Sinners MC Collection Boxed Set

Bella Jewel

Sinners MC Collection Boxed Set

Sinners MC Collection Boxed Set

  • Title: Sinners MC Collection Boxed Set
  • Author: Bella Jewel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Kindle Edition

You loved all the guys from the MC SINNERS series, so now, for a limited time, you can get all three books, the xmas novella and a BONUS 10,000 words Here s what you get inside this great set Hell s Knights Book 1 Join Addison and Cade on a scorching hot journey mixed with emotion, lust and some seriously hot bikers Heaven s Sinners Book 2 You ve met the team, nYou loved all the guys from the MC SINNERS series, so now, for a limited time, you can get all three books, the xmas novella and a BONUS 10,000 words Here s what you get inside this great set Hell s Knights Book 1 Join Addison and Cade on a scorching hot journey mixed with emotion, lust and some seriously hot bikers Heaven s Sinners Book 2 You ve met the team, now is your chance to fall in love with the hardest of them all, Spike His story will keep you on your toes Knights Sinner Book 3 We all loved Jackson in the other books, now is your chance to see him find his love MC President and all round good guy gets a little naughty in this book Bikers And Tinsel Book 3.5 Join all the bikers and their ladies as they celebrate christmas together BONUS 10,000 words The Sinners now Are you curious to see what the boys are up to Available from May 19th 26th Only.

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3.5 sinful biker STARS“Who said happily ever after couldn’t involve bikers?” I'm going to combine the reviews for the whole series in one postI hope this works for you guys. :DHell's Knights ~~~ Addison and Cade ☆ 3 STARS☆So in a nutshell here is what happens: Addison has had a crappy life, with her hooker/junkie mother, the pimp who abused her from age thirteen and no way out. When her mother dies she finally gets the courage to leave town and find her fathere President of Hell's Knig [...]

BIKER BABIES SPINOFF????!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!! YES PLEASE Bella Jewel!!!!!

I really liked the look into the future with the BONUS 10,000 word story and I would love to know more about all the kids !!! I already posted my review for all the books this is just my review for the bonus story

This is a great collection especially if your a fan on the MC variety.Bella Jewel uses her own spin on the motorcycle club genre to pull you and leave you gasping for more.These stories need to be read straight after the other because you wont want to put them down. Also some laugh out loud moments that will keep you grinning throughout.The characters are exceptional and very unique especially the women who are amazing and strong and overcome some of the most horrific pasts/presents I have read [...]

Loved the extra story added on to the end.Looking forward to possibly another series involving the children of Cade, Spike and Jackson!!!

This one fanstastic book bundleI loved to read them all and I'm so looking out for the next generation means the kids of Addi & Cade, Chiara & Spike, Serenity & Jackson and Janine & Muffwhat a nickname This bundle includes Hell's Knight (Addison & Cade), Heaven's Sinners (Chiara & Spike), Knights' Sinner (Serenity % Jackson) and Bikers and Tinsel (Janine & Brian aka Muff) and lots of bonus scene'sI was hooked after I was reading the first 10 pages of Hell's Knight wow [...]

The world of the Sinners MC is certainly colourful and full-on but certainly not glamorous. The men rough and ready and can have pretty much any woman they want and they do. The women in the MC have a different type of snobbery and feel that they are entitled to these and when it looks like someone is going to steel their men's hearts they become mean. It will take some very special women to capture the hearts of these men and the women that do are very special indeed. They have all lived throug [...]

Absolute must Read!!!!!!At the beginning of this week I was in a bit of a book funk. I wasn’t sure what kinda book I was in the mood for I just knew I wanted one that was going to drag me in and hold onto to me for all that I was worth. One of my fellow book friends highly recommended this series and I was like ya okay I could get into a good MC read. Funny thing is when I went to one-click I realized I had bought this back in May of 2014, and never read it -- ya I suffer from that one-click i [...]

Awesome Biker BundleI had already read books 1 and 2 when this came out, but when I saw that I could get book 3, plus 2 novellas for $0.99? I jumped on it and I'm glad I did. Books 1 and 2 were not my favorite, but I loved book 3 and both novellas. And I can't WAIT for her baby biker spin-off series!Links to individual full-length books below:Book One - Hell's Knights (3 Stars)my link textBook Two - Heaven's Sinners (2 Stars)my link textBook Three - Knight's Sinner (5 Stars)my link textNot sure [...]

I just have to sayholy smokes!!!! I have read MC series before and loved them so when I saw this one was .99 for a limited time I said "why not?". I haven't enjoyed a series this much in a very long time. Each book was amazing with fantastic characters! They were intense, humorous, and just fun to read. Such a great story line. I was so bummed when I was done reading the box set. I'm going to miss these books and the characters. I love you Bellayou have one hell of an imagination! Thank you for [...]

I already own all three of these books individually, including the Christmas special short novelbut just could not pass up getting this box set because it was only 99 cents and it included a bonus story which introduces the kidsl grown up and possibly ready to have a book series of their own??? YES please =)Bella Jewel knows how to write some dirty, nasty, sexy as hell biker books and she doesn't hold back at all. Her characters are so vivid and exciting to readwell if you haven't read them yet, [...]

BEST BIKER STORIES EVERI loved each one of the stories equally. All of the characters were gritty, sexy, strong (even the ladies) with interesting lives. These stories had it all. Fights, mystery, sad, funny and the sex was hottt!!!! I read a lot of biker stories and these were my favorites. I also read about fighters, bodyguards, CEOs, I just love big, powerful, strong, rough and tough alpha males and Cade, Spike, Jackson and Muff more than fit the bill.Please continue writing about the kids of [...]

