Against Reason

Scarlet Blackwell

Against Reason

Against Reason

  • Title: Against Reason
  • Author: Scarlet Blackwell
  • ISBN: 9781619222199
  • Page: 489
  • Format: ebook

He lost his heart once Is it too damaged for love to find it again In the five years since the love of his life abandoned him at the altar, Jake Morgan hasn t left his house The locals in this small, English town have dubbed him Mr Havisham , but he s too preoccupied wrestling his demons to care about Dickensian comparisons Forced to admit he s losing the battle to keHe lost his heart once Is it too damaged for love to find it again In the five years since the love of his life abandoned him at the altar, Jake Morgan hasn t left his house The locals in this small, English town have dubbed him Mr Havisham , but he s too preoccupied wrestling his demons to care about Dickensian comparisons Forced to admit he s losing the battle to keep up his large estate alone, he reluctantly places an advert for help The striking young man who answers his call shakes him to the core.When Darius answers the ad for the position at the mysterious mansion, the bitter, lonely master of the house tugs at his heartstrings Setting aside his own run of bad luck, Darius batters at Jake s emotional walls with kindness and determination that defy all attempts to drive him away.Just as tendrils of new love begin to intertwine, though, a terrible voice from the past intrudes And threatens to drive Jake back into the shadows where Darius can never reach him.

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I kind of feel speechless, except I actually have to write a review for this novella. But…but…what was this??? Listen Scarlet Blackwell is really not for everyone on the best of days. She’s polarizing for a variety of reasons, most of all her unlikable (to some) characters. Jerks. Bitter jerks. For the most part, though, her books are some of my guilty crack. I realize her characters aren’t the nicest of guys but I still gobble her books up. Take Inferno. I could reread that baby over an [...]

I wasn't loving this, but what killed it for meBut he thought he had detected a flicker of interest in his boss's eyes, interest he himself reciprocated. Couldn't he capitalize on that? It would be a terrible thing to do to an emotionally crippled man like Jake, but how else to stop himself losing his home?I received this book from Netgalley in trade for an honest review.

Scarlet Blackwell has the ability to capture her readers from the very start and keep them reading late into the night. I was curious if Against Reason could keep up with the author’s earlier books.The cover intrigued me and the novel starts out strong and interesting. It pulled me into the complex world of two men, one hurt and withdrawn, the other patient and stubborn.First there is Jake. After his lover has left him on their wedding day five years ago he is personally closed up, a lonely fi [...]

Disappointing. It’s a given that a Scarlet Blackwell book will have at least one unlikable hero, but that formula relies on the reader eventually understanding the character’s history and motivation. The characterization in this story is so thin that it renders the entire thing unbelievable.

Some ranting and possible spoilers aheadContinue at your own riskUmmmm.So, this did not work for me. This story started out promising, but somewhere around the middle it just unraveled.I rarely bitch like this, but damnWhat happened here?Here's the gist of itJake who was "left at the altar" five years earlier; has been living as a recluse in a mansion somewhere in the English Countryside. He has been mourning his failed relationship has had very little contact with anyone. He decides to hire a p [...]

Jake Morton is an independently-wealthy man who lives on an estate in England. Somewhere. Inhabitants of his small town talk about him, dubbing him "Mr. Havisham" on account of his being jilted on his wedding day and shutting himself off from the world after that. Five years have passed since that fateful day and Jake is looking for a domestic to help manage the cooking and cleaning of his looming, empty house. Enter: Darius.Darius is a guy needing help. He's out-of-work and soon to be homeless [...]

Upd. 21.10.2014I re-read it and well - I liked it! xD Maybe I've been in the right mood or maybe this book needed two readings - I don't know, but still.And what I forgot to say in my initial review - I loved the spider plant! ))) I mean it's obvious that the author loves nature, animals etc, because these small parts about this poor plant and how it was at first 'sad and resigned to it's fate' and then how it later thrived and it symbolized the changes in Jake - it tugged at my heart :)This sto [...]

