Last Days of the Bus Club


Last Days of the Bus Club

Last Days of the Bus Club

  • Title: Last Days of the Bus Club
  • Author: ChrisStewart
  • ISBN: 9781908745439
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback

It s two decades since Chris Stewart moved to his farm on the wrong side of a river in the mountains of southern Spain and his daughter Chl e is preparing to fly the nest for university In this latest, typically hilarious dispatch from El Valero we find Chris, now a local literary celebrity, using his fame to help his old sheep shearing partner find work on a raucous roadIt s two decades since Chris Stewart moved to his farm on the wrong side of a river in the mountains of southern Spain and his daughter Chl e is preparing to fly the nest for university In this latest, typically hilarious dispatch from El Valero we find Chris, now a local literary celebrity, using his fame to help his old sheep shearing partner find work on a raucous road trip cooking a TV lunch for visiting British chef, Rick Stein discovering the pitfalls of Spanish public speaking and, most movingly, visiting famine stricken Niger for Oxfam Yet it s at El Valero, his beloved sheep farm, that Chris remains in his element as he, his wife Ana and their assorted dogs, cats and sheep weather a near calamitous flood and emerge as newly certified organic farmers His cash crop The lemons and oranges he once so blithely drove over, of course.

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In his latest instalment from El Valero, Chris Stewart brings us a series of anecdotes of his life in this part of Spain since the last book.From his hilarious attempts at public speaking when he implies that he is bisexual to his daughters school, the combined sheep and author tour that he undertakes with his good friend José, the judging at a tuna competition and the dealings that he has with the overbearing Spanish bureaucracy you know that he is squeezing the most out of living there.But wh [...]

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If you've read any of the other "Lemons" books, you'll know what to expect. Chris Stewart is genial company, as he regales us with anecdotes of his life in Spain. Gently entertaining for the armchair traveller.

From BBC radio 4 - Book of the Week:By Chris Stewart. Tales from the Alpujarras region of Andalucia in Spain

It's somewhere between a three and a four - Chris Stewart's latest set of anecdotes about the good life he's living in rural Spain is less engaging than driving over lemons and its sequels - but it is still enjoyable and easily diverting - he remains an author easy to like, genuinely self depreciating and able to get the balance in writing right so he can honestly tell the reader how great his life is, but how hard he had to work for it for many years and talk about how as an expat he is often b [...]

Descubrí este libro por casualidad, intentando reponer mis reservas vacacionales en un Eroski. Y me atrajeron la portada y el título (lo confieso), lo suficiente para mirar la contraportada. Al ver que era un libro autobiográfico sobre una pareja de ingleses que lo deja todo y monta una granja en la Alpujarra, me lo llevé sin dudarlo. El autor escribe muy bien, es una delicia leer sus descripciones. Todo el libro transpira bonhomía y ganas de vivir, además de una más que saludable dosis d [...]

I should have read Driving Over Lemons and the other books about living in Alpujarras, South of Granada, before reading this latest edition. However, I did enjoy imagining life on a rural hill farm in the heat of the Southern Spanish sun. I enjoying hearing about some of the things Chris Stewart has got up to, and I now have a secret desire to take a sabbatical, fill a trailer (or kindle type device!!!!) with a library of books and escape to somewhere off the beaten track.

Enjoyed this book immensely , a nice tale of family life in Spain. Reminded me of the books written by Gerard Durrell when he was living in Greece. It's not a mover and shaker book but a pleasant feel good type of read.

I'd previously read the three earlier books in the El Valero trilogy and enjoyed them tremendously. If anything I enjoyed the fourth book even more. Maybe it's the fact that I share his love for things Spanish and his age (roughly, maybe), but whatever it is, I've loved this addition to the history. Again, I think it's the ordinariness of the way he deals with the extraordinary, with whatever man or nature throws at him and his small farm precariously placed in one of the most cut off parts of r [...]

I though this was the third book in the series but just found out it isnt ! Never mind again a thoroughly enjoyable read about ongoing life in the alpujurras

Very enjoyable - must read his other books

I had a good few belly laughs

I've probably given this too many stars. But after a spell reading work-related stuff and 'more worthy' books this was like a breath of easy-reading, fresh air. It doesn't deviate from the pattern set in Driving over Lemons, and as such is a series of vignettes of Andalusian life that means it can be read in short bursts in between the other calls on your time in the hectic maelstrom of modern life.

Book #1 of 2017. An interesting read that makes you yearn the simple life in a beautiful village some place in Spain.

BBC Book of the Week(view spoiler)[1/5 Chris's daughter is set to leave home, and the days of the school bus club are numbered.2/5 Guests staying at Chris Stewart's farm persuade him to put an earth roof on the house.3/5 A moving story from pal Rogelio, convinces Chris to compile an anthology of such stories.4/5 Andalucia is a region racked with droughts, but one winter the downpour was biblical.5/5 In the wake of the disastrous rainstorm, Chris attempts to get things back to normal. (hide spoil [...]

