Magical Snow Garden

Tracey Corderoy Jane Chapman

Magical Snow Garden

Magical Snow Garden

  • Title: Magical Snow Garden
  • Author: Tracey Corderoy Jane Chapman
  • ISBN: 9781589251625
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Hardcover

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Wellington the penguin loves where he lives it s cold, snowy, and full of snowflakes that sparkle After seeing a picture of a beautiful flower garden in a book, Wellington decides that he wants to grow a garden, too Flowers can t grow in the snow, says his friend Ivan It s just too cold But Wellington is set on having a garden and with a lot of determination and aWellington the penguin loves where he lives it s cold, snowy, and full of snowflakes that sparkle After seeing a picture of a beautiful flower garden in a book, Wellington decides that he wants to grow a garden, too Flowers can t grow in the snow, says his friend Ivan It s just too cold But Wellington is set on having a garden and with a lot of determination and a bit of creativity he finds a way to make his dream come true.

Recent Comments "Magical Snow Garden"

This story follows Wellington the penguin who has dreams of growing a garden. The problem is he lives where it snows so it's impossible to grow plants and flowers. However, Wellington has another idea. He thinks he can create a garden from recycling old pieces of material, buttons, sea shells and many other objects. And he's set to prove everyone who told him he couldn't wrong. It's a story about determination and always believing you can create anything you want. And Wellington's personality re [...]

Penguin wants to make a garden, but is told he can't because it's too cold. He makes a crafted garden instead, with paper flowers and button bees etc. It blows away in a storm, so he makes a new one, and with the help of his friends, puts a wall around it to keep the storms from blowing it away this time. Animals far and wide come to see his beautiful garden. You don't know what you can do until you try.

Colorful and beautiful illustrations - an adorable book about a penguin named Wellington who will strive for a dream even though it's a bit unconventional - a garden in a land where there is only snow and ice. I love the teamwork in this book as well. Highly recommend this awesome picture book!

Wellington the penguin wanted to make a garden like the ones he has seen in books. The problem is he lives in snow and he has no seeds. So he decides to make a garden out of colorful bits and pieces. The garden is lovely until a storm blows it all away. His friends help him rebuild the garden until it is even better and animals all over the world come to visit.The illustrations are adorable, beautiful and colorful. I could spend time just looking at the pages without the story. Wellington's cute [...]

This is a super cute read about not giving up on your dreams at the first hurdle. Wellington wants something that doesn't currently exist, therefore his friends thinks he is mad for wanting to try and change the environment around them. Wellington tries to add flowers the normal way, but for obvious reasons of a wintry world they don't last. With some inspiration Wellington creates his own type of garden which can remain in snow. The joy of his friends made their initial discouragement worth whi [...]

I could not believe the response I got from this book. I picked this book up because the book I wanted to read for storytime didn't come in, and I thought it looked pretty good. I was shocked to see how the kids LOVED it. I read this for two preschool storytimes, one which skewed older and one that skewed much younger. For the younger kids I abridged some parts of the book, but not too much. Both age groups were entranced. They were awed when they saw the illustration of the garden and gasped wh [...]

An absolutely adorbs story about perseverance and using your imagination in unexpected (and positive ways!) to achieve your goals. I loved how Wellington was reading about gardens. The friendships portrayed in the book were alsp grest and supportive. The illustrations are exquisitely done and so gosh darn cute I can't help but leaf through the book over and over just to stare at the art. My *only* issue--which is minor--is when other animals come to see Wellington's gardenyou are not going to se [...]

Very whimsical story of a penguin who wanted to plant seeds and grow a garden. Alas, seeds don't grow where he lives. A fun discovery leads him to "make" a garden. And later some good friends help him to make a newer and better garden. I look forward to using this for story time with our little ones.

After being stuck in a snowstorm, Wellington, a penguin, wants to build a garden. His friends tell him that they only fish, but Wellington finds a way. This story is great for primary students in kindergarten and first grade. The story teaches students to find a way to do things that they want to do.

This is the new book with very nice pictures! The story was great until all the animals of the world showed up. How did they get there? I love that the penguin wants to make a snow garden with what he hasce pictures!

I love the colourful illustrations and the message of the story, but it got a bit over-the-top when animals from all over the world come to the garden. It would still make a cute book for a winter themed storytime though.

Little Wellington and his friends learn that you never what you can do until you try.

Loved the concept of a winter garden to brighten the snow!

This storyline of this book was ok. I thought it was too busy not only in its text, but in its illustrations as well.

Cute book . Loved the message in the story . My oldest was so excited and happy when the friends came and helped make the snow garden . Super cute.

Hieno kuvitus ja kiva tarinakin, mutta jäin kaipaamaan niitä kosketeltavia pintoja. Muistaakseni muissa Corderoyn kirjoissa on ollut.

Wellington doesn't give up in this whimsical fantasy in the snow.

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