The Causal Angel

Hannu Rajaniemi

The Causal Angel

The Causal Angel

  • Title: The Causal Angel
  • Author: Hannu Rajaniemi
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  • Page: 139
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With his infectious love of storytelling in all its forms, his rich characterization and his unrivaled grasp of thrillingly bizarre cutting edge science, Hannu Rajaniemi swiftly set a new benchmark for Science Fiction in the 21st century Now, with his third novel, he completes the tale of the many lives, and minds, of gentleman rogue Jean de Flambeur.Influenced as much byWith his infectious love of storytelling in all its forms, his rich characterization and his unrivaled grasp of thrillingly bizarre cutting edge science, Hannu Rajaniemi swiftly set a new benchmark for Science Fiction in the 21st century Now, with his third novel, he completes the tale of the many lives, and minds, of gentleman rogue Jean de Flambeur.Influenced as much by the fin de si cle novels of Maurice leBlanc as he is by the greats of SF, Rajaniemi weaves intricate, warm capers through dazzling science, extraordinary visions of a wild future,and deep conjectures on the nature of reality and story.In The Causal Angel we will discover the ultimate fates of Jean, his employer Miele, the independently minded ship Perhonnen, and the rest of a fractured and diverse humanity flung throughout the solar system.

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It's nice to have the trilogy wrapped up, but I found myself progressively less satisfied with each book. Rajaniemi's contribution is creating a narrative within a post-Singularity society, where minds are indistinguishable from computation and identity is no longer constrained by individuality. It's a dizzying thing to try to read, but if you enjoy consuming sci-fi that only becomes comprehensible in retrospect, this is cask-strength stuff.But there are problems. The universe is invented in the [...]

Absolutely astonishing ending of a mind-blowing series that is for me the greatest and the most beautiful science-fiction trilogy of all time.

I cannot recommend this trilogy enough. It's smart, has mind-blowing images, really fast pace, and ideas to absolutely kill for, and kill again, and even aim for a true death before causality does a flip and the spooky zoku decide that it's time to revoke my entanglements and I lose a few hundred gaming levels. This novel really feels N-Complete. I'm satisfied in a way that I rarely get, and I have decided to plop these novels into my most favorite books of all time. Sure, there are flaws, but w [...]

Two stars strictly for ambition. But this series has degenerated into a wankfest. You may wish to see my review of The Fractal Prince, in which I started to wonder if the series might be getting a bit top-heavy with concepts. Note: you might do better if you plan to read this right after The Fractal Prince while that book is relatively fresh in your mind. You know the recent craze to create the Best! Ever! Cocktail!!. where bartenders - sorry, mixologists -- toss in five ounces of liquor, most o [...]

originally posted at: thebookplank/2014Last year I had the chance to read Hannu Rajaniemi's sequel, The Fractal Prince, to his stellar debut, The Quantum Thief. I am a big fan of authors who defy the normal set rules of fantasy and science fiction and create there own this can either turn out so-so or produce a very ambitious book. The Jean Le Flambeur series definitely belongs to the latter case. Hannu Rajaniemi holds a Ph.D. in mathematical physics and isn't afraid to use several of the scienc [...]

I don't normally blaze through a trilogy by chain-reading them all in a row, but I had invested so much headspace in figuring out the charterers, the various societies, and their technology that I needed to finish up while it was all still clear in my mind.Also, I had to know how it ended. And, as is typical for the writing style of these books, why it all began. Beautiful all the way through.

Having finished the trilogy I just have to say this is my favorite piece of Sci-Fi work. Ever.Hannu Rajaniemi is definitely on another level. His otherwordly settings put your imagination to work like a boot camp. Some of the things that happen in the book, the environments, the places, are just hard to imagine. Once again is the wedding of ultra-hyper-hi-tech and fantasy: the technology is just so advanced that whole realities (virs, Realms) can be created around whatever concept you fancy. And [...]

