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Jennie Davenport

Hemlock Veils

Hemlock Veils

  • Title: Hemlock Veils
  • Author: Jennie Davenport
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  • Page: 161
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When Elizabeth Ashton escapes her damaging city life and finds herself in the remote town of Hemlock Veils, Oregon, she is smitten by its quaint mystery but the surrounding forest holds an enchantment she didn t think existed, and worse, a most terrifying monster The town claims it vicious and evil, but Elizabeth suspects something is amiss Even with its enormous, hairyWhen Elizabeth Ashton escapes her damaging city life and finds herself in the remote town of Hemlock Veils, Oregon, she is smitten by its quaint mystery but the surrounding forest holds an enchantment she didn t think existed, and worse, a most terrifying monster The town claims it vicious and evil, but Elizabeth suspects something is amiss Even with its enormous, hairy frame, gruesome claws, and knifelike teeth, the monster s eyes speak to her wolf like and ringed with gold, yet holding an awareness that can only be human That s when Elizabeth knows she is the only one who can see the struggling soul trapped inside, the soul to which she is moved.Secretly, Elizabeth befriends the beast at night, discovering there s to his story and that the rising of the sun transforms him into a human complex than his beastly self Elizabeth eventually learns that his curse is unlike any other and that a single murderous act is all that stands between him and his freedom Though love is not enough to break his curse, it may be the only means by which the unimaginable can be done sacrifice a beauty for the beast.

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You can also read my review here and ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!  Oh wow. I've never read a Beauty and the Beast retelling before, which is kind of weird because it's my favorite Disney movie ever. Bella is me. I just know it. If you're going to ask me right now for captivating, gripping and magical Adult version of Beauty and the Beast? Hemlock Veils will always be my answer.  The story started out by Elizabeth getting away from her past. She's hoping to reach the town that her father has always bee [...]

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewHemlock Veils is a beautiful urban retelling of the classic story Beauty and the Beast. Set in the Oregon wilderness, it's easy to imagine the small town and its secrets hidden deep within the Mt. Hood National Forest.Elizabeth is running from a painful past and guilt she can't let go. When her car breaks down within a couple miles of Hemlock Veils, she sees the small town as her chance for a new life. The entire town is haunte [...]

Not sure what too expect with this book, I opened it up and started reading it. It started with Elizabeth riding in her car and stopping outside of forests with a wad of cash. We learn that her father and brother is killed and she has nowhere left to go, the only place she can't go is back home to LA. Her car breaks down just outside some woods and she meets Eustace, he is out trying to kill the beast that lurks through the forest at night. He offers to take her back to his small hometown of Hem [...]

3.5 stars:)

A sure fact that I could say about me is that I, usually, don’t like the retellings and that only because I require a lot from such story to make me accept not necessary a new version of the classic one, but to accept a new interpretation, impression than the one I created for myself. Fortunately, lately I found several great retellings and Hemlock Veils is one of the best of them. I liked that the author gone further than Disney‘s Beauty and the Beast touching a bit the traditional French f [...]

Two words: Henry Clayton!! <3

Psychocat Reads Review of HEMLOCK VEILS by Jennie Davenport(I was given a free copy of this book in exhange for an honest review.)HEMLOCK VEILS holds a spot as one of the most long awaited books on my TBR list. Jennie has been teasing us with talk of the book coming out for months, and I couldn't wait to get a hold of it. So let's see if HEMLOCK VEILS survived the Psychocat's claws when we finally got our copy.The Characters: If there is one thing I love above everything else in a book, it is ch [...]

When personal tragedy and a serious mistake drive Elizabeth Ashton away from her home in Los Angeles, she heads for the Oregon wilderness, a place her father always loved and promised to take her one day. When her car breaks down, she stumbles upon the town of Hemlock Veils. The town's beautiful setting and quirky inhabitants charm her, and more than anything she wants to make it her home. But a menace stalks the forest beyond the town's boundaries: A horrible Beast with a reputation for violenc [...]

Ok, this took me really by surprise. I wasn't sure what I expected but I know it wasn't this!!When Elizabeths car breaks down just outside Hemlock Veils late at night, she decides that she better find help before she gets hypothermia. When she exits the car she hears some rustling near her. Out steps an old man brandishing a riffle. She explains that her car broke down and despite him telling her that she needs to leave, he has no choice but to take her back to the town. They go through the wood [...]