My liking for the story progressively waned and waned until I really couldn't wait for it to be over.Comments:OMG YES. I don't know why but I'm ludicrously excited that there's not internal monologue somehow accidentally becoming external. Like, you know, the Oh, shit, I said that out loud thing. I mean, I pretend I do that, but really, what kind of idiot has so little control over their own self that they can't tell what they're thinking in their head and what they're saying out loud. Extenuati [...]

4 StarsA "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" ReviewI always look at Scarlet Blackwell’s books – I loved Inferno and the Just Desserts trilogy – so I was quick to grab this story when it showed up for review. But, it is a really tricky book for me to now write up – you know when a book is good. It is well written. The characters seem real, and yet… it just doesn’t grab you. This was that book for me.Jake Morgan is a mess – his self esteem is at a ridiculous low. He has shut himself off f [...]

Jake was a hard man to like at first. I thought he was weak and needed to move on, but the more I got to know him the more I wanted to kill Marc. And when you finally meet Marc you want him dead. He was pure garbage and Jake wasted five years pining for that waste of human flesh. Marc literally destroyed everything inside Jake, made him a recluse and the town joke. The depths of the depression with which Jake fell into was staggering and you fear the hole may be too deep to climb out from. Enter [...]

This wasn't what I expected, but once I saw where it was headed, it was predictable.Its length didn't allow time for the characters to develop fully - I wanted to know more about Darian's situation and why he had ended up living the way he did.We had more than enough of Jake's backstory, but his character didn't become more likeable or develop in any significant way.I guess I wanted more.

Scarlet Blackwell really likes her tortured and troubled men, and I like them too, sometimes. I enjoyed this one even though I felt the ending was a bit abrupt. Jake is the tortured and troubled man in this story, traumatised by having been jilted at the altar by his former boyfriend Marc. Five years later Jake has still not come to terms with this break up and has turned the disappointment in on himself and lives the life of a recluse.ButJakes needs a handy man, cook and do-er of odd jobs aroun [...]

2.5 starsThis is a hard one to rate and review. I didn't like Jake too much, you learn to understand him, but he is not really likable. Don't really know what Darius saw in him. Sometimes, Jack was just downright mean. It makes sense after what he went through and how he handled it, but that didn't make me like him because of it. You know what happened to Jake, but we got nothing about Darius' past. His financial situation and rent problem is brought up, but you don't know how he got that way an [...]

This was my first book by this author and I really disliked it. It was short so the characters were not well developed and totally unbelievable. Their stories were pathetic without really invoking any sympathy. A rich guy who is somehow good looking and in shape although all he does is sit around and brood and he has done that for five straight years! Another guy who proves himself unreliable and is on the brink of homelessness yet dresses nicely and has all kinds of skills although he can't kee [...]

There just wasn't enough character development for me. Jake has anxiety issues that magically go away later, Darius - I just didn't really get to know who is was. (view spoiler)[The return of the ex seemed to be just thrown in for angst. (hide spoiler)] I wouldn't classify this as a hurt/comfort book, but I'm not really sure what I'd call it.

 Hearts are wild creatures, that's why are ribs are cages. Even though it ended too abruptly for me, I still loved it. I'm such a sucker for books like this. I'd definitely love to read more of Jake and Darius. 4.5 stars.

I enjoyed reading it, but I have to say we don't have anything to tell us if these two are going to make it in a relationship. Attraction is a very good start, but there needs to be more. As it was, in the end Jake was still a very self-centered character. I expected more development from his character.

Sometime the best stories are those that are short and sweet, particularly when they are beautifully written, fast-paced, sexually charged and leave one wanting a sequel. Against Reason, author Scarlet Blackwell’s new release is all that and more.Five years ago, Jack was left standing alone at the altar on his wedding day by a lover who left him for someone “younger and fresher”. Reeling from the embarrassment and loss, Jack shut himself completely off, allowing his OCD to kick into high g [...]