Great series with great charactersloved each one of these books,dirty mouthed alphas with hearts of gold.Each book has its own drama and angst and is steaming hot.Great mc read that doesent make you cringe like some mc reads with unnessery violence etc Each book concentrates on the characters the drama,chemistry and hea. All charcters great, funny,stubborn, sexy,loveable you name it this series has it for a bbf read.

Seriously, I already bought all three full length books and the Christmas novella. I loved all of them. I bought the boxed set for the bonus content at the end of the series. Yes, I seriously love Bella's work that much. And at $0.99, you cannot go wrong!! The sex is super steamy in all the books, and Bella knows how to pull the heart strings and knows her bikers!! She is married to one after all! Don't miss this boxed set!!

Oh My God.what a series!!! You just can't beat a good biker series filled with lots of HOT bikers and lots of hot sex!! And some brilliant story lines to go with!! Totally loved this boxset!! I'm a bit fixated on biker books now!! Totes 5 stars from little old me :) Thanks for a great read Bella ❤️

Can't believe I got this boxed set on for $0.99 plus the Christmas novella! This is the kind of series I would have easily paid $5.00 for each book. Intense stories, great in-depth characters, hot sex scenes, everything I hope to find in MC books, but rarely find anymore. These are must reads for die-hard MC romance junkies!

I have read all of Sinners MC both individually and as the box set!!!I FREAKING love this series - I love how Bella gets just the right amount of tension, sex and that twist of fun in every one of these stories!Also loved the bonus material - AND PLEASE NOTE - I WANT TO MINI MC SERIES!!! - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!XOXO

I got this box set as a free book. Let me tell you I wanted to keep reading. Not sure which book I liked best but if I had to pick one it was Jackson and serenity's book. So much emotions in that book. Looking forward to reading the next generations of Sinners.

What an awesome series!I loved this series and the way that the writer describes each character. I will truly be saddened if there is no other books to follow this series since there are s till other characters that I would love to read about!

I Love These Bikersl love the loyalty, the family, the hot Steamy sex. And all in a box set. I already had them as separated but to get to re-read the stories and get the surprise ending it is well worth. I can't wait for the next mini series. please write one Bella!!!!!

Absolutely fantastic. Was a bit unsure before I got the books, but just got it anyway and I was hooked. Love love love. Each book was so interesting with different story lines. Would love a bikers babies book to continue the story on! Please, can't let go of these characters yet!

HELL'S KNIGHTS:Raw, gritty and totally in love with this series! Addi's dad comes off a bit well strong, "ever disrespect me in my club again, I'll punish you. Your Momma might have let you get away with that behavior because she was clearly a worthless piece of s***, but I ain't. Don't effin' speak to me like that again." I mean he does grow on you, and you can totally tell how much he loves and cares for his daughter. Cade now that boy is no boy at all but a man ladies he's just so HOT, like m [...]

>Book Review – Sinners MC Box Set>I am an independent reviewer. This box set includes three full length novels and a novella. Each novel has an HEA. “Hell’s Knights” is the first book and tells the story of the daughter of the Hell’s Knight’s president, Jackson. Addison was taken from Jackson by her prostitute, druggy mother. Addison grew up sexually and physically abused. Her early memories are hard to read. The pimp, Jasper is as evil a character as you’ll ever read about. [...]

My review only has to do with the "bonus" part of the book as I had previously read all the books, including 3.5. Firstly, it's annoying that you have to purchase the whole set again to get the bonus stuff, some of us have been loyal and read each book as it's been released!!! Secondly, the Epilogue - Skye is calling her Grandfather "Uncle Jackson"??? Is she not Cade and Addison's daughter and Addison being Jackson's Daughter, making Jackson her GRANDFATHER!!! Also Thanksgiving Dinner - they all [...]

Some of the stories were good, but since it was a series I felt they were all the same story with different characters. This was the first biker series I read and I am a huge fan of Bella Jewel but these fell short for me. Way too much eroticism for me. I liked how all the stories mentioned past characters it was a family of familiar characters through out the series. Some of the sex was too over the top and it felt like she was trying to out do one book after the other. She was trying to bring [...]

I really enjoyed this series! Cade and Addison's story was good, Spike and Ciara's was my favorite of the three, and Jackson and Serenity surprised me by how much I loved their story - I expected to like theirs the least. The extra novella and the 'special' at the end was a treat. I REALLY hope we will get Danny, Skye, Max, and the other MC 'kids' stories, i would definitely read that. I'm so glad this set came out and was on sale for 99 cents, otherwise I might not have tried out these books. C [...]

A quarter into the first book I was pretty tempted to quit. Addison was an idiot and to hostile for my particular tastes. Im so glad I stuck with it, as not only did that particular story get better with every page, but each book got better as well. By the third novel I was in love with Bella Jewel and sobbing like a little girl reading my first Kristen Ashley novel. It was that good.I will now look out for other Bella Jewel stories and recommend this one highly, just grit your teeth a little fo [...]

I read the first book as part of another box set, so I was glad to find the rest of the books/stories together in another set. I really enjoyed the characters, and found myself anxious to continue reading and find out what they were up to. If I had any complaints, it was that I found the short story at the end to be poorly edited - there were some pretty glaring errors beyond spelling and grammar.

This boxed set was an amazing idea. The stories of these alpha males taking care of their women were incredible. They take care of their issues first no matter the consequences. The stories of the past made me understand them better. The novellas were cute and funny. Finally the kids acting grown up was interesting because we see the whole picture from the beginning with the adults to their beginning with the children.

Only $1.29 on . 600 pages.Hell's Knights - Book 1 Heaven's Sinners - Book 2Knights' Sinner - Book 3Bikers And Tinsel - Book 3.5BONUS 10,000 words - The Sinners now.Available from May 19th - 26th Only. Link

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