Gods of Manhattan

Scott Mebus

Gods of Manhattan

Gods of Manhattan

  • Title: Gods of Manhattan
  • Author: Scott Mebus
  • ISBN: 9780525479550
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Hardcover

Look What do you see Sidewalks, skyscrapers, pigeons But theres More that only twelve year old Rory Hennessey can see More that only Rory can reveal to others So, look again What do you see Layered on our own New York is a spirit city inhabited by warrior cockroaches, malevolent subway trains, kung fu rodents, hungry gargoyles, and children made entirely of paLook What do you see Sidewalks, skyscrapers, pigeons But theres More that only twelve year old Rory Hennessey can see More that only Rory can reveal to others So, look again What do you see Layered on our own New York is a spirit city inhabited by warrior cockroaches, malevolent subway trains, kung fu rodents, hungry gargoyles, and children made entirely of papier mache Built by history and legend, it s ruled by the Gods of Manhattan, lions of New York like Peter Stuyvesant and Babe Ruth.Now everyone is racing to find Rory, the boy who can see The boy who can change the destiny of New York.

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Fantasies for children that are set in New York take the surreal aspects of the city itself and extend them to their natural extremes. Luli Gray's,Falcon's Egg discussed the possibility of dragons in Central Park (and Nancy Springer'sDusssie did the same thing with Gorgons).Changeling by Delia Sherman covered a range of magical areas, from Broadway to the very sea. And Neal Shusterman'sEverlost did some questionable, if original, things with the Twin Towers. The difference between these and Gods [...]

This might please some Percy Jackson fans. What they have in common: Lots of fast-paced action, tough dilemmas for boys who discover secret powers and the big responsibilities that come with them, mythical themes set in the modern world. Where they differ (in a good way): Gods of Manhattan creates a whole new pantheon of gods based on real historical figures from New York City and sets them in a creative version of the city, drawing on legends like giant albino alligators in the sewers. Where th [...]

This is another bells-and-whistle circus act that does not quite know how to become a deeply affecting art form. I had quite high hope for it. Now I'm moving on to other books! It also seems preachy, example: p.77 Environmental messages alert!As I read, I definitely was reminded of a much more exciting book for adult called American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Of course, the authors are presenting different issues and for very different audiences, but just examining the sentence structure and imagery a [...]

this book was a very interesting, and funny spin on the history of New York. The main idea was about how Manhattan also has a spiritual side called Manahatana. This side is home to all of New York's most remembered heroes, (and sometimes villains). It is also home to New York's native people, the munseens. They lived in New York with lots of other tribes long before the Dutch settlers stole their homes from them. The Munsens were the only tribe left in New York, adn after they died they became s [...]

Reviewed by Carrie Spellman for TeensReadTooRory Hennessy is firmly rooted in reality. In some ways, far too much so for a thirteen-year-old boy, but that's sometimes what happens when it's just a boy, his mom, and his little sister. Regardless, Rory has always been able to see through and explain magic tricks. So in the interest of not spoiling his sister Bridget's ninth birthday party, Rory is avoiding the magician she insisted on having. The magician, however, is intent on Rory's participatio [...]

When a mysterious magician named Hex reveals Rory to the secret world of Mannahatta, he is stunned by what he is seeing. Rory can't believe what he is hearing when Hex tells him he is a “light.” Everyone in the world of Mannahatta is telling Rory he is so important. He has no idea what they are talking about until he has to save Lenape Indians that have been captured by they gods. Does Rory have enough strength to save the people? For thirteen years Rory Hennessy's life has gone smoothly. W [...]

The first of an upcoming series, this book was full of an intriguing world that is a layer of Manhattan. This world consists of talking battle cockroaches, gods, and events that go unseen by humans. Our main character - Rory - is a "light" - one who can see this other world and can give that gift to others. He has a special part to play in the recent killings of gods, the entrapment of a native american group called the Munsees, and the key to releasing the trap. There's a ton more involved and [...]

Thirteen year old Rory is a "Light" - one who can see the truth. Lights rarely last past age 3 or 4 as the Shadows usually get them by then. As a Light, Rory is sought after by various Gods and spirits in Mannahatta (the world that exists alongside/within Manhattan) for both good and evil purposes. The Gods of Manhattan are figures from its history - Peter Stuyvesant, John Jacob Astor, Hamilton Fish and hundreds of others who were important or loved enough to remain. Mebus's fantasy world of NYC [...]