I feel a little bit conflicted about Against Reason. The premise was promising and interesting, and I felt connected with the characters; Darius, who was desperate to get a job in order to keep his apartment, and Jake, who was a recluse because his fiance left him on the altar on their wedding day. Darius was a sweetheart, desperate but still so nice and sincere, and he really fell for Jake. I felt for Jake at first: he wasn't as broken as he thought he was, he was a bit rude as he wanted to be [...]

3.5 stars. Scarlet Blackwell’s books can be pretty hit and miss for me, I usually either love or hate them. Strangely this one fell somewhere in the middle. I loved the whole Mr Havisham drama, even if you do have to suspend your disbelief a little concerning a certain cake. Jake is a bit dark and very lonely, having locked himself away for five years. He’s constantly at war with himself, yearning for Darius but at the same time determined to keep him at arms length. He’s not the strongest [...]

Scarlett Blackwell does this to me frequently enough that one might think I’d learn, but apparently not so much. This starts out intriguingly gothic in feel, and I like me a tortured hero like Jake. It was a bit disconcerting that it was, however, actually a contemporary romance. Maybe Ms Blackwell did that on purpose, and I find the idea attractive in theory, but somehow it didn’t really work in practice. I would need to reread it to figure out exactly why it didn’t work, and I’m unlike [...]

Review written for mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress/Against reason is a story about a man that is very broken and another that is going through a lot of personal issues, such as finding a job to make ends meet and keeping a roof over his head. I am going to start by talking about characters. Jake had been left at the altar five years ago and was still reeling from it. He is very heartbroken, the town talks about him and calls him Mr Havisham( from Great expectations), he has suffered physically and e [...]

This was a short, but sweet little read. I found it interesting that the author chose to emulate Great Expectations, but with an all-male cast. Miss Havisham became Mr. Havisham, but the dining room . . . *shutters* Ancient cake moldering away on the side board. Eeewwww! Something one doesn’t necessarily think of a guy doing, but really? Why not. They have emotions too and being left at the alter is devastating, no matter who you are. Anyone who has lived through the devastation of loss will i [...]

A Joyfully Jay review.4.5 starsSometime the best stories are those that are short and sweet, particularly when they are beautifully written, fast-paced, sexually charged, and leave one wanting a sequel. Against Reason, author Scarlet Blackwell’s new release, is all that and more.I am not sure which man tore at my heart more. Jack was so wounded, lost in a sea of despair over losing his husband-to-be to another man, full of self-loathing, thinking he is worthless, ugly, and incapable of being l [...]

Let the story take you and have a good cry. Sure, Jake is TSTL and the OCD was at first endearing, then a cheesy plot device, but I quickly forgave that as he and Darius swept me away on the insta-love train. What a trip! I just might give it another go sometime. Scarlet Blackwell knows how to yank the tears from you. Her manlove sexy scenes were believable, sexy and sweet. I don't know how Darius kept coming back to Jake's cruelty, but I'm glad he did, or it would not at all be as interesting a [...]

Copy from NetgalleyI actually quite enjoyed this book. Is it well written, yes I think so. Is it very in-depth with lots of deeper story, no it isn'tbut that doesn't make it bad. If you are looking for a nice short read that will keep you interested then you wouldn't go wrong with this one. Yes I would have loved to know more about the main characters but I think thats true of all shorter stories. It was a great little read and as long as you aren't looking for an all explaining, full of back st [...]

Although a somewhat somber read, I found myself getting immersed in the story, feeling sorry for poor Jake and hoping he'd let go of his grief and grab onto a brighter future with Darius. Despite having enjoyed the read, I felt the ending was a little rushed and would've better liked a more fleshed out conclusion.

this was a cute simple story. It is a good read when one person helps out another then they fall in love. Although there is more to this book than that. I defiantly enjoyed the writing and the characters in the book. well done.

This was a really quick read for me. It was a sweet and sad story. Jake hides himself away after being left by his lover on their wedding day. Darius finds him and brings him back into the light after years of darkness.

I expect better from Ms. Blackwell than this thinly plotted book.

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