Madness in Christmas River

Meg Muldoon

Madness in Christmas River

Madness in Christmas River

  • Title: Madness in Christmas River
  • Author: Meg Muldoon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Kindle Edition

It s Christmastime again in Christmas River And all hell is breaking loose Pie baker Cinnamon Peters has plenty on her plate this season Between running her popular pie shop, planning her upcoming wedding to the town s sheriff, and trying to lose weight to squeeze into her oh so perfect and oh so tight wedding dress, it s all Cinnamon can do to keep her head on straightIt s Christmastime again in Christmas River And all hell is breaking loose Pie baker Cinnamon Peters has plenty on her plate this season Between running her popular pie shop, planning her upcoming wedding to the town s sheriff, and trying to lose weight to squeeze into her oh so perfect and oh so tight wedding dress, it s all Cinnamon can do to keep her head on straight But when Cinnamon s cousin goes missing, and strange acts of violent vandalism start plaguing Christmas River, Cinnamon is quickly pulled into a shady world of danger that threatens to send her careening over the edge of sanity Will Cinnamon make it to her wedding without losing her mind Or will she get dragged down into madness Madness in Christmas River is the third book in the Christmas River Cozy series, and is preceded by Murder in Christmas River and Mayhem in Christmas River.

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A decent story line and I like all the characters. Although I was pretty sure I knew who the bad guy was, I didn't know why and so didn't trust my instincts. But, that's ok. I still liked the book and will read more in this series. :)

I enjoy this series, it keeps getting better.

Madness in Christmas River by Meg Muldoon is the third book I've read in the series. Each book seems to get better and I think this is a really great cozy series. The home town setting is descriptive and makes me want to visit there. The characters continue to be well developed and are people you would want to know. The mystery is carried out throughout the entire book and I was surprised how the mystery was solved. There are twists and turns to keep you guessing. Besides the mystery there are i [...]

Cinnamon Peters runs a pie shop and is getting hitched to the sheriff during the Christmas season. Not really a great time in a place called Christmas River where they really do up Christmas, then Daniel has to go back to California to help with a case.While he was gone all sorts of things happen. Cinnamon's cousin goes missing, her car gets vandalized and her dog hurt. Her ex is in town causing problems and it's a lot for her to handle. She has to figure out what is going on before something wo [...]

This story is a good, very readable kind of cozy mystery set in the little town of Christmas River, Oregon. "Madness in Christmas River" is the third in the Christmas Rivers series by Meg Muldoon. It is an enjoyable series with characters that you like, and of course, a few who you do not like as well. The main character is Cinnamon Peters, who runs a bakery/ pie shop; in this story, she has plenty going on beyond running her pie shop. Cinnamon is planning her upcoming wedding to the town’s sh [...]

Set during Christmastime, #3 in the Christmas River series finds Cinnamon Peters furiously baking pies, steadily prepping for her wedding, kind of trying to trim down to fit in the gown her grandad boughtd reluctantly solving crimes that seem to harass her and her loved ones. (Poor Huck!) Her cousin Marie goes missing the same night someone (or multiple someones) trash the big tree in the town square. Is it related? Why is her ex husband hanging around trying to talk to her, even after her fianc [...]

If you liked the other Christi as River stories you’ll like this one as well. I thought it was better than Mayhem (#2) but not as good as Murder (#1 I the series). The author does a great job of mixing plot development with action, and not focusing too much on the character relationships rather than the story. I think the recipe for Santa’s vacation pie would put this into 5 Star category not problem. It’s the perfect story to get you in the Christmas mood, cozy mystery style.

2.5/5 Some people are off characters in this book. But still a cozy story to listen to.

Enjoyed this light mystery, the humor, quirky characters and narrator. Got it through Audible/.

Loved it, another touching story that is a fast read.

Another fun read, although not quite as well edited as the previous ones. I'm still looking forward to reading the next one.

This one kept me guessing the entire time! I never saw that ending coming.

I love this story.

I love this collection. Cinnamon is a strong character. I love the relationship with her grandfater. She has hard times but also good ones. She's a sleuth that gets the mysteries solved.

Pie baker Cinnamon Peters is having a complicated holiday season. She’s trying to run her pie shop, plan her wedding to the Christmas River sheriff, lose weight so she can fit in an intricate wedding dress she doesn’t really want, purchased for her by her grandfather, and figure out where her honorary Aunt Marie (she’s really a cousin) has disappeared to. She’s distressed by vandalism to the town’s Christmas tree and wracked with guilt after her beloved Huckleberry steps into save her [...]

This a good cozy mystery #3 in the series and new author for me. There unnecessary swears words.Cinnamon also known as Cin has returned to Christmas River and hope a pie shop. The sheriff and Cin are planning being married Christmas Eve. She busy with the wedding plans and the season business. Sheriff Brightwell leaves town and there are minor problems occurring. The town's Christmas tree is destroy. Some is leaving pictures of tween age boy around. Cin's is damaged and Huckleberry, her dog is b [...]

Another excellent read from Ms Muldoon. This whole series just gets better with each book! I swear the pages seem to turn on their own, and I can only put one book down to pick up the next! This time, Cinnamon is trying to get ready for a wedding, host the hugest Thanksgiving dinner imaginable, find her missing aunt, and deal with another visit from the ever returning ex from hell. Not to mention that Sheriff Brightman, her intended, is currently out of town working on a case with his former Fre [...]

Book 3 in the series, ‘Madness’ is more focused than the last outing. There’s definitely more character development in the surrounding characters than in the last book, too. Daniel has manned-up a bit & seems to have shaken the victim mentality that drove me nuts about him. There was more concentration on the mystery portion of the plot than the romance which made for a much more enjoyable storyline. Hopefully, the kinks are worked out now & we will continue to see 4 star books lik [...]

As Dan and Cinnamon approach their special day the town must deal with a winter blizzard and mysteries from the past. I am enjoying each book more than the previous. The characters personalities are well defined and the story flows for a quick good read.I was excited about the various mysteries that Cinnamon was faced with. This was a feel good book but not one that I could predict the outcome. I do wish recipes were included because the pies sound interesting.

The story continuesThe story of Christmas River, Cinnamon, Daniel and Huckleberry continues in this third book. I love the characters and the town. I read a lot of cozy mysteries and frankly this series on Christmas River is the best I've read for characters and plot. A little tighter editing would help, but the small editorial errors don't take away from the story one bit.

Picture Perfect EndingSweet cozy mystery. The wintery scenes reminded me of my college days in Minnesota. There wasn't as much angst in this one from Cinnamon, but there was more insight. I liked that.

This is a fun series. I had a hard time putting the book down once I started. I can't wait to read the next book.

Third book in the Christmas River series. I recommend reading them in order. This one is a great holiday story. The characters were believable and not over-the-top quirky like the trendy mysteries you typically get these days. This series is, in my opinion, one of the better cozy mysteries.

Nice Christmas read !Nice Cozy Mystery for this time of year. The plot was good and the book was entertaining. I think I read these books to see what kind of pie Cinnamon will come up with next!

A quick read with likable characters. An intersting mystery that was solved in a manner that did not feel rushed or leave the reader asking questions. I appreciate that the author allowed me to picture the characters in my mind by not describing them in depth.

ExcellentIn my opinion, this series just keeps getting better. The stories get grittier; the suspense increases; and even the romance goes deeper. I am totally enjoying it and am already 40% through the next book!

This is the first one I read. Now I can't wait to read the first two.

Love these books !!! Good read .

Quick enjoyable book, mystery, relationships and a bit of love combine for an enjoyable story. Will read more of the series

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