You don't read Hemlock Veils; you fall into its irresistibly enthralling universe. Vivid imagery, incredibly rich settings, history, danger, secrets, exciting paranormal elements, and characters so real you can hear, see and touch them. I fell in love with Elizabeth and Henry, felt their pain, their fears and their triumphs. This isn't merely a man-meets-woman/love-ensues romance. This is a story of two damaged souls that, through fate, destiny, and magic, are given the opportunity to transform [...]

Whether your literary tastes turn toward Jane Austen, Dennis Lehane, Justin Cronin, the Brothers Grimm, John Grisham, or Nora Roberts, you need to pick up this atmospheric story that is filled with beautifully multi-dimensional characters and a well-crafted plot that redefines the classic fairy tale genre for the modern era. Look at me already raving even though this isn't even my usual genre and I've only read a very early draft. I'm excited to become reabsorbed in the world that Davenport's cr [...]

Full Review at: What's Beyond Forks?I love fairy tale re-tellings, and this was a wonderful spin on Beauty and the Beast. The author created characters and a story that felt real and original. Even if you know the original Beauty and the Beast, Hemlock Veils will still keep you in suspense with it twists and surprises. The ARC of Hemlock Veils by Jennie Davenport was kindly provided to me by the author for review. The opinions are my own.

What do I think of Hemlock Veils? I think I should read it again! That's what I think.Everyone kept talking about the character and they were right! I love these characters. I want to live in Hemlock Veils minus all the rain.I didn't know I was reading a romance. This book took me on a journey that I didn't want to end. Even better I've heard from the author Jennie Davenport that there's going to be another book.Best present ever! Thank you!

While this book has it's fair share of flaws, I still loved this one more than I thought I would! So much so, that I'm considering it a 2014 favourite!Full review to come.

Rating 4.7 starsOh my god.is book was just so fucking good. I'm really bad at expressing my love for books that I really, really like, so I'm not going to even try. (consider yourself saved, I ramble like a bitch, lol.) All you really need to know from me is that I really, really enjoyed this book and that I sobbed for 30 minutes straight(thank you, author :P) Anyways, if you're interested in beauty and beast retellings, I definitely recommend you give Hemlock Veils a try. :)Oh, and please tell [...]

At a Glance/The Cover:The cover is super intriguing. Suspenseful. Dark. Curious. And I love retellings. Fairy tale retellings. Hemlock Veils is a more grown up version than the normal YA retellings. This novel features a slightly older protagonist and a hotter male interest. Well, I mean YA boys are definitely hot. But they can only know so much. And after all, they're still young. And that line: sacrifice a beauty for the beast definitely pulled me in. Sounds deep. And recently, I've read a lot [...]

I received this book from YA Reads as part of the blog tour in return for a fair and honest review.This is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast in an almost timeless contemporary setting. When I say timeless contemporary, I mean there are things that date it - the car she drives for example - but nothing really stands out and screams at you what decade it is.Elizabeth is someone who has always tried to do the right thing but has still had to make decisions and choices that haven't been easy (or l [...]

Others have provided very nice synopses of this book, and by now it's quite clear that this is Beauty and the Beast. 'Nuff said. Is that a spoiler? No, of course not. Not unless you are a person who refuses to re-read a book simply because you already know the ending. If you are that person, then I feel sad for you, but that's beside the point.I'll just say plainly that Hemlock Veils takes us through the classic tale in delightful ways. I really enjoyed reading it and had a hard time putting it [...]

I'm in the middle of a home renovation which is knocking my ass out at 7pm every night. I say this to convey the awesomeness that is this book that kept me up until past midnight.Hemlock Veils is a really fantastic Beauty and the Beast retelling. I really liked Elizabeth as a main character. She suffered no fools, and yet she suffered all the fools (read: layered). She was able to run with the big dogs like nobody's business, but when it came to her brother, and then Henry, she was forgiving to [...]

This is a absolutely wonderfully descriptive story that seems like a neat look at the beauty and the beast tale with twists. I love Elizabeth everything she does is out of love. She sacrifices herself and her job for her brother and feels guilt because she feels she failed here. She loves Henry and believes in him when he doesn't believe in himself. Henry has a secret he hides from everyone. He carries it around like the scarlet letter A on his chest and inside him. Afraid to let anyone in out o [...]

