Nana, Vol. 9

Ai Yazawa

Nana, Vol. 9

Nana, Vol. 9

  • Title: Nana, Vol. 9
  • Author: Ai Yazawa
  • ISBN: 9781421517452
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Paperback

Takumi and Hachi are getting married, but it s far from a joyous announcement Nobu and Nana are devastated, and even Takumi s bandmates take the news hard With paparazzi skulking around for a new scandal to exploit and tensions between Trapnest and Blast on high alert, will Hachi ever get her happily ever after

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This is making me cry my eyes out :( :(

Nice to sit out in the sun and read Nana. Even a depressing Nana such as this one. I'm so caught in up these people's lives it's like they're my friends in a way. Man, is this one a soap opera.I have no idea what's going to happen now. It's so sad!!!I did like the bonus manga showing the history of Trapnest. That was nice.

I actually hated this volume, because I care way too much about these characters. I can't stop reading. I need to, but I can't.Other thought: (view spoiler)[This made me so sad, I hate that Nana is marrying Takumi and I hate that she and other Nana aren't speaking. I LOVED HER AND NOBU TOGETHER CAN THIS SERIES NOT MESS WITH MY AND THEIR HAPPINESS.But it's still amazing. It's just really, really sad. (hide spoiler)]

Feelings. I have lots of feelings. I feel just as torn apart as some of these characters do at this particular moment.

Okay, I'm probably not being as objective as I could be with this series, but I really do enjoy the hell out of it. This is probably the best volume yet, and I loved the Naoki bonus story. Yazawa skillfully injects drama into the series without resorting to overused shoujo manga tropes, and the characters remain utterly authentic - if you've ever spent any time with punk rockers or other alt-types, you'll recognize personalities in this series.Admittedly, I'm a little embarrassed to be so hooked [...]

This is when the plot of the series starts to go on a more clear path, and while that usually makes a book boring this one is an exception. Hachi and Nana choose their paths for the rest of their lives, and though they mess up a bit with a few other people (and others mess up with them) they grow and mature, which is nice to see. Also, this volume includes the story behind Trapnest, and more Reira and Naoki, the dumb blondes of Trapnest! And we get to see that they aren't as dumb as they seem

Best volume yet!!I love evil Takumi. >:)Shin x Reira!Nana reminds me of Betty Blue (37.2 Le Matin). You don't want her to fall off the edge of the world, but you know it's inevitable. BTW, this series is by Ai Yazawa, not whoever is listed on the page for this book.

I love this series! I think Takumi is just very possisive but yea Think Nobu is better for her but anyways naration is still confusing me. Hope to figure it out soon! The bonus was sweet and funny.

This one was a short story and had many extra content. I'm more interested in the main story but still enjoyed the bonus story. Graphics like always were amazing.

Really curious to see what happens. I just want Hachi and Nana to go back to normal!!

Ai Yazawa is trying to break my heart. Poor Nana. Poor Hachiko.

Little Nana has agreed to marry Takumi which makes Big Nana angry and Reira sad and Nobu heartbroken and everything is a big mess because NOBODY WILL TALK TO EACH OTHER!!! EXPLAIN!!! COMMUNICATE!!! LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE!!! And Takumi is a controlling jerk who is keeping Little Nana isolated from everyone which is ridiculously unhealthy! Meanwhile some scandal magazine is trying to stir up trouble between Blast and Trap Nest.On a better note, the extra chapter that made the volume extra large is rea [...]

Ugh, I have a bad feeling about this. I think this or Vol 8 is where I left off years ago when I decided to stop.


Just when you think there will be a respite, there comes more and more trouble for the two main characters that isolates them from their friendship. Much harder times seem to be ahead.

A larger volume and still an amazing read.

El noveno volumen de ナナ Nana por Ai Yazawa nos presenta el golpe más duro que ha recibido la amistad entre ハチ Hachi y ナナ Nana. Cuando el mundo idealizaba un embarazo como un motivo para estar feliz, este tomo nos demuestra que por encima de tal felicidad, la confusión y la tristeza se imponen sin mesura entre la amistad de éstas dos grandes amigas.ブラスト Blats sigue avanzando hacia su debut profesional, aunque es perceptible cuan impactante ha sido la noticia de la unión en [...]

Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert!Nana and Nana have "broken up" since Nana (Hachi) has moved in with Takumi since she's pregnant by him (or perhaps by Nobu). Meanwhile, Shin is moving in on Reira, who he's clearly falling in love with (even though Reira clearly loves Takumi, even though Takumi is relentlessly cold and heartless). Does this sound too melodramatic for you? Then you shouldn't be reading Ai Yazawa's Nana! What can I say — I've become addicted to it.In some ways book nine of this seri [...]

Overall Rating: ASynopsis: Nana Komatsu is a 20 year old with a penchant for falling in love at first sight. After a year at art school, her best friend and her boyfriend move to Tokyo, so Nana decides to save up her money and follow them after a year. Nana Osaki is a punk singer in the band Blast with her boyfriend Ren. When Ren gets an offer to join an up-and-coming band in Tokyo, he leaves Blast and Nina behind. A year later, Nina heads to Tokyo as well. The two women meet by chance on the tr [...]

Először is elmondom miért tartott egy napba elolvasni a mangát…:D Megvettem minden tökjó volt,elterveztem,hogy elolvasom egybőla vége az lett,hogy bizony az egész éjszakát végigbulizta velem egy szórakozóhelyen….:DDDD csak én vagyok,aki még egy buliba is könyvvel megy…. :DAnnyira vártam már,hogy megjelenjen,és annyira tudtam,hogy megint sírni fogok rajta…Ugye én nem szeretem Takumit,pedálozhat ahogy akar,akkor is utálom…Mindent tönkretett,oké nem egyedül mert [...]

TAKUMI. TAKUMI YOU SICK SICK FUCK MANIf I didn't hate you before, I definitely hate you now. As soon as I find you in the fictional world you inhabit's on.Oh Nana, oh Nanas. Oh Shin. Oh everybody except you Takami. This series makes me cling to hope so soundly while it slowly but surely pulls my fingers off one by one. STOP GIVING ME HEART ATTACKS YAZAWA. I WANNA READ HAPPY STUFF AGAIN. 4.5/5

Honestly I understand that it's hard to talk to someone after something like this happens. I wish Nana would visit Haichi. It would be weird, but it's obvious that they still want to be around each other. As for Takumi it's hard to tell. Sometimes it seem's like he does love Haichi, but then other times it's like he's playing part in some play. I did like the Trapnest history. That was interesting to see. I was surprised about the whole Reira and Yasu relationship when they mentioned it in one o [...]

This is the first 'Nana' volume that I have read. I feel like I have a connection to these characters and my heart goes out to them, even though I have no idea how they got to the points in their lives that they are at (having not yet read volumes 1-5). Definitely a series that I want to keep reading.

I promised myself that I would write mini reviews for each book, but I don't have anything to say. I'm too absorbed in it all to analyze it. It's just really a great manga. I'm sad that I didn't read it earlier. It's definitely a series to buy.

This is getting interesting. Good volume.

Oh no volume 9 was just the start of all the tragic events of NANA. I've watched the anime before.

see full review @ Katie's Corner


Yasu with hair~! =D I thought the bonus story did a great job showing a bit of everyone's past. And Naoki even got to stand in the spotlight a little Nana O, you're my hero too!! Haha

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