"the fourth book in the trilogy", as Chris Stewart puts it, and as delightful as the others. Through a series of stories Chris evokes the warmth (literally) of Alpujarran life, all related with just the right amount of detail to entertain and still leaving us happy if there were to be more. Perhaps the two most amusing tales are the one about his talk to his teenage daughter's school where he mistakenly extolled the virtues of bisexuality instead of co-education, and the other about the traditio [...]

I have read all of Chris Stewart’s books and for me this is another winner. He is a born storyteller and an acute observer of all that goes on around him. His anecdotes are often laugh out loud funny – I particularly liked the incident involving the Critchley Road Primary School kids on their annual visit to Andalucia. You need to read the book to find out what they used to start the tractor. There is also an interesting chapter describing Rick Stein’s visit to El Valero and the effort inv [...]

Holly and David bought this for me after they visited Chris's place in Spain - nice little dedication in the front from him! It's been a few years since I read his other books and maybe I'm in a different place now and hankering after a bit of peace and quiet but enjoyed this much more than the others. I really admire how they have fitted into Spanish life in the mountains which although sounding idyllic is often hard - the storms had devastating effects on their property and surrounding landsca [...]

Chris Stewart's Driving over Lemons - a deserved best seller - engaged the reader with what it meant to be an English couple uprooting to establish a new home in the high Spanish mountains. The feeling of place, people and culture was strong.This follow-up a big disappointment. It is a series of episodes, many of them insubstantial, that barely connect with the soil. One, which describes Stewart's first job as a builder's labourer in Wiltshire, is hardly relevant at all. A riff on the subject of [...]

This what I define as a "toilet book" similar to the meandering tomes written by Bill Bryson i.e. suitable only for when you are multi-tasking for a short time only. If this had not been a Book Club read it would have been sent down the toilet certainly by the end of chapter 6 (where we have a chapter on searching for a pencil). That would have saved me from chapter 9 and reading about the author's penis problems and so it meandered on in a self opinionated diatribe. Who recommended this? I beli [...]

With his daughter all grown and gone to university, Chris is back with another book of stories from El Valero, the Spanish farm he lives on. There's no chance of getting lonely, however, as there's a constant stream of visitors coming in or adventures to be had outside, and we get to hear them all.I loved some of the stories in here - dealing with Spanish bureaucracy after a deluge of rainfall, or being used by a local as a famous friend. Lots of fun, and plenty of love as well. The mind does bo [...]

Another wonderfully satisfying vacation in the Alpujarras, courtesy of Chris Stewart. He writes with such zest and conviviality that even languishing in bed with a heavy cold and unremitting rain beating down outside, I could smell the oranges and feel the sun on my back. This four (five?) volume trilogy remains a tremendous pleasure. Long may Chris keep on writing about his travails at El Valero!

A book of interesting and funny short stories (anecdotes) set in Spain by Chris Stewart - who incidentally was a founding member of Genesis and original drummer. It was a book that one could pick up and put down. The stories centred around his farm and his interactions with his neighbours, the weather and animals on the farm. A pleasant read.

I adore Chris Stewarts writing! I loved this as much as the last 3 particularly as I was on holiday in Andalusia at the time- very carefully orchestrated!! It did feel as though he might have been pulling together the stories & anecdotes he'd omitted from the other books in order to create a final episode- but either way I don't care because I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Very enjoyable and light holiday read. Chris Stewart gives us more of his and Ana's life in the rural Alpujarras. In this book he experiences empty nest syndrome as their daughter, Chloe, leaves home. Not perhaps up to the standard of the first book, "Driving Over Lemons", but very engaging nevertheless, with amusing anecdotes and an easy style.

A pleasant and enjoyable book. I must confess a twinge of jealousy at the authors choice of home, after having a holiday near Orgiva a few years ago. The characters and lifestyle are portrayed superbly. Recommended

I do love Chris Stewart's books about El Valero, and this one, written when little Chloé is little no more, was as good as the others. Gently amusing with some laugh out loud moments, with my favourite one right at the end.

Another lovely read from Chris Stewart in the 4th and final book about his life at El Valero, the farm in Andalucia, on the wrong side of the river, where he has lived for 20 years. He is a great writer - lots of humour and once again I was transported to the Alpujarra.Highly recommended.

Once again Chris Stewart has made me laugh out loud - and that very rarely happens when I'm reading. I normally avoid "funny" books like the plague, I find them at best mildly amusing and at worst embarrassing!This book was funny in places and really interest throughout. Loved it!

Absolutely Brilliant!!! Chris Stewart has done it again. If you ever dream of selling up and going to live in a remote part of the world then this book is for you. Beautifully written and every page is a joy.

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