Let me start by saying that Romance novels are not my thing. I like violence, gore, anger, thrillers, mysteries and so forth. But, there are usually exceptions.This book happens to be one of them. In most ways at any rate.First: The writing was excellent. I was to Oregon a long time ago, and the writing was so vivid that it brought be back there. (I loved it in Oregon). The character development was good and the whole book felt real to me.Also, the story development was excellent. There were tim [...]

Elizabeth Ashton is hoping to start a new life in Oregon where her father grew up. She is leaving behind the memories of her addict brother who was just murdered and the knowledge that she compromised her integrity to hopefully save him. As she passes the town of Hemlock Veils in Oregon, her car breaks down in the dark forest. An old man gripping a hunting rifle warns her that she doesn't want to stop there but she has no choice. He escorts her through the forest to town, while on watch for a si [...]

The best thing I can say about HEMLOCK VEILS is that while the initial draw might be the modern retelling of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale, it’s the characters of *this* story that push the book past the bounds of its source and make it shine on its own. In fact, I think it’s better than the original.At its heart are Elizabeth Ashton and Henry Clayton, two damaged people struggling to think of themselves as more than monsters. There’s a depth to their relationship that builds with ea [...]

This isn't your Disney story of Beauty and the Beast, it's a fresh new take on the classic tale. The men and women of Hemlock Veils fear the darkness that lurks in the woods surrounding their quaint little town, for the forest harbors a beast that stalks the town. Only an old man, Eustice, ever dares to walk the woods and hunt the beast, where he encounters Beth who's car is broken down by the side of the road. Beth's entrance into town sets things in motion. She butts head with the town's propr [...]

Elizabeth is running from her past and she ends up landing in Hemloxk Viels where it's citizens fear a dark monster and magic flows in the air. When Elizabeth meets this dark monster she sees some humanity in its eyes and unlike everyone else, views the beast as a lonely creature. Elizabeth grows attached to the town and the beast, but there are those who don't want her staying, such as the unspoken leader of Hemlock Veils, Henry Clayton. Henry doesn't want Elizabeth staying, so they always end [...]

This adult retelling of Beauty and the Beast will leave you enchanted long after the pages close. Davenport's writing is exquisite and draws you into a world so believable, it will make you wonder whether magic truly exists. In a romance that is about so much more than love, Davenport explores what it means to have a truly beautiful soul. As she captures the true meaning behind an old fairy-tale, she will take the reader on a journey that explores the darkness that fear and vulnerability create [...]

Review:- The Plot: This a twist on Beauty and the Beast with more darker twist. I like really like the plot of this book the most. Beauty and The Beast Retelling? yes, Please! - The Characters: The characters made the book what it is. A amazing book to read! - The Paranormal Elements: This is a more darker retelling than most. I like how the author add or create folklore for the characters and readers to learn. - The Story Overall:The story overall was amazing! I wish I like the book better. It [...]

I had a hard time putting this one down. It's kind of a modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast and beautifully written. I loved the characters. My goodness, did I love them! There was something about the close knit community that justwarmed my heart. The story kept me enthralled pretty much from beginning to end. Should this story continue (which is a possibility, judging from the end. No major cliffhanger, just left a bit opened), I'll definitely be reading. If you like retellings and/or Beau [...]

Hemlock Veils never stopped being exciting. From the moment Elizabeth steps out of her car in the rain, in the dark, in the middle of nowhere, the reader is constantly guessing what is going to happen next. The story unfolds with perfect timing, never allowing the reader to be too certain, but also never leaving them lost or confused. The characters are each unique, each a blend of good and bad (some with more one than the other), which makes them believable. Hemlock Veils explores what we belie [...]

I've never read a retelling before, and I'm new to the whole paranormal romance genre but I've gotta say I really enjoyed this book. It took me just a little bit of time to get into but I was hooked pretty quick. Since it's based on a story we all know so well, you kind of know what's going to happen-ish, but watching the pieces come together is captivating and Henry's character development is pretty amazing and realistic in a personality sense. Looking forward to the next installment!

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