for me, but it wasn't terrible. Just a lot of hot and cold in rapid fire.

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