This trilogy are the kind of books which really, really frustrate me. I understand just enough of it to know that, if I was bright enough to understand the rest I'd be absolutely blown away - but it is just that little bit over my head.I'm not giving this the higher rating it probably deserves because honestly I'm not sure what I just read. I enjoyed large portions of it, and I think I grasped bits but yeah. And I'm not entirely sure if that's a failing on my part, or the author's.Irregardless, [...]

5 StarsThe Causal Angel, book three and final volume of the Jean Le Flambeur series is the best book by a quantum amount. I loved the ambition of this series so much so, that I took the time to reread books one and two before venturing on the final journey. I am so glad that it was worth my time and the payoff that much more. Hannu Rajaniemi has created a complex, no holds barred amazing universe. He explores so many high level concepts that cover mathematics, physics, psychology, and even relig [...]

Totally amazing book. I can't say enough about the series except that it is some of the best SF I have read.

Anticipating this and a little disappointed that the release date has been pushed to July 17.

As I approached the final act of The Causal Angel, Hannu Rajaniemi's Jean Le Flambeur Series that started with The Quantum Thief, there was an uptick in the action, a movement toward battle and denouement. Giant space ships and lethal weapons were brought to bear, planetary defenses were invoked, and warriors on both sides came to gripsUnfortunately, I'm not sure I understood half of it. The weapons, vehicles and concepts seemed to require a robust understanding of quantum and theoretical physic [...]

Ah, Rajaniemi the author I so want to like, and sort of do, but goddamn I don't get half of the technical babble in these books. And I've studied biochemistry a few years in the uni, too! Not that I was any good at it, but still The technical aspects in these books are, if I've understood correctly, remotely possible already or at least theoretized, but I have no effin' clue about what is what and how do they work. And it annoys me. It makes me feel dumb. And this time I _know_ the problem is wi [...]

Worth reading as a complete series but somewhat disappointing as an ending. In the first two books, technical and scientific concepts, fantastical sci-fi and a sense of mystery and possibility, even upon rereading, make up a fascinating world and overcome a few problems with pacing and characterization. Unfortunately, I felt the ending to be overwhelmed by sentimentality and a sort of humorlessness. (The many nerd references weren't charming to me, they were mostly so unsubtle, an unfunny wink-w [...]

"We have received a communication from Jean le Flambeur. He claims that in precisely 57 minutes, he is going to steal a ring of Saturn."It's all true, of course. The system's greatest gentleman thief *almost* always gives fair warning when he's about to commit a crime. The Causal Angel takes us into the white hot cultural heart of the system, the intricate games of the quantum Zoku posthumans, who have embraced quantum narrativism as a weapon against the cold computational simulational hyperpoli [...]

I'm not sure if *Causal Angel* was actually worse than the first two in the series, or if I only enjoyed it less because my own tastes have changed -- somewhat radically -- since I originally read them. Whatever the reason, *Angel* felt flat and deflated compared to the high-energy originality of *Thief* and the promissory note left by *Prince*. As much as I found Rajaniemi's style engaging in those books, the same trappings felt worn and irritating here. Too much feels like it was skated over i [...]

Others, notably the top-rated reviewer Tom, have done an excellent job of analysis and criticism of the trilogy and this final installation, most of which I agree with. My main problem with this book is the depth of the characters. I honestly felt no anxiety or any other emotion for any of the main characters. The author continued his whiz-bang "ain't I somethin'" theatrics to an excess with this novel, much to its detriment. Ray Bradbury is, in my opinion, the master of writing beautifully in t [...]

Hard SF adevărat, captivant, dădător de dureri de cap și generator de clash-uri culturale dintre un cititor real și un ficțional om al viitorului. Aș recomanda-o oricui are curajul să țină pasul cu ritmul amețitor al acțiunii și cu avalanșa de termeni inventați. Singurul meu regret e că s-a terminat.O recenzie mai lungă am scris pe blog -> [link]

Fitting end to the trilogy.

Phew like the other books of this series, reading this was 'mind blowing', to say the least. Not literally of course, but it is a rush storming past concepts, ideas and descriptions on an exciting roller coaster, having an idea of what's happening, but not a clear grip, having to grip your seat to hold on for dear life. Some passages can be incomprehensible read on their own, filled with words to describe a far future solar system, but making sense none the less if one has read the previous boo [...]

