Midnight Kiss

Nancy Gideon

Midnight Kiss

Midnight Kiss

  • Title: Midnight Kiss
  • Author: Nancy Gideon
  • ISBN: 9780786000203
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback

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Set in Regency London, Nancy Gideon s Midnight Kiss is the first novel in a dark and sensuous trilogy that explores the forbidden love between a vampire and a mortal woman In this hauntingly beautiful tale, Arabella is forced to choose between her sunlit world and a man tormented by everlasting darkness.

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***** 4 Stars *****Louis has been alone for centuries. He is tired of being immortal, and wants to live a normal life. When he hears about a research involving blood transfusion, he funds Bella's father to help him succeed. Louis believes Bella's father is his key to mortality. Bella isn't your typical girl. She doesn't want to marry and become an accessory. She would rather assist her father in his work. She has the heart of an angel and falls in love with the man that Louis is. Midnight Kiss i [...]

Midnight Kiss is a hauntingly beautiful romance that aims straight for the heart. This book has all the elements of a historical romance with one big added plus - the hero, Louis Radman, is a vampire and the heroine, Arabella Howland, is a very enticing mortal that Louis desires.Louis Radman is a tormented, lonely shell of a man who has roamed the earth for 300 years as a vampire. He is desperate to regain the life that was cruelly taken from him so many years ago. Louis seeks the help of a phys [...]

I very much enjoyed this first in the series. Bella is quite a tough, plucky heroine and I loved seeing her and Louis together. I look forward to the next in the series.

The entire time I was reading I kept thinking that the story was very familiar to me. Turns out that this was originally published in 1994 and that I read it about 10 or so years ago.You have a vampire not wanting to be a vampire anymore. He seeks out the help of a doc and falls in love with the doc's daughter. The daughter doesn't now that her new man is a vampire and doesn't listen to her father's protests against their coupling. This is paranormal romance, if you like the genre you will most [...]

This was just as good the second time around. Love vampires and throw in the setting being a historical fiction time line Love it!

Yeah, this was OK. It read pretty quickly, but it really didn't do it for me. Arabella & Louis had quite the chemistry, and the story was good, but there was just something that I didn't connect with.

This is a reread for me. Love the new covers!Originally reviewed at Midnight Kiss

This story was ridiculous. It was extremely cliche and lacked imagination. I don't really know what else to say, except that I power-read it in a few hours because I just wanted to get it over with, and was secretly hoping it would improve. As far as romance goes, it was about as spicy as a banana pepper so, not very spicy at all. Sorry I guess vamp romance novels, and the Twilight For Grownups Club is just not meant for me.

Enchanted since she first laid eyes on him the heroine has secretly longed for the dark and mysterious man who frequents her home in search of her fathers doctoring. She tries to distinguish what could be wrong with such a vital man but obviously it's something very dire as one night, when her father is away, the marquis comes to visit. He is horribly distraught and a little bit crazed with a burning need she can't figure out how to aid him with. She pleads with him to let her help him but he de [...]

First reviewed at Keeper BookshelfMidnight Kiss is the haunting tale of a vampire who finds himself so vile that he will do anything to return to his mortal state – even risk his life or immortality by taking part in a blood experiment by his physician. Neither of them know for certain if this treatment will work or if it does, what side effects Louis may encounter. But he doesn’t care. At this point he merely wants a cure or destruction.Bella is content to assist her father in his research. [...]

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review through NetGalley.Midnight Kiss is book 1 in the Touched by Midnight Series. It's the story of a young woman named Bella who spends her days as an assistant for her father, a recognized physician. As a young lady of a certain historical period in London, Bella is fully expected to marry and live out her life as a doting wife. She is no where near ready to settle down and marry. Eventually, she's introduced to [...]

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.Louis is a Vampire looking for a "cure". He has heard about Dr. Howland and confided in and asked him for help. Bella, the doctors daughter, is very involved in her fathers work but not this project.She is very attracted to Louis, as he is her, but keeps away because of what he is When he thinks he is "cured" he professes his love for her and they marry soon after. And then some old friends come to visitWill his cure last? Will his marriage las [...]

Happy to see this series coming back to be share via E-Book Edition, since the actual books are hard to find.Arabella Howland, a woman born to the light of day. Louis Radman , a man haunted by everlasting darkness. Bound together by the burning passion of aMidnight kiss.I have always been attracted to Paranormal Genre, especially Vampires. This combination of my favorite Paranormal/Historical Romance is just “fantastic”! Once again, I found myself captivated by a story I’ve read in the pas [...]

Loved this bookI love vampires and this was one of my favorite books. I've never read anything from this author before but I've been pleasantly surprised with this book. Once I started on this book I didn't put it down until I finishedd that was 3 this morning. I loved how the characters were "fleshed out", you could picture them in your mind and feel there emotions as if you knew them personally. The suffering of Louis, the love from Arabella, the moral struggle of the doctor as he tries to bal [...]

Louis has had enough of being a vampire and wants noted London physician, Dr. Howland, to “cure” him. But the cure is always very temporary and requires blood and medications frequently. Arabella is fascinated with Louis before she knows that he is a vampire and falls for him. She is in love and swears to stand by him once she finds out. There are dangers surrounding their alliance and nothing is simple or easy.This is a compelling romance between a vampire and a human. It is in the vein of [...]

Midnight Kiss, book one in the Touched by Midnight series was originally released in 1994 and has held up well in its current re-release. Dark and emotionally overcast this book had a lingering ominous feel throughout the story. A raw depiction of the characters positive and negative traits coupled with unexpected conclusions completed this work successfully. At times Ms. Gideon's writing style felt a bit stiff but as a whole an interesting plot and cast make this book worth discovering.*I recei [...]

Read this book way back in the day (18 years ago?) and I have never forgotten it. Arabella's curiosity and strength make for a wonderful heroine. Louis' protectivness and self loathing, though typical in this genre, are an interesting contrast to his desire for Arabella. Only read up to #3 in the series but really enjoyed each one! Not predictable - though they don't always end like the reader hopes - they definitely invoke a strong emotional response.

good for a rainy day

Fantastic! I didn't want it to end.

Wow, what an exciting book! This book was long and I enjoyed every page!

Book 1 in her Vampire Series. Very good. Try to get your hands on her books to read if you can, they are very hard to find.

Review pending.I received a complimentary copy from the publisher thru NetGalley for an honest review.

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