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Smuggler's Moon

Smuggler's Moon

  • Title: Smuggler's Moon
  • Author: CynthiaWright
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Kindle Edition

A marriage begun in deceptionFeisty Julia Faircloth is used to managing the lives of her eccentric relatives, so when darkly dangerous Lord Sebastian Trevarre arrives in Bath and proposes to her shy sister Sarah, she switches places with the bride to save her from a shockingly carnal wedding night.Against his better judgment, Sebastian consummates a marriage to the mostA marriage begun in deceptionFeisty Julia Faircloth is used to managing the lives of her eccentric relatives, so when darkly dangerous Lord Sebastian Trevarre arrives in Bath and proposes to her shy sister Sarah, she switches places with the bride to save her from a shockingly carnal wedding night.Against his better judgment, Sebastian consummates a marriage to the most provoking, appealing woman he s ever known, and then is forced to live with her in his neglected yet enchanting estate on the coast of Cornwall Life there is turbulent, not least because Sebastian keeps many secrets Will his reckless pursuits succeed in restoring his fortuneor cost him the lady who holds his heart Step back in time to magical 1798 Cornwall, England, with Julia and Sebastian and reunite with Andre and Devon Raveneau, as Andre discovers that his life and Sebastian s are inextricably linkedIN B00HHH7F84

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I've given this an A for narration and B for content at AudioGals, so I'm calling it 4.5 stars.Smuggler’s Moon is the first new book from Cynthia Wright in around twenty years, and is the first in a new series called The Raveneaus in Cornwall, set at the very end of the 18th century. Brother to a marquess, Lord Sebastian Trevarre has recently resigned his navy commission and returned to England with the intention of managing the horse-breeding business in Hampshire that he had helped his late [...]

Just OKA good story but I would have thought Sebastian would have been a LOT angrier about being tricked into marrying Julia instead of Sarah. He just seemed to kind of accept it. I can’t see a man accepting that so nonchalantly. It looks like he would have been livid.And, good grief! If Julia was going to find a wounded animal did it have to be a vicious animal like a badger. It wasn’t like she could keep it. It seemed like it was just added to take up space in the book. It added nothing to [...]

Originally Reviewed For: Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and FantasySmuggler's Moon takes place after Spring Fires and before Surrender the Stars we see Devon and Andre as parents but to children not grown adults. I'm not sure why, I just think Cindy likes that era Ok, enough with the build up, here's the real reviewJulia Fairchild is the only rational adult in her family, maybe the only rational member at all, that remains to be seen She has been taking care of the basics from a very young age as [...]

I liked this book. I liked Julia and Sebastian I liked Ms. Wright's writing style. I even liked the story. But I didn't love it and I don't think I would read it again. It starts out really good, but lost something about two-thirds into the book. All of a sudden everything changes - secrets, feelings etc. Sebastian for no apparent reason to me just changes. I felt a bit lost. There were also some random things in the book that added nothing but words to the story. I was wondering where the autho [...]

Hooray! A Cynthia Wright audiobook with a great narrator. Rosalyn Landor does a wonderful job with this story. She's fantastic. The book was good. It was interesting throughout except, in my opinion, for the ending. After the encounter at the cave it felt like the book just fell off the cliff. I was very disappointed by the Andre Raveneau part in this story. I look forward to more in this series and I hope Rosalyn Landor is chosen to read them. What a difference a good narrator makes. This is th [...]

Book 2 of the Raveneau family is brilliant. The story of responsible Julia and secretive Sebastian leads to a story of love and intrigue in Cornwall, England. The descriptions of the place are amazing in that they clearly indicate how one place relates to another and you can picture it in your mind's eye as you read the words. The relationship between Julia and Sebastian begins with deceit but ends in collaboration, trust and love. Andre and Devon from Book 1 also make an appearance which provid [...]

6+ STARS! Absolutely LOVED this one!!!

Audiobook Review:If George Faircloth had not inherited Turbans and considerable funds from his cousin, he most likely would not have started gambling and would remain in London working in a library. But, as with many addictions, one finds the allure irresitable. George very happily took this course, knowing he shouldn’t, but felt his luck would change when it did not. His demise was another’s luck.Lord Sebastian Trevarre won much from George Faircloth. He needed money desperately, for all hi [...]

I know this genre isn't particularly known for considering plausibility, but some of the aspects of this book I just couldn't get over. Her father's death, the bizarre architecture of her home, how quickly he forgives her for pretending to be her sister, the fact that they take her with them on the smuggling run on a whim!!! *shakes head* I can't pinpoint exactly why these stretches bothered me so much in this book, when similar things haven't bothered me so much in the past Anyway, just thought [...]