This book is really interesting to read because there are so many characters helping each other out and there are surprising twist to the story. For example, at the beginning Hex seems like a good magician trying to free the Munsee, a group of indian tribes that were locked inside Central Park by a magic spell a long time ago, and asking Rory for help. Later, when Rory did tried to help so he can have his ordinary life back, Hex betrayed him and his sister and ran off, leaving Rory, Toy and his [...]

I usually read books for older teens, but this one aimed at preteens and younger teens was an enjoyable fast-paced book filled with enough action, imaginative characters, impossible quests, and harrowing ending. Manhattan is not just a city, but an entity. Rory, a young teenage boy and his sister Bridget are extraordinary humans. He is a "Light" who can see past illusions and see the Mannahatta's spirits. I recommend this book to all ages.

This book wasn’t quite for me, but the storytelling was pretty cool! I liked the idea of all the different gods in Manhattan, what their roles were and how they got them. The story flowed at a good pace too, one which I think middle graders will easily catch in on.~This isn't a book that's easy to describe, but let me just say that it is largely adventurous with big imagination It might be over parent's heads. lol.

An exciting new fantasy sure to delight readers age 10 and up. What if the famous figures in NYC history lived as Gods as long as they were remembered? Nobody sees them until one young boy does and finds himself trying to save his younger, feisty sister and NYC, too, from warring gods. Twists and turns of plot and interesting, sympathetic characters make this a real winner.

This was enormous fun, and had some delicious ideas in it. The ending, however, irritated me beyond measure. Some of the characters did, too. I strongly suspect I will read the next installment, but I hope it is better, and just as much fun.

The story: Beneath the concrete and cars, there's a New York City no one knows about—except for Rory Hennessey, who's the only one able to see it. He’s the last “Light” in New York, and only he knows that layered under modern Manhattan is a spirit city inhabited by warrior cockroaches, kick-butt rodents, evil subway trains, animated gargoyles, and people made of paper-mache. This shadowy world is ruled by the "gods" of Manhattan--any New Yorker, good or bad, famous enough to be remembere [...]

Mebus, Scott Gods of Manhattan, 340 p. Dutton (Penguin), 2008. The magical trick of a party magician opens Rory's eyes to the real magic going on around him every day. Now, however his very life is in danger, as the Gods of Manahatta, the spirit world companion of modern Manhattan Island, have no desire for a Light, which Rory is, to interfere with their plots and schemes. Someone has figured out how to kill the gods, who should be immortal, and Hex, the magician, needs Rory to use his powers to [...]

"Gods of Manhattan: Alexander Hamilton Mentioned Numerous Times"When writing this Percy Jackson reminiscent (e.g The Lightning Thief) juvenile supernatural action-adventure story, what were the odds major minor character Alexander Hamilton would become the hottest ticket on the planet due to Lin Manuel Miranda's Broadway show for the ages? Spoilers, Hamilton shares the stage with an Olympus of New York historical royalty who provide a backdrop against which our young heroes / reader stand-ins op [...]

Mebus, S. (2008). Gods of Manhattan. New York: Puffin Books.340 pages.Appetizer: When thirteen-year-old Rory witnesses a magic trick at his little sister's ninth birthday party that can't be explained, he starts to realize that magic is real and that he has the special ability to see magic throughout New York City.But when a sorcerer, the gods of the city (who are historical figures--Walt Whitman is the god of optimism!), the gods' children, the memory of the Munsee Native Americans who original [...]

*3.5 stars

The plot of this book can eye-catching but it really didn't interest me much. P.S. I was forced to read this book for school so don'take my word for it.

Much More Than Just A GimmickYou know those themed Monopoly games? If you like the game of Monopoly then the themed versions can be fun. If you don't care for the game, well then all the theme cleverness in the world isn't going to make the experience of playing it any better. That's sort of what you have here.The author has taken a classic action/adventure/magic/fantasy god-themed engine and has turned it to an interesting purpose. Instead of Roman Gods, or Greek Gods, or Egyptian Gods, or, mos [...]

