February Fever

Jess Lourey

February Fever

February Fever

  • Title: February Fever
  • Author: Jess Lourey
  • ISBN: 9780738742144
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback

All Aboard the Murder Express Mira James s hot and heavy relationship with boyfriend Johnny Leeson is definitely warming up her winter But when Johnny has to go to Portland, Oregon, for a month longth internship, airplane averse Mira lets her septuagenarian friend Mrs Berns talk her into a visit On the plus side, Mira can make the trip a tax write off by attending the IAll Aboard the Murder Express Mira James s hot and heavy relationship with boyfriend Johnny Leeson is definitely warming up her winter But when Johnny has to go to Portland, Oregon, for a month longth internship, airplane averse Mira lets her septuagenarian friend Mrs Berns talk her into a visit On the plus side, Mira can make the trip a tax write off by attending the International Private Investigator Conference On the down side, Mrs Berns books them much to Mira s dismay on the Valentine Train, a place for singles to meet and mingle.After a few glasses of champagne and Mrs Berns encouragement, Mira begins to relax and enjoy herself until a fellow passenger is murdered and a snowstorm traps the train in the Rockies If Mira can t track down the killer, she may end up derailed permanently.Praise Lourey skillfully mixes humor and suspense the characters are wonderful and wacky, and the mile a minute pace never falters Booklist starred review The best outing yet for Mira Kirkus Reviews An incredible series February Fever is a very charming story with great dialogue and there are months coming, so readers definitely have something to look forward to Suspense Magazine I can t wait to see what Mira does next Crimespree Magazine

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Did you ever wait impatiently for a book to be published because you couldn't wait another minute to read what the author had to share? February Fever was that book for me . It has been on my "to read" list for so long and once I had my greedy and anxious hands on it (well- actually downloaded on my Kindle) I was hit with a flood of emotions. Anxious to read it but anticipating the sadness when I finished because it would be over. All those emotions were realized.Jess Lourey has done it again an [...]

I was ready to give this book a 3.5, maybe 4 at the most. Just ok, but wandered a little too much. Then I got to the end. Oh. My. God.(view spoiler)[Is this going to be the end of the series? Say it ain't so! (hide spoiler)]

Never considered this series to be much more than fun diversion, but the last several have left me wondering why I bother at all. This had none of the quirky charm of the first few and an ending that left me wondering if Lourey's evil twin hadn't altered the manuscript.

Probably the best one of the series (yet).

I think the idea that someone is unlucky because death appears to follow her is an interesting concept. In February Fever, Mira is known for bringing bad luck to her town because death seems to follow her. A murder arises and she feels compelled to help solve them. Yet, she hopes this next adventure is murder free. Her boyfriend gets an internship across country and Mira is ambushed into traveling by train to see him. Instead of having a relaxing cross country train ride, she boards a Valentine' [...]

What a fun story. Fans of the Stephanie Plum novels written by Janet Evanovich will love this series. Wacky characters, lots of humor and an amateur sleuth named Mira make this a delightful read. This was the tenth in the series that uses all 12 months in the titles, but it was easily a good standalone. Now I need to go back and read the rest. Good work, Jess Lourey.

I should have left this book on the shelf at the library. I missed the previous two books in the series, normally I would have looked for them first. Instead, I picked it up on impulse. This book just left me sad and unsatisfied, and wishing I had never read it.

liked the train setting; disliked the death at the end. series not light-hearted as in beginning.

Mira, Mrs Burns and Jed take a "Valentines Train" trip to Oregon to visit Johnny. Train gets stuck in a snowstorm in the Rockies. Kidnapping, murder, missing persons, mafia. Such a s-t-r-e-a-c-h. Pretty close to terrible.

openbooksociety/article/feBrought to you by OBS reviewer AndraA fun read. I could not help notice that throughout most of the book, I had a smile upon my face. I even burst out into laughter periodically. Mira and Mrs. Berns are hysterical. I quite enjoyed the scene where Mira has agreed to one dance only with Chad and then a mishap occurs….Mira trips and lands face first:“There are some things in this life you can recover from-accidentally forgetting to wear pants on the day you have to giv [...]

This is the 10th book in the Murder-by-month series. Probably not the best idea to read first as I did because this one does refer to other mysteries. The main character, Mira is a librarian with an tendency to stumble upon dead bodies. She goes on a cros country Valentines themed train excursion with two friends and she becomes wrapped up in a murder on the train. Mira describes this trip as "Murder on the Orient Express meets Lord of the Flies". So true!I loved the widdiness of the character's [...]

Jess Lourey has done it again with applomb, humour and her wonderfully original style. She acknowledges the reality of her iconoclastic heroine's life so far (whither Mira goes, bodies seem to follow) along with a heartfelt theme of childhood trauma revealed as a driver to the Mira's motivation in life.Laugh out loud social commentary, a specialty of Lourey's, punctuates the plot as it wanders just a tad mid-book, but pulls into a dramatic finale which also reminds us that while the jokes are th [...]