Julia Faircloth is the oldest child and she likes it that way. Julia likes to take charge and care for her family. Her father has a gambling problem that only makes matters worse, and her mother adores her husband and thinks ladies should act in a certain way. When Lord Sebastian Trevarre arrives in Bath where the family has just moved to Turbans things are going to change. After one of Julia’s fathers lost gambling endeavors, she finds a note in her father’s jacket with Lord Sebastian’s n [...]

***4 strong stars***The book was sent to me by the author so I could give this honest review.Really like the story! It's an easy read. The writing is well done but simple, something I like a lot (no need to look up words or think about how to pronounce them). Characters and places are well define, so it was easy to imagine being there. The plot had a couple of twists, things were not what they seemed.I do love it when authors bring back some of the characters from a previous book (well she had t [...]

This book is a wonderful read. It took me just two nights to read, not because it was short (it's not), but because it was such a good book I didn't want to put it down. Sebastian is our hero, and Julie our heroine, and the book is set both in Bath and in Cornwall. The writer has researched so well and has such a beautiful descriptive way of writing that you can easily picture the scenes. Julia and Sebastian both find themselves struggling because relatives have gambled away their families money [...]

A sham wedding brings together our two leading characters The dashingly handsome Lord Sebastian and feisty Julia. Both have been left hugely let down and in debt by family members who have gambled away their fortunes. Adventure and danger soon follow and stormy seas are ahead. Can love blossom under a smuggler's moon?Set in Cornwall in 1798, this is a historical romance novel that has a spark that will sweep you along throughout the story as you get captured into the heart of romance. With some [...]

Loved this!I think I've read just about all of Ms Wright's books and loved them all. In this book we're saddened when we see how painful it can be for a family to lose all they have because of a father who gambles it all away. We see a young woman try to step in and take care of that family. And we see a man who's burdened with the pain of the past while trying to make his dreams come true. In the book we see how even though mistakes and deceitful actions have occurred, sometimes there is a rain [...]

This book had it all, romance, danger, a swashbuckling hero, a feisty heroine and characters that you love to hate. Sebastian and Julia are both strong characters that do not overwhelm each other. What she does to protect her sister Sarah is ingenious and sets a great tone. The connection between Andre and Sebastian was great because it allowed me to reconnect with some favorite characters. I love how Keswick talked in the plural, it is not something that you would expect from a stable master. R [...]

It's between an "uh" and a "meh". I would not read this again. It started out promising enough, but kind of fell apart in the middle. I was intrigued with the hero and must admit that he was starting to become a favorite. He showed such promise then.Starting in the middle, some scenes just didn't hang together. The hero, Sebastian, became kind of a flat character. Julia, the heroine, became a little silly IMHO. The ending was a little trite. (view spoiler)[Not many books can pull off a line that [...]

I was excited to be able to get an advance copy of Smuggler's Moon to read. I have been reading Cynthia Wright's books for over 30 years and am thrilled she is writing again.Sebastian and Julia's story is romantic and sexy. Sebastian doesn't disappoint as a gorgeous rogue whom Julia will have no chance but to fall hopelessly and happily in love with. Steamy love scenes and gorgeous settings abound. (Now, I need to add Cornwall to my travel list!) Meeting Andre and Devon again was like seeing old [...]

Very excitingWhat we do for love? I guess these characters show how important it is. The author has written this with such daring and swashbuckling action, maybe she felt as though she had lived it. It is well worth the time and effort to read this book.

i was thrilled to receive this book from the author in return for an honest review, i have always enjoyed Ms. Wright's books and her newest addition to the Raveneau saga is no exception. Julia and Sebastiana are a wonderful couple. the writing is lovely and evocative of the time period, and I enjoyed seeing returning characters from her other books. The hero and heroine both grow and mature during the book and Ms. Wright has made them both extremely likeable. I highly recommend this romance!

A Very Different Kind of Love Story. Eccentric Julia vs. determined Sebastian produces a very different kind of love story. Inquisitive Julia loves life, adventure and to live in the moment. Sebastian lives to bring his past back to the present no matter the cost. Can they bring the past and the present together and make a lasting, loving marriage and how dear will it cost?

Be Swept Away!I am hooked on Cynthia Wright's Rakes and Rebels series! Sometimes there may be a little too much history for my liking but the characters and story lines keep me coming back for more!

Really liked this one.

4.5 stars for the excellent audio version of this book.

Good beginning, a little slow in the middle, better at the end. But mostly this book was a little too uneven for me to recommend it highly. A fun and different read in the end.

Great Book !

DNF 64%10:50 hrs well narrated by Rosalyn Landor but to much fluff. 😬

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