To Trade the Stars

Julie E. Czerneda

To Trade the Stars

To Trade the Stars

  • Title: To Trade the Stars
  • Author: Julie E. Czerneda
  • ISBN: 9780756400750
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback

Julie E Czerneda s 1997 debut, A Thousand Words for Stranger, was the first novel of the Trade Pact Universe an instant best seller, Science Fiction Book Club Editor s Choice and Locus Recommended First Novel Book two, Ties of Power, further established the author s reputation as a master of vivid alien worlds and had fans clamoring for the third book in the trilogy.NowJulie E Czerneda s 1997 debut, A Thousand Words for Stranger, was the first novel of the Trade Pact Universe an instant best seller, Science Fiction Book Club Editor s Choice and Locus Recommended First Novel Book two, Ties of Power, further established the author s reputation as a master of vivid alien worlds and had fans clamoring for the third book in the trilogy.Now comes the final chapter To Trade the Stars The stage is set for a possibly cataclysmic confrontation in non space and the Speaker for the Clan Council and her human mate are about to find themselves in the heart of the conflict.

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This book is about as boring as listening to someone read the phone book, and the narrator makes it feel like she's doing just that. After listening to Ties of Power, I knew I was in for more of the same, but like a sucker, I had gone ahead and bought this one in advance, so I forced myself through the torture of this listen. I dislike just about everything about these last couple of books. I don't like Czernida's writing style, her dialogue, the aliens she comes up with, the silly cultural thin [...]

Julie Czerneda is one of the very best world-builders writing today and her aliens are written with the same incredible attention to detail. I confess she did suck me in - I really did think the Drapski were sickly-sweet, almost Disneyesque characters, butwell, I won't spoil it for you. On the other hand, some of the major characters switch sides so quickly and so thoroughly that I found it hard to believe and kept waiting for them to revert and show their true colours. Perhaps I should make a d [...]

This series is getting better & better. The best part of this one is the intriguing alien species. There are some unexpected plot twists as well, but a few seemed inadequately motivating. Not too cheesy. Overall, an enjoyable read.

I couldn't recommend this series oddly enough. The prequel is far more integrated, developed and compelling.

I enjoyed the conclusion to the series; it was fun, engaging, and interesting throughout the story – it was hard to put down at times. Knowing that it was the last book in the trilogy, also factored into my excitement about this book. While I do have the first book in the next trilogy in the Clan Chronicles, it will be a while before I get to it, which means a long wait before I find out what happens next.I liked how the story played out – questions were answered about some of the background [...]

Jason and Sira - he a human telepath and independent trader, she now Speaker for the Clan Council, as well as Jason's life partner - are trying to forge a life for themselves free of the demands of both the Clan and the Drapsk, a race determined to claim Sira as the long-awaited Mystic One. And as if these conflicting demands aren't making life complicated enough, there are at least two other factions with far more dangerous intentions seeking them out. Any hope Sira and Jason have of charting t [...]

To Trade the Stars is a satisfying close to the Trade Pact trilogy. Sira's arc of character, from naive, highly educated iconoclast to loving partner and successful intergalactic Trader--and more that I won't tell you because it would spoil the plot---is one of the strands that holds the whole trilogy together. The Clan's need as a culture to learn to interact with other species is the other. These two threads, and others involving minor characters, are resolved nicely in the context of the over [...]

This is an OK book but I made the mistake of reading the prequel to this series first. I know the prequel should come first but the problem is that it is so much better written than this series and it gave me expectations that the ‘Trade Pact Universe’ just hasn’t lived up to. I suppose this was partly inevitable as the Stratification prequel was written five years after this book and the author had time to refine her writing skills.

Part 3 of the Trade pact Trilogy. And Huido is in trouble for serving sentient beings to his patrons again. Morgan is being lured into danger by a figure from his youth. Sara and the Clan are being manipulated by various aliens who need their ability to manipulate the Myrrh. Can the threads be drawn together yes generally this series has been weakend by Czerneda's inability to give me a good handle on the Myrrh and its relation to Telepathy.

A thoroughly satisfying end to the Trade Pact Universe series. This was everything I ever wanted from a science fiction story - gender equality, character depth, fiercely upsetting circumstances, redemptive story arcs, adorable and lovable side characters, and one of the most satisfying tying up of loose ends that I've ever read. This is a strong candidate for my favorite series read in 2016! Too many feelings leftover, time to daydream away this book hangover!

Considering how powerful the main character is, she should be a lot more effective and not constantly in need of rescue from having her powers bound. As usual the Drapsk steal the show. These are alien aliens that are not well understood, as opposed to the Clan which are basically humans with some powers (and strange mating customs) thrown in.

The third book of the Trade Pact Universe is about at the same level as the first. I enjoy the first book (A Thousand Words for Stranger) the most, but if you care about the characters, it is worth it to keep reading.

Overall a satisfying ending to the trilogy. I enjoyed threads with Barac and Rael and was glad they had just about as much focus as Sira and Morgan in this book. The fact that Sira was kidnapped (yet again *yawn*) was annoying, but there was plenty happening elsewhere that mostly made up for it.

Good conclusion to the Trade Pact Universe trilogy, with enough threads still hanging that more can be written later. The 3 books in this series were a good intro to Julie Czerneda and I will definitely read more of her books.

Good series.

The end of a trilogy, the beginning of which I wrote about here. This was a very fun sci-fi romp, and if you’re a fan of space opera at all, I recommend it.

Overall, a great read. I was a little disappointed with the end. It felt rushed, especially as this is the last book in the series. It still is an excellent scifi series that I highly recommend.

What a great ending. How the heck do these authors come up with this stuff?

Awwwwwww! The last of Sira and Morgan for the next handful of years. So sad. The end of this particular trilogy in the series! Did I mention that I love this series? 'Cause I do!

Excellent, in depth storytelling of the expected high caliber wrapped up this trilogy nicely. Loose ends from the two previous books in the series are no longer loose and the ending is satisfying.


Once again Sira was held for well over half the book without any real explanation. Interesting concepts, but most of it was in dire need of pruning and/or elaboration.

Very good ending to very good series

This final book was better than the second and held my interest by filling in a lot of questions about Sira's past. I enjoyed the series and intend to read more of her stuff.

Long trilogy that dragged at times . The third installment seemed to move along at a better pace and I enjoyed it the most of the series.

A nice ending to the trilogy. I'm not sure if I should call it Fantasy or SciFi. There are space ships AND trees

Satisfying conclusion to the series. You can't miss with Czerneda.

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