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  • Title: Star-Struck
  • Author: Twyla Turner
  • ISBN: 9780615928432
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback

Madison Sunny Stone is a self proclaimed Plain Jane pleasantly plump, aspiring screenplay writer working in retail hell Her love life is as predictable as her B.O.B battery operated boyfriend Until a random night out at her favorite local watering hole, where she is being watched by a handsome stranger in the shadows Gabriel Wolf is a mega famous movie star that hMadison Sunny Stone is a self proclaimed Plain Jane pleasantly plump, aspiring screenplay writer working in retail hell Her love life is as predictable as her B.O.B battery operated boyfriend Until a random night out at her favorite local watering hole, where she is being watched by a handsome stranger in the shadows Gabriel Wolf is a mega famous movie star that has lost the passion for his career and life in general Growing up in foster care as an orphan that never knew love and then becoming a superstar, only to be loved for his status and what he can do for others He s never felt what it is to be wanted for just being Gabriel Wolfe man That is until he happens across the bright, funny and modestly beautiful Sunny Stone Can these two lost people come together to find a love that neither could have dreamed possible Or will the media, friends and fans turn that dream into a real life living hell Come along with these two sweet charmingly damaged people in Twyla Turner s erotic romance debut Star Struck.

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Another reader recommend this author to me and her book called Scarred. Whilst purchasing scarred I realised that I actually had the author's other book on my kindle called Star-Struck and I brought in January 2014 and had not read it yet. So I decided to read this book first and then read Scarred. This is my first book by this author and this is a 2 book read.This is Gabriel and Sunny's story. The first couple of chapters were a bit slow for me but as soon as the couple bump into each other out [...]

A cute sweet romance between a full figured 30+ year old woman with body-type issues and a handsome almost 40 year old movie star with insecurities about being abandoned as a baby. Though the characters are supposed to be in their mid to late 30s the dialogue reads as if they are in their early 20s and undermines the believability of characters. The many errors in grammar were also a little distracting. This is the first of a two part story and I read both books. I like that the series tried to [...]

Here we go first I would like to say that I love books when celebs be it movie stars, rock stars, singers etc fall in love with the regular working girls I mean it makes you think well if this can't happen to me as least I can read about it and root like hell for the underdog. Now, sweet plus size sunny ( You all know how I feel about plus size ladies if you have read any of my reviews LOVE LOVE LOVE it) just doesn't believe that someone, hell anyone could actually be attracted to her which is b [...]

Gabe and SunnyGabe and Sunny are just an adorable couple that you just can't help falling in love with. Their chemistry is explosive, their sense of humor is off the chart; and their journey was both heartbreaking and heartwarming.

OmgAWESOME!Sunny & Gabe are SMOKING HOT TOGETHER! Sunny is sweet and quirky and a spitfire and Gabe is a true alpha male. The chemistry and dialogue are off the charts in this this book NOW!

Wow, I totally loved this book! There is so much I want to say about this book, but I don't want to give away any spoilers, so I will do my best not to. This story centers around Madison "Sunny" Stone, a pretty, plump and curvy girl wishing for love and romance from a good man to enter into her stagnant, R.I.P loveless life. However, as we know ladies that can be hard to find. To pass the time, Sunny works in retail hell, but really wants to be a screenwriter for movies. Instead, she settles for [...]

Twyla Turner's StarStruck is a fun, quick read that takes the perfect "what if" scenario--what if you met the Hollywood star of your dreams and he fell in love with you--and adds a nice twist.Sunny and Gabriel come together in the perfect meet-cute: she is at a bar in Long Beach with her friends, after a long day at work; Gabriel shows up after a tough day on set, looking to blow off steam and have a few beers. He wasn't expecting to be captivated by Sunny as she sings and dances with her friend [...]

This story is syrupy sweet. It took me a while to actually get into this book and start to enjoy it because Gabe is REALLY sensitive and not the strong alpha I'm use to. However, I still enjoyed the story.

1. 2.5 stars. Insta-love-based-on-lust and sex - that's pretty much it here. Yes, there was plot and romance, but none of it was all that riveting.2. The MCs drove me crazy; Sunny reminded me of a college-aged heroine in a NA book and not a grown ass woman. And Gabe I just didn't like him. At all. Nothing about him read sexy to me, and when I don't like the male MC in a romance novel, I usually don't like the book at all. '3. This book features one of the clichés I hate the most in romance nov [...]

What a romanceI really loved this book. A true romance to the fullest. In this story you meet Madison A.K.A. Sunny. Sunny is full of life, charismatic, and loving, but her confidence is very low, and she doesn't see herself very clearly. You also meet Gabriel Wolfe, superstar actor, whose had a rough life, and never really experienced real love. Find out what happens when these to meet in a small bar, and start on a whirlwind romance. I loved these 2 characters. Everything about their relationsh [...]

What more can I say about this author. Each time I read one of her books she brings it. This is a story of a beautiful full-figured woman who is insecure due to cues she received from previous relationships and thus not able to see her inner and outer beauty. She is able to go on a journey of self discovery only enhanced by falling in love. Beautifully written which made it seem that you were actually physically caught up in the story. The supporting characters were great and the haters made you [...]