Good wrap-up of the trilogy. The first book was the best, but this one makes you think maybe the author had planned the whole thing out over three books, though I don't believe it. The scientific development in this universe is so beyond ours, it gives the author license to just make stuff along the way to bring the story to a conclusion. It's even less restrictive than most fantasy I am acquainted with (that acquaintance is distant). Meta-rabbits are pulled from meta-hats meta-frequently.The th [...]

Just. Yes. Read it. Read it now.

It started a bit slower than the other books but by the end it lived up to the other two. Definitely a series I'll be revisiting.

Hannu Rajaniemi doesn't write easy books. You have to concentrate, and remember. Unfortunately for me, I started this book too long (about a year and a half) after reading the previous book, without reviewing.My slacking on homework meant that I had a harder time than usual keeping up. I could kind of remember where the previous book ended and had a pretty good idea of the characters. But the way the universe works- that I didn't have a good handle on anymore, and eventually I felt like I was be [...]

Olin iloinen siitä, ettei tähän osaan ollut yhtä vaikea päästä sisälle kuin aikaisempiin. Miljöö oli ilmeisesti tullut sen verran tutuksi matkan varrella, että pihalla olemisen tunne oli huomattavasti vähäisempää. Olin myös aika tyytyväinen siihen, miten tarina päättyi.Vaikka pidinkin sarjasta, se oli kuitenkin varsin väsyttävä lukukokemus, sillä tätä ei missään nimessä voinut lukea aivot narikassa. Ei ole ainakaan syyllistytty lukijan aliarvioimiseen eikä rautalanga [...]

Kvanttivaras-trilogia tarttui käteen sattumalta ja onneksi tarttui sillä tämä on parasta suomalaista science fictiota, jota olen lukenut. Rajaniemen luoma maailma on täynnä ihmeitä, vierasta terminologiaa ja käsittämättömiä juonenkäänteitä mutta silti maailmassa on myös sopivasti jotain tuttua. Tämä viimeinen osa kärsi hieman tarinan loppuun saattamisesta, kun kaikki henkilöt ja juonen pätkät saatettiin päätökseen mutta toisaalta sarjan päätös oli myös palkitseva.

The Casual Angel is a perfect example of how to make a great final book of a series. It's as far form a standalone novel as possible - Rajaniemi builds on the events of and ideas introduced in the previous instalments, and he's concerned mostly with finishing the storylines. Which is not a bad thing: the ending of The Fractal Prince was as big and dramatic as it gets, the characters introduced there - fascinating and engrossing (Tawaddud! I would totally read a whole separate book about Tawaddud [...]

The conclusion of the series that started in The Quantum Thief, The Causal Angel deals with posthuman gentleman thief Jean le Flambeur as he tries to rescue his friend and perhaps save humanity from the All-Defector, a creature that knows how to beat anybody and is manipulating factions that span the solar system.I didn't reread the other two books prior to coming back to this one, and each prior book, on its own, was intimidating to get through, what with introducing scores of new or obscure te [...]

Dr.? Dr. Who?Precisely.This book was great. The references, the ideas, the memes, the everything.This series crammed more into three books than I've seen some labors extol over 12. The great part? It wasn't exhausting. Sure I was out of my depth a good chunk. Yes, I had to check wikis and read definitions, and squint my eyes in some physics texts--but you know what, I really enjoyed it.The crazy thing? This books science felt very probable. It seems far flung but the trajectory it follows could [...]

Imagine a feast of a literature experience: an alluring smell of multi-faceted adventure that waters the mind's mouth, a fleshy story made of infinite other stories that touches almost all senses, a welcome freshness from a lightly flowing drink that washes the characters and sub-stories through you. Then the moment of quiet appreciation that glows with the memory of it all, and its potential, stretching out into the what-ifs. Truly a state to cherish and lose yourself into, and somehow share.Ye [...]

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