I consider myself a New Yorker by proxy. I’ve never lived there, but both my parents and practically everyone in my family for several generations has lived there at some point. Nothing is more emblematic of my family legacy than New York City. Consequentially, books that take place in New York are important to me in a way I can’t really define. Gods of Manhattan is something of a misnomer, because it involves gods of all the boroughs. But despite being a misnomer, it is an amazing book.Gods [...]

his one got rave reviews from Diane at Diane's Books so I picked it up. First thing I noticed -- it comes with a map of Manhattan island. I think that's usually a good sign of a fun fantasy story. 13-year-old Rory has lived in the Inwood section of Manhattan all his life. At his little sister's birthday party, a magician's trick opens his eyes to the world of Mannahatta, the spirit city that exists alongside the modern Manhattan. Mannahatta is ruled by the immortal Gods (people who were famous o [...]

Mebus, Scott. 2008. Gods of Manhattan.The 'gods' in question in Scott Mebus' Gods of Manhattan are not Greek gods. Just so you know. They are men and women immortalized by legend and fame and success. The mayor of the gods, of Manhatta a world that is invisible to most mortals, is Alexander Hamilton. (All of the gods started out as mortals, but their fame, their success, their ingenuity made them be reborn as immortal gods in this spirit world residing side by side with modern Manhattan.) It's a [...]

I could not put this book down! The characters are very well developed, and their mannerisms and interactions are spot on! I love how the hero is in denial for about half the book. I love how his side-kick (emphasis on the kick part) is in a way the real hero. My favorite part (skip the next couple of lines if you do not want a spoiler):She sacrifices something that she has held on to as a symbol of her bravery for so long to save her brother. But it seems more than that: while the main characte [...]

From the first page of Gods of Manhattan when a god is killed, I was hooked. This book has a lot of characters, so I was happy to find a Cast of Characters in the front of the book. I found myself referring to it all the time. As for my synopsis, it is severely lacking.There is so much that happens in this book, I couldn't come close to describing it all. But let me tell you what, this is one of the best books that I have read in the past few years. The idea behind the story is ingenious and I f [...]

I liked this one, partly because it is very kooky. There are a million and one stories about a supernatural city that exists within (or sometimes underground, or sometimes side-by-side) with another city, usually London or New York, but this one is pretty unique. Rory witnesses an impossible magic trick one day at his sister's birthday party, and suddenly he sees crazy things everywhere, like a squirrel and a rat fighting kung fu (the squirrel wins, btw, but only because it has help); a cockroac [...]

I thought this book had an interesting premise, was pleased with the brisk pace, and really enjoyed the suspense that built up throughout the story. As a YA novel, I think it performs quite nicely. I actually wanted to score it as a 4 star novel But I just can't. Perhaps my biggest gripe lies in the fact that the author peppers the story with all of these wonderful historical New Yorkers (the "Gods of Manhattan"), yet tells us absolutely nothing about them. Only the villian's backstory is somewh [...]

Well, this was an interesting read. It was about a boy named Rory, who was the "Light". Lights were people who can see what was hidden truly in Manhattan. He didn't know what he was until he met Hex, a mysterious magician who told him. And after that went through this whole mission, there is a HUGE twist in the endat was my favorite part:) I like the characters and the brother-sister bonding, I thought Bridget (Rory's sis) was fun to read.:) And Rory was an interesting character:) I liked how he [...]

An amazing and exciting read! I really like it! I am interested in Gods of Manhattan because it has elements of immortal gods in it. As you know, I really like books with some sort of mythology in them. Also with the historical figures and events, it makes this book even better. For the first 50 pages, I was very confused to what was going on however when it was all explained later on, I really enjoyed it. The pace also gets faster after the incident in the First City Bank. I can't turn the page [...]

When an individual that has made a difference in NYC dies, he or she becomes a spirit in Mannahatta, a parallel world that the inhabitants of Manhattan cannot see. Some become gods, governed by a Mayor (Alexander Hamilton) and his Council of Twelve (including Dorothy Parker, Babe Ruth, and John Jacob Astor). The murder of one of these gods starts off the book, which coincides with Rory Hennessy’s sudden ability to see Mannahatta. Rory, it turns out, is a “Light,” someone who “can see the [...]

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