Star-Struck I absolutely love Gabe and Sunny. Well written, the plot, the hot sex, the love they have for each other. I felt like this was real life Hollywood playing out in a book. Wolf was so open and honest about everything, no holding back, how could you not fall in love with him. Sunny was sweet and funny with her witty comments. I was so pleased it did not take a whole book for her to come to terms with his love for her and not be complaining about her looks.

NopeThe story is well written I guess. I didn't even read 50%. It was just all about quality very sadly insecure woman berating herself. I just couldn't stand it. But I will try the author again and see if one of her other books is any better. But I will not waste money on book 2.

More of a 3 1/2 stars Can't wait to start on the second book though.

So first of all, it was her own stupid fault that she got hit by the truck, the paparazzi did not push her in front of the it. Second, she should’ve known there would always be haters on their relationship, he’s extremely famous, it comes with it. Third, the whole book was too damn corny, he was just like a classic textbook case so of course he feel in love way too quickly. Hell they barely knew anything about each other, were just so “madly in love”. Such a terrible book, was not intere [...]

I really wanted to give it 3.5 Stars. It's a good book but I read the Chase & Day Series and the Lexi & Sloan Series before this one and this 1st book seems a bit lacking. I like Sunny & Gabriel but it just seems like they fell too fast and didn't have enough happening or enough diversity like the other couples. I guess for a shorter Love Story it was pretty good. Starting the 2nd Book now and I hope their's a better adversary than that idiot Josiah.

I’m here for.I loved being both Sunny and Gabe. I rooted for them until my heart stopped on the last page. They both really deserve happiness. I hated that Sunny let her insecurities stop her but more often then not that’s what happens. Yes I recommend this book. Now off to book 2 Awestruck to see if they’ll get their HEA.

NEVER FELLSI only put this book down because I had to go to work. So, now I'm off for a couple of days and book two is just calling. Just read it for yourself. I'm left tears in eyesSMH

I was first introduced to Ms. Turner after reading her “Damaged Souls” series, so I was interested in reading more of her work.I really related to Sunny. I used to be 70 pounds heavier than I am today, and there’s a part of me that will ALWAYS have body issues and struggle with self-worth. Sunny is having trouble believing that someone like Gabe, a gorgeous movie star could really be attracted to and have feelings for her. She’s a bit hung up on it. I understand that that annoys people, [...]

Sunny DreamsI love Star-Struck I read this book a couple months ago and realized that I forgot to review. So I read the book again and fell in love with Sunny and Gabe once again. Star-Struck is the story of a "regular" girl that just so happens to catch not just the eye of Gabe but so much more. This story has romance, reality, sex, romance, laughs just about everything. Many can relate to Sunny which makes to book so great, don't get me wrong at some points I wanted to just hit her with a pill [...]

I loved this book from the beginning, you know what they say. Can't judge a book by it's cover, well that is the case throughout this whole story. Sunny in just sunshine on a rainy day, but don't take to much ish from people. She will shutdown at times, but don't we all. Gabriel is a man that never had love and didn't think he ever would, so did did try to find it. Then he met Sunny and she made him smile, but that wasn't all that would keep them together. Some people thought they shouldn't be t [...]

I had to add an additional comments because I'm still thinking about this book and it's been over a week. I really loved that Gab is "the sexy man alive" but loves a plus size black woman. the book didn't harp on the interracial relationship like most IR do but the way it was written I've actual learned to love my full figure shape even more. I just loved how Sunny never changed anything about herself to keep Gab because he loved her just as she was :). Super cute love story

This was just okay. I had to force myself to finish reading it and once it did end I was glad and am not craving to find out out what happens really. There was no conflict in this. The characters were all predictable, the out come was predictable, and I'm pretty sure once I read another book I'll forget about this all together. Harsh I know but this is a truly forgettable story. It did keep me occupied for a little bit so that counts. I'm glad it was free or I'd be a little peeved.

I thought this book was ok. It read a bit like a YA book at times. The characters being in their mid 30s is not that believe able by the way they are written. Mid 20s would have been more realistic. The story does have potential if it was tweaked a bit. It has left me curious enough to check out the sequel.

I love Sunny & Gabe!!Enjoyable story. I am one clicking the next book as soon as I finish this review!! Twyla thanks for including Long Beach, Ca and surrounding locals for Gabe & Sunny's adventures! Your sexy sex scenes are awesome!!

I refused to finish reading this book. like Sunny was supposedly 35, yet acted like she was 12. This book gave me a headache. People need to stop providing fake reviews. This book was horrible.

Great read ‼️‼️‼️I love love , and the underdogs. This book made me laugh and cry. I read this book in one day into the early morning hours.

I inhaled this book in a matter of hours. I e always loved books that center on celebrity pairs and this was no exception. It was fun and engaging and an all around fun tale.

Love it. Turner's characters have laughing out loud. Love Sunny and Gabe. On to book two.

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