Holy Moly, Jess Lourey! Here I thought I was embarking on another cozy mystery, threaded with a teensy bit of romance and some humor. But no. Instead I got Murder on the Orient Express sends Valentine’s Day off its tracks, and Things Are Not What They Seem goes deeper than a good disguise.I laughed a whole bunch at the beginning of Mira’s train ride with nutty Mrs. Berns. All the elements of a good mystery came into play, with Lourey’s usual wit causing me to chuckle. The writing rocks, to [...]

This book was nominated for a Lefty, so I was anxious to read it as part of my due diligance before voting.Unfortunately, I did not get to it before Left Coast Crime, but I did start it upon returning home.I usually do not jump into a series at the end, but I am hoping that it will not affect my reading of the earlier books in the series, as I did enjoy this one and look forward to more.I understand that Mira is faced with finding corpses at the rate of one a month back home. In order to break t [...]

FEBRUARY FEVER by Jess LoureyIf you like trains and cozy murder, you will like February Fever. Mira, the heroine of the story is a librarian with a problem – murder follows her. Every month another dead body is discovered and Mira helps solve the mystery. February finds Mira, her co-worker Mrs. Berns and snowboarder friend Jed on a Single-Mingle Valentine’s Day Train chugging to Portland. Comedy ensues as the travelers explore the train and engage with other passengers. The train gets stuck [...]

Feeling sad that her boyfriend Johnny is heading to Portland, Oregon for an internship, Mira James is surprised to find herself on a train from Minnesota to Portland thanks to her elderly friend Mrs. Berns, who arranged this cross-country trek and which also has their other friend, Jed, along for the the ride. Beside learning this trip is geared toward singles as a love train (Valentine's Day is approaching, after all) Mira can't seem to get away from her sordid reputation of finding a dead body [...]

A super fun read! One of those that you start on and before you know it you're so caught up in the characters' lives and the storyline that you're still turning pages as you yawn and struggle to stay awake. Mira's boyfriend is out of town so she decides to visit her friend, Mrs. Berns. Mira plans on attending the International Private Investigator Conference so she can kill two birds with one stone, visit Mrs. Berns, attend the conference and even use it as a business expense on her taxes. Mira [...]

10th book in the Murder of the Month series and Jess Lourey turns out another great read. Having traveled by Amtrak train in November, the book really had the experience down. Taking Mira out of the Minnesota element was a good boost to the series and having it set on a Valentine's themed train was a lot of fun. This is not your typical cozy type of book and I am glad since I think Jess writes well in stretching the boundaries of what a humorous mystery can be. As I move more and more out of the [...]

Incredibly powerful and moving installment that left me in tears. Jess Lourey has woven a story that at times had me cracking up with laughter at some of the antics of the characters, at times biting my nails with the suspense of it all and at the end crying for reasons I won't give away. This series is a favorite of mine and I'm sad there are only two more installments until the series ends. I'm curious as to what March and April will bring.1/1/15-1/3/15

It's the first time I have read any of this author's books. It is an easy, enjoyable, read. I liked her character, Mira. Had some laughs throughout. She was able to bring up possible guilty persons, but really didn't "spill the beans" until the end. The characters were all interesting. I intend to check out some of her other "monthly mysteries"

Jess' books seldom end quite the way I Think they should, but perhaps that is part of why I like them so much. I just finished February 5, and went online to find out what the March book is called. Aaugh! I have to wait a year before it's published. Drat. Fall 2017. It will be worth the wait, I am certain.

This is the 10th in the series, and is much darker than most. Mira, ready to get on the train to visit her boyfriend in Portland, encounters a young girl, which brings back to her mind the friend she failed to save many years ago. When danger erupts on the train, Mira must decide if--this time--she can save the innocent, and what she'll have to give up to do it.

Yet another fabulous book with Mira and Mrs. Berns. I absolutely love mysteries set on trains/planes/ships/islands, and this one has a lovely twist with it being a love train. I was so sad with the ending, but it is another great, great book. And the next time I'm at the store I'm buying a nut goodie. :)

friendshipthis series has kept me enthralled for quite awhile now. it guides you to realizing just how much time you spend judging people at first acquaintance and how you limit yourself by doing so. I'm going to try harder to not make up my mind til I've spent time becoming acquainted with new people. thanks!

Not as good as many of the earlier books. Part of the appeal for me was the small town Minnesota setting in the library which gets left behind in this book, perhaps for good? I am sure I will still read the next one just to see where it goes from here.

Another great book in the series! But just the end, I can't believe it!!! Love Mrs. Bernstein forever!! Although I like Johnny and all, kind of glad he was only in the book a little and there wasn't a romance plot - refreshing!!!

I have finally caught up to the newest book in this series and now I have to wait to find out what happens next to Mira, Mrs. Berns, and Johnny. I really like this series.Side note to those of you who also read this series - I tried a Nut Goody and did not like it. So sad.

This was good. A lot more serious than the previous books in the series, and at the same time, a lot more well written. I imagine the series is winding down, since this is book 10 and there are only 12 months in a year. I'll miss reading the series when it is over!

Light reading. Entertaining.

Another enjoyable read in the monthly mystery series!

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